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Whatever happened to the Bush Era liberal? Those who cared about the police state. Those who were for Wikileaks. Those who were against the Patriot Act and surveillance. Those who were against illegal Deep State wars. This is not an R versus D issue. None of those things changed.
People are stuck in this paradigm of right and left. No, hostile entities have infiltrated BOTH parties. That same corruption in the Bush era, Obama era and decades previously for that matter are still here. The Trump team and MANY others were illegally and corruptly spied on.
Everyone should care. Even if you hate Trump, his rights, his family’s rights and the rights of many others have been spit upon. This was the police/spy state against Trump, the liberals used to be against. The Left today IS NOT LIBERALISM. It’s Marxist collectivism.
And it is extremely hostile and it’s designed to be hostile. I think the Left has important issues and I think the Right does too. But the hostile foreign global influenced collectivism has got to go. That has no place in America and it is anything but America. Break out of it.
Realize this is so much bigger than a political party. It’s about sovereign freedom. The majority of the Dems are corrupt and so are the Reps. Not all of course, I believe there is more threatening and blackmail than there is bad people, that’s the dark side of politics.
Where has the old liberal party gone? Why is this party now complete gibberish collective insanity? The far left isn’t a normal paradigm it’s dangerous. Any extreme is. The world is about balance. You can’t eliminate one thing completely and expect the other to prosper.
We prosper together or we don’t prosper AT ALL. The media is the deep state, Operation Mockingbird, look it up. Solely speaking about the modern era, they were complicit in Bush’s illegal wars as they were Obama’s. Trump (least on the surface) is trying to destroy this paradigm
Present day has really turned into psychosis brainwashing. And that’s what happens in Marxist rule, ask the KGB or high intelligence. It’s psychological warfare through subliminal messaging and constant negative propaganda conditioning the brain, it’s a powerful tool of control
Study history and look deeper. We have the chance to break out of the rigged elite rule people have so long talked about. Lived and died for it. Stop with the my team, their team, it’s divide and conquer. In a free, properly run society we can talk about all issues and solve them
But in order to have stability and real world peace, we need to take out the problem. And the problem is the rigged, failed, robberbaron run, modern designed system of control. Things always change and it’s time to change how our government operates. Less government is the answer
The Robber barons, elite families of the Gilded Age of monopolies have not left. Trust busting only went so far. They regrouped and sought power in a different way, through technology (the tv, phones, internet, AI, robots, etc.) anything to keep the masses from realizing them.
100 years later, how things change yet stay the same. The same enemy of the people, 6 elite families, those who control media, FED, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Pharma, tech, economy, they own/control everything. They historically play/finance both sides. They profit off of war/division.
And let me show for the record, this elitism extends worldwide throughout every society/country. It’s the same song and dance, just happening in varied stages around the world. The goal is an unopposed One World Government of tech. world domination run through feudal communism
I call it the Chinese, Islamo-fascist, globalist-EU-technocracy-Robberbaron cabal of control, or in other words, the axis of evil, the anti-freedom posing as freedom but are really authoritarians. Why would authoritarian rulers EVER be honest about corruption. Secret societies.
The American people control our government and not the other way around. That’s the point of America. Please break out of the collective insanity and realize we have a chance to take the trash out. We have come so far, yet so little since the media is a seriously negative force.
It’s a controlled system. It’s not free, unbiased or open. The media is a propaganda arm of the DNC/globalists. It’s so obvious that it’s painful. I want a free country, sovereignty, and an actual system for the people along with an open media. We can have that only if we try.
You don’t have to like us, you don’t have to believe the same and you aren’t forced to like Trump, he can be legitimately criticized and that’s healthy. But understand the media and those who cry the loudest have the most to hide and are the most corrupt, evil disgusting people.
Understand that this type of weaponized collectivism, mob mentality, hysteria, media propaganda, censorship and surveillance is DANGEROUS and the clear sign of historically deadly authoritarianism. We can avoid a disastrous fate right now if you speak out against the corruption.
At least, have a surface understanding. There are more people who crave freedom then there aren’t. Get your brain and priorities in check and we can have freedom and a real conversation about the future. Know history, future proves past. The decision is up to you, always was.
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