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Watch the video where Comey tries to lie his way out of admitting as FBI Director he DIDN'T follow the law & inform Congressional oversight members about the launching of a new FBI counterintelligence operation:

Watch Mike Roger's face sitting next to Comey as Comey gets put on the spot. Rep. Stefanik is a bloodhound here, demanding to know why he didn't fulfill his legal obligation to let the Gang of Eight know about this intel op.
Comey tries to BS Stefanik. He tells here there's a 'quarterly review', 4 times a year, and hey, while it's a common PRACTICE and COURTESY to tell Congressional oversight about FBI counterintel ops, it's not actually a hard rule....

Rogers rolls his eyes.
Comey actually sits there and tries to tell her "Well ya know, I'm not actually REQUIRED to tell the senior members of Congress in the Gang of Eight...."

"by practice, not by rule".

Watch Rogers when he says that.
Rogers has this "Can you believe this shit..." look as the Director of the FBI tries to explain why he didn't tell Congressional Oversight for 9 months about a counterintelligence operation targeting a CANDIDATE in the 2016 Presidential election.
Comey keeps trying to claim it's 'by practice, not by rule or written policy'.

He's being incredibly disingenuous there. The rules don't say which ones have to be informed FIRST, just that all must be informed, the DNI, the NSC, Congressional Oversight.
When Stefanik presses him on if it was HIS decision to deliberately cut out the Congressional Oversight, Comey waffles and tries to pass the buck to the head of the FBI's Counterintelligence Unit - Bill Priestap.
We have Congressional oversight of law enforcement and intelligence agencies PRECISELY to prevent those agencies launching secret investigations where they spy on American citizens. Here it happened to a PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.
Comey sitting there and struggling to explain why the DOJ didn't inform the oversight committees in Congress about a spy operation on 1 of the campaign teams in the 2016 election is a testament to how politicized the DOJ became under Obama.
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