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(1) As I said earlier today, this tweet I posted last December is the key to the Nunes memo.

(2) Today I have been rather disappointed by some responses to the memo.

Even people I consider intelligent have come up with descriptions that run the gamut from “Yawner” to a “nothing burger,” echoing Dimm propaganda.…
(3) I fear they have not even begun to understand its importance. They have no idea why the Dimms are running so scared.

Let’s recap.
(4) First, it is important to recognize all the efforts at misdirection that the Democrats have embarked on over the past two weeks. They know this aims at the root of corruption.

Remember all the talk about revealing methods and sources?
(5) Of course, Chicken Schiff knew perfectly well there weren’t any such revelations when he made that statement.

Or any factual discrepancies, or any partisanship. Just "boring" facts.
(6) Schiff was just paving the way for his next canard.

A minority response which will be purposely drafted with such revelations to cause redactions previous to its release reinforcing the narrative that somehow Republicans are hiding something.
(7) Their efforts should tell you that you need to look into the memo more closely.

If it really is a nothing burger...why are they so worried?
(8) In fact those efforts, as usual, include leaking info on the Dimms memo to the press through DNC operatives such as Haberman, Dilanian or, in this case, Philip Ewing (for those keeping track, Rat No 14)…
(9) Ewing, like most of the rats I have already described, was planted in NPR in 2015, plucked like so many of his peers, out of Politico. (we need to look into 2015 much closly than we have)

And he has been pushing the muh-Russia story ever since.
(10) This is how Rat No 14 treated the muh-Russia story, following the WH script in December 2016.

Find some Antivert.

(11) Of course, the memo itself is not the scandalous tell-all some expected, a fact the Dimms have been consciously exploiting for two weeks in one of the oldest propaganda tricks ever: build up expectations sky high so in the end all are disappointed, friend and foe alike.
(12) Most fell for it.


Let’s then take a closer look at the actual document: What does the memo actually expose?

A felony committed by some of the highest officials of the Obama DoJ and FBI.
(13) Essentially, the scoundrels followed this script;

a. Open a phony investigation. The target is irrelevant, any smuck will do. The more obscure, the better.
(14) b. Request FISA warrant using a document not only known to be false, but produced by the DNC campaign.
One author of that phony? A former Brit intel officer well known to FBI folks. Steele worked with McCabe in 2003-6, and with McCabe and Ohr in 2009.
The other...Ohr’s wife.
(15) c. The FBI, through the author's employer, planted the phony document in the press through Michael Issikoff of Yahoo, either the biggest dope who ever lived or a knowing accomplice.…
(16) d. The article concocted by the authors of the phony document (and based on it) is then used as further evidence, withholding from the court that, in fact, it has the same origin as the document itself.

Fraud feeding propaganda and back.
(17) There are enough felonies already to disbar every lawyer that participated in this and prosecute every officer who knowingly signed off on it.
(18) The names are the same I have been pointing to in threads since November, and who are also complicit in the Clinton cover-up and the framing of @GenFlynn.
(19) But there is more, the purpose of the entire operation was to spy on Trump’s campaign and favor Clinton’s.

Watergate? Child’s play compared to this.
(20) I said the snow was going to melt.

I fell short, Maybe Gore’s onanistic dreams will come true and the Arctic ice will disappear. It’s about to get that hot.

No wonder the Dimms are waxing hysterical.

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