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(1) This is actually part of a long-term plan to normalize pedophilia.
(2) "Ender Wiggin—aka @enderphile—is the pseudonym of a “non-offending” or “anti-contact” pedophile: someone who is attracted to children, but claims to be gainst adult-child sex and child pornography."
(3) If you're a "non-offending pedophile," how would anyone know?
(4) The answer, of course, is that NOBODY WOULD KNOW.

So why are "non-offending pedophiles" identifying themselves publicly?
(5) They tell you why.

In their own words.
(6) "He’s been using social media to reduce the stigma associated with pedophilia."
(7) See?

He says it in unambiguous language.
(8) Pedophilia MUST be stigmatized.

It must NEVER lose its stigma.
(9) The agenda here is to convince people that pedophilia is not immoral.

We can all see what will happen next:
(10) People will demand that children be given the right to decide for themselves whether or not they can have sex with adults.

THAT is the agenda behind the "non-offending pedophile" movement.
(11) If a person were in fact a secret pedophile who never offending, why the need to tell the world?
(12) I'm very upfront about being a psychiatric patient, but it's not to "reduce the stigma."

It's just that I'm not ashamed or embarrassed by my reality.
(13) When people taunt me for being a psychiatric patient, it doesn't mean anything anything to me.
(14) Insults from strangers on social media can't in any way compare with what MADE ME a psychiatric patient.

I'm inured.
(15) If you're a secret, non-offending pedophile, why do you care what strangers say about pedophilia?

You shouldn't.

So why DO you?
(16) The answer is obvious:

You want to become a PUBLIC pedophile.

Now why would you want to do that?
(17) Because your goal is to someday be free to have sex with children without getting arrested.

THAT'S what this is all about.
(18) In the early 2000s, there were several movies about heroic pedophiles.

Those who hate the nuclear family are forever chipping away at what should be bedrock values.
(19) Pedophilia is a "chronophilia."

Chronophilias are different from other orientations.
(20) Chronophiles are attracted to an AGE.

That means they are incapable of genuinely loving a person.

A pedophile doesn't remain attached. Pedophiles USE children.
(21) Normalizing pedophilia is NOT a sign of societal growth.

It's a sign of societal decay.
(22) There ARE lines that must never be crossed.

The novelist Piers Anthony wrote a ghastly book called "Firefly."

It's about a creature that kills people through sex. It makes everyone in the vicinity has sex.
(23) The version I read had an addendum in which Anthony defended a jailed pedophile and published his short story of being seduced by an eight-year-old.

The story was pornographic.
(24) When people defend pedophilia, it's a HUGE red flag.

It tells you everything you need to know about them.
(25) "Non-offending pedophiles" want to become OFFENDING pedophiles.

They should be stigmatized into silence...
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