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Tale of 2 dossiers

1. Hillary/DNC->Perkins Coie->Steele dossier
2. Hillary->Sid Blumenthal-> Johnathan Winer->Cody Shrearer dossier
3. Hypothesis linking them: Shearer originated accusations, then laundered through Steele who produced Shearer's memo as corroboration for his work
Here is the back story on how Johnathan Winer came to be in possession of the Cody Shrearer document told in his own words
"In September(2016), I spoke with an old friend, Sidney Blumenthal, whom I met 30 years ago. Blumenthal & I discussed Steele’s reports. He showed me notes gathered by a journalist, Cody Shearer, that alleged Russians had compromising information on Trump of a sexual nature.
the September 2016 timeline is the best I could find for Shrearer. Presumably this meant that Shrearer's dossier was known to Blumenthal well before then.
We are now informed that Shrearer spent 6 months crisscrossing Europe looking for dirt on Trump. This was independent of spies and NSA.…
So Steele was paid to find dirt on Trump. Presumably so was Shrearer. Shrearer's work probably served as background for Steele dossier. NSA and other spies were also paying for dirt on Trump.
My conclusion: there was a Leviathan, concentrated, coordinated and extremely well funded, politically motivated effort to destroy Trump's reputation. The means and the veracity of the information was completely irrelevant. It was to ensure he'd never becoming president.
Johnathan Winer was former secretary state John Kerry’s special envoy to Libya and his Senate adviser,
John Kerry.... How incredibly interesting…
As secretary of state prior to the 2016 election, John Kerry was briefed on allegations made in the infamous Steele dossier about Donald Trump. According to The Post, Kerry was briefed in late September or early October 2016 on information collected by Steele.
Remember Johnathan Winer? Turns out Jonathan Winer, who at the time served as the State Department’s Special Envoy for Libya, put together a two-page memo on Steele’s allegations that was provided to Kerry.
Winer is the second government official outside of the FBI known to have discussed the dossier with Steele. Steele also met with Bruce Ohr, who then served as deputy assistant attorney general.
According to The Post, Kerry and the State Department took no action on the dossier after receiving a briefing of Winer’s memo. That’s because Kerry’s staff learned that the FBI had already been in touch with Steele and had information from the dossier.
So basically Jonathan Winer was the point of intersection between the Steele dossier and the Shrearer dossier. He personally knew Christopher Steele and had worked with him and 2009. He had also conveyed to his then boss John Kerry the existence of the Steele dossier
The concentric circles of the circle of Filth…
Is John Kerry an important player in the tale of two dossiers? The preliminary evidence would seem to suggest that he knew off at least one if not both. However I think we are about to find out more than we bargained for.
I think in the interest of simplicity and elegance the easiest question to ask would be "is there anybody in Obama administration who did not know about the steele dossier?"
It would lend itself to a smaller and more easily countable number of people.
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