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I wrote about all the ways Canada's public service has failed me as a survivor of workplace sexual violence, and how my managers have repeatedly re-traumatized me for 3 years: #MeToo #cdnpoli…
Because my coworker had the sense to rape me *after* work and off premises, HR and my managers decided not to investigate him. He faced 0 disciplinary action for inflicting me with PTSD. Neat loophole. #MeToo #cdnpoli
When they realized I'd reported him to management, he and my "best friend" at the time who also worked with us, decided to tweet about how I was a crazy bitch and that I was false victim. #MeToo #cdnpoli
Apparently, dealing with two employees tweeting about their colleague who'd reported one of them for raping her was "beyond the limits" of management's responsibility. #MeToo #cdnpoli
Within 2 days after the police charged him with sexual assault, my rapist tweeted this. #MeToo #cdnpoli
On top of the PTSD from being raped and reporting it to my managers and the police, I had to cope with the humiliation and trauma of having my rapist and someone who I thought was my best friend fucking subtweet me. Lol
I told them that seeing my rapist every day was re-traumatizing, but my managers were more concerned about hurting his feelings than they were about supporting me.

They had no "evidence" that his presence made it an unsafe work environment. #MeToo #cdnpoli
According to the director of my office, the situation "was not their doing."

Re-assigning me to a different floor was "extra work."

I accepted their job offer, which apparently means that I accepted re-living being raped on a daily basis. #MeToo #cdnpoli
To my director and my managers at Citizenship and Immigration, one of their employees raping a coworker was simply a "personal conflict." Since it happened after hours, it didn't count as "disrespectful" in relation to the workplace. #MeToo #cdnpoli
According to my director and my managers, being raped by a coworker is basically the same thing as an office couple getting a divorce. #MeToo #cdnpoli
100 feet between our desks was "sufficient" in the eyes of my managers. It didn't matter what I, my doctor, counsellor, or union representative said. To them, they were the experts on what was best for me and what I needed. #MeToo #cdnpoli
For 6 weeks, Mon-Fri, 7:30AM to 3:30PM, I worked in an environment where I constantly relived being assaulted by a man just down the hall, while my managers figured out what to do with my legal request for disability accommodation. #MeToo #cdnpoli
At the end of those 6 weeks, I was transferred to a different office in the Immigration department. Just as my health started to improve, my old managers called me, accusing me of having violated my rapist's privacy and thereby harassing him. #MeToo #cdnpoli
Entirely fed up with their backwards bullshit, I filed a 3,700 word internal harassment complaint against my rapist for sexually assaulting me and his shitty subtweets, and against my manager and director for failing to provide me with a violence-workplace. #MeToo #cdnpoli
The department accepted my complaint, but would only investigate the subtweets and management's reluctance in accommodating me. As usual, since the sexual assault happened outside of the workplace, it wasn't their responsibility. #MeToo #cdnpoli
They hired an independent consulting firm in summer 2016 to conduct a formal administrative investigation into my complaint. The process took until November 2017 to finalize.
The investigator concluded that my rapist had indeed harassed me by subtweeting me while I reported him to our managers. #MeToo #cdnpoli
The report also concluded that my managers had harassed me by failing to accommodate my PTSD in the workplace. #MeToo #cdnpoli
So let's recap: Immigration spends $$$ on hiring a consulting firm to investigate my complaint.

The investigation concludes that I'd been harassed by my rapist AND my manager/director. #MeToo #cdnpoli
And what does Immigration do? You guessed it -- NOTHING!

This regional manager says there'll be corrective action against my rapist, but also makes it a point to shame ME for MY tweets. #MeToo #cdnpoli
The investigator made sure to specifically articulate that ultimately being transferred out didn't negate having to sit near my rapist for 6 weeks.

Immigration's management disregarded the findings anyway! The managers who re-traumatized me still have jobs!!! #MeToo #cdnpoli
While all of this was going on, Immigration screwed up my payfile too.

For 8 months, I was missing ~$150-300 from each paycheque. Lol #MeToo #cdnpoli
So Immigration withheld part of my salary, wreaking havoc on my finances. On top of that, NO ONE in the public service wants to hold anyone accountable for damaging my psychological wellbeing. #MeToo #cdnpoli
All my managers have done is add stress to my trauma. I've been off on unpaid sick leave because no one in the public service gives enough of a shit to end the nightmare I've been enduring for 3 fucking years. #MeToo #cdnpoli
Last November, federal ministers tabled Bill C-65 and made a commitment to better support victims and survivors of workplace sexual violence: #MeToo #cdnpoli…
It's now February 2018, and I'm still in the same place as I was last month.

Depressed, broke, occasionally suicidal, heavily medicated, and dealing with 3 grievances and a worker's compensation claim. #MeToo #cdnpoli
All I've done is stand up for myself, and all I've gotten in return from my managers is more trauma.

No one should ever be punished like this when they report having experienced sexual violence. #MeToo #cdnpoli
No victim/survivor should be hoping or praying for a quicker death than the one bureaucracy has subjected them to for 3 years.

No one should ever have to work for managers who think sexual violence is like a bad breakup. #MeToo #cdnpoli
My life is more valuable than paperwork. Victims/survivors shouldn't have to jump through endless forms and file folders to protect their health or get justice. #MeToo #cdnpoli
In October, I filed a worker's compensation claim after having a psychological breakdown that triggered suicidal ideation, a PTSD symptom I hadn't experienced since 2015.
Being underpaid for a year backed me into a corner where I couldn't financially afford to take time off to heal. On top of 2 ongoing grievances, I also wouldn't be able to mentally handle filing for Sick Benefits/Disability Insurance.
In mid-November, my supervisor informed me I wouldn't be able to return to work until I was cleared by a medical professional.

They were concerned because I'd disclosed that I was suicidal.
I was scheduled to see my doctor at the end of the month, but management needed me to see someone as soon as possible.

It wasn't until December 18 that I saw their psychiatrist.
The psychiatrist that they hired to assess me was awful and abusive. She hadn't even requested my medical records by the time of the appointment, so I spent the session explaining my 3 years of trauma while she interrupted me.

This doctor was hired by my employer to report on my mental health. She knew nothing about me. When the appointment was over, before reviewing my medical records, she told me that I had no medical reason for being off work.

Hm, sounds pretty biased if you ask me.
A couple of days later, my supervisor e-mailed me to say that management had exhausted the amount of sick leave they could advance me and that I was now on unpaid sick leave (involuntarily).

The exact situation I expressly told them NOT to put me in.
While this was going on, my department refused to help me with my harassment complaint grievance because it wasn't their problem.

They were wrong and their incompetence needlessly delayed resolving my grievance yet again.
I spent January severely depressed and suicidal. When the abusive psychiatrist submitted the report, work tried to get me to come back. The thought of being in a workplace that clearly didn't give a fuck about my wellbeing made it worse.
My actual doctor was supportive and wrote me a note that allowed me to refuse to return to work until the grievances were resolved.
I wrote a letter to @JustinTrudeau, @scottbrison, @PattyHajdu, and @MaryamMonsef about Bill C-65, where the Liberal government promised to do better by survivors of federal workplace sexual violence. I told them everything I was going through.…
The best thing to come of that letter was that Labour Relations finally got their heads on right and got my grievance moving.

Management at my department, however, decided to lose their collective shit.
Probably because of this thread, management sent me 2 cease and desist letters that I obviously ignored.

Sorry but telling me I have a "duty of loyalty" to my employer is a LITTLE tactless, and I don't play well with people who abuse their power.
Despite having a recent doctor's note indicating that I'd been re-diagnosed with *complex* PTSD, managers at my department thought it was a good, smart, moral idea to fire me for refusing to be silent.
When I am no longer an employee as of April 23, I:

1) Will be unemployed
2) Lose my union health benefits that I need to pay for my medication and therapy
3) Am no longer a union member, effectively killing my grievances, wasting my energy, and re-traumatizing me for no reason.
Using the Values and Ethics code to silence survivors of workplace sexual violence is morally corrupt. Refusing to renew my contract is inhumane and cruel.

It is 2018, and this is how middle managers are running @JustinTrudeau and @scottbrison's public service.
Luckily, my union still supports me, but being fired unnecessarily complicates things and it could be years before any of this is resolved.

This is not okay and there needs to be a huge change in the public service.
I'm doing the best I can to fight back to hold these people accountable, but I will not survive YEARS of this. I have a life to live, work to do, people to love, and cats to cuddle.
When I'm ready, I will be freelancing full-time. In the meantime, please consider supporting me:…
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