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Since the American leftist media is fawning all over the North Koreans, I thought I’d post some illustrations made by former prisoners who were held in North Korean prison camps.
Unimaginable barbarism happens in the North Korean gulags. Oftentimes, the prisoners are tortured to death.

The bodies are piled up, and rats feed on the carcasses.
Pregnant women are shown no mercy. They are sometimes tied up, with babies being cut from the mother’s body.
Children are tortured as well. Certainly starved to death, but sometimes bayoneted. It is not uncommon for children to have to dig their own graves.
Hours long interrogations and torture are seemingly enjoyed by the guards.
Life in these gulags is my idea of what hell might be like. Systematic torture, starvation, and death.
Those in the American media who are doting on the sister of Kim Jong Un, and those talking about what a “surprisingly refreshing” country North Korea is, should be ASHAMED of themselves. It’s completely inexcusable.
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