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"Gabriel's heart drops as he searches blindly through the smoke, eyes stinging, his pulse thrashing behind his ears manic in the dead stillness. He throws off his gloves to feel through the rubble with his hands, numb to steel and concrete scraping his skin.
He has to find Jack.
He stubs his toe and stumbles, setting off a fire of irrational rage in his belly as he continues to fumble around. Fuck, he doesn't have /time/ for falling on his face, he has to find-
'Jack!' His voice comes out as a croak, the relief in his tone scarred from the fight.
Sure enough, that blond head of hair, dusty with chalky particles, turns. Gabriel will make fun of him for it later, but goddamn, if those bright sunshine locks weren't some kind of heaven-sent lighthouse.
'Gabe,' Jack rasps.
As Gabriel approaches, Jack's features fade in from the heavy smoke"

"Wait no," Gabriel hissed to himself. He leaned forward in his chair as he tapped the backspace key on his laptop. He already used the word "smoke" a few paragraphs ago, he couldn't use it again so soon!
Maybe he could just substitute in "fog"? But that had connotations with the natural world while "smoke" better conveyed the firebombed war zone setting. He read back over the last few paragraphs he had written, trying to decide if he could fudge the re-used word.
Unfortunately, an even more egregious error was staring him right in the face.
"Goddammit!" He had written the wrong names for his characters. /Again./ If he had to listen to a lecture from his editor /one more time/ about being able to remember the names of his own characters--
Grumbling to himself, he hit CTRL F and began the (really not very) lengthy process of correcting "Jack" to "John" and "Gabriel" to "Michael." He wasn't sure how this kept happening, but somehow when he got in the flow of writing, he had a tendency to make mistakes like that.
But hey, that was what an editor was for, right? Gabriel didn't just /become/ a popular online novelist on his own. He didn't have the organization to plan ahead for scheduled chapter uploads at particularly decisive plot points, or to even so much as make outlines.
His editor - bless her - beat the structure into him every week and with her help, he had been managing to successfully write this monster of a story for a solid year.
It honestly was a miracle, Gabriel mused, taking off his glasses to rub at his tired eyes.
He'd had this story inside him for as long as he could remember. It came to him in dreams - intense, vivid dreams that left him breathless and shaking every morning with nothing but a faint sense of loss to go on.
It had always felt so distant, like mist scurrying from his fingertips every time he tried to reach out and grasp it.
But then- still completely aimless and not at all passionate about his boring history major- he tried taking a creative writing class his senior year of college.
He didn't even have to think about it as soon as he started typing. The words just flowed right from his subconscious onto the screen. When his fingers finally stopped moving, he was almost startled to see the mass of text in front of him.
He changed a few things, such as the names of the main characters. He couldn't exactly name the protagonist after himself, so he went with Michael. When he handed it in, his professor said changing "Jack" to a similarly biblical name might feel more cohesive, so he chose John.
But overall, this was it. This was /his story/, the one that felt like it had been crawling around in his veins since he was born, and he could finally pour it out into something tangible. Even more than that, according to his professor and classmates, it was /good/.
He went online and posted what he had to an original fiction site. He fell into bed, shaky with excitement, and woke up from his first restful sleep in ages to a flood of positive comments asking for another chapter.
Thus, "Overwatch" by Gabriel Reyes became an overnight hit.
It followed the story of Michael, a young man from LA (Gabriel couldn't help sneaking in his hometown - it just felt right) who joined the military in order to fight in the burgeoning war between humans and machines.
He ends up being recruited for a secret "soldier enhancement program," where he befriends a guy from Indiana named John. The two manage to make it through the dangerous experiments and finally become part of strike team - Overwatch - a last-ditch effort to save humanity.
Gabriel didn't have a clear picture of where he was going with this story. He didn't have any "end" in sight. He just wrote it as it came to him, which was quite frustrating for his editor but seemed to be working out anyway. There was only one thing he was sure of at this point.
Michael and John had chemistry. There was no way they weren't going to become romantically involved at some point or other. Gabriel had been trying to make it happen at opportune moments, but whenever he attempted to stray from the natural flow of the story it felt /wrong/.
He was waiting for it to happen officially just as much as the fans were, but he was pretty sure they were getting close. He just had to finish up this scene where John nearly dies following a disastrous ambush by the omnics during an op. After that, after that...
Gabriel leans back in his seat and drags a hand down his face, frustrated. He'd been obsessing over this scene for two days now, /rewriting/ it even, which was very unusual for him. Usually he could just get the text out there and then send it off for editing without much stress.
He'd never really experienced this kind of writer's block before. Sure there had been days before when he couldn't get in the mood to write, but all it took was sleeping it off and waiting for his dreams to catch up with him. It wasn't so much a block as fatigue.
But this- this was a block. A wall he'd been slamming against for two days but it wouldn't budge. He just didn't know where to go from here and he couldn't seem to force it, no matter how hard he tried.
It was made all the more frustrating because he /knew/ the romantic tension was finally going to pay off soon and he wanted his characters to get there but they didn't seem to be cooperating.
He put his glasses back on and groaned when he saw the clock. It was well past 4am.
He should just call it a night and try again tomorrow. Or maybe he'd take a break and hope for this block to go away like it was supposed to. He saved his document and took a moment to check his messages online before he turned his computer off.
He had a ton of private messages, as usual. Most were inane things asking for retweets and the like, but some were really heartfelt. He liked responding to those, no matter how many he got. There was nothing more amazing than knowing his story was bringing joy to other people.
As he looked through, responding to messages as he went, he found a strange one hiding somewhere in the middle. It was from a user called soldier76. Gabriel was impressed - his two main characters had soldier ID numbers, Michael being 24 and John being 76.
Getting a highly sought-after "canon" username like soldier76 must have been difficult. This person had to be one of his original fans! Excited, Gabriel clicked on the message.

soldier76: hey. this is gonna sound weird but who the hell are you
Gabriel frowned. Well that was cryptic and not at all the kind of message he was expecting. But morbid curiosity begged him to dig into it.

betaReaper: I'm an author? What do you mean?

Another minute passed. Typing bubbles.

soldier76: i mean who are you and how do you know me
betaReaper: I don't know. Who are /you/?
soldier76: look it's kind of hard to explain but
soldier76: i don't know maybe i'm being paranoid
betaReaper: You're not doing a very good job explaining yourself
soldier76: it's your story. where did you get the idea for it?
That was ostensibly a more normal question, but something about this whole conversation was making Gabriel uneasy.

betaReaper: I don't know, where do all writers get their ideas? My brain I guess.

Typing bubbles popped up, then disappeared. This happened 2 or 3 more times.
soldier76: do you have dreams?
Gabriel stared at the message until his vision blurred. He'd never told anyone about his dreams. He'd mentioned in passing to his friends that he did tend to have vivid ones, but he'd certainly never, ever revealed where his story had come from. His fingers shook as he typed back
betaReaper: What's your name?

The response was immediate.

soldier76: jack

No way.
No way.
/No way./
When he didn't reply, soldier76 began typing again.

soldier76: are you... gabriel?
Gabriel had never revealed his real name to his fans before. He always went by his pen-name Reaper.

betaReaper: Who the fuck are you
soldier76: who the fuck are /you/!
betaReaper: Look this is starting to get creepy
soldier76: you're telling me
soldier76: you live in la right?
betaReaper: Scratch that, REALLY creepy. How did you know that
soldier76: i don't know just... i think we should meet.

This was one of the kids from his writing class pulling a prank, right? It had to be. No one else could have known all this.
The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. The people in his class knew his name, knew where he lived, had read the original version of his text with the original character names, and would have known details like the soldier ID number before anyone else.
It had to be one of them. The prank probably involved luring him somewhere and giving him some jump-scare or trying to trick him into believing something. Well fine, he could play this game.

betaReaper: Okay. Let's meet then. Where did you have in mind?
The mysterious soldier76 sent him an address and they decided on a time. Gabriel finally shut off his computer and crawled under his covers, closing his eyes. There was a reasonable explanation for all this. It was just one of his classmates being a prick trying to scare him.
But then... how did this "Jack" person know about his dreams?
Gabriel slept poorly that night. He managed to drop off, but he kept waking in fits and starts until giving up at around 9am. It was like every time he neared deep sleep, his brain jumped awake again. Maybe it was trying to keep him from dreaming. Or maybe he was just nervous.
He wandered around his apartment in a sleepy daze, trying to get himself to wake up by the time he had to go meet his probably-just-a-classmate stalker. He ended up getting to the cafe an hour early because he couldn't stand waiting around any longer. He was getting antsy.
He chose a seat by the window and ordered the strongest espresso the place had (drowned in as much cream and sugar as possible). 15 minutes into his wait, with a spike of anxiety he realized he had no idea what this stranger looked like. How would they know to sit together?
Oh right. It was his former classmate, Gabriel reminded himself. Yeah. They knew each other. Right. Of course.
For some reason he was still nervous.
30 minutes later, a man entered the cafe. Gabriel, who had been anxiously checking over every single new customer, reflexively looked up to see who it was. He couldn't see that well thanks to an inconveniently placed shelf, but he could see the back of a blond head.
Blondie had broad shoulders and a muscular back. Gabriel figured there was no harm in checking him out a little, take the edge off this horrible waiting. But then the man turned around and spotted him. Their eyes met. Gabriel bolted to his feet like he'd been struck by lightening
The ambient chatter around them faded into static as they stared at each other. Gabriel barely noticed when the man began to approach, their gazes never shifting once from each other.
They must have looked completely nuts, standing a foot apart and just staring at each other.
Gabriel is 24 years old, sweating through his fatigues in the summer heat, but when they shake hands Jack doesn't shrink from clammy palms. His grip is firm and Gabriel laughs. Jack narrows his eyes, clearly taking offense. Gabriel pats him on the shoulder in casual reassurance.
"Damn, you're one of those guys that puts your all into everything aren't you?"
Jack shrugs the touch away, putting on a poker face. "I guess."
"Careful" Gabriel warns lightly, "if you keep breaking off pieces of yourself to give away like that, someday you'll have nothing left."
Gabriel blinked and saw Jack's hand outstretched. He took it and Jack's grip in his was the same. Neither of them seemed to know what to say.
What do you say the first time you meet someone that you already know?
"Gabriel," Jack said, testing the name.
Gabriel nodded slowly. "Jack?"
Jack nodded back. An unnecessary confirmation at this point, but...
They both sat down, dazed, observing each other from across the table.
"It was you," Gabriel said, as much to himself as to Jack. He wasn't sure what he meant by it, but he knew it was true.
Jack ducked his head, an uncertain smile on the corners of his thin lips. "Yeah."
They lapsed once more into silence and Gabriel was struck all at once by how intimately he knew the details of Jack's face, the crooked angle of his nose, the cut of his jaw, the texture of the stubble under his cheekbones that always grew too fast for his razor to keep up with.
"Broke it getting in a fist fight over a yogurt cup in high school," Gabriel said, gesturing at Jack's nose.
Jack's smile grew. "You wear that beanie because your ears are always cold."
Gabriel laughed, a buzzing, giddy feeling bubbling up in his chest. "Always."
They started guessing things faster, just calling out the random, personal, utterly domestic details of each other's lives. That Jack was never without contacts because he was near-sighted as hell but hated glasses, that Gabriel couldn't stand Christmas music but loved karaoke.
"And you were on the track team until the old captain quit and the new one wouldn't let you listen to your music."
"And you wouldn't eat anything except ketchup and rice as a kid so now the smell of ketchup makes you sick."
They were both grinning ear-to-ear, helpless to it, leaning across the table almost comically as they listed things on and on.
"You had a huge crush on that Olympic athle-" Jack was saying but then Gabriel was kissing him and it was one of a million kisses that had come before.
They tilted their heads just right, knew just how they moved and fit together. There was none of the awkward fumbling and bumping around of a first kiss, it was years of learning each other, mapping out the intimate way their bodies clicked into place like puzzle pieces.
Gabriel knew to hold Jack's neck, big hand bracing the back, knew it made him melt when he pressed his thumb at the base. Jack bit and tugged at Gabriel's lip, knew the fervor in it drove him wild.
And as they kissed, they remembered kissing before.
Jack pulled away, breathless, said in a rush, "The first time I kissed you-"
"You were chained to a hospital bed because you were too stubborn to die," Gabriel finished.
It was like they'd been waiting their whole lives for each other. Too long to waste time not kissing.
"Hey," Jack gasped when they were finally able to pry themselves apart, "you wanna get out of here?"
"/God/ yes."
Jack laughed as Gabriel grabbed his hand and together they fled the cafe looking like a couple of giddy idiots.
It felt like no time had passed at all when they finally, finally tumbled into Gabriel's bed together, pulling at each other's clothes until they were naked and sucking bruises into whatever bare skin they could reach.
"Do you remember?" Jack asked breathlessly as he yanked Gabriel down on top of him, eyes wild and bright.
Gabriel groaned, rocking his hips into Jack. He burrowed his nose into Jack's neck, nipping at a beautifully blossoming mark. "Refresh my memory."
Jack shuddered, tugging Gabriel's head back up to kiss him, open-mouthed and dirty. He was laughing again when they parted, something helpless and lovely that left Gabriel /aching/ for want of him.
It had been so /long/...
"You kissed me," Jack said, cradling Gabriel's face in his hands. They can't seem to look away from each other. "Fuck, I'd come so close to dying and we just couldn't wait anymore, I needed you inside me so bad-"
"/Jack/," Gabriel was grinding into him almost frantically, "shit..."
Jack tried to cut off a moan and ended up nearly biting through his lip. "Fuck- we couldn't- like this, fuck, just like this Gabe-" He wrapped one hand around their dicks, the other clutching at Gabriel's back.
Jack is writhing under him, calling out his name in that smoke-sand voice, and Gabriel is dizzy with it. He can't resist pressing his palm into Jack's side, skirting the stitched-up bullet wound, and Jack arches with a shout.
"Don't you ever pull that shit again," Gabriel hisses.
Jack sobs as he comes and Gabriel doesn't give him a second to breathe before burying a finger inside him.
"Gabe-" Jack's thighs squeeze and tremble around Gabriel's waist. "Gabe, please, Gabe-"
"We win this war together or not at all." Gabriel pushes in a second finger and thrusts them hard to punctuate the point. "Understand?"
Jack's nails scrape down Gabriel's back, leaving stinging, bloody trails in their wake, nodding feverishly. "Yes, fuck, fuck me, /Gabe/."
Gabriel bites the oozing black bruise on Jack's shoulder as he rams his cock inside and Jack throws his head back with a strangled cry, thighs clenching tight enough to leave marks of their own. The pain is blistering, makes their hearts beat in time, reminds them they're /alive/
Jack is incoherent by the time his second orgasm hits, a tangle of oversensitive nerves as Gabriel only ruts into him harder, faster, making him choke on his own lungs, kicking and fighting for the life in his chest.
When Gabriel comes inside him, it's like lightning the way it bursts and flares and sizzles out into endless static shocks wherever their skin touches. They cling to each other as they both come down, their ragged breathing deafening in the silence.
Gabriel dropped his head to Jack's chest, eyes squeezed shut as he waited for his fractured self to knit back together.
"Like that," Jack panted, his legs falling from where they had been hooked over Gabriel's hips as he melted into the sheets.
His worn-out grin was downright debauched with his puffy, kiss-swollen lips and the fucked-out haze in his eyes.
Gabriel managed a breathy chuckle. "Yeah. I think I remember now."
They rolled over onto their sides and Gabriel marveled at how neatly they fell into place, tangled up in each other in all the best ways.
Jack sighed happily and kissed Gabriel's throat. "I never even asked any of the questions I meant to."
Gabriel had to struggle for a solid minute before remembering that, really, they had only met for the first time that afternoon a maximum of 2 hours ago because Jack sent him some weird messages last night. "Oh yeah."
"Kind of moot now," Jack said. "Pretty sure I got my answers."
"Which are?"
"You write to remember." Jack let his head fall into the pillow and smiled something dazed and glowing as he traced Gabriel's face with his eyes. "That story you're writing - they're my memories too. Just, from your perspective instead of mine."
It certainly was strange, once Gabriel started thinking about it. "So we had like... past lives or something?" He frowned. "But if they're memories... They take place in the future though, don't they?"
Jack gave a halfhearted shrug with one shoulder. "I don't know. But..."
He smoothed a hand over Gabriel's cheek. "We both remember, so if we're both going crazy at least it's together."
"There's that," Gabriel agreed.
Their hands found each other, braiding together seamlessly.
"I always knew there was a part of me I was missing," he confessed quietly
"I had dreams and I knew they were important, but I could only remember bits and pieces... But when I started writing, they just started taking shape in front of me."
Jack nodded. "Yeah. Mine are more, um... kinesthetic. Like, I'll be doing something and then it'll just hit me."
Gabriel smirked. "Like just now?"
Jack flushed but didn't shy away from it, the red a charming finish to his grin. "Yeah. Exactly like that." He kissed Gabriel's jaw, voice dropping to a more suggestive tone. "Help me remember more."
Well. Gabriel couldn't say no to that.
It took a long time to tire Jack out but the second he had fallen asleep, Gabriel disentangled himself and sat at his desk. As much as he wanted to cuddle, there was a restless energy boiling under his skin with all of the new memories swirling around inside him. He had to write.
He put on his glasses and got to work. His fingers flew across the keyboard and as the story formed in front of him he could see it. Normally when he wrote, it was in a fog and he couldn't recall what he'd put down until he read over it later. But this time, everything was clear.
He could taste the acrid fear when Jack passed out in his arms, the burning exhaustion as he carried Jack to safety, heart pounding as he hovered over Jack's hospital bed, the overwhelming relief when Jack woke up and kissed him...
He wasn't sure how much time had passed when his hands finally stilled. He stared at his computer screen, a little in awe of himself. Arms wrapped around him from behind and he jumped, but then Jack's chin settled on his shoulder and he relaxed.
"Nice nap?" he asked.
"Would've been better if you stayed in bed," Jack said, a pout clearly audible in his voice.
"Sorry." Gabriel tilted his head to bump Jack affectionately. "Just... needed to get it all out there."
Jack leaned forward to read it. He whistled softly. "Wow. You even got into all the sordid details."
Gabriel blushed and scrolled away from the NSFW section. "I won't be posting that part, obviously."
Jack hummed thoughtfully. "I don't know. I wouldn't mind everyone knowing what we got up to."
Gabriel shoved him. "Oh my god /no/."
Jack laughed and shoved him back. "What, it's not like your readers /know/ this is an autobiography."
"It makes it weird when you put it that way!"
"Shut up and come back to bed." Jack tugged on his arm. "Come /on/."
"It's like, dinner time," Gabriel pointed out as he stood up.
Jack stared at his face for a moment, considering. Then he asked abruptly, "Are those reading glasses?"
"Huh?" Gabriel fumbled with the glasses on his face. "I need them to see the shit on my screen, shut up." He started to fold them but Jack put a hand on his wrist.
"They look good." He had a gleam in his eye. "Really good."
Gabriel smacked his hand away. "Food, Jack. I'm hungry."
"I'm hungry too," Jack said, making a point of running his tongue over his bottom lip.
Gabriel rolled his eyes and flicked him in the forehead. "/Later./ Let me buy you dinner first."
Jack rubbed at his forehead petulantly, but then a thoughtful look crossed over his face. "Put them back on."
"This isn't going anywhere until after we eat," Gabriel warned, even as he obeyed and replaced his glasses.
Jack tilted his head as he stared, clearly turning something over in his head.
Gabriel waved a hand in front of his face after a long monent of silence. "Hey-"
Jack startled and smiled nervously. "Ah... Sorry, I was just thinking. They make you look older."
"Flattery will get you nowhere," Gabriel said sarcastically.
Jack shook his head emphatically. "No, they look good. How do I put it... They look unfamiliar. Like as soon as I saw your face I remembered it, but I don't remember the glasses and..." Flustered, he trailed off.
Gabriel shrugged. "I probably didn't wear them before. It's no big deal."
Jack didn't seem to be convinced, but he didn't press the subject. "Yeah."
"So are we getting take-out and cuddling or what?"
The next week was... really fun. It felt like Gabriel had been sitting in a dark room his whole life and then one day Jack flipped on the light switch and asked him what the hell he was doing. He hadn't even known what he was missing until now.
Jack was insatiable. The ratio of sex to other activities they did together was a little insane, but Gabriel couldn't feel bad about it. Normally he would have liked to get to know his partner before jumping into incredible sex marathons, but... he already knew Jack.
They couldn't keep their hands off each other. The first night, at least, Jack had to go home for clothing and such. But it was all over the moment he showed up on Gabriel's doorstep with a duffel bag of necessities.
He'd dumped it in the living room and immediately dragged Gabriel to the couch for the most enthusiastic blowjob Gabriel had ever received in his life. They eventually collapsed into bed and passed out, only for Gabriel to inevitably be woken up by Jack sinking onto his dick.
And whenever Jack didn't happen to have his mouth full, he couldn't stop talking. As he'd said before, his memories seemed to be triggered kinesthetically and as soon as skin met skin, the floodgates opened.
He'd ramble about everything, from watching Gabriel crush an omnic's skull to the time they couldn't wait to get home and fucked in the dropship lavatory. Gabriel remembered as he spoke, flickers of their past lighting up in his head and whenever he had a spare second, he wrote.
Despite how little time he actually spent at his computer now, he was flying through chapters at an unprecedented speed. His editor was pretty pissed about his blatant use of the incorrect character names, but she forgave him for the sheer amount of new content.
At least he remembered to cut out the... risqué parts. Those he kept to himself - to remind Jack later, of course.
"You abandoned me again," Jack whined from the bedroom doorway. The sympathetic effect was ruined by his naturally gravely voice amplified by a post-screaming rasp.
Gabriel laughed and shut his laptop. "Sorry, sorry. But I do have a job, you know."
Jack screwed up his expression into a semblance of a pout and spun Gabriel's chair to face him. "Your job is to fuck me."
"Subtle seduction technique, Morrison," Gabriel drawled.
Jack flashed a smile. "Hey, it's been working so far."
Gabriel rolled his eyes. "Don't you have anything better to do?" he asked, even as his hands came up to settle on Jack's naked hips.
"You," Jack said without a hint of shame.
Gabriel groaned. "You're horrible."
"The worst," Jack agreed, leaning in to nip at Gabriel's bruised neck
Pretty soon they were kissing again and Jack wasted no time crawling into Gabriel's lap, pawing blindly at Gabriel's boxers.
"Off," he breathed.
"You're in the way," Gabriel complained, pushing the roaming hands away to take out his cock himself.
Jack shut him up with another open-mouthed kiss, humming happily as he lifted himself up and then sank down onto Gabriel's dick. It was a little obscene, how easy it was, but neither of them were complaining.
They rocked together lazily, Gabriel breaking the kiss to mouth at the marks scattered around Jack's ample chest.
"Fuck, do you remember this?" Jack panted, working himself faster. "Fucking in your office..."
Gabriel smirks and palms Jack's ass, pressing a finger to feel where their bodies connect, slipping just the tip in beside his cock. Jack gasps and squirms. "Gabe-"
"So loose," Gabriel murmurs. "Couldn't wait any longer, could you?"
Jack nods a little frantically. "Missed you."
Gabriel raises an eyebrow and removes his finger to get both hands solidly around Jack's waist. "And how long did it take to get you /this/ ready for me?" He punctuates the question with a sharp thrust.
Jack moans and meets him halfway. "Got... got tired of my hand. Had to use a... a toy." It's like he keeps losing his train of thought, so focused on the feeling of Gabriel moving inside him. He braces himself more firmly and cries out when his ass meets Gabriel's hips. "/Fuck/."
Gabriel has to bite at Jack's pec to keep himself from shouting something embarrassing. "Shit, Jackie-" His nails dig into Jack's skin. "I was- was gone for just a few /days/-"
"Too long." Jack burrows his nose into Gabriel's neck. "Too long."
Neither of them acknowledge the elephant in the room - the reason for Gabriel's trip. Gabriel will bring it up later. Right now-
"I've got you" is all the warning he gives Jack before heaving him up onto his desk. Jack shrieks a laugh and hooks his ankles behind Gabriel's back.
"Fuck me," Jack moans, "fuck me, fuck me-"
Gabriel kisses him, forceful and dirty, fucking into him hard enough to make the solid desk creak ominously. Jack finds Gabriel's hand and threads their fingers together. When they come, Jack's grip squeezes tigt enough to hurt.
They're both completely out of breath and Gabriel can't help the dumb grin on his face at Jack, utterly disheveled and blissed out on top of his desk.
Nothing will ever keep them apart. Not even stupid meetings with stupid politicians about Overwatch's future.
He brings Jack's hand to his lips, kissing the knuckles. "I've been thinking," he murmurs, "your finger's missing something."
Jack flushes a little darker as he grins. "What, like a ring?"
Gabriel leans down to mouth at his jaw. "Exactly."
Jack yanks him back up and kisses him.
Jack shuddered and went limp as Gabriel held him tight to his chest.
"Fuck." Jack giggled helplessly. "Can't believe you proposed to me like that."
"I can't believe you didn't answer me," Gabriel grumbled.
Jack huffed a laugh. "Do you need one? It was always going to be yes."
Gabriel massaged his thumb into Jack's shoulder thoughtfully in tight little circles. "That so?"
"Mm-hm." Jack nuzzled into Gabriel's neck. "I just know it."
"Guess it makes sense," Gabriel said. "For us to be this connected... We must have gotten married."
Something about the words on his tongue didn't feel quite right but he brushed it off. It was probably just the weird disconnect between this past life and their current reality.
And besides, he couldn't deny that the idea of marrying Jack sounded... /amazing/.
"What do you think?" Jack asked, voice slurring.
Gabriel kissed the top of his head. "I think you sound like you need to go back to bed," he replied, purposefully avoiding the topic.
Jack's face scrunched up. "You just wanna write more without me."
"I'll only be five minutes."
Another week went by so fast it made Jack's head spin. He had always known that there was something to the little flashes of odd memories he used to get, the sensation of an arm around his waist or lips against the back of his neck. But he could never have predicted Gabriel.
He had never been this happy before in his life. There was something manic about it, a bone-deep need to /be/ with Gabriel, to remember with him. He was probably a little insane, but he couldn't find it in himself to feel guilty when it was getting him sex /this/ good.
There were a few small details that nagged at him distantly, like not being able to remember Gabriel looking any older, and not knowing where all these memories were headed. But he couldn't be bothered to think about it. Nothing was going to bring him down now.
The memories were coming so quickly, too quickly to really process. It felt like Jack was truly reliving everything in a reel of smaller scenes, one after the other at a breakneck pace.
Things were happening in Overwatch. Apparently after the war ended, he had been made a... a strike commander, he thought was the term. He could still taste the relief in Gabriel's kisses when that memory came.
Grateful to be out of the spotlight, pleased to still be working together. There was so much hope in the way they touched each other that night, whispering promises to never let anything get between them, stronger together, as long as they were together nothing could hurt them.
Jack couldn't be sure how much time was passing in the memories, but he had the odd sense that the gaps between their remembered sexual encounters was getting larger and larger. He wasn't sure what it meant, but he hadn't given it much thought.
Admittedly, they were beginning to get a bit out of sink. Since Jack's memories were so closely related to movement and muscle memory, he remembered things quickly but in less detail with lots of gaps. Gabriel, with his writing, was able to fill in all those gaps but took longer.
So Jack really had no idea why his memories were starting to get so disconnected from each other, but Gabriel would be able to figure it out eventually and he wasn't going to linger on it. He had better things to do, like kiss the living daylights out of his boyfriend.
Hey, from what he could gather, it seemed he and Gabriel had become pretty important people in these memories and were just busy. All the more reason to make up for lost time, then.
This was the mindset Jack had when Gabriel finally came home on a Friday afternoon from his bi-weekly in-person meeting with his editor. The moment he walked in, Jack practically tackled him, kicking the door shut with his foot as they kissed.
"God damn," Gabriel gasped, "missed me that bad?"
Jack grinned. "Always." He bit at Gabriel's lip and murmured, "Hey, take me right here."
Gabriel groaned as he threw his bag aside to get both his arms around Jack. "My poor rug."
"I don't mind the hardwood," Jack countered. He cupped Gabriel teasingly through his pants and added, "/Really/ don't mind."
"The worst," Gabriel reaffirmed, nudging Jack back enough to pull at his shirt, "you are the worst."
Without much more fanfare, Jack found himself naked and pushed to his knees, cheek pressed to the cold floor as Gabriel slid into him from behind. He moaned and rocked his ass back, wanting it deeper immediately, but Gabriel laughed and held onto his hips to make him still.
For a moment, it was oddly... normal. Just Gabriel pushing inside of him, slowly starting to roll into him until Jack whined to /please/ go faster. Gabriel kissed his shoulder and obliged, finally fucking into him in earnest.
But then Jack wasn't sure what happened - Gabriel's fingernails dug too deep right when he gave a particularly hard thrust, Jack's knees scraped the floor with a bit of a sting, bit his own lip a little too hard - and suddenly his heart is pounding wildly in his chest.
He's struggling, spitting curses as Gabriel holds his wrists down with one hand, the other holding onto his waist with a grip that hurts. Jack doesn't have any leverage like this, with Gabriel is bearing down on him, and the adrenaline pumping through him makes it hard to think.
His skin stings and protests where Gabriel bites his neck. He can taste iron, and he can't tell if it's from his busted lip or his bloodied nose. He arches as Gabriel slams into him, at once trying to get away and trying to get /more/.
Gabriel strikes his palm against the purpling bruise on Jack's side and Jack jolts, a cry catching in his throat. He sinks his teeth into his torn lip, swallowing it down where it lodges in his airway. He hopes he chokes on it.
Gabriel pulls out just before he comes, spraying all over Jack's back. Jack flinches, feeling slimy and cold as Gabriel's weight on top of him finally disappears. He gets his feet under him and whirls around, teeth bared and eyes dangerously bright like something feral.
"Not even gonna get me off, you sick son of a bitch?" he hisses.
Gabriel wipes away the blood leaking from his forehead, his glare only slightly hampered by his blooming black eye. "Fuck off and do it yourself."
Jack wants to punch him again. He punches the wall instead, reopening the scrapes on his knuckles. "Why are you still here then?"
Gabriel's expression simmers into something darker, deadlier. "I was thinking the same thing."
Jack's eyes flew open, heart bruising where it thrummed against his ribcage. Gabriel was still moving inside him and all at once everything was too much, it felt like a knife twisting slowly in his gut.
"Gabe-" He gagged around the knot in his throat. "Gabe, /stop/."
Gabriel halted, uncertainty coming off him in waves. "Are you okay?"
Jack nodded, trying to get his voice to sound like he wasn't being strangled. "Just- just pulled a muscle, I..."
Gabriel pulled out of him, watching awkwardly as Jack reoriented himself to a sitting position.
Jack's stomach twisted into knots. He chanced a look at Gabriel's face and the lingering anger surged with frightening intensity. It was a boiling, writhing thing that made him want to /hurt/ as much as /he/ had been hurt, flooding the back of his throat with acid, fist clenching
These were not his feelings.

He transferred the messy bubbling fury into a feigned wince of pain, rubbing cautiously at his neck. "Yeah I definitely pulled something here..."
"Shit, sorry."
Gabriel reached out, probably to help him up or offer comfort, but something in Jack's brain screamed /don't let him touch you/ and he flinched, reflexively putting a hand up to block it.
"It hurts," Jack said hastily. "I'd rather not aggravate it. Sorry."
Gabriel nodded, understanding but with a hint of trepidation. Jack could feel those eyes on him as he wobbled to his feet and something about it unnerved him. Gabriel clearly hadn't remembered like he had, but how long would it take him to find out?
Everything seemed nauseatingly out of focus as Jack grabbed his clothes.
"I have a heating pad," Gabriel offered.
Damn him for being so helpful. Jack shook his head, trying to make the movement seem ginger to account for his supposed pain. "It's fine. Actually..."
He hesitated, unsure of how to not make this sound suspicious. "I think I should go home." He scrambled for an excuse. "I uh- my neighbors called earlier. They have a bit of a family emergency and need someone to take care of their cat."
He could see that Gabriel didn't /really/ believe him, but thankfully he wasn't called out on it.
"I can drive you home," Gabriel said.
"That's okay. You just got back."
Gabriel looked like he was going to argue for a moment, but he let it go. "Okay. Text me when you get home."
"Yeah." He ducked his head, avoiding making eye contact. "See you later." He grabbed his coat off the hook and left abruptly. It was only when he got outside the building that he realized he'd left his duffle bag of clothes and such behind in his hurry.
But he had his phone, keys, and wallet in his coat pockets and he couldn't bring himself to go back in there, so home he went.
Part 2:
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