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1. So we find out FBI Peter Strzok text to DOJ Lisa Page on Aug 15, '16 'we need an insurance policy'. Lots of speculation about what. With all that's come out (so far) I'm 100% certain that policy was the Dossier. BOTH of them.
2. So on Sept 29, they text 'can you step out to pick up the *product*?' The product is almost CERTAINLY the Steele dossier. They took delivery of their manufactured evidence to begin their attempted coup. They begin acting on their seditious conspiracy.
3. So in October, per McCabe's congressional testimony, a FISA application based on the Steele Work of Fiction & a Steele planted yahoo story, was used to get a FISA WARRANT for Title 1 spying, which went after the entire Trump team.
4. So @MarkWarner *hid* his communications to ACTIVELY get opposition research fr Steele through the lobbyist of a Russian linked to organized crime, Russian Intelligence, & to V. Putin himself.
5. We *know for a fact* the ONLY reason @MarkWarner chose to tell the committee (he never told America) he did so was bc he found out his actions are being investigated by DOJ IG Horowitz.
6. Horowitz would have no reason to suspect Mark Warner unless something in his FBI/DOJ investigation pointed him to Warner. Do you realize what that means?
7. DOJ IG would have had to find communications to/from FBI & DOJ people about this with Warner. Think about what that means for a second:
8. First, Sen Ron Johnson's Interim Report on the email investigation by @FBI gave us over 500 Strzok/page texts & emails & this doesn't appear. Also they aren't Sr enough to have direct contact s Ranking D member of Sen Intell Committee..
9. Second, who's emails/Texts DONT we have, that congress is demanding, that DOJ IG DOES have? Who did Wray ask to resign HOURS after seeing Nunes Memo before it's declass & release? Who did Strzok & Page coordinate their 'insurance policy' with?
10. Andy. Andy McCabe. The no. 2 at @FBI who WAS Sr enough to directly interface w a Sr Intell committee member & gang of 8 member. The former Asst Dep Dir of CI at the bureau, that McCabe.
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