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Donald J. Trump is the quintessential disruptor. He was a determined disruptive force in real estate. In the hotel business. In deal making. In economics. In business, large and small. In the courts. The one common thread in all of the above: he wins.
He wins by innovating. It's what disrupters do. He has an uncanny knack of seeing around corners, as all disrupters do.
Once Trump entered the world of politics, applying his life experiences and innovative energies, he was destined to win.
Regarding seeing around corners. He games out events. He studies his enemy's weaknesses and strengths. He learns from them. He can foresee trouble. It's how he not only survived the primaries against 16 formidable rivals, he thrived, happy warrior style.
The knack for seeing around corners (and potential trouble ahead) is what led him to fire James Comey. Inside sources (principally Navy Admiral Mike Rogers of NSA) were keeping Trump abreast of nefarious efforts to undermine his presidency - from within.
Trump knew all along he was under Obama-ordered surveillance. He's known this since 11-17-16. Adm. Rogers tipped him off. The following day, Trump moved his entire transition team from Trump Tower to Bedminster, NJ.
Trump Tower. Hmmmm. Remember the much-derided and media-ridiculed Trump tweet about Obama and wire-tapping and Trump Tower? This is what Trump was referring to. That tweet was in March. Trump fired Comey in May.
Repeatedly, Trump is falsely accused of being impulsive. Yet, here he waited 6 months (from 11-17-16 to 5-9-17) to show Comey the door. Trump well knows that timing is everything, in politics as in real estate.
Any chance Trump didn't record his White House convos with Comey? Not a chance. An oblique reference to "tapes" is how Trump got Comey to admit he wasn't the target of the Russia investigation.
Comey was gathering intel on Trump. But Trump was collecting intel on Comey. Comey lost his job. Trump didn't. Comey, checkmated.
"Workers of (Fusion GPS) firm involved with the discredited and Fake Dossier take the 5th. Who paid for it, Russia, the FBI or the Dems (or all)?" That's Trump tweeting on October, 19.
The media went bananas. "[Trump] is suggesting that a dossier prepared by a former member of British intelligence ... might have been funded by some combination of Russia, the Democratic Party and, wait for it, the FBI!", sneared CNN's Chris Cillizza.
"There is no plausible scenario by which what Trump suggested - a wide-ranging conspiracy involving three separate actors across federal agencies and continents - actually happened," a hysterical Cillizza added. The no plausible scenario is exactly what happened.
Trump was soon vindicated when Fusion GPS was forced to cough up its bank records to the HPSCI. Cillizza - and the rest of the legacy media - had egg on their collective face.
Any chance Trump's tweet was just a shot in the dark? Not a chance. He knew.
Let's take the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. Trump knew what was up. He knew from the jump that Mueller's criminal probe was not a criminal probe but a counterintelligence op. Just as Comey's was.
It's why Mueller can't build an obstruction case from the Comey firing, as NRO's Andrew C. McCarthy points out in a recent article. Can't obstruct a criminal probe that isn't a criminal probe.
Mueller's mission is to protect the coup plotters - with some court action tossed into the mix to give it the sheen of a criminal probe; to keep the coup plotters abreast of developments; to sequester damaging evidence; to checkmate the OIG probe.
The mission failed. Spectacularly. Peter Strzok was always the weak link. The OIG outed him. Mueller now presides over a train wreck.
Any chance Trump didn't know things would end so badly for Mueller? Any chance Trump didn't know Rod Rosenstein renewed FISA authority to spy on Trump months into his presidency? Not a chance.
Mueller is a Republican. Rosenstein is a Republican. Trump knows the Democrats are the opposition party, but the Republicans are the enemy. That's why he's not fired either one. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.
Nor has Trump attached a Twitter nick name to either of these two bumbling buffoons. He knew they would self-destruct. When your enemy is busy self-immolating, don't interfere.
He knew the OIG probe would ultimately vindicate him. It already has. The coming OIG report, from all indications, will be damning. Rosenstein will be gone. Mueller will be a footnote. Appointment of a Special Counsel to probe FISA abuses is inevitable.
And to probe the #CrookedHillary campaign. Paying a foreign spy and Putin's Kremlin to cook up fake allegations is a federal crime. Laundering the payments through a law firm to avoid reporting it as campaign expenditures is a federal crime.
Dressing up this pile of political pornography as official intel to secure a Title 1 FISA court warrant (essentially declaring Carter Page an enemy spy) and repeatedly going before the FISC for renewals, knowingly using the long-ago discredited dossier, are federal crimes.
Trump is blessed by the enemies he keeps. Their slings and arrows never weaken him. They make him stronger. His DNA code is written in the language of #Winning.
The opposition party (Democrats) and his enemies - the GOP-e - have spent the last three years of Trump's political life learning lessons. Only to un-learn them. Again and again.
You see this boringly predictable pattern again with the collective media orgasm over the sister of Kim Jong-Un. Notice Pence sitting close to her at the Winter Olympics opening. Any chance Trump didn't know the press would take the bait?
Not a chance. He sees around corners.
But hang on. Trump wants a YUGE military parade. The media - before their lovey-dovey kissy poo romance with North Korea - went apesh*t. Look up what they were saying. Before their passionate NORK love affair.
Juxtapose the adoring US media coverage lavished on Kim and his sister with their pre-Olympic 'Trump Military Parade Smacks of North Korea!' Hysterics. See what I mean?
The legacy media unwittingly handed Trump a powerful political cudgel to use against them. Expect him to do just that when they go back to triggered hysterics about a long-overdue Thank-You celebration parade to honor our troops. Never mess with the #StableGenius. #MAGA, baby.
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