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(1) Let's look at idiots being idiots.…
(2) "The first bit of artifice to bite the dust was that Israel will be able, in the long-term, to remain untouched by the Syrian civil war that continues to tear its northern neighbor apart."
(3) In reality, nobody ever said that, so @NTarnopolsky pulled that claim out of her butt.
(4) "The second shattered mirage was the hope, propagated as truth by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that the United States under President Donald Trump remains Israel’s most reliable ally."
(5) You know what Israel did in response to the Syrians shooting down an F-16?
(7) Trump is a HELL of an ally.

He didn't say a word as the Israelis wiped out half of Assad's air defenses.
(8) Another idiot speaks.…
(9) "An additional lesson learned today was the complete absence of the United States. Not since the 1950s has America been such an irrelevant actor in events in this part of the Middle East."
(10) @Multied is ANOTHER person who thinks that a lack of public statements means a lack of engagement.
(11) Remember THIS guy?
(12) He wouldn't shut up.

What did HIS public statements accomplish?
(13) It turns out that the Syrians shot down the F-16 as it flew INSIDE ISRAEL.

They fired an unprecedented number of missiles at it.

Now there can be no doubt that this was a trap.
(14) This is the first direct confrontation between Israel and Iran.

What do the Iranians WANT?

That's right: Threats from the United States.
(15) The Iranians want the US to make threats and then not do anything.

So what happens of Trump doesn't say anything?

Correct: It throws it a big, fat monkey wrench into the Iranian plans.
(16) This will shock the absolute hell out of journalists, but in reality, the US and Israel communicate privately, without telling the press what they're doing.
(17) Trump and Israel and the Gulf Cooperation Council hav a long-term strategy for dealing with Iran and its lackeys.
(18) The idiot media has moved on from Iran.

I haven't.

Freedom Messenger posted 44 videos in the last ten hours.…
(19) That's a GIGANTIC increase.

During the protests, Freedom Messenger was posting about six videos every 24 hours.
(20) And something just hit me.

It APPEARS that an air strike took out a Turkish fighting post and weapons depot in Azaz, Syria.

It SOUNDS like a jet.

(21) Well, what would stop the GCC from training Kurdish pilots and providing them with aircraft?

Of course the Kurds would be required to adhere to VERY limited use of the aircraft, but seriously: Why couldn't the GCC train Kurdish pilots?
(22) Knowing Donald Trump, why couldn't WE train Kurdish pilots?

All the radio traffic I hear is always in Kurdish.
(23) The best thing Trump can do is what he's doing: avoid being predictable.
(24) Who knows better how to deal with a state sponsor of terrorism trying to start a regional war, Trump or journalists...?
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