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Taekook AU where they’re best friends and Tae has the biggest crush on Jungkook. Everyone can see it, except Kook. The day Taehyung confesses, Jungkook insults Tae, breaking his heart. That’s when Jungkook realizes maybe he does love his best friend back #vkook #kookv #taekook
Jungkook truly fucked up. Yoongi is brutally honest.

#vkook #kookv #taekook
The next day they have an interview and Taehyung shows up in a different car. All of the boys know what happened but it’s still saddening to see Tae enter the building with blood shot eyes and red lips. None of them know what to say, especially Jungkook #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung doesn’t make eye contact with anyone. He sits in his chair and lets the make up artist cover up his tear stained face. He stands next to Jin when they’re placed on stage and he lets out a deep breath when they hand him a microphone. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung can act. He can act so well, the boys are surprised to see an almost too realistic smile on his face. The interview moves along and they all manage to act normal but everyone except Taehyung notices how much Jungkook was staring at him. #taekook #vkook #kookv
When they’re off air during commercial break Jungkook goes somewhere to get some water and Namjoon approaches Taehyung. “I know you’re not okay and maybe this isn’t the time to ask but, where are you staying right now?” He asks worried, like a good friend #taekook #vkook #kookv
“A hotel. Don’t worry.” Taehyung says, the fake smile slipping right off his face. He’s about to go grab some water when he sees Jungkook and Yoongi at the table. He looks away quickly and decides he can wait. He walks to the bathroom and locks the door. #vkook #kookv #taekook
He slides down the bathroom door and sits on the floor, not caring that his clothes might get dirty. “Don’t cry, don’t cry.” He whispers to himself. He doesn’t want the make up artist to have to retouch his face. He sits frozen trying not to think of him. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“He looks perfectly fine while you’re on the floor of a bathroom trying not to have a mental breakdown.” He tells himself and his vision blurs. He takes deep breaths trying to stop his tears from falling. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“So what if he doesn’t love you back. So what if he gave you hints that he might love you back and you read his intentions wrong, get over it Tae. You’re a big boy, move on.” He tells himself but it’s not enough because he still wants to cry. #taekook #vkook #kookv
When they return to the interview they make them play a game. They’re put into teams and of course, with Taehyung’s luck, he gets paired up with Jungkook. This is the game, what could possibly go wrong? #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung has to be blind folded first. Jungkook stands behind him and places the bandana around him. Taehyung can feel Jungkook’s body heat behind him but he knows why Jungkook is standing this close, fanservice. That’s what he called it yesterday too. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Usually, the pair would be ecstatic to be in the same group but the only one smiling right now is Jungkook, because he’s not the one that had his heart torn out by the other. The game goes on and Taehyung has guessed 3/5 things right. #taekook #vkook #kookv
The last thing Taehyung has to guess is soft. He feels around with a light hand. Soft lips, a pouty bottom lip, a cute nose, scrunched up eyebrows, and soft hair. “Easy, Jungkook’s face.” Taehyung mumbles and the host of the show all applaud him. #vkook #kookv #taekook
“How did you guess so fast? It could’ve been anyone’s face.” The MC questions and Taehyung takes the blind fold off, “I guess it’s just years of being his best friend.” He says shrugging with a smile that might look fake but he’s just tired. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung doesn’t miss how his hyungs look at him. Jungkook’s turn is next and Taehyung stands behind him to put the blind fold on. “How many fingers am I holding up?” Taehyung asks standing in front of Jungkook. “None.” Jungkook says. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung remembers Jungkook said the same thing when he blind folded him for his surprise birthday party. He wants to smile at the memory but the squeeze in his heart is too painful. “Okay, lets start!” The MC says snapping Tae out of his thoughts #taekook #vkook #kookv
Jungkook gets 4/5 things right with one thing remaining. Taehyung reads the card to himself: your balled up first. Taehyung sighs balling up his fist and putting it in Jungkook’s hand. The boy traces Tae’s hand gently with a concentrated pout on his lips #taekook #vkook #kookv
“It’s Taehyung’s fist.” Jungkook says and Taehyung pulls away the second he said it, as if he burned him. “Wow! You guys are impressive!” The MC praises. “Did you know because you’ve been best friends for that long too?” The MC asks “Yes” Jungkook responds. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Tae removes his hand as soon as Jungkook responds, almost as if he had burned him. “Did you know both of your fists together are the size of your heart?” Taehyung asks looking up at the MC. “Can a heart get smaller? I think mine has.” He says and Jungkook’s smile drops. #vkook
Just last week, this is how things were between the two of them.

#taekook #vkook #kookv
After the interview is done Tae reaches for a make up wipe and cleans his face. Jimin goes up to him and gives him a small smile. “Want to go grab some food?” Jimin asks and Taehyung smiles at his friends effort. “I’m not hungry Jiminie but thank you.” #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung watches as Jungkook puts on the other pair of clothes he brought and sighs watching the younger boy leave. He walks over to the changing station and grabs the youngers phone. “He always forgets it.” Tae mumbles. He hands it to a manager before leaving #taekook #vkook
Tae hates that he cares. He hates that Jungkook doesn’t seem bothered at all. He hates that his heart still clenches when he sees the boy smile because he doesn’t want to. He wants to give up and just find someone who will actually love him back. But it’s so hard #taekook #vkook
They all get into the same car and Taehyung slides in next to Jimin. He rests his head on Jimin’s shoulder and Jimin makes sure to hug him tightly. Taehyung falls asleep quite quickly. Jungkook stares at the older man with an expressionless face. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“You broke him.” Jimin whispers, snapping Jungkook out of his trance. “I know.” Kook responds. “You can’t even apologize? Not even because this is single handedly the only person who has ever cared so much for you, and not just romantically.” Yoongi snaps. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Jungkook is growing tired of no one even caring for him. Of course he hurt Taehyung, he knows that but no ones bothered to ask why. No one has asked if he’s okay because he didn’t mean to hurt Taehyung. It’s not his fault he’s good at hiding what he feels. #taekook #vkook #kookv
When their car gets to their dorms everyone steps out. Tae has a car waiting for him and Jimin tells him to stay but he doesn’t think he can. “Can we just act like adults? You don’t have to leave. The dorms are big enough for the two of us.” Jungkook says. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“I don’t care what you think.” Taehyung says emotionless and Jungkook won’t lie, that hurt him. Taehyung has always been one to listen to him, even if it is just garbage that he’s spewing. He’s not used Taehyung looking at him like he’s just someone else. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Jungkook decides that’s enough. So when Taehyung gets in his car, Jungkook opens the door and slides in from the other side. “What are you doing-“ Taehyung asks and Jungkook leans over to the driver. “Just drive.” He says handing the man money. #taekook #vkook #kookv
The rest of the hyungs watch the car drive away and this is Jin still in the car because he saw that coming.

#taekook #vkook #kookv
“Why are you doing this?” Taehyung asks crossing his arms and Jungkook sighs. “I didn’t mean what I said last night, or at least I didn’t mean for it to come out harshly. I panicked and I thought you were going to kiss me.” Jungkook says. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“I’m sorry the thought of it disturbs you.” Taehyung says and he doesn’t get where this is going. Being this close to Jungkook only hurts him more. “Can you just, let me be? You have 5 other hyungs who can remind you to go to bed at 5am.” Tae says. #vkook #kookv #taekook
“But we’re best friends! Are you really going to let this ruin it?” Jungkook asks. “God, I can’t believe I actually have feelings for you.” Tae says humorlessly. “You can’t let me have one day to myself? One day so that I can pull myself back together?” #taekook #vkook #kookv
“Then we can go back to your perfect world! Where you don’t notice everything I do for you, you don’t care how I feel, you don’t care about me, and you don’t even notice how much you lead me on!” Taehyung snaps and Jungkook’s vision blurs. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“You don’t think I notice? You’re my best friend! This isn’t one sided, Taehyung! I act out every roll you get with you, I buy you burgers every single time you stay in the studio late, I go into your bed every night to cuddle because you have nightmares sleeping alone!” #taekook
“You’ve done all of that but yesterday you made the biggest joke out of my feelings that I made sure to hide for so long. I cried myself to sleep knowing you were out on dates with girls. I even tried dating other people. You hurt me, let me be alone.” Taehyung says. #taekook
The second Taehyung’s car arrives he steps out and hides his face with his mask. He doesn’t care if Jungkook is following him, he actually hopes he isn’t. Jungkook is too caught up in his own world to realize that people have breaking points, they can only take so much. #taekook
Jungkook is stubborn and he really doesn’t mean bad but that doesn’t mean he isn’t doing harm. He follows after Taehyung not caring who sees him and stops the older man before he can step inside his room. “Just go home Jungkook.” Taehyung says tiredly. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“How am I supposed to leave you here? You probably won’t sleep tonight, no matter how hard you hug your pillow. You’ll forget to put your food away and it’ll go bad. You need your pink hairband to wash your face or else you’ll itch at night.” Jungkook says #vkook #kookv #taekook
“Just come back with me to the dorms. You can punch me and call me an asshole the whole way there but I can’t leave you alone. Please. You need to be home, under the same roof as me, because it doesn’t feel like home unless you’re there too.” Jungkook rants #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung doesn’t realize when he starts crying but he suddenly feels Jungkook closer to him and the boy starts wiping away his tears. “I’m sorry I hurt you. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, please stop crying.” And suddenly Jungkook’s strong arms are around Tae #vkook #taekook
“Jungkook, don’t do this.” Taehyung says and Jungkook takes the both of them inside of the hotel room, closing the door behind him. “You need to sleep and I don’t care where you do it but you have to.” He says taking them to Taehyung’s bed. #taekook #vkook #kookv
They lay on the bed and Taehyung feels weak and he wants to be mad at himself for giving in but he can’t help but hug the boy because he really does need sleep, last night he didn’t get any. A couple of minutes pass and Jungkook thinks he’s asleep. #vkook #kookv #taekook
So he starts to play with Taehyung’s hair like he usually does. “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. You mean so much to me, and I’m so scared to say it out loud, maybe that’s why I hurt you, because the words can’t escape my mouth the way they escaped yours.” #taekook #vkook #kookv
The only problem is, Taehyung isn’t fully asleep. His hands hold Jungkook tighter and Jungkook does the same back. “I’ve got you, I promise.” He says and he leans down to kiss Taehyung’s temple. That’s how Tae falls asleep, to sweet nothings being murmured in his ear by Kookie.
Tae gets a great amount of sleep. He wakes up to an empty bed but to the smell of breakfast. “Kookie, you don’t know how to cook.” He mumbles and Jungkook jumps on the bed bending over to kiss Taehyung’s cheek. “Take out was created for people like me Taehyungie.” #vkook #taekook
Taehyung curls into his pillow, holding it tightly and he looks up at Jungkook with sleepy eyes. “Why are you doing this? You’re only going to hurt me more.” Taehyung says and Jungkook’s smile falls. “Y-you can give me a chance, to make it up to you.” #taekook #vkook #kookv
“But you don’t love me Jungkook, not the way I do. You can’t force yourself to feel things.” Taehyung says and he remembers clearly what he heard before he fell asleep last night but he wants to hear Jungkook say it. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“But you don’t know how I feel?” Jungkook questions and Taehyung waits for him to continue. “How do you feel?” He asks. “I-I just- never mind. Nothing, I don’t know what I feel.” Jungkook says and Taehyung bites into his bottom lip. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“Then please don’t do this to me. I’ll go back to the dorm but just give me space. I can’t handle you being so close when you know how I feel.” Taehyung says and Jungkook’s expression is hurt but he understands. “Okay. I’ll leave you alone.” He says. #taekook #vkook #kookv
The dorms are pretty quiet that afternoon and it’s definitely not normal. Jungkook is in his bed which is weird because he doesn’t usually sleep in it and at this time he would be playing games. Taehyung is in his room being cuddled by Jimin. #vkook #kookv #taekook
Jungkook sighs feeling like his bed isn’t even his. He’s so used to Taehyung’s. He gets up from his bunk bed and goes to the hallway. “What are you doing?” Yoongi asks with a bowl of food. “Nothing.” Jungkook says and Yoongi stands in front of Tae’s door. #vkook #kookv #taekook
“What? You’re going to block his door?” Jungkook asks with a scoff. “Listen brat, he needs space. So give it to him.” Yoongi says glaring. “No, he needs me. That’s what he wants, me.” Jungkook says defensively. “But you don’t want him so keep walking.” #taekook #vkook #kookv
“You don’t know what I want!” Jungkook says and Jimin walks out of Taehyung’s room. “Can you shut the fuck up he’s sleeping.” Jimin says and Jungkook frowns. “No he’s not, he needs to be cuddled the first half hour he’s asleep or he’ll wake up.” He says. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“Dude, make up your mind. Either you love him or you don’t. You can’t play with him like he’s human toy. Taehyung’s your best friend and maybe one day you could go back to that but acting like you actually have feelings will only push him away more.” Yoongi says. #taekook #vkook
“Part of our friendship is being touchy and jokingly flirting!” Jungkook says defending himself. “Did you ever stop to think that it was only jokingly to you? You literally kiss his cheeks every morning when he’s brushing his teeth. You don’t do that to me.” Yoongi points out.
“Because you would shove me if I tried to. Taehyung loves getting kisses and cuddles I comply as a best friend.” Jungkook says and his childish side is coming out as he stomps his foot. “Do you need a juice break, you child? Get over it, you hurt him.” Jimin says. #taekook #vkook
Jungkook walks away with a frown and goes into Hobi’s shared room. “Hobi, I need you to tell me I’m right!” Jungkook says and Hobi looks away from his phone at the younger boy. “I’m not a yes man.” Hobi says. “Please hyung I’ll do your laundry!” “I’m listening.” #taekook #vkook
After Jungkook rants about his situation Hobi sits looking bored. “You love him and you need to tell him.” Hobi says like it’s the simplest thing in the world. “Where did you get that from?” Jungkook asks. “Because you’re complaining about missing him and he’s across the hall!”
This is how things were two days before Taehyung confessed.

#taekook #vkook #kookv
The next day Jungkook wakes up to a quiet dorm. “They must be out for food.” Jungkook thinks. He gets up to see Jin cooking in the kitchen with his headphones on but no one else is home. He checks Taehyung’s room to see the boy’s small body. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung is facing the wall and Jungkook knows he’s awake. “Jin, I’m not hungry.” Taehyung says not turning around. Jungkook sits on Taehyung’s bed waiting for the boy to face him but he doesn’t. It’s like he’s lost the ability to try. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Jungkook shifts trying to see Taehyung’s face and the boy looks tired. He has his silk pajamas on with his pink hair band. His eyes are closed. “You’re not sleeping.” Jungkook whispers and Taehyung’s eyes open at the sound of his voice. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung turns around to see him and Jungkook offers a shy smile. “Hi.” He says holding his feet. “Get out guk.” Taehyung says turning back around. “Can we cuddle?” Jungkook ask, ignoring his question. “No.” He replies. “Can you come play over watch?” Jungkook asks. #taekook
Jungkook asks a billion and one questions to Taehyung, mostly receiving “no” or “get out” as a response but he doesn’t stop. If this is the only way Tae will talk to him, he’ll take what he can get. Jungkook reaches over to Yeontan’s bed to hold him. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“Tell Daddy he has to wake up and play with us!” Jungkook says talking in a baby voice to the small pup. “You can’t use my own dog against me.” Taehyung says and Jungkook smiles getting something new out of him. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“Give me Taehyung or give me death!” Jungkook says in a fake deep voice and Taehyung chuckles. “That’s not how it goes.” He says. “Come on! We can do a scenario where you kill me and my last words are “tony stark, my hero!” You be Tony!” Jungkook offers. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“I can’t believe you don’t understand what no means.” Taehyung says. “You can teach me what it means, I can be your student.” Jungkook says and Taehyung laughs because the boy doesn’t realize how kinky that actually sounds. #vkook #kookv #taekook
They end up talking for about twenty minutes until Jungkook really has to use the restroom. On his way out of Tae’s room Jungkook doesn’t notice Jin standing outside with crossed arms. “You really are the only person who can break him and heal him. He hasn’t laughed in days.”
Jungkook takes his time to think before he approaches Taehyung again. He gives him his space for a couple more days and it’s not that Taehyung’s mad anymore, he’s just trying to avoid Jungkook. He feels embarrassed his friend doesn’t feel the same way. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung lays awake sometimes thinking about Jungkook’s words. Why can’t he express his feelings? Is it because he has a crush on someone else and he doesn’t want to let me down more? It must be that, Jungkook probably has someone else in mind. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung decides that he’s not being fair to his best friend, it’s not Jungkook’s fault he doesn’t feel the same way. Jungkook notices the effort Taehyung tries to put in a week afterwards. But he can tell it’s not the same. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Tae doesn’t lean his head on Jungkook anymore when they’re sitting next to each other. Taehyung stops giving Jungkook romantic scenarios. Every time Jungkook goes to Tae’s room at night to cuddle, the bed is empty. Tae starts to sleep in Jimin or Hobi’s room instead. #taekook
Jungkook doesn’t realize what’s going on. He doesn’t pay attention to the way he gets jealous when Taehyung back hugs somebody else in the group. He doesn’t realize how much he hates hearing Tae and Jimin do Karaoke in the living room together. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Jungkook doesn’t even realize how angry he gets when he sees Taehyung feeding Yoongi because that’s their thing! They always share food, they always cuddle, they always do karaoke and piss the neighbors off, they do love scenarios that end up with Tae in his arms, or they used to
So Jungkook does what Jungkook does best, he fights back. Every time Taehyung leans away from him, he leans closer. Every time him and Jimin do Karaoke he joins them, he feeds Taehyung from his food, he back hugs Taehyung and glares at his hyungs who side eye his actions.
The last task on Jungkook’s list is cuddling. When Taehyung takes his shower before going to bed, Jungkook changes into his pajamas and sits himself on Taehyung’s bed. He brought Tae’s favorite pillow back from Hobi’s bed and lays on it. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“What are you doing?” Taehyung asks walking inside of his room. He doesn’t realize Jungkook wasn’t actually awake, or at least that’s what Jungkook wanted him to think. Taehyung sighs realizing he couldn’t get his pillow and he fights himself. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Because Taehyung has the option of laying down next to Jungkook or he could just leave his pillow, and Jungkook there and go back to Hobi’s bed. Taehyung wants to cry because he really wants his pillow and Jungkook but that would only hurt him more, so he walks away. #taekook
Jungkook sits up hearing the boys foot steps leave the room and his yes get blurry because Taehyung has never refused him like this. He runs out of the bed and into Hobi’s room but Taehyung isn’t there. He goes to their living room to see Taehyung laying down. #taekook #vkook
He’s hugging one of the couch cushions to his chest and Jungkook bites his lip. He scoops down and takes Taehyung in his arms bridal style and Taehyung looks at him with tear stained eyes. “What are you doing Kook-ah? Why are you doing this?” #taekook #vkook #kookv
“Let me be Kookie.” Taehyung says and Jungkook doesn’t listen. He carries Taehyung to his bed. When they get there Jungkook climbs on top of him and grabs his hands. “Stop. Stop running away from me.” Jungkook says above the older boy. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“I’m doing it so you can be more comfortable!” Taehyung says and Jungkook scoffs. “I’m comfortable when you’re in my arms, I’m the happiest when you’re next to me, you know that. No matter how stupid my words were that night, you know.” Jungkook snaps. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“Then say it! Say it outloud, I want to hear you say it!” Taehyung says and Jungkook doesn’t know when he started crying but there’s tears rolling down his eyes. He leans closer, to the point where their noses are touching and their angry breaths are hitting each other. #taekook
“You already know how I feel, why do you need to hear me say it?” Jungkook asks. “Because I want to hear you tell me. I need to know you aren’t messing around Jungkook. Why is it so hard to say it?” Taehyung asks. “Because I’m scared.” Jungkook says. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“What are you so scared of? I already love you.” Taehyung says wiping the boy’s tears. “What if it changes everything? What if you get tired of me? What if I let you down again?” Jungkook asks. “You’re going to let yourself live without trying?” Tae asks. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung can’t take it anymore. He can’t hold himself back, he grabs the boy’s face above him and brings it down to him. Their lips meet and Jungkook’s hands grab on to the blankets tightly because his heart is about to fall apart and grow back bigger. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Jungkook kisses him back without having to think about it because he love Taehyung. He’s never noticed just how much until Taehyung confessed to him. He loves everything about the older boy and he hates himself for not saying it. #taekook #vkook #kookv
So in the middle of their kiss Jungkook pulls away and Taehyung opens his eyes. “I’m.” *kiss* “so” *kiss* “fucking” *kiss* “in love” *kiss* “with” *kiss* “you” and their lips meet again. Tae wraps his arms around the younger boy bringing him closer to him. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Jungkook feels relieved saying it out loud. “You’re the love of my life.” Jungkook says trailing kisses down Taehyung’s neck. Things get heated.

{WARNING⚠️: sexual content.}
#taekook #vkook #kookv
Both of them get under the covers after and Jungkook let’s Taehyung rest himself on his chest. Taehyung plays with Jungkook’s fingers as Jungkook presses soft kisses to his forehead. “You’re so beautiful.” Jungkook says adoringly. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“Don’t do that again. Don’t make me hurt like that anymore.” Taehyung mumbles half asleep. “I won’t do that ever again, I’m so sorry Tae.” Jungkook says playing with Tae’s soft hair. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“Anyone else have a dream with loud moans in it?” Namjoon asks and the 5 hyungs break out into laughter. Jungkook is the first to wake up and he rubs his eyes lightly with a smile, feeling arms around his waist. Taehyung isn’t awake yet. #taekook #vkook #kookv
He plays with the older boy’s hair, waiting for him to wake up. “We’re still naked.” Is the first thing Taehyung says and Jungkook chuckles. “I’m not complaining.” He says and Taehyung smiles kissing his cheek. “Thank you for last night Kookie.” Tae says. #taekook #vkook #kookv
“Don’t thank me, I don’t deserve it. I hurt you and I made you wait for so long. I should be the one thanking you, for trying. I didn’t mean anything I said that night, I was shocked and scared that you liked me back. Your boyfriends were so much more perfect than me” Kookie says
Later on that day Yoongi and Hoseok corner Jungkook to speak with him. “Did you guys talk? Did you confess back?” Hobi asks. “Confess? Are you deaf, babe? Those noises last night meant they’re halfway to being married.” Yoongi says and Jungkook blushes. #vkook #kookv #taekook
“Listen, we’re all very happy for the both of you but be careful. You’re both like our brothers and we know you love each other but we just want to make sure that you’re sure about this.” Hoseok says. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” Jungkook replies. #taekook
“Anyways, you can thank me now since I was the one who made this happen.” Yoongi says and Jungkook slaps his chest, laughing. “Yeah, mister blocking his door everyday so I couldn’t speak to him.” Jungkook says and Yoongi scoffs. “All for good reasons.” He says. #taekook
Taehyung and Jungkook grow stronger with their relationship and Jungkook doesn’t know why he ever doubted the man and his love for him. Taehyung only has eyes for Jungkook. Jungkook swears there’s no one more perfect than his Tae. #vkook #kookv #taekook
Jungkook eventually moves all of his stuff to Tae’s room, and only uses his room to game. Taehyung gives Jungkook ever love script he gets offered and they practice everything (especially the kisses) in the scenarios. #taekook #vkook #kookv
The memory of Jungkook once breaking Tae’s heart turns bittersweet because it’s the reason that they’re in a strong relationship now. Although Jungkook will always feel guilty, Tae accepts his apology cuddles every time. #taekook #vkook #kookv
That’s the story of how Jungkook broke his best friends heart, only to find out he was in love with Taehyung all along.

~ End. ^^

#taekook #vkook #kookv
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