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Unrolled thread from @LincolnsBible #MeToo

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Zuck - who'd been to Russia at behest of President, got huge investments from Putin's warchest to rescue his burn rate b4 IPO, shared code & publicity for launch of Yandex - had absolutely NO IDEA, none whatsoever, that Russia was exploiting his platform.
Mr. Dominant-Stance-Always-In-Control-Don't-Let-Anyone-Know-The-Truth had no idea that Russia was using his platform.
Nope, he's just a victim - says Silicon Valley, who relies on all the same money that Zuck does.
Here - see? We'll even put a picture of him all battered up on the cover. It's the era of empathy for battered women. He's just our battered wife.…
Quick! Get mommy. Mommy will fix everything.
She'll bring up Dave, and our hearts will swell. And we'll love Zuck again. And we won't notice that he's been in bed with Putin for years.
See? Mommy fixed our Oculus problem at Davos, by making it a #MeToo moment before #MeToo even existed.
No one even asked why FB had overpaid soooo much for Oculus.
Mommy's really good a deza.…
And now, Mommy & Zuck will just get everyone 2 believe that they were sooo concerned about being a-political, that they let RUS propaganda money flow during the election - because, you know, they're victims.
Who've never done anything to help the bad guys.…
Give me a f*cking break.…
I'm not f*cking done with this f*cktwit.
Read through this. He's been coordinating with RUS for years. With his stupid, f*cking hoodie.
Getting his messaging all correct - getting it just right for papa Putin.
Even the @nytimes in 2012 caught on.…
Look at this!
You're telling me that Zuckertw*t had no idea FB was influential in shaping political narratives - when his own sugar daddies were complaining to him about it 4 f*cking years before our election.
What a bunch of horse💩.
What a total, f*cking fraud this POS is.
F*ck him, and his LSD, micro-dosing habit. He's never gonna have an original idea.
He's a f*cking thief and a punk.
Stop enriching these SV punk tyrants, who are set on destroying our democracy at the behest of their masters.
They have bunkers to go hide in. Where are you gonna find shelter? Your FB posts of your kid's school project?
Wake up.…
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