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(1) Turns out that this was Putin's first test of Trump.

(2) And this was the American response.

(3) After three hours of watching tank, artillery, and mortar rounds fall short and miss, the US responded.

THEN the Russians called, asking for a ceasefire.

That's because 20 percent of their worthless troops were dead.
(4) Putin didn't know that Mattis had brought in AC-130 and Apache gunships.

Now Putin knows.
(5) Trump passed the test.

Putin failed.

Oh well. His winning streak had to end sometime...
(6) ADDENDUM: The Russians just keep getting more embarrassing.…
(7) The claim is that the dead guys were chasing the Islamic State.

Our jets protected the Islamic State.
(8) I was once friends with a Russian army colonel.

When Putin annexed the Crimea, my friend demanded that I take Russia's side.
(9) I told him that I don't respond well to demands that I think a certain way.

So he called me a "Russophobe."
(10) Our seven-year friendship evaporated.

He wanted what he wanted, and I was to give it to him.

So I did.
(11) These are men of Russia's best conventional unit, the 76th Guards Airborne Assault Division.
(12) The pig-man is panicking because unarmed, singing men are approaching.

The officer restraining the pig-man is so depressed that he wants to go into a coma.
(13) The 76th Guards Airborne Assault Division formed a LITERAL circular firing squad.

Men with machine guns surrounding this debacle, putting themselves directly in each other's crossfire.

These are BUFFOONS.
(14) As I told my Russian "friend."

"The Russian army is garbage," I said. "I'm mortified for your sake."

And that was the end of our relationship.
(15) I don't miss him.

He said that Russia had to invade to save ethnic Russians from NATO death camps run by homosexuals and Jews.

Yes, that's what he said.
(16) Russians actually DO BELIEVE that the US is helping the Islamic State.

They are unaware that their face-lifted mafioso munchkin dictator tried to implement the "Algerian Strategy" and make the Islamic State as powerful as possible.
(17) The Algerian Strategy forces citizens to support their unpopular government, because the alternative is having their heads sawed off by terrorists.
(18) The Algerian Strategy always worked--until Putin tried it in Syria.

Why did it fail in Syria?

Because the Saudis anticipated it.
(19) Russian aircraft bombed Iranians and Hezbollah and Assad's men.

Over and over and over.
(20) SOMEONE hacked into the Russian communications systems and gave them bogus orders.

In Russian.
(21) Also, SOMEONE carried out multiple Entebbe-style commandos raids on Russian air bases.

The most recent one was just a month ago.
(22) And Russian military advisers--generals--are being knocked off.

The commander of the entire advisory mission was killed.
(23) Everyone trying to implement the Algerian Strategy was killed.

So it failed, for the first time ever.
(24) And now Putin tested Trump, and he had his ass handed to him.

You know why?

Because Mattis is making the decisions.
(25) Putin can't conceive of a world leader delegating total authority to a lowly cabinet member.

So Putin walked into the fight leading with his chin.

You know what we've returned to?

"Standing orders."
(26) "You are to defend yourselves and your Syrian counterparts."

That's a standing order.

Nobody had to ask permission.
(27) Remember when the Iranians captured the British sailors?

The captain of the ship was frantically calling London, asking what to do.
(28) Mattis has given all our forces standing orders.

"You are to defend yourselves and your Syrian counterparts."

So our people did that.

Now Putin knows...
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