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Devin Nunes asking for all four FISA court appearance transcripts. That should really shed light on how these warrants were granted and what other information was used to convince FISC to authorize surveillance on US citizens
Devin Nunes is preparing to release the second memo in his investigation into alleged corruption at the FBI and Department of Justice.

The memo will focus on abuses at State Department and a second Trump-Russia dossier. Yes a second dossier.
Cody Shearer gave his dossier to Hillary Clinton acolyte Sidney Blumenthal. I wrote about it a few days ago.
Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said "The only basis was a smear job created by Clinton operatives. ... There was even another Clinton dossier given to the FBI by Cody Shearer - a Clinton operative."
Are these dossiers Gremlins? You put some water on them and there's two note? I'm betting Schiff is going to come out with "it's a lie/farce" statement soon.…
I guess this new information answers some of these questions
The so-called “Shearer dossier” is a report about Trump currently being investigated by the FBI. The memo was reportedly compiled during the 2016 campaign by Cody Shearer, a friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.…
Unlike Christopher Steele, Mr Shearer has no background in espionage.
The dossier was reportedly given to the FBI by Mr Steele, after FBI demanded he hand over any evidence that could be useful in their investigation of possible Russian meddling in the US election
Mr Shearer maintained ties with the Clinton White House in the 1990s, and helped provide information to Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State. He grew close to the Clintons through family connections.
Shrearer's brother-in-law, Strobe Talbott, became friends with Bill Clinton while at Oxford, later served as special adviser to the Secretary of State during the Clinton administration.
Shearer’s brother, Derek, served Clinton administration as ambassador to Finland
hacked emails showed Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal helped provide Hillary with intelligence about the situation in Libya, weeks before Islamic militants attacked a US diplomatic outpost in the country.
Mr Shearer was investigated by the State Department Inspector General in 1998, after he led negotiations that "caused temporary diplomatic damage in Bosnia"
Derek's sister Brooke worked on Hillary Rodham Clinton's staff and is married to Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, the president's buddy from his Oxford days.
Shearer obtained information from an unidentified foreign source who then provided the information to his longtime friend and fellow Clinton crony, Sidney Blumenthal. Blumenthal then provided the information to Winer, his friend.
I wrote about Winer a few days ago
Shearer memo and Steele dossier contain the same unverified allegations. Shearer memo was that Russia’s spy agency, the FSB, had video footage of Trump engaging with prostitutes during 2013 trip to Moscow. First memo in Steele’s dossier, June 20, 2016, makes a similar allegation
It remains unclear whether Shearer and Steele obtained their information from the same source. Shearer and Steele share common friends, however, their reputations as gatherers of information are quite different.
Steele began working in 2010 with Fusion GPS, the firm that was hired later by former Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee to investigate Trump
Shrearer first gained notoriety in 1991 after he peddled the false allegation that then-Vice President Dan Quayle bought drugs from political activist Brett Kimberlin.…
Shearer was also reportedly investigated in the late-1990s by the State Department’s inspector general because he misrepresented himself as a government official during negotiations with associates of a Bosnian warlord.
At one point Shrearer said “I have had absolutely nothing to do with the release of materials contained in the Russian dossier, nor have I pushed these documents to reporters." Of course this was prior to all this information coming to light.
The Circle of Filth is an ever burgeoning entity turgid with depravity and deciet. Moral turpitude is It's entry criterion and sedition it's modus operandi.
- Fin
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