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I'm here for Day 2 of Waymo v. Uber. Yesterday's dispatch:…
Line is down the hall again, maybe even worse than yesterday! Looks to me like it's more reporters than lawyers this morning but jeez, it's still 6
We're starting. First off: hearsay issues around Stroz report etc
Uber is objecting to another video that Waymo wants to show, another of those promo videos for Google self-driving cars.
UBER: Enough is enough, it’s irrelevant. The jury doesn’t need to see these cars driving around.
Waymo argues that it's part of the history of Waymo and that Dolgov (current witness) was there.
ALSUP: What about the blind guy?
WAYMO: That’s who they picked up! That’s part of the history!
UBER: *getting exasperated* Your honor, you... you just have to see this.
UBER: This case is not about who’s goody two-shoes. They’ve got this blind guy walking out to the car. This is about eight trade secrets. This is so far removed.
(They're going to show the video but with the sound off)
Now they're arguing about a text sent by Travis to Anthony that included a link to the Michael Douglas speech in the movie Wall Street,
ALSUP: I remember. Best moment in all of Hollywood.
Uber wants to exclude a "free-floating work of fiction" as irrelevant. It's not something Travis actually said.
(This is the Michael Douglas "Greed is Good" speech lmao)
ALSUP: Let’s say it’s totally fictional…. But if Levandowski is saying this guy is telling my story, agree agree agree, why isn’t that admissible?
WAYMO: I think it’s highly relevant to show that these guys were in cahoots. Shows their state of mind and is highly probative for the jury to see that these guys were talking in this manner.
Not sure if hyperbole but Waymo is saying that the text says "wink-wink" and then is a link to the youtube video lol
my god
WAIT is Waymo trying to play the VIDEO?
holy shit
Alsup won't allow Waymo to say that Kalanick was removed as CEO because of this lawsuit, says there were like "five other things" that got him removed. It would be misleading to tell the jury it was this lawsuit.
Waymo asks if they can say it was a *factor." Alsup refuses, says that's just going to open the door to get into "all the other stuff."

ALSUP: This is a trick. I’m not going to fall for it.
Sorry I'm still stuck on Greed is Good
cc: @susie_c wake up the best thing ever just happened
Uber is skittish about AL's 5th amendment thing coming up in court.
ALSUP: Levandowski is maybe the central witness in this case. The jury will be wanting to hear from him. If he’s not brought in, they’re going to say Waymo hasn’t proven its case.
ALSUP: I think it’s very likely it will come into evidence but we got to wait and see how this whole case develops.
Note: Levandowski is not on either rolling witness list right now
Alsup admonishing Waymo

ALSUP: You are leading the jury with the impression that you invented LIDAR, that you invented self-driving cars. If this continues, at some point I’m going to have to interject and say it’s about 8 specific things.
Admonishes them for leading with the promotional videos and making the jury think that this case is about LIDAR.
ALSUP: YOU DID NOT INVENT LIDAR. And next time we go into a sealed record, it’s going to be these 8 things and these 8 things only.
It sounds like one of the promo videos and an explanation of LIDAR was played during the portion under seal yesterday. Alsup says it should have never been under seal
Alsup is mad that it's "already 8 o'clock," wow it's so late in the morning it's time to get going
Each side has 16 hours to make its case, this is a tight ship
Dolgov now back on the stand, we're still on direct.
Dolgov describing early milestones, like completing 10 routes (including around Lake Tahoe, on the Bay Area's bridges). Each route about 100 miles.
Another milestone: driving 100,000 miles with full autonomy, which was a "huge order" back in the day.
DOLGOV: I would say the LIDAR provides the primary functionality for most of the modules that are critical. The LIDAR gives you very rich data about the 3D structure of the world that is incredibly useful.
WAYMO: Dr. Dolgov, where do the LIDAR sensors on Waymo’s current cars come from?
DOLGOV: We built them.
WAYMO: Are they available to buy off the shelf?
WAYMO: Over the years, how many custom LIDARSs have Waymo designed over time?
DOLGOV: About six major models.
We're now looking at the video with "the blind guy" with Dolgov narrating
WAYMO: How do you feel now that self-driving cars are becoming a reality?
DOLGOV: *chuckles in monotone* Amazing
Part of Dolgov's testimony is going to be under seal and Alsup wants to combine it with the break. We're going into cross now.
UBER: Can we agree that Google, Waymo did not invent LIDAR?
DOLGOV: That’s right.
UBER: Before you came to Google, you worked on self-driving cars at Stanford. And those cars used Velodyne LIDAR, right? With 64 laser beams.
UBER: So you’d agree that having 64 laser beams is not a secret.
DOLGOV: Right.
UBER: And you don't contend that your trade secrets are in the Velodyne LIDAR, do you?
Uber now trying to cross examine on an internal Google incentive program to patent technology (Dolgov is listed as an inventor on some)
Uber tries to bring out that there's a $5000 bonus per invention, and Dolgov just gives a very long engineering explanation that it's "not entirely linear"
UBER: Who received the bonus for those great ideas that they’re claiming are trade secrets?

Dolgov says that trade secrets aren't as clearly mapped as the patent system.
A patent cannot be a trade secret and vice-versa.

Uber is trying to trick Dolgov into saying their trade secrets aren't trade secrets.
Dolgov says that no one received a bonus for the trade secrets. He says many people were involved in the trade secrets. He also says he doesn't even know what the 8 trade secrets are
UBER: You don't even know the 8 trade secrets we're here to try?
DOLGOV: I know two.
Uber is now showing Dolgov the top secret "cheatsheet" and asking him to point to them for the jury
He mumbled so I couldn't catch the whole thing. One was described as “Scenario car tests and specifications" (?) and the other as Trade Secret #111 "NDR, Lidar design” (?)
UBER: When did someone come up with Trade secret 111?
DOLGOV: 2011
UBER: Can you imagine a moment this trade secret come to your attention?
Dolgov says he can remember it coming up a couple years ago.
Uber is asking if there was any moment where people had a big aha that it was a "new idea or discovery"
Dolgov gives, again in a very quick monotone, a non-answer
It doesn't sound evasive, it just seems like Uber's very theatrical tone is not processing with him at all and he's taking each trap question so literally that he doesn't fall into the trap
ALSUP: He’s not asking what you’re sure of. He’s asking you if you have an actual memory of the moment you told management, look at what a great idea you came up with.
ALSUP: Okay, next question.
Uber now trying to lead him into explaining to the jury that patents, because they are published, cannot be trade secrets. Dolgov says he's uncomfortable talking about it (because he's not a lawyer!) but he says that sounds right. [it is right]
We're now looking at a sketch from a 2014 patent, I didn't catch what it is? But Levandowski is listed as an inventor on this one.
Uber pointing to individual components and asking Dolgov if he recognizes them. Gets Dolgov to acknowledge that this is all public and none of those components are trade secrets.
Note: there were patent claims at an early stage of the litigation. All of those have since dropped out.
Uber now crossing Dolgov on the "increased attrition risk for us" email.
Dolgov wrote an email that said that the Ottomotto acquisition was a problem because it was hard to keep talent. One factor was that a lot of the self-driving car people were in Pittsburgh (Carnegie) and they all would rather live in San Francisco
Uber asking Dolgov to look at an exhibit that isn't being shown to us (yet?) (ever?)
Yeah it's under seal. Exhibit is being shown to the jury.

ALSUP: If someone out there manages to see it, jump up and tell us we’re not doing it right.
Lawyers are currently trying to figure out how to display the document to the jury without projecting it where the gallery can see.
They figured it out.

they turned off the projector
hey uber you just paid someone like $100 to turn off a projector
it's only day 2 of the trial and i very vividly remember why i left san francisco
We're now onto Dolgov redirect.
We're going back to the sealed 1136 exhibit. Uber hammered hard on there being just ONE BOX in the diagram (??)
WAYMO: You looked at the box labeled sensors? Can you go to page 17? There’s a line in this document about the category of sensors. I’m just going to read, "A mixture of sensors are essential for self driving." Do you agree with that?

DOLGOV: Each sensor has something that it is very good at. And putting them together gives you the best.
Waymo asks if why that's important if there's only one box

DOLGOV: Measuring the impact of something by counting boxes is not the metric I would use.
Waymo establishes that it took years to come up with the data in one of the trade secrets. Unclear what the data is, I didn't catch exactly which trade secret. (I assume data collected during test drives).
We're taking a 40-50 minute break
Back in court, Alsup is explaining the difference between patents and trade secrets to the jury.
ALSUP: Is that 21 years now?

A lawyer says yes

ALSUP: They changed that. It used to be 17.
reporters furiously taking notes on the elements of trade secrets
Alsup's crash course in trade secrets:

- Unlike patents, you don’t apply for it, no government agency issues a trade secret
- It’s something that typically a company comes up with. They develop their own way of doing something and they keep it secret.
- It has economic value because it is secret. It has value to them and they take reasonable efforts to keep it a secret.
- If that information is generally known to the public, it’s not a trade secret.
- One of the elements Waymo needs to prove is that their alleged trade secrets are not generally known.
Onto the next witness: Gary Brown.
I think we're going to get forensic analysis evidence
And now the words "yak shave dot com" have been entered into evidence
*yak shaveS dot com
We're now looking at a DNS log
did you ever want to hear an attorney meticulously question a witness about the IP address of yak shaves dot com
Now we're going into how DHCP logs are used to ID IPs (?)
there are many spreadsheets with mac addresses and IP addresses
the unique mac address that was looking at yak shaves dot com (????!) was Anthony Levandowski
We're now looking at a demonstrative that explains how DNS and DHCP logs work


they keep saying yak shaves dot com
Brown confirmed that the mac address belonged to Levandowski's machine by querying an internal database called Armada
I still don't know what yak shaves dot com is
Jury is looking intently at these diagrams of DNS/DHCP on the screens in the jury box
yes i know what yak shaving is, i don't know what yak shaves dot com is
Jury is extremely grim-faced as they are forced to look at an excel spreadsheet of IP addresses
moar sheets
i think that's just how his face is
What was downloaded:

14,700 files, a total of 9.74 gigabytes
Then reviewed Bit9 logs, which can record outgoing files (including USB thumb drives)
Now looking at a Bit9 log of a memory card being attached to Levandowski's device
On 12/11/15 Levandowski downloaded 14k files. On 12/14/15, a memory card was attached to Anthony Levandowski's work laptop and then detached.
On 12/18/15, the machine, which had been previously using Windows, was reinstalled with Linux
The data that was on the device is gone.
The forensic evidence was gathered through logs that were sent back to Google infrastructure before the erasure.
Now looking at logs of Google Drive access by Levandowski
Downloads made on Jan 4 and Jan 11, 2016.
Cross-examining Gary Brown. Uber asking about a different analyst who worked on looking at Levandowski.
Now disciplining the witness with tape depo, I don't know what the point is
Uber bringing up an email to his colleague where Chelsea Bailey (?) of Google asked if they had found any evidence of "trade secret compromise."
UBER: David Drummond is the top lawyer at Google, isn't he?
BROWN: I don't know.
UBER: David Drummond is the general counsel of Alphabet, the top ranking lawyer.
BROWN: I don't know?
lol owned
Now looking at a machine forensic record. The examiners on the record are named by handle. One is kiddi (Kristina Johnson, the colleague who is not here) and the other is "someguyiknow"
UBER: Who is someguyiknow?
BROWN: That's me.
UBER: Do you recall meeting with lawyers from a law firm called Keker Van Nest?

earlier Brown was questioned on whether "LP" and "SB" referred to Page and Brin, the founders of Google, and Brown also said he didn't know

don't get too cute
Right after Otto's acquisition by Uber in August 2016, there was a meeting with Kristinn Johnson, Brown, in-house counsel, Keker lawyers
And again,

UBER: You are someguyiknow, right?
BROWN: I am.
they're doing this on purpose
From master meeting notes!

"He announced that he wanted to start his own company that was involved in autonomous trucks, which would not be a direct competitor to Google, that was the general agreement. "
"Uber is generally considered to be be Chauffeur’s main competitor, which contracts what they learned from Anthony, with his intent to not be in the same space and compete against Google."
Nobody looked at SVN server in February / March 2016 right after Levandowski left and started Otto. They only looked after the acquisition.
Another email from Aug 23,

"John K. has now said he wants this investigation done in a week." It's Krafcik
UBER: Were you aware that the management was looking for something, *anything* to stop that deal?
Uber lawyer has such a dramatic voice
Uber asks if there was tremendous pressure to get this done, Brown just responds, "Not any more than usual."
Another email from September 13 2016

"Have you finished reviewing all the Xoogler laptops?"
UBER: And that’s not a typo, ex, ooglers refers to the former Googlers, right?
UBER: You were looking at *everyone* who had left and was now at Uber, right?
Ok it's Kristinn Gudjonsson, I really mucked that one up repeatedly in every way possible
Part of the reason why they're only presenting logs transmitted back to Google is that Levandowski's laptop was "reassigned to inventory and repurposed." It was collected, wiped clean, and reassigned to someone around February 24 2016.
Uber is saying that no one examined the laptop before it was repurposed.
Brown concedes.
Uber is trying to establish a suspicious gap of time between Levandowski leaving and the forensic investigation
Essentially they're trying to say that Google only gave a shit after the acquisition — the entire investigation was an attempt to stop the acquisition, not something that happened as a matter of due diligence
Uber says that no alarm bells went off when Levandowski took the documents — if they were so important, shouldn't there have been some kind of an alert established, or a security person assigned to keep an eye on the files?
BROWN: I don’t know, it’s very hard to detect malicious insiders.
UBER: But it’s not hard to detect whether someone downloads the entire database, that’s not hard, is it?
BROWN: I don’t know.
Gary "Stonewall" Brown
Now on redirect
WAYMO: Are you here to testify about the security precautions of the SVN server?
BROWN: Not particularly.
WAYMO: So whether there are certain precautions that should be taken with respect to the SVN server, you’re not in a position to testify about that, are you?
Waymo tries to ask Brown if it was "appropriate" for Levandowski to put the files on the memory card, Uber objects.

ALSUP: You ask questions like ‘Don’t you think it would be a good idea,’ that’s the same thing.

Uber lets it go.
Witness is excused, William Grossman is being sworn in.
Grossman has been at Google in 2014, when Waymo was still the Chauffeur Project. It's clear why Waymo picked him as a witness — he's a NorCal native, went to high school, college, and grad school here, he still lives in Palo Alto. What a nice local boy etc
He works on embedded systems, which he describes as "low level software combined with low level hardware"
At Waymo he is works with the SDS (self-driving systems) architecture group. He does not work LIDAR but he has worked with LIDAR teams in the past.
He's asked to define a PCB. (a printed circuit board, "the basis of almost all modern electronics").
Ah wait actually Grossman was the one who got the mistake email that set off this whole thing
He received a Dec 13 2016 email from Gorilla Circuits dot com (which makes PCBs), subject "FW: OTTO FILES"
Attached was a zip file.
It was a “bap package” (???? someone confirm please) -- everything you need to manufacture that specific PCB
I think we're now getting an exhibit that's under seal, a 2D specification of the package
Also WHY are my followers so skewed towards software with so few in hardware, help a girl out
It's a GDR -- a transmit board that's one of the many PCBs that make up LIDAR, it shoots out the lasers
Btw this is an important moment: we're finally glimpsing the substance of Waymo's case
pew pew lasers
we never found out what yak shaves dot com was btw
After receving the email, Grossman escalated to manager
Grossman then showed Pierre ? to see if that schematic was their circuit board. Then they escalated to Dmitri Dolgov.
They're being careful to establish that Grossman only showed the email to a limited number of people -- it's a trade secret and they're taking reasonable care to protect it, etc
Uber brings up a patent and asks about 3 flat sides and a concave side — then compares to sealed exhibit, also has 3 flat sides and concave side
(remember, a patent cannot be a trade secret)
We're now wrangling which screens get to show which exhibits

ALSUP: Okay, Angie make sure that... wait it was up on the screen and now it's gone again, what are you doing to me?
ALSUP: Your technical people are supposed to set it up — they have failed us. Someone has failed us. If you can’t get it up yourself, too bad.
On redirect Waymo asks witness if there are differences between the patent and the trade secret spec.

Grossman says:
- Structure is not uniform, in the patent it’s much more uniform.
- Angles of the edges are very specific and there’s a flow, angles are all the same on patent.
On recross we're getting a depo tape played back
In depo he doesn't point out those differences?
Jury has been excused so that they can figure out what's going on with the technical issues with projection. Alsup has called all the technicians and says "no games are going to be played" and that both sides need to cooperate and work together promptly
He says there's too much of a delay between saying they're going to show a depo and the depo showing. "45 seconds is too long. It has to be 1 second."
(I'm not sure the parties were actually messing with each other by being slow about the slides & projections during the proceedings, I think it's just normal A/V difficulties)
Uber wants to show the side-by-side exhibits (the Gorilla circuits email and the '96 patent) that were withheld from the public.
Remember I said we were finally seeing a glimpse of the trade secrets? I was wrong. This was about a patent claim that *isn't in play anymore*.
Alsup admonishes them for being so cagey about the Gorilla Circuits schematic.

ALSUP: Even though ‘96 got thrown into oblivion, you’re still trying to screw it into place. It doesn’t have anything to do with any of the trade secrets.
Uber presses for the exhibit to be made public, Alsup denies and says they should see how the case plays out first.
Wow, Waymo's case is...

.... messy.
They're four witnesses in and there's been like 30 minutes of sealed direct testimony on the trade secrets. The most technical they've gotten in the public portion was just now, and the judge says it's about a patent that was thrown out.
Anyways we're on to a tape depo of John Bares
WAYMO: Do you think self-driving car technology is an existential issue for Uber?
BARES: Well, I believe that the day that self-driving becomes common-place and makes it through the technology and the regulatory hurdles, t if you look at Uber’s business, probably 70 or 80 percent of our cost per mile is the human driver.
BARES: So So if you can eliminate that cost and replace it with some electronics to handle it, that’s going to be a thing. And the people that can do that are going to win the business, those that aren’t are going to get left behind.
Bares says that in his first January phone call with Levandowski, he told him to make sure to leave Google IP behind.
It wasn't a "lecture" but Bares talked to him about 2-3 minutes about confidential information, Google information, and what it meant to leave employer information behind.
In other words, Levandowski was warned.
Bares takes notes during meetings, usually live. ... in Excel?

Question to tech law twitter: have tech corporations previously asserted trade secret protection in machine learning data?
One of Bares' notes say that what they get out of the Otto acq:
- Access to sensors
- Access to his data
Bares notes also say that if they can save a month, then they're saving $20 million because they're burning that much money a month
.... he doesn't remember
WAYMO: Is this Travis Kalanick talking?
BARES: It looks like it.
WAYMO: What does road map refer to?
BARES: The know-how of which side of the mountain to climb and to help us with our road map, does it take three years or five years, how should we approach the whole problem.
Other meeting notes: “Lidar engine is good, would save time”

WAYMO: Do you remember who made that for you?
BARES: Anthony would have been the only one.
A memo says that "just rubbing shoulders with" Levandowski's team would save Uber “a year off the race for large scale AV development”
These meeting notes are painful. Bares being a meticulous grown-up has really blown back on Uber, a company of non-grown-ups
lmao some more notes:

"Need a pep talk
- Newco mess (secrecy, don’t report to me, consulting, laser fumble)"

Newco = Otto / Anthony Levandowski
BARES: I was in a pretty low place because we were getting beat up on logging miles. Google was logging 15k a week and we were at 0 a week.
Uber believed they were 7 years behind Google in the race for AV.
More notes:

"Lasers, Data, Advice are the three things."
More notes quoting Kalanick, "We need lasers." pew pew motherfucker
Yeah, I'm wondering how much of the 8 trade secrets is data or if that's even possible.
It's really fun to try and construct THE RELEVANT LEGAL CLAIMS AT ISSUE from hints and snippets
It's some Poirot shit. "Ah, was it the schematic in the Gorilla chain email with the three flat sides and one concave side"

"Non, non, that is ze patent"
Emails suggest that Bares is much-put-upon by the Otto acquisition
February: "The Newco term sheet is signed and in escrow"
Waymo questions about: “The golden time is over. It is war time.”

BARES: That's a... the book on something like war time for a company. It’s sort of hunker down time. That might actually be the title.
WAYMO: Who said this?
[extremely long pause]
BARES: Travis.
30 second explanation about NewCo:
ALSUP: [to jury] This is not evidence but it will be helpful to you.
WAYMO: NewCo is a codename that for part of the time Uber was using to describe their efforts to hire Mr Levandowski and it was referring to a company that the evidence showed did not exist yet. It was formed in the future. That’s why it was called NewCo.
ALSUP: NewCo is what became Ottomotto?

WAYMO: That’s right.

ALSUP: So why don’t you say that?!
Uber's characterization is that Newco is a code name for several different options -- including an independent company that would license its technology to Uber / or even working with Google etc
Kalanick is swigging water like he's Marco Rubio
WAYMO: You are former CEO of Uber, yes?
KALANICK: *rueful look* Yes.
A news article is being presented for evidence. It's an interview with Kalanick. Not being admitted yet.

WAYMO: Do you think this accurately represents your answers?
KALANICK: I don't know.

He did review it in depo so now moving on to impeaching with depo
It's 12:15 pm. There's no way Waymo is going to let Travis's testimony wrap up before 1 pm.
Kalanick knows. He's stalling right back.
Lawyer is directing him page by page, asking him to read quietly and asking if it's an accurate statement.
The specific quotes are being moved into evidence. Uber's issue is that they don't want the whole article in evidence.
I'm trying to bring up the Bloomberg interview where he says some hilariously ominous stuff but I can't find it -- it's a July 2016 interview, I'll look it up later.
In depo TK acknowledged that the prototypes by the "Carnegie Mellon guys" were too big and too expensive to be commercially viable
WAYMO: Google is the industry leader in autonomous vehicles, yes?
TK: I believe that’s the general perception, yes.
WAYMO: In 2015 you and Mr. Levandowski discussed the purchase by Uber of Newco.
TK: I’m not sure if it was end of Dec 2015 or early 2016 but in that time period.
WAYMO: Did you discuss the purchase by Uber of a nonexistent company? Didn’t you?
TK: He was very adamant about starting a new company and we were very adamant about hiring him.
WAYMO: That's Mr. Levandowski's picture, isn't it?
Badge says:

Who are you here to see: Travis Kalanick
Purpose of Visit: Meeting
Dec 20, 2015 2:41 PM
John Bares notes from a Dec 22 meeting, 2 days after Levandowski's visit

- They fail on first batch (our 5-10 m is flushed)
- They get bought by a competitor or their product enables their competitor
Waymo asks about the "pound of flesh."

KALANICK: It’s a term I use from time to time but I don’t know specifically.
WAYMO: Do you deny you said it?
come on
WAYMO: IP stands for intellectual property?
TK: Yes.
WAYMO: You know what intellectual property means.
TK: Yes.
WAYMO: Intellectual property belongs to someone. That’s why the word property is in it.

come on
I don't know if they made a decision about the Michael Douglas speech yet
I hope they don't show it because i'll get thrown out of court if i cry laughing
Waymo asking TK to explain what a "jam session" is
KALANICK: A jam sesh is if you get a bunch of interesting creative people in a room and eventually it becomes something interesting and innovative.
Rolling back the depo tape

WAYMO: So you had a meeting on January 3 — where you look at the pictures — it looks like you had a ✌🏼jam session ✌🏼 where you were working on ideas with respect to laser and Levandowski?
TK: Yeah it appears we had a jam session
WAYMO: So during this jam session you discussed how laser is the sauce, right?
WAYMO: Lasers is the sauce to make autonomous vehicles work.

KALANICK: Uh, close, it’s part of how it works and it doesn’t work without it.
Roll back the depo tape

WAYMO So laser is the sauce that makes AV work?
Travis Kalanick is on his fourth water bottle
Reconstructing meeting notes:
WAYMO: You were the one who suggested Project Dollar Sign, didn’t you?
We have 10 minutes left in the day and Uber hasn't had a turn yet. Kalanick will be back tomorrow.
He hasn't and he won't, only 10 minutes left in court today
Jan 4 meeting, Bares notes:

- TK met up with him over the weekend and is a big fan
Waymo asks about "Lasers, Data, Advice are the three things," and TK says he's not sure what that's in reference to.
KALANICK: Look, I wanted to hire Anthony, and he wanted to start a company. I tried to come up with a situation where he felt like he started a company and I felt like I hired him.
expression on more than one juror's face is like

i was trying to figure out how to describe the jury's facial expressions and i think this about captures it
One of the milestones set as part of the Otto acq:

- 250 m range sensing pedestrian wearing black North Face jacket and jeans
- 400 points per second
- Configurable horizontal scan rate and area
Is, uh, the black North Face jacket and jeans an industry standard
ALSUP: One minute to go.
WAYMO: I'll just finish this document, your honor?
ALSUP: We'll see at 1 pm.
We're breaking.
ALSUP: Mr. Kalanick, you have to be here at 7:30 in the morning, we'll continue your testimony at that time.
lol Alsup is making the parties account for how much time they burned during the Bares depo tape. Waymo says they're taking "23 min and 43 seconds" and Uber is taking "13 min and 55 seconds." Alsup says that doesn't add up and that he's giving Waymo 30 mins and Uber 14.
Kalanick did not have some kind of a meltdown on the stand but I don't think that counts as being a good witness
He was fine, he was also still Travis Kalanick
Wrangling some admissibility issues now
We're done for the day, dispatch incoming
Missing some Tweet in this thread?
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