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Holy crap! Q just dropped a huge bomb shell re: the Russian plane crash. 71 passengers killed and only 1 was the target - related to the Dossier & U1. One source used for 2. Why kill if inside Russia w/no jurisdiction probably means CLOWNS did this. SEE:
2. An anon asked if it had anything to do with the Russian arrested in Bangkok on Friday. See:

Q asks which picture was posted. I have 2 different pics.
3. Q reminds us that most recent resignations, plane crashes, EBS activations, blackouts at airports (like ATL) are NOT coincidences. Sessions had told everyone in a news conference nearly a year ago that many investigations were underway. @POTUS & Team Q are draining the swamp.
4. Here is the passenger manifest from the Russian plane crash. Some anons believe Sergey Panchenko might be the person of interest but his photo on LinkedIn does not look like a close up I found of Sergey Medvedev who was arrested in Thailand.
5. An anon posted a screen shot about Infraud Organization from DoJ's website: and asks why Henderson PD & Nevada DoJ are involved w/Bankok hacker case. Q tells us we have more than we know.
6. Q reminds us that they had foreknowledge of BDT NYC (subway attack) & John Perry Barlow's death. FBI not investigating because they are involved? Less than 10 (on Q team?). Are they talking to bad actors who have flipped? Shill attacks on boards have ramped up.
7. An anon noted passenger 20 (Vyacheslav Ivanov) is CFO of Rusatom Overseas whose mission is to "build up the overseas order portfolio on behalf of the companies of the ROSATOM Group".

Rosatom is connected to U1.
8. An anon asks Q for clarification on "RED_OCTOBER" often referenced in drops. It apparently is not the movie plot.
9. Wow!! An anon asks why MSM seems to be in love w/NK. Q asks series of questions that imply NK is no longer under CLOWN control. They are FREED! Q explains why things are being done in this order. Clowns wanted to start a war. Killing their Chain of Cmd is key.
10. Yes! Confirmation of tweet #7 above in this thread. Anon asks if Vyacheslav Ivanov (#20 on the manifest I shared, #32 on this one) was the targeted individual. Q confirms "Over the TARGET."
11. Q posted a SEC_TEST (security test) message on /greatawakening/ public board to quell all the naysayers who keep saying the Q posting on research board threads is a LARP. Same trip code used.
12. Hmmm....Q just posted Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the /greatawakening/ board. Wonder if she is going to resign. She is very likely in the know about a lot of what has been going on with the Deep State.
13. Not sure what Q means by Timestamp in this drop. I looked up Snowden and "Truth to Power" and found an article about why Hussein couldn't pardon Snowden here:
14. An anon posted a screen shot of a tweet that Snowden retweeted to suggest it was what Q was referencing re: "Truth to Power". Q references a 10 Feb Q drop where "Truth to Power is mentioned.
15. Q seems to imply Snowden is still on the Clown's payroll but is wanting to come clean. Being in Russia keeps him safe from the same fate John Perry Barlow just met (who was co-founder of Freedom of the Press whistleblower site which the CLOWNS co-opted.
16. Q reposted the Truth to Power / Snowden drops from research board into /greatawakening/ board. Not sure if purpose is just to confirm to naysayers that his trip code is not compromised and the drops in the research board are legit.
17. An anon posted his/her thoughts on Q's drop about Snowden and time stamps. I looked at Snowden's retweet where "Truth to Power" was mentioned and it was AFTER Q had dropped the "Truth to Power" msg proving foreknowledge. Snowden's latest tweet hints he is "Speaking" (to Q?).
18. Posting this for context to show how Barlow tweeted on 24 Jan about NBC's 11 Feb 2017 article re: Russia considering returning Snowden to US (, then Q mentions Barlow on 27 Jan, then on 7 Feb Barlow ends up dead. Again indicating foreknowledge.
19. Q post on /GA/ board. Songbird back in the news.
Define money laundering.
Define the word 'Traitor'.
A world w/o this man is a world better off.
Links in this drop:
McCain Institute:
Zero Hedge:
20. Q points out United Airlines flt heading to GTMO.

PVG is Shanghai Pu Dong Int'l & Terminal 2 is for Star Alliance mbrs including United Airlines.

Op fm the other night w/"E" gate photo likely was extraction & this person is headed to GTMO.
21. An anon quickly located an image showing the gates at Shanghai Pu Dong International. Gate E is for United flights.
22. Re: Q's drop about Songbird. Didn't catch it initially but filename for the photo is "WDSHN_ISIS_TRAITOR_NN.jpg" which breaks out to "We Don't Say His Name" and it appears he is key in forming ISIS which makes him a TRAITOR. Some anons believe NN is Nomen Nescio (see photo).
23. Mind. Blown. An anon posted about a new one-day flu cure ( and Q says:

What a coincidence.
This board has more power & influence than anyone comprehends.

24. An anon asks Q how long we will have to wait for other cures. Q says chatter among those in control has begun. They know @POTUS knows and they have a choice to either release info before covering up or the public is informed and they collapse. Love the sound of THIS!!
25. An anon asks if the meaning of the "Ha ha ha (9x)" post stood for Huma Abedin. Q says double meanings work well against the "sniffers" (Deep State lurkers on the boards).
26. A Marine Anon shared his/her thoughts about patriots, vets, and anons getting respect, especially those willing to die to protect this country, and thanks Q. Love Q's response.
27. An anon expresses concern over the 40% public 60% private re: what the public will learn about all that is happening w/taking down the Cabal/Deep State. Q's responds that is crucial to protect certain intel to prevent world wide/mass suffering.
28. Q tells anons not to read into typo in last drop. Site is under attack causing heavy lag. Deep State is in freak out mode no doubt.
29. YES!! An anon asks how full GITMO is going to be. Q says it will be FULL to max capacity!! One other prison is being prepped!
30. Here's an article from the Miami Herald from last August about a $500M expansion at GITMO.…

Fill 'er up!!!
31. Adding this great meme created by one of the talented anon meme makers because it is relevant to this thread and Q's drops about GITMO.
32. A couple more great memes relevant to today's Q drops by the same anon meme maker as my previous tweet. Kudos to this anon!
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