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1) This is my #Qanon thread for posts beginning February 9, 2018.
The theme for this series is "Spy Games."

Q posts can be found here:
2) #Qanon begins with a post directed at someone. He's taunting them. Who could it be?
3) David Rothschild posted this on Twitter immediately after the President's State of the Union address.

4) RE: Can you sleep?
This is an older post aimed at Lynn (L) DeRothschild.

#Qanon is known for taunting Rothschilds about their insomnia.
5) This post seems to hint that something will happen [next week] regarding the Rothschilds. (Keep in mind, the MSM may not report on these events. We'll need to trust that Q will keep us up to date on current events that aren't being reported.)
6) If, as #Qanon has suggested, next week the elites will be taken down, and they know what's coming, is this the weekend that 3 ([Next week] x3) people take their lives to avoid the fate that awaits them?
7) Public figures have been known to commit suicide when facing such circumstances. #Qanon…
9) In his next post, #Qanon says a top 10 player is with him and his crew.
Who is he referring to?
10) The Top 10?
People like George Soros, the Rothschilds, Prince Alwaleed, the Clintons, etc.
11) The IP address comes back to SoftLayer but this is a hosting service. #Qanon
12) An anon believes the IP address is being rerouted to avoid detection. #Qanon
13) An anon came up with this. #Qanon
14) Joint Tactical Command has gone through changes over the years. in 1984 – TRI-TAC/JTE was redesignated as DoD Joint Tactical Command, Control, and Communications Agency (JTC3A)
15) 1987 – The Defense Communications Agency consolidated the TRI-TAC/JTE and JTC3A organizations under one organization known as the Joint Interoperability Test Center and moved them to Fort Huachuca. AZ.
16) In 2011 – JITC was opened in Fort Meade, Maryland
(Also the city where NSA is headquartered.)
17) #Qanon's next post is a picture of an airplane on a runway.
The text:
18) Here's the full image. #Qanon
19) Anons have been searching to match up the airport. So far, it looks like it's a good match with Hanoi International (Noi Bai) in Vietnam. #Qanon
20) #Qanon posted this image.
21) It's a match with the gate banners at Shanghai International Airport in China. #Qanon
22) #Qanon posted this. We know from his last post that brackets [] symbolize a "killbox" or a targeting symbol.
23) I found this brochure of the international flights terminal (1) at Shanghai Pudong airport. it has multiple gates and doors. (This is a birdseye view of the terminal shown in post #20 above.)

I noted that gate E is adjacent to door 5.
24) Here's a closer view.
25) I'll admit it's a stretch, but my theory is that someone traveling between Hanoi and Shanghai was picked up last night at gate E, door 5.
26) #Qanon asked what's going on in Asia?
27) The picture shows several buildings in Bangkok, Thailand. Here's an image with more detail. #Qanon
28) What's been happening in Asia?
Thai police arrested Sergey Medvedev, a Russian accused of co-founding the Infraud Organization, a “one-stop shop for cybercriminals” at the center of a sprawling criminal indictment unsealed by U.S. prosecutors.
29) Wait... indictments unsealed by U.S. prosecutors led to the arrest of a criminal in Thailand?
Not one...
"The criminal indictment unsealed Wednesday charged 36 individuals around the globe."
30) "More than a dozen people have been arrested in at least seven countries and counting in connection with “Operation Shadow Web,”

What's happening is the takedown of a crime syndicate that spans several nations in Asia.
31) The next post by #Qanon gives us a look at what's going on inside the White House.

John F Kennedy speech on the press and secret societies:
(Kennedy had major problems with the CIA)…
32) #Qanon's next post contains a link to a CIA website for kids that teaches them how to use coded messages.…
33) Evidently, it's also used to communicate with rogue CIA operatives.
Like Snowden.
Who's still in Russia.
(Cold there?)

[John] Brennan? 🤡
34) If you're new to my #Qanon posts, it's my belief that Q has been telling us that Edward Snowden is not the freedom-loving guy we've been told he is.

Q's posts indicate that he's a CIA operative whose assignment was to discredit the NSA and allow CIA to become preeminent.
35) In his next post, #Qanon informs us that the cybercrime sites being taken down in Asia and the people being arrested are CIA (Clowns In America) assets.

The money they steal (yours) is used to fund CIA black ops.
36) #Qanon's next post.
Dopey is Prince Alwaleed.
Eyes on = we're watching you.
King to pawn?
Dopey hoped to be a King one day, but he ended up being used as a pawn.
37) #Qanon's next post.
A warning to the elites (or clowns) that their lives are in danger.
Someone is seeking shelter in a bunker.
[14] live (not sure what this means)
38) [PEOC force failed]
The Presidential Emergency Operations Center is a bunker beneath the East Wing of the White House that serves as a shelter and comm center for the President in an emergency.
39) One possibility is that the bad guys tried to force POTUS to take shelter in the PEOC and failed.

The other is that he was there and they tried to harm him. Whatever the case, their scheme was unsuccessful.

(No one was harmed in the making of this #Qanon thread.)
41) The next #Qanon post.
Navy SEALs teams are taking down the bad guys.
Keep them in prayer.

Wizards & Warlocks = good guys & bad guys
[P] = Not sure.
Your thoughts?
42) #Qanon
43) #Qanon says:
Silence is golden.

Navy Seal Comms have gone quiet to avoid detection.
44) #Qanon posed this link:
45) Recent posts by #Qanon have identified numerous places where whistleblowers can leak their information "safely." It seems these sites are in fact, operated by the CIA.
46) #Qanon posted this link.…
47) If you don't trust Googe or the CIA, there's bad news. They plan to do even more creepy stuff with the data you give them.
Unless we stop them.
And that seems to be the plan.
48) When you hear that the FBI, DOJ or Obama State Department were involved in something nefarious, keep in mind the fact that the CIA is backstopping the anti-Trump ops of the 3 letter agencies.
50) I'd like to clarify a previous #QAnon post.
Q said the Secret Service (USSS) was on high alert on Feb 8th.
You might assume it had something to do with the President.
But the Secret Service doesn't just protect politicians.
51) Their scope is rather broad and includes investigation of wire fraud, bank fraud, and cybercrime. (The kind of crime being busted in Asia) If they're on high alert, it could involve something other than protecting government officials.
52) This morning, #Qanon posted this.
53) Which is related to this.
65 passengers and 6 crew members died when a Russian airplane exploded in midair this morning after takeoff.
54) Witnesses report the airplane exploded in midair after takeoff.
Planes don't explode by themselves.
#Qanon says it was intentional.
71 were murdered [187] to kill [1] person who was targeted.
55) Why [187] if inside Russia?
No jurisdiction.

#Qanon is suggesting that the target was killed in Russia for the sake of convenience. It's easier to do there than in the U.S where an investigation might reveal things they want to keep hidden.
56) #Qanon says we need to find the passenger list and identify the one who was targeted.
Here's a list of passengers from an anon.
(I don't know why the name Sergey Panchenko is highlighted)…
57) Would you believe [1] source was used for [2]?
Did the target have information about both the #UraniumOne deal and the Steele dossier?
58) Alternative interpretation;
Would you believe [1] source was used for [2]?
There is conjecture about the sources of the 2 dossiers that were used to smear President Trump.
59) When a 2nd dossier appeared courtesy of Cody Shearer, which seemed to bolster Russian collusion accusations, Sundance noted that Hillary simply used 2 streams to push 1 Fusion GPS created dossier. #Qanon…
60) Yesterday, the President tweeted about a New York Times article that revealed a scheme by a Russian figure who attempted to extort 10 million dollars for compromising video of POTUS and hacking codes stolen from the NSA. #Qanon
61) The article #Trump referred to is worth reading. It details the shadowy figures involved in the plot to smear him, including Cody Shearer. It also provides background information about how someone (CIA?) is out to destroy the NSA. #Qanon…
62) This article was linked in the New York Times article. It gives a detailed explanation of how the hacking problems have demoralized and hurt the credibility of the NSA.

Again, #Qanon has been suggesting that the clowns (CIA) are behind all of it.…
63) The New York Times is considered to be the mouth of the deep state. While their articles do provide information, they also provide disinformation. They'll tell you the NSA has problems but never suggest that the CIA might be behind the problems. Discernment is needed. #Qanon
64) I don't post on 8chan (yet). But one of the anons asked #Qanon about the article I posted above where a Russian was arrested in Bangkok.

The anon asked for confirmation that this is what he was referring to.

#Qanon asked: What picture was posted?
65) #Qanon had posted a picture of the Bangkok skyline.
We have confirmation.
Cages full. = lots of criminals arrested.
66) #Qanon asks us to check our perceptions.
Is Jeff Sessions really as inept as some believe?
Or is his [apparent] inactivity a form of sleight of hand [magic].
67) Sessions told us [at the beginning] the DOJ would not comment on ongoing investigations.

Do you assume that because no one [that you know of] has been arrested that nothing is happening?

Who has the power?
68) An anon posted this image.
69) Here's a better image from the Department of Justice website which announced the unsealing of a 14 count indictment against the Infraud Organization for racketeering related to cybercrime.
70) Details
71) Note: Although this indictment pertains to 36 members, the Infraud Organization has a total of nearly 11,000 members worldwide.
@Hublife #Qanon
72) #QAnon asks why the jurisdiction is Nevada?

89074 is a Henderson, NV zip code

Why is Henderson PD and Nevada DOJ involved in Bangkok hacker case?

Because the data is being stored in an underground massive data center in Henderson.
73) #Qanon says:
74) The next #qanon post.
Think BDT NYC ‘attempt’ & Barlow. (

Q predicted Bangladeshi Terrorist [BDT] in advance. They have foreknowledge, via the intelligence apparatus.
75) #Qanon asks:
No FBI investigation into this?
(Barlow murder or Bangladeshi terrorist?)

Impossible to locate?
(Excuse for no investigation)

Less than 10.
(Removes the excuse.)

Who are we talking to?
(I'm not sure.)

Your thoughts?
76) #Qanon says:
Since Clown (CIA) takedown of black_ops loc/public exposure what has changed here?
(I'm not sure yet.)

Expand your thinking.
This is not a game.
77) #Qanon does a security test and is posting again on #GreatAwakening
78) An anon asked #Qanon for clarification about "Red October.
Q verifies, he is not referring to the film, but the malware program and that future news will shed more light on the problem.
79) Info on the Red October malware campaign. #Qanon…
80) An anon posts their observations about the CIA, North Korea, and Operation Mockingbird.
81) #Qanon responds with a few questions.
82) Why is NoKo in the Olympic games?
Trump & SoKo initiated diplomatic talks before the Olympics to get NoKo to attend and then to agree to be represented as a unified country, at least for the games. #Qanon
83) Kim Jong-Un's sister is sitting near Pence because she's acknowledging the need to thaw the strained relationship between NoKo and the U.S. No talk. Just proximity, which signals TRUST. #Qanon
84) Ask yourself, if controlled, how might you protect yourself and look for a way out?

A previous #Qanon post.

Is NoKo trying to come out from under the control of the CIA?
85) #Qanon says: Ask yourself, what occurred in Asia (ref pics) just prior to the O-games?
Ask yourself, what does FREED mean?

Thailand arrest Feb 9
Olympics begin Feb 9

FREED: People are not taken advantage of by criminals & corrupt 🤡organizations.…
86) Ask yourself, do we want a WAR?
Ask yourself, who is trying to start a WAR?
Ask yourself, if a missile was launched by rogue actors, [🤡] what would be the purpose?
War is big business: weapons trafficking, human trafficking, etc
87) Ask yourself, what would/should immediately start a WAR?
88) Ask yourself, would the PUBLIC understand the following statement: "Rogue actors (Clowns/US former heads of State) initiated a missile launch in order to 'force' the US into a WAR/conflict against X?"
89) #Qanon
90) An anon asked #Qanon about the passenger list from the plane crash this morning noting that one of the passengers, Vyacheslav Ivanov, was an executive with Rosatom, the company that purchased #UraniumOne.

Was he the target?
Link to article:…
91) #Qanon responds
92) #Qanon posted this without reference to anything (or anyone) else.
Look for a news story about her.

Related: Scalia and Ginsburg discuss Snowden and other subjects.…
93) #Qanon asks the anons to compare timestamps of his post "truth to power" and Snowden's retweet of "truth to power."
94) The Twitter post that Snowden retweeted was sent on the 11th.
Q posted on the 10th.

Did Snowden respond to #Qanon's post?
95) #Qanon then responds to his own post.
If Snowden is a CIA asset working against Trump, he'd be safer in Russia.
96) #Qanon's next post is about "we don't say his name."
Link 1:

Link 2:…
98) #QAnon's next post.
99) #Qanon asks:
What airline check-in counter @ PVG [T2] is located @ [E]?
What was the location of [E][pic posted other board]?
Why is this relevant?

This was the image Q posted alongside a picture of the terminal at Shanghai.
100) This is a screenshot of the page showing the departure board for Terminal 2 at Pudong Airport in Shanghai.
101) This is a larger view of the board.
102) This is a closeup of the right side of the board showing a United Airlines flight leaving for San Fransisco from Gate E.

So we know that United Airlines does service flights to the U.S. out of gate E and that would probably include #Gitmo
103) An anon posted a link to an article about a miracle cure for the flu
#Qanon suggests it may have been because of the work we've been doing.
104) An anon asked a question.
#Qanon replied that the answer depends.

Does big pharma suddenly release the cures they've been hiding to avoid accusations of a coverup?

Or do they allow the public to know the truth and risk a collapse of their empire?
105) #Qanon says double meanings can help distract and confuse those who are opposing his work. So if you're frustrated because his posts can be hard to decipher, know that it frustrates his enemies, too.
106) #Qanon
107) #Qanon
As frustrating as it is, we must accept the fact that there is some information we will never be given and it is not because the ones who have it want to hide it from us. It's for our own good that we will never know all the details.

WW = world-wide

Lives > Intel
108) #Qanon reminds people not to read too much into spelling & sentence structure errors. Some errors are due to suppression and attacks on the site.
109) #Qanon says another prison is being prepped because #Gitmo won't be able to hold everyone.
110) POTUS has big plans for #Gitmo. This article, written last August, outlines improvements #Trump has planned during his administration.
111) Overnight, #Qanon posted again in response to a statement by an anon about Supreme Court Judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who did an interview with CNN.

Q implies Ginsburg will be leaving shortly (corruption?)…
112) #Qanon's next post draws our attention to Mika Brzezinski and the "inner circle." He suggests some people are born into it.
113) Mika's family tree is full of politicians and diplomats.
114) Most notable among them is her father, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who helped shape America's foreign policy during the last 50 years. #Qanon…
115) Sundance at Conservative Treehouse did a deep dive into the secretive dealings of Zbigniew Brzezinski, John Brennan and Barack Obama in the early 1980's when Obama is said to have attended Columbia University, #Qanon…
116) More background on Barack Obama: "The Ghost of Columbia University."
117) Part 2: "The Ghost of Columbia."
118) The deep state has many types of operatives. Some are diplomats. Some are politicians. Others appear in front of the camera.
#Qanon says:
Tech (surveillance) makes it harder for them to hide/control
End is near.
The media cleanse/JFK.

The media's role will soon be exposed.
119) An anon posted this picture.
120) Another anon responded.
121) #Qanon responded by posting this picture of Bill Clinton seated beside Kim Jong Il during his visit there in 2009.

My inclination would be to focus on how the deep state, with the help of Clinton, the Bushes, and Obama, set North Korea up as a rogue nuclear power.
122) But that's not where #QAnon is going with this.

Find the link. (Not the internet link—the symbolic link)
Look around. (Not on the internet—in the picture)
What does it signify?
123) #Qanon is having us focus on the flowers on the rug and their symbolic meaning.
124) #Qanon posted this with a link to an article.
North Korean citizens are raised as slaves to be used however the nation's leaders deem them to be useful, including as sex slaves.…
125) #Qanon asked:
What does a 'Flower' represent?
What does 'Deflower' represent?

In Far Eastern culture, the lotus flower represents the female genitalia.
To 'deflower' a woman is to take away her virginity.…
126) #Qanon's next post.
127) #Qanon responds to an observation by an anon.
128) Art imitates life. We draw inspiration for creative works through real-life circumstances. #Qanon is not suggesting people are literally being turned into food or energy. But they are being used as a kind of cash crop by the elites.
129) An anon has been researching Chris Wallace for links to the deep state.
#Qanon says to check out his father, Mike Wallace.…
130) I'd like to share a few articles on Human trafficking in North Korea.
This article explores the practice of shipping citizens abroad to work as laborers and confiscating their wages.…
131) From Slate:
"It would be truer to say that the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, as it calls itself, is a concentration camp. It would be even more accurate to say... that North Korea is a slave state."
132) A State Department report on human trafficking in North Korea:

"As reported over the past five years, the DPRK is a source country for men, women, and children who are subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking."
133) #Qanon just posted this.
135) #Qanon
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