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Thread by @prayingmedic: "1) This is my thread for posts by Q from February 12th to the present. The theme for this series is: "Spread the Message Far and Wide […]" #Qanon #Qnaon #13Russians #FutureProvesPast

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1) This is my #Qanon thread for posts by Q from February 12th to the present.

The theme for this series is: "Spread the Message Far and Wide."

Q posts can be found here:
2) We'll begin with this post from #Qanon the night of February 12th.
3) Operation Merlin (tech).
Operation Merlin was a CIA op, ostensibly designed to give Iran a flawed blueprint for a nuclear weapon. Q suggests the real intent was to give Iran (and then North Korea) a functional weapon.
4) Operation Merlin has been heavily criticized. Jeffrey Sterling was prosecuted for leaking classified information to the press. The prosecution seems to have been a case of retaliation against a whistleblower. (A subject #QAnon has discussed frequently.)…
5) More information on Operation Merlin:
6) #Qanon says:
Iran Deal (funding).
>T cells

The Iran deal provided more than a billion dollars to fund NoKo and Iran's weapons programs, terrorist cells and necessary payoffs to public officials.

Background on the Iran Deal:…
7) #Qanon says:
NK Nuclear (mini suc) (icbm suc)
>War engine

North Korea succeeds at miniaturization of their nuclear weapon and developing an ICBM. The engine of war is created and can now offer them protection.
8) In previous posts, #Qanon has suggested that the master plan of the CIA is to weaponize rogue states like North Korea to perpetuate war, which gives them both power and money derived from human trafficking, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, etc.
9) #Qanon's next post is a photo of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with the Prime minister of Vietnam which was taken when she visited Hanoi in August of 2015. She went there to discuss intellectual property rights laws.…
10) In Ho Chi Minh City, Ginsburg spoke on Freedom of the Press—another subject #Qanon has discussed extensively.

I find it ironic that often, those who abuse us are the ones who speak the loudest against the very abuses they inflict on us.…
11) We learn more when we share the information we have. I receive many dreams from God that show future events, something like the way the Old Testament prophets did. Here's a recent dream.
12) I'm glad #Qanon brought this up again.

The image drop and OP (Original Post) are related to "United" and a bird singing.

Note: "United" is capitalized. It's not referring to unity. But his previous post (with images) about United Airlines.
13) #Qanon posted this image.
14) And then this.
15) Put it together with this.
16) And this.
17) According to Maya Angelou, a bird sings when it's caged.
#Qanon has repeatedly used the term "cage" to refer to jail.
The point is that people are being jailed, even if we aren't hearing about it in the news.
18) #Qanon wrote:
Everything has meaning.

I believe the [I] is the capital letter I and not the lowercase L nor the number 1. I believe it has to do with who was arrested. I have my suspicions but I'm going to wait for more [Intel].
19) This post by #Qanon came from here:…

20) I'm not sure of the purpose of this post. It might be to help us understand the people #Qanon is working with. Perhaps it has relevance to their operation. Maybe both.
21) Here's the next post by #Qanon.
It seems to be a checkoff of different locations and operations.
Note: KILL_CHAIN (activating a series of events resulting in an attack.)


Most systems checkout okay except this one:
22) I'm guessing the next post is related. It seems to be a warning that #QAnon and his team were picking up chatter about a possible car attack in Europe.
23) The next post by #Qanon is a reference to the first submarine attack of the Revolutionary War. Although the attack failed, it was a highwater mark of the war. It marked the birth of a new tactic of warfare that would later be perfected.…
24) #QAnon ha told us that we're in the beginning stages of a second Revolutionary War. A war not fought with guns, but a war nonetheless. It's a battle over who will control our nation and the world. In war, there are milestones. This was one for the first American Patriots.
25) Before I move on:
#Qanon's reference to "singing" & "cages":
A cage is a metaphor for jail.
"Singing" is a metaphor for telling your captors what you know in the hope of a lenient sentence.
Those who are in jail are providing evidence to be used against the cabal.
26) The next post from #Qanon addresses the lack of expected social media comments calling for gun control from the Clintons & President Obama in the wake of the school shooting in Broward County.

Why were they silent?
27) An Anon noticed that they tweeted after #Qanon posted.
28) For those keeping track at home.
29) #Qanon then responds to his own post, noting that the enemy is always watching what he's posting. He cites recent announcements of a new antibiotic being found in the dirt and a possible cure for the flu. All of which came after he posted about big Pharma hiding cures.
31) New antibiotic found in dirt.
What next?
32) #Qanon responded to his own post, asking if it was a coincidence that Obama's office received a letter with white powder in it.
33) In my previous thread, I speculated that it was not a coincidence that the Trumps received a letter with white powder in it after #Qanon exposed big Pharma.
34) In his next post, #Qanon trolls Edward Snowden after he retweeted a tweet by Zack Whittaker, touting Italy's Anti-Corruption Authority adoption of the Tor browser.
35) Here's Whittaker's tweet with the link to it.
36) Tor claims to provide a secure and anonymous online experience. Apparently, journalists receive their marching orders at 4 am through it. #Qanon says that just like Secure Drop and other "safe sites" Tor is being monitored by the CIA.…
37) #Qanon has addressed the CIA's monitoring of SecureDrop in previous posts noting that Snowden endorses its use by journalists.

Q says John Perry Barlow was murdered after creating the Freedom of the Press Foundation which today uses SecureDrop.
38) An anon noticed that SecureDrop has an Apache link.
#Qanon congratulates him on the good work.
39) The Apache link leads to this page.
40) I hate when he says that.
I don't know what we're supposed to look for, exactly.
Something happening on the coast?
41) An exhortation to continue building our knowledge base and make better connections with the crumbs he's already given us. (The map is the complete list of #Qanon posts to date.)
Washington Post won't allow me to link to their article. Here's one from BBC.…
42) I've never known a phony, online troll to be compassionate. One reason why I believe #Qanon is legit is his sincere love for others.
43) #Qanon posted a link to an article and makes some observations.
44) Newsweek, the first media victim of the storm, claims that "the storm" is the biggest fake news story of 2018.

Article link:…
45) Was the article retaliation for Newsweek being busted?
How do they strike back?
Expect to be called a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorist.
Reporting only increases attention.
Know the proofs of #Qanon.
Q will help.

We're Going to Spread the Message Far and Wide.
46) #Qanon posted a link to a Youtube video which is the Pledge of Allegiance.
47) An anon posted this which is a series of observations linking various people to SecureDrop, John Perry Barlow, and Edward, Snowden.
I'll post background info on each person.
48) James Dolan, co-founder of Freedom of the Press, found dead of apparent suicide. #Qanon…
49) Aaron Swartz, internet freedom crusader dies at the age of 26 of an apparent suicide. #Qanon…
50) Kevin Poulsen, an outspoken internet pioneer with a colorful past. Helped develop SecureDrop and eventually, turned it over to Freedom of the Press Foundation.
51) Regarding this string:
John Barlow/Snowden/assange/John Cusack/Daniel Ellsberg/Glenn Greenwald/Laura Poitras

All but Assange are (or were) members of the Board of Directors of Freedom of the Press Foundation.
52) After Snowden became president of Freedom of the Press Foundation, they stopped processing donations to Wikileaks and Julian Assange, which Assange argued, was the whole point of FPF at the outset.
53) In 2014, Arundhati Roy, John Cusack, and Daniel Ellsberg traveled to Moscow to meet with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Roy and Cusack published a book detailing on their conversations with Snowden.
54) Info on Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.
55) Glenn Greenwald's page on The Guardian.
56) The Guardian's home page for the "NSA FIles" that were leaked by Snowden.
57) Laura Poitras assisted Snowden with his NSA leaks and directed the film "Citizenfour," a documentary about him.
58) A New Yorker article on Poitras and Snowden.
59) Former NSA employee Bill Binney has supported Snowden but has expressed concerns about documents Snowden took that have nothing to do with surveillance of Americans and were not given to the press.
60) "The Program" is a mini-documentary by the New York Times where Bill Binney discusses the NSA's domestic spying abilities.
61) John Perry Barlow founded a company called Algae Systems, whose goal was to pioneer ways to reclaim water and reduce pollution.
62) Barlow's list of accomplishments included being a "semi-official co-founder" of Burning Man, a festival held every year near Black Rock, Nevada.
63) In 2013, General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Kosovo, attended Burning Man and hung out with Barlow.…
64) Before the election, General Clark was critical of candidate Trump's views on foreign policy.
65) Recently, he's been impressed with Trump's handling of foreign policy, particularly in Europe.
66) The anon points out that the media controls the public narrative via [4am] communications through SecureDrop [and Tor browser] which is heavily controlled by Snowden [and the CIA].
67) #Qanon confirms the anon's observations and lets Snowden know he is no longer an asset but a liability.
68) In this post from January 27, #Qanon confirms that Snowden was a spook (CIA) all along and it was the CIA that helped him get through Hong Kong to Russia.
69) #Qanon's next post is about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who Q says had a meeting with Nacy Pelosi and was offered protection.

Dorsey's value to the puppet masters is his ability to suppress dissenting voices on Twitter and amplify those who support the official narrative.
70) #Qanon posted a link to a PDF document and a link to a Youtube video of a car attempting to ram the Presidential motorcade. He instructs us to read the document carefully and asks questions about the report from the driver of the car in the video.
71) The report is from a Senate Intel Committee hearing in 1977 on the MK-Ultra mind control experiments that were done by the CIA. The official government position was that use of mind control had ceased, but new concerns needed to be addressed. #Qanon…
72) Here's an excerpt from the introduction.
73) Here's the video #Qanon posted.
74) #Qanon said:
Ability to use frequencies [incoming sig]/modify/code/program over 'x' period [designate] mobile phone to 'control' target subject.
OP conducted/ORIG outside of US. (Many experiments were done in Canada)
CAR control?
75) I've been contacted by many people who have asked me to help them get free of the mind control programming that's been done to them. #Qanon
76) Some are victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, which relies heavily on the mental programming of its subjects. Some are victims of high-level Freemasonry which uses similar techniques. #Qanon
77) No subject in our culture is more vehemently denied by the press, the government and the mental health industry than Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Do a search and you'll find dozens of articles and medical papers "debunking the myth" of SRA. #Qanon
78) I have more than a dozen friends who are survivors of SRA. Their stories are tragic but all have made significant recovery from the terror inflicted by their abusers. #Qanon
79) Some of those who contact me are victims of MK-Ultra and related mind-control programs. Here's a Wikipedia link.
80) I discuss mind control, healing emotional trauma and related subjects in this interview with my friend Daniel Duval.
81) Cathy O'Brien's "Trance Formation of America" is a classic book on the CIA's mind control program.
82) An anon did some research and came up with a list of articles on mind control that was done in Canada.
89) #Qanon responds.
It's time for the anons (autists) to do more research and find out which (if any) shooters may have been victims of mind control.
They were chosen because of their ability to uncover evidence that's hard to find.
90) #Qanon reminds researchers their discoveries must be original and arrived at organically and not a result of groupthink (hive-mind).
91) This article lists killers who were on psychiatric meds at (or near) the time they committed their crimes.
92) An anon responded to #Qanon with an observation about cell phone technology, suggesting that a weak square wave signal would not be enough to completely flip a normal person's behavior. They would need to be predisposed and perhaps a stronger signal would be needed.
93) #Qanon responds.
Evidently, there's more to the story than we're being told.
94) Iridium Communications may be a company that's worth looking into. They're a global leader in satellite/cell phone technology. They provide comms for the Department of Defense.…
95) Scientific American article on cell phones and how their signals affect brain waves. #Qanon…
96) An anon asks if they are safe. #Qanon says they are.
He then responds to the question about mind control subjects being predisposed to certain types of behavior.
97) Subjects are scouted for susceptibility to "therapy" (programming).
Ideal subjects become targets. All forms of mind control (SRA, MK-Ultra, cults, etc.) rely on subjecting targets to repetitive doctrines, ideas, rituals until they become ingrained and permanent. #Qanon
98) We behave the way we do because our minds have been programmed a certain way. We eat at a certain time, wear certain clothes, and listen to certain music because these things have become habitual through repetition (programming.) #Qanon
99) I'm not saying we've all been programmed by the government. But it's easy to overlook how much of our behavior is a result of unconscious choices that function more like a computer's operating system than the product of conscious decision making. #Qanon
100) An anon suggests that MK-Ultra is still operational as a CIA black op.

#Qanon confirms and hints that the current version incorporates pharmaceuticals & cell phones.

Q says we must dig & find the evidence ourselves & archive it offline where it can't be tampered with.
101) #Qanon posted about the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau which under Mick Mulvaney's scrutiny has been exposed as a democrat slush fund, that is not subject to congressional oversight.
102) Mulvaney has requested all funding be pulled for CFPB.
103) #Qanon asks us to think about what's really happening on the world stage.

Why Russia, Saudi Arabia & China?
Why does Obama visit places Trump visits?
Who is he speaking for?
We must know why we believe Q
More evidence is coming.

We Must Spead The Message Far and Wide.
104) The first part of this #Qanon post quotes Rod Rosenstein's report that #13Russians were indicted today.

The rest of the post quotes a not-yet-published report on election fraud that will be released in March by Dept of Homeland Security.
106) An anon posted a screenshot from the book "Behold a Pale Horse" which describes a plan by the CIA to get America to voluntarily disarm itself through school shootings done by mind control victims.

#Qanon says "BIG."
108) #Qanon says:
The CIA [will become] "No Such Agency."

🤡🤡🤡are an endangered species.
109) JFK didn't do it. But President Trump will.
110) #Qanon posted a picture from the NSA Traffic camera and warns the UK to be alert for trouble.
111) #Qanon posted a warning to the authorities in London about the possible car attack.
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