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Namgi social media au where they both are stan twts and Yoongi is constantly sad & Namjoon just wants to help

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User profiles pt 1
User profiles pt 2
Namjoon decided to stalk Yoongi a little.

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Tae is impatient, Jin is ready to start drama and Yoongi is over it

#namgi #btsau
Seokjin really out for blood. Yoongi doesn’t need the drama and Namjoon is still watching from afar (also sorted the dates out bc the last one was wrong sorry)

Yoongi is broadcasting his mental breakdown....not for the first time.

#namgi #btsau
Yoongi’s friends are concerned for him

#namgi #btsau
Jungkook messaged Yoongi.

#namgi #btsau
Meanwhile it’s a certain someone’s birthday and he got the good succ 🤧

#btsau #jihope #namgi #vkook

Yoongi DMs Jungkook. Kook snapped and Yoongi is even more done.
Attention seeking...?
The gay king has risen.

#btsau #namgi
Min Yoongi: found dead in a ditch.

#btsau #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY
The tea is good ☕️

Well shit.
It’s late, but here’s the moodboard.

Yoongi checks his mentions :/
Someone wanna fill Namjoon in?
...where’s he going?
Namjoon wants answers.
Yoongi? :(
Namjoon messages Hoseok, again.
seokjin misses his best friend.
And Jungkook snapped.
Jimin tried
Timeline update.
Namjoon finally messages Yoongi.
Jungkook and Tae remain unbothered.
Seokjin :(
What did Jinnie do?
We’re all Seokjin lmao.
SeokJin messages Yoongi.
Jimin snapped.
The boys message Yoongi.

(Namjoon, Seokjin, Jimin)
Happy birthday to Yoongi.
We can’t have everything, right?
The truth.
Jungkook wyd?
Namjoon FINALLY gets a reply but...
Meanwhile, Yoongi’s truth post is blowing up a little bit
Wtf happened with Jin and Yoongs?¿
An apology??
Making amends
Let’s take a look at Joonie’s acc on that day when Yoongi ignored him
Um Yoongi?
You got me there.
Joon changed his layout and posted a selca, meanwhile Yoongi is GAY
Quick poll:
Do you mind if this gets a little nsfw? (Probs won’t be much at all tbh)
Yoongi and his pet fish
The friendzone™
Timeline update
Yoongi, you fool
Yoongi :((
What’s your number?
Yoongi and Namjoon take to Twitter to talk about each other after their FaceTime call
Their friends won’t have it
Seokjin messages Yoongi and he’s still boo boo the fool
Boys who fanboy together, stay together ✊🏻
Daegu boi is sad
Seokjin is the type of friend we all need and we all need to be too
The third wheel

(Time skip)
One direction still not back yet?
Issa twink 👀
Sure you don’t
Thirst trap
We’re all Hoseok.
It’s today 👀
Numbers have been exchanged
(From this point onwards it will be a mix of social media/texts & thread fic writing)
Yoongi makes his way over to Seokjin, smile already on his face and as soon as he reaches the older they’re hugging “I didn’t think I’d ever see you asshole” Jin says into Yoongi’s shoulder making the younger laugh a little.
“Sorry Hyung. You did though. I’m here”
Jin pulls back and looks at the boy in front of him and smiles “I’m glad you’re here Yoongi” there was so much meaning behind that sentence and Yoongi knew it. He didn’t just mean there in Seoul. For once in his life Yoongi felt truly cared for, like he had an actual friend +
It was nice. He actually felt wanted.

“So, you ready to meet Joon?” Seokjin smirks and Yoongi’s cheeks tint pink

“I don’t know, I’m nervous” Yoongi admits

“Don’t start with that bull about him not liking you. He’s going to adore you. I know it”

“I really hope so”
Yoongi’s gay panic: activated
“Yoongi can you calm down for like a second?”

“Hyung I’m about to meet Joon, the same person know”

“Love?” Yoongi’s cheeks heat up once again, he’s never dealt with this before. He’s so flustered over it and he knows he loves Namjoon it’s just so hard for him to +
Really admit it.

“Y-yeah, exactly. I just don’t want to mess this up” Yoongi sighs and fiddles with his fingers

“You won’t. You’re not going to mess it up. It’s going to be cute and he’s going to absolutely love you. He definitely likes you. He wouldn’t flirt like that +
If he didn’t at least like you”

“I mean, I guess so but what if that’s just his personality?” Yoongi looks over at Seokjin, he was genuinely so worried he was reading Namjoon completely wrong

“You’ve been mutuals with him for so long. So have I. Have you ever seen him +
Be like that with any other person?” Seokjin asks


“Exactly. The kid likes you”

“I just don’t wanna have false hope. I just want to have a really good time and enjoy today with you both”

“I know Yoon, I’ll make sure you have the best day”
Honestly, Yoongi was worried. They had discussed it and Seokjin had told him his feelings for Yoongi had faded and they weren’t really there at all anymore but Yoongi was scared. He didn’t want to hurt Jin. He thought maybe all the talk about him loving Joon would hurt him but +
The older didn’t seem to mind at all. Perhaps Yoongi was just overthinking it. Maybe Seokjin really had gotten over him. He didn’t want to ruin their friendship... again.

“Yoongi?” Yoongi snaps out of his thoughts


“We’re here”
Yoongi was freaking out. He was about to actually meet Namjoon. The guy who reached out to him without even knowing him, the guy Yoongi opened up to, the guy Yoongi went to when he wasn’t feeling good or he felt like he wanted to hurt himself.

The guy he fell in love with.
Yoongi sits in the car biting at his bottom lip.

“I know you’re nervous but you can’t keep him waiting Yoon” SeokJin says and Yoongi nods

“You’re right. I can do this. Let’s go meet Joon” Yoongi takes a deep breath trying to calm himself before they both get out of the car
Yoongi spots Joon first and he has to stop, he’s so overwhelmed and nervous and god he’s right there and he looks incredible. SeokJin places a hand on his shoulder and Yoongi carries on walking towards the younger.

Namjoon finally sees him and he’s smiling so wide and he +
doesn’t hesitate to run to him and Yoongi wants to cry, he really wants to cry

“Don’t you dare cry” Namjoon says to him and Yoongi is just so in love with him and the taller of the two pulls him into a hug “you’re actually here, for real” he says quietly to him
Yoongi couldn’t help it, he lets a few tears out as he holds onto Namjoon tightly

“Sorry...I’m just so glad to see you” Yoongi says through his sniffles

“Don’t apologise, it’s okay”

They stay like that for a while, just holding each other
After the /eventually/ pulled away, Yoongi is leading him to SeokJin who stood and watched and smiled.

“Joon, this is Seokjin hyung, Hyung this is Joon” they laugh a little at the formal greeting before they hug but it definitely wasn’t like Yoongi and his.
Someone save Jin
Poor Jimin
Why’s he so LOUD
After sitting in the car scrolling through his phone and signing rather loudly along to Blue Neighbourhood, Yoongi had gone really quiet. Namjoon and seokjin shared light conversation until Namjoon noticed Yoongi’s change in mood
“Hyung, everything okay?” He asks quietly and Yoongi nods quickly

“Yeah, of course” he smiles but Namjoon could tell it was forced

“What’s wrong Yoongs?”


“Yoongi Cmon, it’s something. Please” Yoongi just sighs and passes over his phone to Namjoon
“They’re right aren’t they? I don’t deserve this” Yoongi laughs and looks down at his hands in his lap

“What’s going on?” Jin asks from the driver seat

“Some ass tweeted that Yoongi doesn’t deserve to go today” Namjoon explains

“What the fuck?! Of course he does!”
“Hyung it’s fine, they’re right. I knew I shouldn’t have come. People have a problem with me. Troye still hates me I know he does”

“Yoongs, that’s not true. Most people were defending you under the tweet. Troye doesn’t hate you. I know he doesn’t” Namjoon reassures
“I guess...” Yoongi trails off and sighs

“Yoon, you cant let people ruin this. You’ve been waiting for so long. Fuck what others think. You’re a good person and you deserve this more than anyone” Jin says and Yoongi smiles a little

“Yeah, you’re right. Thanks guys”
“Please don’t start singing again though” seokjin says

“What?! Why not?! You trying to say my singing isn’t amazing?”

“It’s definitely something but amazing is not it” seokjin laughs and Yoongi pouts

“That’s rude”

“I think it’s wonderful babyboy” Namjoon says quietly to +
him and Yoongi’s face heats up. Oh god he just called him ‘babyboy’ out loud. He really just did that. His face is on fire and Namjoon giggles at Yoongi’s reaction

“I-I um...thanks Joonie” he manages out
Seokjin slams on the breaks “um guys I don’t wanna make you freak out but...Troye is over there” he says and points across the road. The other two pairs of eyes follow his finger and Yoongi is so overwhelmed

“Oh god. What the fuck, why is he just there. Fuck. He looks so good +
he’s so pretty. I think I’m about to cry. What the hell guys he’s-“

“Hyung, breathe please”

“Right...sorry” Yoongi laughs a little “but what the fuck!”

“Should we go over?” Seokjin asks

“No no no no I can’t no. You guys can but I can’t fuck no” Yoongi rushes out
“You’re totally going Yoon. You have to meet him!”

“Oh god I cant. What would I say?! ‘Oh hi I’m Yoongi the one you tweeted and then hated and took it back’ no way. I’m not embarrassing myself like that”

“Yoongi, he’ll love you. You can’t miss his opportunity”
“I feel sick”

“Just breathe. We’ll go over say hi, see if he’s busy and if not we can talk to him. Hyung, I promise it’ll be okay. You can’t not meet him”

“Y-yeah. Okay. Okay. Let’s go” Yoongi agrees.
Yoongi is dead and Namjin are live tweeting
Emo hours
How is he still alive
Thank you.
People be salty they didn’t meet their fave 🤷🏼‍♀️
What’s going on
It started
Someone save Namjoon lmao
Get you a man like Joon
Jin stating harsh facts
Yoongi is a mood
Jimin ➡️ Namjoon
Would you like me to continue with the tweet thread for the writing or write it in notes & screenshot and post?
“Are you sure about this Hyung?” Namjoon asks, he was genuinely worried about this whole situation, especially since it had made Yoongi feel so bad.

“Yeah, we’re okay now. He apologised. We spoke about it. It’s fine” Yoongi smiles, he was way too happy to even care or let
anything bring him down.

“If he says anything, I’ll call him out. I really will” Seokjin says and Yoongi laughs a little

“I’m sure you will. Seriously guys, don’t worry. It’ll be fine. Cmon” Yoongi starts to head out and the other two follow behind him.
Namjoon catches up to Yoongi and walks beside him whist Jin stays a little behind giving them space.

“I’m glad you’re having a good time Yoongs” Namjoon says and Yoongi looks at him and smiles a little

“Yeah well, I’m happy I got to do all of this with you. I didn’t actually
think we’d meet” Yoongi shrugs

“What? Why not?”

“I thought you’d get bored of me before then, think I was weird or annoying or something like that. I kinda thought maybe I’d bottle it too. I was really nervous” he lets out a laugh and Namjoon brushes his hand against the
other’s before slowly lacing his fingers with Yoongi’s.

“I promise I won’t ever get bored of you, or think you’re weird, and I definitely won’t ever think you’re annoying” Namjoon smiles and Yoongi’s cheeks are on fire. He loves Namjoon so much and here he was holding his
hand like it wasn’t a big deal but it was. At least to Yoongi it was.
The three of them finally made it around to the back and Yoongi was tackled into a hug by Jimin making him let go of Namjoon’s hand and he wraps his arms around the boy clinging to him

“Careful Chim, you’re gonna make me fall” Yoongi huffs and Jimin pulls back

“Sorry hyung
just missed you”

“You saw me 5 minuets ago”

“I hope you’re not trying to steal my man” Another boy comes up behind Jimin, placing his hands on the smaller’s shoulders, Yoongi recognised him straight away

“Of course not Hoseok. I’d never do that”
“Yah, get off me” Jimin swats Hoseok’s hands off him “ignore him, he’s messing”

“Hyung?” Yoongi snaps his head to the side and sees him. A small smile makes its way to his face

Jungkook opens his arms out and Yoongi doesn’t waste any time walking into them and wrapping his arms around the younger

“I’m so sorry hyung, so so sorry for everything I did. I was an ass and I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry I fucked you over. You meant a lot to mean a lot
to me and I messed it up” Kook says quietly only so Yoongi could hear

“It’s okay, I told you it’s okay. It hurt what you did but you realised what was going on and you apologised”

“Fuck, I’m so glad you’re alive. I swear to god. I’m so glad”
Yoongi didn’t want to cry. Oh god, he really didn’t want to cry. He was so happy and hearing those words meant the world to him. He holds onto Jungkook a little tighter

“Thank you kookie” he says quietly before pulling away and Taehyung is walking to them now
“I’m sorry too hyung. I shouldn’t have went along with it. I should have known. I guess deep down I was scared it was true but we should have reached out instead of pushing it aside and pretending it didn’t happen”

“It’s okay, it’s in the past yeah? I don’t want to dwell on
that. I’m just glad we’re okay and we’re friends because I missed you brats” Yoongi smirks before pulling them both in to hug him

“Yeah, yeah, well we missed your punk ass too” Tae says.
Tag yourself; I’m Yoongi.
Jungkook fans are confusion
What’s going on
// slight trigger warning(?) //
We love Joon
They’re so cute uwu
uwu x2
Y’all wanted it, y’all got it.
Spill it boo
The tea was served.
Joon, your gay is showing
So Yoongi died.
This is whipped culture, by Min Yoongi
Yoongi having a gay panic AGAIN
You hog him :(
Will Seokjin ever stop clowning Yoongi?

(The app is messing timestamps again and I cba to edit rn oof)
Someone you what, Yoongi????
It was going to be hard, of course it was. Yoongi had forgotten all about his troubles and bad thoughts and honestly he was scared to be alone again.
He knew he wasn’t completely alone. Namjoon, Seokjin and even now all the others were just a message or FaceTime call away and
Jungkook and Taehyung really didn’t live too far away from him but he was still going to be physically alone.
He also really didn’t want to leave Namjoon. God, he really didn’t want to leave Namjoon. He loved him so much and it hurt to even think about saying the words “goodbye”
He had already said goodbye to Hoseok and that didn’t hurt as much since he wasn’t as close to him but it still wasn’t nice.

Jimin was currently clinging onto him for dear life as Yoongi wrapped his arms around the boy.

“I don’t want you to leave Yoongs” he mumbles into his

“I know Jiminie, but I’ll come visit. I promise I will and you and Hoseok can come to Daegu sometime too. Plus, I’ll still annoy you on Twitter every day” Yoongi laughs and Jimin smiles

“You could never annoy me Hyung”

“Alright chim, he has to say bye to Seokjin
and Namjoon too you know” Hoseok says and Jimin smiles sadly before pulling away and he’s going to hug JungKook and Taehyung now.

Yoongi starts crying as soon as Seokjin pulls him into a hug. He felt so safe here and he didn’t want to let go of that.
Seokjin holds him so close and Yoongi’s crying into his shirt.

“Hey, c’mon, there’s no need to cry Yoon” Jin says quietly to him

“I’m so scared” he gets out and Jin is shocked, he didn’t expect that

“Scared? Of what?” He asks
“Me, myself, being by myself. Alone” Yoongi sobs out and Jin rubs his hand up and down his back trying to soothe him ever so slightly.

“Yoongi, listen to me. You’re not alone. You’re never alone alright? You have me and Namjoon and Jimin and the others now. We’ve always got
you. I promise Yoon. If you ever feel bad again you know where we are. You know how to contact us. You’ll never ever be a burden alright? Promise me you’ll tell one of us if you feel bad again?” Jin pulls Yoongi back a bit so he could look at him properly and Yoongi nods
“I promise, hyung. I’ll tell someone. Thank you. Really, thank you for everything. For believing me, for being there, for getting my ticket and letting me come with you and meet you and fuck thank you for the opportunity to meet Joon too”
Seokjin laughs lightly, pulling him back into a hug.

“Anytime Yoon. I mean it, anytime you wanna come back and see me or Joon or even Jimin and Hoseok just tell me. I wouldn’t mind letting you stay at mine okay?”

“Thank you. So much”

“Stop, you deserve it”
“I’m gonna miss you so much hyung” Yoongi’s grip on the back of Jin’s shirt got tighter

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m great. Of course you are.” He laughs “but, I’ll miss you too so you better not stay away too long and I swear I’ll come see you and bring Joon with me too”
Yoongi smiles at that “I’d like that a lot”

“And on the topic of Joon, you better tell him how you feel”

“Not now. It’s not the right time. Not before I go. That’s not fair” Yoongi sighs and he pulls away and Jin wipes away the boy’s tear

“Okay, but at some point”
Yoongi nods “yeah, I will eventually I promise”

“Bye Yoon” Jin says and smiles sadly hugging him briefly

“Bye Seok”
Yoongi looks over at Namjoon and bites at his thumb nail and the skin around it before Namjoon is walking over to him and gently moves his hand away

“Don’t do that Yoongi” he says softly and Yoongi is trying so hard to keep it together

“I don’t wanna say it” Yoongi mumbles
“Then don’t. You don’t have to because this isn’t permanent” Namjoon says and smiles and he pulls the smaller to him, wrapping his arms tightly around him “it’s more of a ‘see you later’ type of thing” Namjoon says and Yoongi laughs a little

“I suppose you’re right”
“Of course I am, when am I ever not?” Namjoon asks and Yoongi just shrugs and cherishes the moment of being in Namjoon’s arms

“You’re amazing Joon, you know that right?”

“Like you’d ever let me forget it, babyboy” Namjoon kisses the top of his head and Yoongi smiles brightly
“I don’t wanna go” He says quietly

“I know, I don’t want you to go either but its okay. You’ll be okay, I know you will and if you’re not, you know exactly where I am” Yoongi appreciates him, he appreciates all of them. For reminding him he’s not actually alone.
He knows they have his back and he’s so thankful to have friends like them. Every single one of them. They made him feel okay and like life wasn’t so bad after all. He loves them with his whole heart and he always will.
“Yoongi... we have to go” he can hear Jungkook’s voice and he’s holding tighter onto Namjoon like if his grip was to loosen a tiny bit he’d lose him.

“Babyboy, you gotta go. Don’t worry okay? I’m just a message or phone call or FaceTime call away. You know that”
“I do, it just hurts so much” and he’s crying. He couldn’t help it.

“Hey, no, Cmon... no tears alright? You don’t have to cry because you’re going to see me again” Namjoon leans down and kisses Yoongi’s forehead before wiping the tears from his cheeks and he’s holding
the boy’s cheeks in his hands and he’s just staring at him whilst Yoongi stares right back, pink tinted on his cheeks once again.

“Yoongi, can I kiss you again?” Namjoon asks, a shy smile making its way onto his face and Yoongi nods quickly

“Of course, I’d like that”
and so, Namjoon leans down capturing Yoongi’s lips in his own and they don’t care about the others around them, they don’t care what they would think, they don’t care if they’re judging or think it’s weird because they’re not dating. They don’t care because it’s theirs.
It’s their kiss, no one else’s. It meant the absolute world to them and they just love each other so much.

They finally pull away and Yoongi wraps his arms around him one last time before pulling away and he smiles sadly at him.

“See you later?”

“See you later, Yoon”
Is that allowed?
Yoongi is a mood. Sigh.
Jimin is sick
Just tell him you love him and go
The call.
Yoongi’s tweet & the guys’ reactions.
[ E N D ]
From me, to you guys ❤️
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