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(1) @drawandstrike Check THIS out, which @twitcathe brought to my attention.…
(2) Grassley and Graham find a declassified e-mail that Susan Rice SENT TO HERSELF in Trump's inauguration day.
(3) Rice described TO HERSELF a meeting that Obama, Comey, and Sally Yates had on the Russia investigation.
(4) “President Obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the Intelligence and law enforcement communities ‘by the book’."
(5) "The President stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book.”
(6) Now Grassley and Graham want to talk to Rice.

As Rice intended.
(7) Now Rice will go on the record saying that Obama told everyone to do everything "by the book."

Which will prove that Obama lied his ass off.
(8) Rice deliberately wrote herself an e-mail that would stand out like a Day-Glo green elephant when it was seen.
(9) The president called the head of the FBI and the acting head of the DOJ into the Oval Office and said, "Now I want this handled by the book, see? By the BOOK, coppers! You hear me? Nyah!"

You believe that?

I don't.
(10) But now Rice will say, "The president swore up and down that all investigations would be above board."

You see what she did?
(11) Rice is part of a team doing THIS.

Obama is the support stake.

(12) Did I call it or what?
(13) This is what happens when you are an arrogant SOB who thinks you can mercilessly abuse people and get away with it forever.

Rice's revenge is so elegant.

She learned from the greatest spook in human history...
(14) ADDENDUM: Here we go.…
(15) We get the Strzok-Page text.
(16) The GOP says, "They're talking about the CLINTON SERVER investigation!"
(17) Then Page and Strzok's buddies say, "No-no-no. They're talking about the Russia investigation."
(18) THEN Grassley and Graham "find" Rice's e-mail to herself:

"Obama said, 'I want the Russia investigation done by the book!'"
(19) Slam dunk.

Page and Strzok's buddies were tricked into admitting that Obama was interfering in the Russia investigation, and then we find Rice documenting the same thing to herself.
(20) See, once you can prove that Obama was involved in the Russia investigation, it's game over.

They'll screech that he was only "following" it, but FBI investigations are supposed to be confidential.
(21) Obama was demanding that the FBI report to him on the investigation into a POLITICAL OPPONENT.

Page herself said it.

And Rice too showed that Obama inserted himself into the investigation.
(22) The difference is that Rice did it deliberately.

There was NO REASON WHATSOEVER for her to send that e-mail to herself.

She did it so that it would be seen, and then she'd be questioned.
(23) All you have to prove is that Obama was involved in the investigation.

THAT is what will sink him and all the others.

Just watch...
(24) ADDENDUM TWO: Rice brought down Obama.

Good for her.…
(25) "Former President Barack Obama pledged that he did not speak with FBI directors about pending investigations throughout his presidency in a 2016 interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace."
(26) Strzok and Page showed that Obama interfered by demanding reports from actual investigators, but Rice showed that Obama met with Comey himself.

A song for Obama...

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