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One of the most interesting stories to come out of the investigation: Russian hackers paid Facebook to run 2 ads. The first was "Save Islamic Knowledge," 2nd was "Stop Islamization of Texas." The ads set the rally for the same place/location.
so for a few hundred bucks, they had a bunch of Americans screaming at each other in the Texas streets and the media covering it.

It wasn't stupid.
I haven't seen any evidence of it over past few days, but safe bet they are feeding fire of gun control debate.

Their favorite topics are black lives matter and anthem protests, anything that has negatively charged emotional isotopes, anything that feeds tribal division.
there's a simple but impossible solution. Cut your news consumption down to a reasonable level, stick with reputable sources, don't read news online on social media or your phone.

You don't need anymore media in your life than a morning read of your newspaper, 30m of 6pm news.
Good sources for evening news ..6pm news on networks, PBS Newshour, Tapper or Baier

For conservatives, yes most of those will tilt a bit to the left. But they will have fact checkers, editors, run corrections, and uphold standards. Networks are good b/c no talking heads arguing
An argument I hear from many conservatives is that the Media doesn't report on stories that they care about. It's a valid editorial gripe, a byproduct of the news becoming more Corporate and Coastal.

But my challenge to them is... do you want to be informed, or be validated?
my favorite news is the 10 o'clock local. Who, what, where, when, why. Potholes on MLK Avenue, City Council considering a new statute that might raise property tax, a local hero dog, weather and sports then off to bed with you
these are things that actually affect you. And in turn, you have a chance of affecting back. National issues are out of most people's control.
I see political people just outside their minds hoot and hollering about issues where they have precisely zero policy knowledge or expertise, don't know their own congressman, don't know diff between an authorization and appropriation.

And they wonder why they're so pissed off?
Instead of registering voters, or working at a local precinct, or attending town council meetings, the nationalization of news has angry people doing all kinds of unproductive and weird shit. Screaming outdoors, storming Hill offices, typing in all caps in comment sections...
years ago we had protestors in a House office. They hadn't scheduled an appointment, but demanded a meeting with the Rep. They'd let CNN know they'd be putting on a show and the crew diligently followed them around.

We politely told them schedule was full and asked CNN to leave.
CNN cameraman yells (yells!) "they have a right to be heard!!"

A staffer points and at elderly constituent waiting for a photo with the Congressman and says "so does he, and he made an appointment."

Stuck with me as so emblematic of how 24h news is unhealthy for the Republic
protestors had a script and everything. They were doing nothing productive, nothing that advanced debate or policy. It was just nihilistic theater, screaming and acting the fool for attention.

And they actually thought they were doing good. Not a constituent among them.
People are not acting worthy of the rights and the Republic they've inherited. And it is very hard to watch.
Don't like assigning boogeymen or scapegoats, but this stuff was much more rare before cable/internet news came onto the scene.

It's like any other bad habit, best for your personal and mental health to just cut it out of your life altogether.
I've yet to hear an answer for why Facebook feels an obligation to be a news service. I'm sure they can survive on just puppy pics, memes, and parkour videos.

News disappears from facebook tomorrow and everybody still lives
Remember this chowderhead? The founder of Chik-fil-A made some comments about gay marriage that caused a national outrage, a spark fueled by insatiable 24-hour news machine. His solution was to find a drivethru and heckle a teenage girl.
what's amazing about this video is that he honestly believed that he was doing good. He actually used the term "hateful breakfast sandwiches" or something idiotic.

Many people just do not know how to separate what they see on tv from personal relationships and good manners.
It's like this

All your political beliefs go into one bucket.

All the things you do to advance those beliefs go in another.

Many politicized people have one bucket full of ice cream and sprinkles but fill the second bucket full of horseshit.

But they only see one bucket.
Q. If there was a day where absolutely nothing newsworthy, nothing exceptional or interesting happens: what would the 24hr news cycle do? Run hours of static?

Of course not.

But these days happen all the time. So it's forced. How many stories today are "a person said a thing?"
or "we found some angry person to come on and scream at another angry person?"

And audiences think this is making them more informed!

We had a show like that in the 90s called Jerry Springer.

That's what news is today, Jerry Springer with economics and foreign policy.
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