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1) This is my #Qanon thread for posts beginning February 9, 2018.
The theme for this series is "Spy Games."

Q posts can be found here:
2) #Qanon begins with a post directed at someone. He's taunting them. Who could it be?
3) David Rothschild posted this on Twitter immediately after the President's State of the Union address.

4) RE: Can you sleep?
This is an older post aimed at Lynn (L) DeRothschild.

#Qanon is known for taunting Rothschilds about their insomnia.
5) This post seems to hint that something will happen [next week] regarding the Rothschilds. (Keep in mind, the MSM may not report on these events. We'll need to trust that Q will keep us up to date on current events that aren't being reported.)
6) If, as #Qanon has suggested, next week the elites will be taken down, and they know what's coming, is this the weekend that 3 ([Next week] x3) people take their lives to avoid the fate that awaits them?
7) Public figures have been known to commit suicide when facing such circumstances. #Qanon…
9) In his next post, #Qanon says a top 10 player is with him and his crew.
Who is he referring to?
10) The Top 10?
People like George Soros, the Rothschilds, Prince Alwaleed, the Clintons, etc.
11) The IP address comes back to SoftLayer but this is a hosting service. #Qanon
12) An anon believes the IP address is being rerouted to avoid detection. #Qanon
13) An anon came up with this. #Qanon
14) Joint Tactical Command has gone through changes over the years. in 1984 – TRI-TAC/JTE was redesignated as DoD Joint Tactical Command, Control, and Communications Agency (JTC3A)
15) 1987 – The Defense Communications Agency consolidated the TRI-TAC/JTE and JTC3A organizations under one organization known as the Joint Interoperability Test Center and moved them to Fort Huachuca. AZ.
16) In 2011 – JITC was opened in Fort Meade, Maryland
(Also the city where NSA is headquartered.)
17) #Qanon's next post is a picture of an airplane on a runway.
The text:
18) Here's the full image. #Qanon
19) Anons have been searching to match up the airport. So far, it looks like it's a good match with Hanoi International (Noi Bai) in Vietnam. #Qanon
20) #Qanon posted this image.
21) It's a match with the gate banners at Shanghai International Airport in China. #Qanon
22) #Qanon posted this. We know from his last post that brackets [] symbolize a "killbox" or a targeting symbol.
23) I found this brochure of the international flights terminal (1) at Shanghai Pudong airport. it has multiple gates and doors. (This is a birdseye view of the terminal shown in post #20 above.)

I noted that gate E is adjacent to door 5.
24) Here's a closer view.
25) I'll admit it's a stretch, but my theory is that someone traveling between Hanoi and Shanghai was picked up last night at gate E, door 5.
26) #Qanon asked what's going on in Asia?
27) The picture shows several buildings in Bangkok, Thailand. Here's an image with more detail. #Qanon
28) What's been happening in Asia?
Thai police arrested Sergey Medvedev, a Russian accused of co-founding the Infraud Organization, a “one-stop shop for cybercriminals” at the center of a sprawling criminal indictment unsealed by U.S. prosecutors.
29) Wait... indictments unsealed by U.S. prosecutors led to the arrest of a criminal in Thailand?
Not one...
"The criminal indictment unsealed Wednesday charged 36 individuals around the globe."
30) "More than a dozen people have been arrested in at least seven countries and counting in connection with “Operation Shadow Web,”

What's happening is the takedown of a crime syndicate that spans several nations in Asia.
31) The next post by #Qanon gives us a look at what's going on inside the White House.

John F Kennedy speech on the press and secret societies:
(Kennedy had major problems with the CIA)…
32) #Qanon's next post contains a link to a CIA website for kids that teaches them how to use coded messages.…
33) Evidently, it's also used to communicate with rogue CIA operatives.
Like Snowden.
Who's still in Russia.
(Cold there?)

[John] Brennan? 🤡
34) If you're new to my #Qanon posts, it's my belief that Q has been telling us that Edward Snowden is not the freedom-loving guy we've been told he is.

Q's posts indicate that he's a CIA operative whose assignment was to discredit the NSA and allow CIA to become preeminent.
35) In his next post, #Qanon informs us that the cybercrime sites being taken down in Asia and the people being arrested are CIA (Clowns In America) assets.

The money they steal (yours) is used to fund CIA black ops.
36) #Qanon's next post.
Dopey is Prince Alwaleed.
Eyes on = we're watching you.
King to pawn?
Dopey hoped to be a King one day, but he ended up being used as a pawn.
37) #Qanon's next post.
A warning to the elites (or clowns) that their lives are in danger.
Someone is seeking shelter in a bunker.
[14] live (not sure what this means)
38) [PEOC force failed]
The Presidential Emergency Operations Center is a bunker beneath the East Wing of the White House that serves as a shelter and comm center for the President in an emergency.
39) One possibility is that the bad guys tried to force POTUS to take shelter in the PEOC and failed.

The other is that he was there and they tried to harm him. Whatever the case, their scheme was unsuccessful.

(No one was harmed in the making of this #Qanon thread.)
41) The next #Qanon post.
Navy SEALs teams are taking down the bad guys.
Keep them in prayer.

Wizards & Warlocks = good guys & bad guys
[P] = Not sure.
Your thoughts?
42) #Qanon
43) #Qanon says:
Silence is golden.

Navy Seal Comms have gone quiet to avoid detection.
44) #Qanon posed this link:
45) Recent posts by #Qanon have identified numerous places where whistleblowers can leak their information "safely." It seems these sites are in fact, operated by the CIA.
46) #Qanon posted this link.…
47) If you don't trust Googe or the CIA, there's bad news. They plan to do even more creepy stuff with the data you give them.
Unless we stop them.
And that seems to be the plan.
48) When you hear that the FBI, DOJ or Obama State Department were involved in something nefarious, keep in mind the fact that the CIA is backstopping the anti-Trump ops of the 3 letter agencies.
50) I'd like to clarify a previous #QAnon post.
Q said the Secret Service (USSS) was on high alert on Feb 8th.
You might assume it had something to do with the President.
But the Secret Service doesn't just protect politicians.
51) Their scope is rather broad and includes investigation of wire fraud, bank fraud, and cybercrime. (The kind of crime being busted in Asia) If they're on high alert, it could involve something other than protecting government officials.
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