Okay, so let's all take a deep breath and get out of our feels for a minute, and re-assess. I'm talking about the whole "B is (whatever), Q is just a big LARP, psy-ops, it's all fake, omg, we've been played" stuff. Sheep are being scattered in the camp.
I want to tell you a story. It's my story, but I think it might help in the current situation.
Fear and mistrust are powerful. It's true, we don't know who we can trust, as far as men are concerned. Our conclusions have to rest on something...
Someone...other than man.
I follow Jesus. Not perfectly, but for the past 25+years, we've been pretty close ☺. I'm also a fairly decent bible student, and freely admit I don't know everything about some things, and He tells me that's okay, too.
I've always had this weird gift, where I can see symbols, and understand some of the big picture things. So much, that I had to leave the organized churches behind. I term it "called out of her" (Mystery Babylon).
One of the things I've known for like ever, is that Ecclesiastes 3 is true:
His-Story repeats itself, & (most) men are not aware of it. Look around you...everything operates on a cycle, doesn't it? Makes sense that even history would, too, w/out the scripture confirm
One of the first things I understood is that the "doom&gloom" end-time message parroted by 95% of churches wasn't right. They can't agree on anything else, but all synched up on the rapture and destruction.
Let me digress 4 a sec. I've also been red-pilled to about 85% of the Q stuff for probably 30+ years. I knew about the 🍕, too, but didn't connect it to EVERYTHING until Pedo-sta emails. It's actually the foundation for all of it. (Molech)
In April of 2011, I suddenly started seeing much more synchronicity in everything, and then I got "The Harbinger" message (Jonathan Cahn). Everything started making sense (beginning w/ 911). Someone else I didnt know also started to get hooked in to what was going on.
I've spent the last 5 years buried up in current events as interpreted by Scripture and prophetic revelation. That's not a brag, it's just truth. Mostly I'm just a nobody in a cave, with a small band of equally weird, largely internet-based prophetic friends/bros.
10) I have one friend (who remains hidden from public view), who said back in the early 90's, that God said: "Wait til I play my Donald Trump card". There's a mind-blower, huh?🤔😲
In the fall of 2015, I was watching all of this primary stuff play out, when it dawned on me that my understanding of Bill & Hillary as Ahab & Jezebel today had details I needed to look at. I tore up everything in scripture I could find. It all lines up.
You can go read it for yourself. Jehu asked for Jezebel's servers...eunuchs...to throw her out of the window to her death. (II Kings 9). Pretty dramatic and gruesome.
13) interesting choice of words between various Bibles...eunuchs, servants, servers. What are Eunuchs?
Ball-less men who served & protected the Queen. I will tell you that our Father is "hooked on Phonics". You can believe that or not.
But isn't it...coincidental...? Jezebel had a window, and servers/Eunuchs, and her blood splattered on the walls when she fell (the life is in the blood).
Coincidental that Hillary had Servers/UNIX, (and cowardly, ball-less men who work for her) & we are seeing her fall from WINDOWS, her life being plastered/spattered on the walls of social media platforms? 🤔😉
I'm just sayin...are there really any coincidences?
That was 2015, before this even heated up good. By early February 2016, some other voices came out and started talking prophetic Trump as a Cyrus. (Jeremiah Johnson, Lance Wallnau, a few more).
I spent weeks tearing up Isaiah 45. It's all true, down to the nth detail.
17) I have reams of details on the entire chapter that these guys haven't even seen. Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee are even kinda there, via statements and events. But the bottom line is that Trump "is" Cyrus & Jehu for this re-run.
1st, Cyrus...
Cyrus was to overthrow Babylon. Maybe some of you know how he did it. And this is where the Q thing comes in, IMHO.
Babylon was a fortified, self-sufficient, walled city. Had everything it needed inside itself. Including water. Sort of.
Actually, a river ran through it. Good plan. Except for one thing. Cyrus had a destiny, a mission, and an army. How best to take down this fortified fortress? Scaling the walls and attacking wouldn't work. Genius took over.
Cyrus took the city down by using his army to dig and tunnel underneath the city, and divert the river away. Success. Taken over clean and neat, few casualties.
You might say he "diverted the current sea" (currency, $$💰💴💵💶💷💸) away from Babylon.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Cyrus is leading, but it takes an army to dig and divert. What have we been doing since last October?
We, the people, the army, the troops, have been DIGGING night and day...for months, shoveling the *DIRT* from under Mystery Babylon, which is the whole Cabal, Elite etc. SYSTEM.
Hasn't Q called us patriots? Just like an army. Only a different kind of war, lots of allegory, symbolism, etc.
So, Q isn't "real" to me b/c I coincidentally stumbled on a hash one day.
Q was part of the divine plan I already saw happening.
The enemy culls and works through doubt, fear, and division. Whatever you think of Q, it was part of the divine plan, because now you know more than you ever did about elite evil. And while the tunneling process is slow, it is happening. And we win. It's in the Book.
25) The man from 2011 was #MarkTaylor. It took him nearly 5 years to realize his prophecy about Trump. I caught him on the first broadcast he did. Put of nowhere, he has prophesied many of the very same things that Q has been telling us. The take down of evil.
If you haven't read his book, go get it. (The Trump Prophecies). Many written words are on his website:
YouTube videos of interviews with updates. Mark was here LONG before Q. Same message. 2 witnesses. 3 with me.

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