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Thread by @Lonnie_Lala: "The FBI, and DOJ, instead of protecting the people they’re sworn to defend, wasted their precious resources to concoct a farcical joke indic […]"

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The FBI, and DOJ, instead of protecting the people they’re sworn to defend, wasted their precious resources to concoct a farcical joke indictment alleging Russian interference in US elections—while at the same time blocking the FBI from arresting 4 top Chinese spies, Outrageous!
most “preventable-in-history” mass school shooting in US claimed the lives of 17 innocent Americans— whose heavily medicated with psychotropic drugs severely mentally ill killer, named Nikolas Cruz, the FBI and US Justice Department had been repeatedly warned about for months
having ignored multiple warnings Cruz was preparing to massacre his schoolmates, FBI & US Justice Dept were further left to explain why FBI agents inexplicably entered into a business dispute on the side of a large political donor against small investor businessman Marc Cohodes—
These FBI agents are accused of illegally telling Cohodes that he couldn’t Tweet any more while FBI & US Justice Department were ignoring the coming massacre of school children by Nikolas Cruz, and illegally targeting small investor businessman Marc Cohodes. But I disagree.
I This time I come in on the side of the FBI, in this Marc Cohodes affair. The articles I read said the FBI agents told him"to stop sending threatening tweets" not to stop tweeting, and his tweets were threatening! You decide,here's a link to the article:…
In another FBI story: US Foreign Service Officer Susan Thornton shockingly admitted in US Congress testimony the “Deep State” aligned US State Department took part in preventing the FBI from arresting 4 Chinese intelligence officials for conducting illegal activities in NewYork
these “illegal activities” being related to the Confucius Institutes the Chinese communists have established on nearly every single American collage campus the FBI describes as massive spying and influence operations.
“Deep State” aligned factions in the FBI and US Justice Department having one of their worst weeks in history that saw by their actions and inactions wanted Chinese communist spies being able to walk free & 17 American school children lying dead in their bloodstained classrooms
the DOJ decided yesterday to lash out at Russia by issuing a comical indictment against 13 Russian citizens detailing odd ‘meddling’ efforts against the US election system that are truly strange, suggesting cartoon villainy rather than a master plot Link:…
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, said: US Dept of Justice believes there were 13 of them,13 individuals interfering in the US election?
13 individuals versus the budgets of the American security agencies that are measured in billions of dollars? It's absurd
BOMBSHELL: What No One is telling the American Public, is that the DOJ Indictments of these "13 Russian Citizens" & "3 Russian Co's" was based on nothing more than a March 2015 article by the anti-Russian Ukrainian website copied almost word for word.
The Indictment was copied almost verbatim from an article titled: “The Kremlin Trolls Told About Themselves: Where Are They Sitting And What They Are Doing” that details supposed political actions of Russian billionaire oligarch Yevgeniy Prigozhin & his Internet Research Agency
The bulk of the Ukranian article relying on information supplied by the hacking group Shaltai Boltai (aka Anonymous International) How absurd is it, and what would the American Public say about Robert Mueller's Investigation, if they knew the Indictments came from'Anonymous"!
Numerous outlandish& comical absurdities contained in this “Deep State” indictment copied nearly word-for-word from the March 2015 article is its claiming one of the “crimes” committed by these 13 Russians was wishing Yevgeniy Prigozhin a “Happy Birthday"
Yevgeniy Prigozhin & his private political activities are a near mirror image to the American oligarch George Soros—but where Prigozhin has only a handful of political organizations to protect Russian interests, Soros runs thousands of subversive activities span the entire globe
Why has DOJ not Indicted Soros?
Soros spending a record amount of money last year to destroy President Donald Trump.

Soros discovered to have manipulated 2016 US presidential election to benefit Hillary Clinton whom he had donated tens-of-millions of dollars to see elected.
Soros ordered to stay out of British politics after it was discovered he was secretly financing an anti-Brexit campaign
Soros discovered by the Irish government trying to secretly manipulate their nation’s constitutional vote.
Soros so interfering Hungary preparing"StopSoros"law
Americans must ask themselves, Why hasn't this man who has blatantly declared "the culmination of my life's work is in destroying America" does that along with his many actions against America, like funding riots, funding terrorist designated groups, etc, not constitute Sedition?
I can answer that question. He provides funding to many of our very own so-called lawmakers on the Hill, both democrats and GOP Establishment. We ought to be raising cane, asking "why have you sold out America for money to our enemy George Soros?" link:…
With the “information warfare” crimes of George Soros now numbering in the thousands the world over no evidence exists that he’s ever been criminally indicted by the"Deep State"aligned FBI or US Justice Department-like the 13 Russian citizens have.
The 13 Russian citizens— who, in essence, did nothing more than copy exactly what the Hillary Clinton campaign was itself doing during the 2016 US presidential election— it’s been well documented how Clinton and her allies paid tens-of-millions to deceive the American people
New York Times details $2 mil budget of Daou’s Shareblue& admits the intent of the entire operation is interference in the outcome of 2016 Presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton Mr. Daou’s role is deploying a band of outraged followers to harangue Clinton's opponents
The New York Daily News put the matter bluntly: “Hillary Clinton camp now paying online trolls to attack anyone who disparages her online.” The LA Times described the active election interference: “It is meant to appear to be coming organically from people and their social media"
This report concludes by noting the faith Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov still has in the American people themselves and their ability to see the truth about this latest Russia-hysteria “indictment charade” by the “Deep State” to sow discord and chaos—and who further stated:...
Lavrov continued: "It’s quite clear that the Democrats can’t reconcile themselves to the defeat in the 2016 presidential election that caught them fully by surprise, and now they are going out of their way to poison life for President Trump and the entire Republican Party".cont
Trump, since he's a leader from outside the system-they’re failing to do it to the extent they’d want
Trump has confirmed his genuine intention to fulfill everything he spoke about in the election including promotion of normal, respectful, mutually beneficial relations
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