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1. One of these people has unsavory connections to Moscow. Guess who
2. Angela Merkel was born in West Germany in 1954. When she was a few months old, her dad Horst Kasner voluntarily moved the family to East Germany.
3. That's kind of interesting, what sort of person would move from free Western society into the Soviet Union?
4. Kasner was a Lutheran pastor. Remember, the USSR was an atheist society that persecuted, demoted, jailed, tortured and exiled Christians. But the Kasners didn't suffer like that. They prospered. Hm, what pastors prosper in Communist societies?
5. Wait, don't tell me, I know! A communist collaborator! "Horst Kasner was a believer in both Marx and God, and wanted to use both to support the new German Democratic Republic."…
6. Right off the bat, Merkel lived in Moscow controlled USSR for the first 37 years of her life. Her dad gave allegiance to Communism and Moscow NOT to Germans.

That right there is far deeper connections to Moscow than Trump could ever have.
7. So how is it that Germans make fun of America? From Dusseldorf Germany, really sick stuff
8. This crazy German behavior makes me appreciate America's best allies, on that list I'd put: England, Australia, Israel, Taiwan, Ukraine, Poland, Japan, and what the hell, Canada too!
9. Germany is the country of Beethoven and Nietzsche. Historic artists! Sad to see what they have become today. Nietzschce would be a Trump fan.
10. She joined Free German Youth at age 14. It's a nice name, typical lying for Communists. It wasn't about freedom but dogmatic support for Communism.
11. Here is a Freie Deutsche Jugend event. Note it says "international student" event. Communists LOVE international events. Comintern, Cominform, United Nations, European Union, open borders, refugees...
12. She wasn't just a generic member of FDJ though. She was secretary of "agitation and propaganda." When Communists say "secretary" they don't mean a desk grinder like in America. Their most important person was the General Secretary.…
13. Merkel, Obama, and Alinsky all had the same job???

"Saul Alinsky... is the guru of all 'community organizers' — a deceptively innocuous term for what Marxists used to call 'agitprop' or agitators-propagandists."
14. Merkel went to school at Karl Marx University
15. She became fluent in Russian:

"She once spoke excellent Russian... but at press conferences and critical negotiations with Russian leaders, she has always refused to speak Russian, reportedly for the benefits of her non-Russian-speaking colleagues."
16. Why would she HIDE her Russian? Does she have some reason for not wanting people to associate her with Russia?

In contrast, her English is not good, but she is happy to speak that... WEIRD
17. Merkel's connections to Moscow and Communism run so deep it is impossible that they don't affect her life.
18. We shouldn't be prejudging brutes though. Let's be fair to Merkel. Maybe she learned valuable life lessons from Communism. She could have rebelled against her Marxist dad. Perhaps she became the arch anti Communist.
19. And.... that never happened. Merkel remained a loyal Communist dog until after the Berlin wall came down. While countrymen and women were suffering to liberate their country she was collaborating. THEN, when it was easy, she got into politics.
20. She never came clean about her past. It leaked out little by little. We still don't know the full truth. Does that sound like she made a clean break from her Communist past?
21. There is an analogy to be drawn here to Obama's life. He also had a Communist past. And hid it. Please read this book by the excellent Kengor.…
22. Kengor's point was that some of the the best anti-Communists lived under Communism. Like the best anti-Jihadists are ex-Muslims (see @BoschFawstin for example). But they have SHARP PUBLIC breaks with their past. By comparison, Obama+Merkel hid their past. They are guilty
23. Merkel got a PHD in quantum chemistry in 1986. She is smart. No denying that. Which is a good, if she is a good agent, and dangeous, if she is a bad agent.
24. Out of fairness to Merkel: When people under Soviet rule did not want to become corrupted by Marxist ideology, they chose arcane/academic/scientific careers. As we are seeing in America, marxists love to politicize everything. But it's hard to w some topics.
25. 'The private life of Angela Merkel seems like a big white spot . If she is asked about her family, she dismisses it. She calls "confidentiality" her favorite virtue.'

26. She married East German Ulrich Merkel in 1977 and divorced in 1982.
27. She married Joachim Sauer in 1998 and they are still married.
28. Sauer grew up in East Germany/USSR. He doesn't give interviews. Allegedly, he is apolitical.

'Merkel has in the past described her conversations with her husband as “almost vital” and called him “a very good giver of advice.”'…
29. More about Ulrich

"she caught the eye of fellow physics student Ulrich Merkel, whom she met during a Russian exchange trip."…
30. Her brother, Marcus Kasner, was a Green party member. That is Moscow sponsored group, pro peace, anti nuclear, pro environment, pro welfare, pro govt preschool, social justice... it's Communism under another name.
31. It's the same deal in the US, the Green party has always been a Soviety influenced proxy. Even the NYTimes knew it!…
32. PS, green movements are STILL Moscow sponsored, SecGen of NATO:

Russia "engaged actively with so-called non-governmental organisations - environmental organisations working against shale gas - to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas.”
33. Her father collaborated with Communists to split and weaken Christianity:

"Merkel's father was instrumental in splitting the Protestant church in Germany, insisting that a separate church be set up in the German Democratic Republic."…
34. Communists advance suitable people, like Merkel apparently:

"But it says his pro-regime attitude helped Angela's career - allowing her to study at an elite comprehensive school, and go on to university, at a time when the children of clergy were routinely refused places."
35. How am I doing @The_War_Economy? I take inspiration from your people profiles.
36. Take a guess at how Merkels political career began. That is to say, after her life as a Communist Agitprop Secretary. This is when her REAL Western career began.
37. In 1990, her political party "plunged into chaos... after its leader was exposed as a former secret police informant... She was sent to deal with the journalists clamouring for information outside the door, and handled the situation so well"
38. Get it? Merkel's talent was covering for a Stasi collaborator who was in charge of her political party. Then East Germany thrust itself upon West Germany forcing Merkel on them as well.
39. This is Communist strategy called Convergence. We don't have Lenin style Communism. But we don't have Western style freedom either. Who won the cold war?

"Democratic Awakening merged with the East German CDU, which merged with its western counterpart after reunification."
40. Why do we have minister for women program? We don't have men departments. A lot of it came from Communism

"After her first election, she was almost immediately appointed to the Cabinet, serving as Minister for Women and Youth under Chancellor Helmut Kohl"
41. So we can thank affirmative action for Merkel even if indirectly. She may not have needed it herself to get her position, but her department was affirmative action for other women, thus creating the need for her cabinet level job.
42: THEN, "In 1994, she was promoted to becoming Minister for the Environment and Nuclear Safety, which gave her greater political visibility and a platform from which to build her political career."
43. The anti-nuclear and environmentalist movements in the West were BOTH sponsored and pushed from Moscow to undermine us. So once again, Merkel's rise is at least indirectly due to Russia. Amazing career path
44. Hey @rising_serpent and @drawandstrike check out this wild thread!!
45. Merkel's rise to power continues. Stabs mentor in back:

'Mrs Merkel stunned them by calling for [Kohl's] resignation. Within a few months she was elected party leader.

“I bought my killer,” Mr Kohl later said. “I put the snake on my arm.”'
46. Merkel became Chancellor in 2005. How long does she plan on ruling Germany anyway?
47. Now we'll look at her policies as Chancellor which can are Communist and pro-Russia.
48. Understand that Russia has funded anti-nuclear movements in the West for decades. This is key Russian policy.

Firstly, they want us to get rid of nuclear weapons for military dominance. Secondly, if beautiful cheap nuclear energy is gone, people need Russian oil+gas
49. When people buy Russian oil is means they gain political power over us and it's profitable for them driving prices up.
50. Merkel in 2006:

"Merkel defended the merits of preserving or prolonging the use of nuclear energy in order to maintain Germany's global role as innovator and intellectual exporter."…
51. Okay so she got elected on a smart German First platform. Develop German intellectual expertise, clean cheap energy, control its own energy....
52. Uh oh what's this? 2011:

"The decision to switch off Germany’s nuclear power plants has been widely portrayed as a sudden U-turn by Mrs. Merkel...But those close to Mrs. Merkel described her change of heart as something more like an awakening."…
53. What on earth does that mean? Merkel did a total flip on a core policy cause of an "awakening"!?
54. Even better, her mysterious USSR yet 'apolitical' husband who never talks and no one knows about convinced her? Maybe?

"She reached the momentous decision to phase out nuclear power by 2022 after discussing it one night over red wine with her husband, Joachim Sauer,"
55. So Merkel cuts out nuclear energy and now Germany gets it's oil from... take a guess... Mother Russia! Yay!…
56. German dependence on oil:

"This makes oil imports more costly than either coal or gas. Russia was by far the largest supplier in 2013, delivering 31.4 million tonnes or 35%"
57. German dependence on Russian gas:

"Germany consumed 91 billion cubic metres (cbm) of natural gas in 2013. The largest suppliers were Russia (39 percent), Norway (around 30 percent) and the Netherlands"
58. Meanwhile, Merkel is browbeating America, Trump, and Republicans about the Paris Climate Treaty.…
59. To summarize she doesn't want to reduce carbon emissions with nuclear power. But she doesn't want American gas either. Just Russian...

Is there some explanation for this other then, she likes Russia and doesn't like America? Is this what collusion looks like?
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