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(1) All right.

We'll debunk this.
(2) The Air Force has tried to get rid of the A-10 almost from the day it was adopted.

This was just the most recent attempt.…
(3) The A-10 is slow and ugly.

So the Air Force first tested putting a 30mm cannon on an F-16.
(4) Total insanity. The cannon shook the aircraft violently, and the F-16 isn't designed to take heavy ground fire.

(5) The Air Force then said that the F-35 would take over for CAS, suing a 25mm gun that has only 182 rounds.

So it runs out of ammunition immediately, AND it can't absorb ground fire.
(6) Now we move on to the AC-130.

The Air Force tried for YEARS to replace the cannons with missiles.

Again, the aircraft runs out of ammunition immediately.
(7) The newest AC-130 had ONE 30mm cannon.

Finally the Air Force quietly reinstalled the 105mm howitzer.
(8) Don't tell me how much the Air Force loves close air support.

Their actions prove otherwise...
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