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As we all know, the indictments handed down have shed a light on the #Russian interference in the #2016election. What those indictments revealed is, that Bernie…
…Sanders was given support by the Russians in an effort to pull votes from Hillary Clinton.

Let me give you a little more detail on how Sanders campaign was benefitting from the Russian misinformation to shape the minds of his supporters and used their own branding to…
…split the American electorate.

Most of you remember at the beginning of the primary race, Sanders was not toxic and he was very respectful of Hillary. I was actually very proud of him.
I thought this will be a good race of ideas and not the same old smear campaigns that Republicans use. I was wrong.
This is when Sanders tone changed, where Tad Devine comes in.

Background on Devine: Tad Devine is a Strategist that has worked in the political arena for decades.
Devine was a part of the 1988 Rules Committee that reformed the Democratic parties "winner takes all" to the Delegate system that Sanders railed against when it became clear that he was losing. Devine has worked for many campaigns in the US and Worldwide.
Devine is considered a heavy hitter in the world of politics. He is one of the best at changing the minds of voters. Some of you know that Tad Devine worked with Paul Manafort for over a decade and worked on the Ukrainian election for Victor Yanukovych in 2004 and 2010.
Here is what is really interesting and disturbing. The 2004 Ukrainian election was proven to have been rigged.
Litte fun fact: Part of Manaforts indictment stems from the work that he did and the money he made when he was working with Devine on the Ukraine campaign in 2004 and after.
"In 2004, Mr. Yanukovich's campaign was caught rigging the election after members of his election team were recorded discussing how to destroy evidence that showed tampering with the tabulation results. That revelation led to massive protests in the street, the Orange…
…Revolution, and a new vote which resulted in the election of Viktor Yushchenko."

"The backstory regarding the 2004 election theft was provided in public testimony last year by CIA Agent Steven Stigall, who confirmed that Victor Yanukovich stole that October 2004 election…
…by secretly placing a (man in the middle) computer in the central tabulation facility and flipping the results (by 14% according to other sources). This rigging was suspected because the exit polls favored Viktor Yushchenko. by 11%.
However, it was only proven by taped phone calls between Yanukovich's campaign managers discussing the rigging and the attempted cover-up."…

Yeah that sounds familiar, right?
Let me go a bit further on Devine and I will round back to Manafort and Trump.

In 2002, Tad Devine was a part of a team of Political strategists that were hired to work on the Bolivian Presidential Election.
Their candidate Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (Goni), who was President of Bolivia from 1993 to 1997, was seen as out of touch, arrogant and untrustworthy. When Devine and crew began working for Goni he was polling at very low numbers.
Before Devine and his firm got involved he had no chance of winning over the people of Bolivia.

To combat this view of Goni, Devine came up with the strategy "Our Brand is Crisis". Since they could not change the man, they changed the narrative.
Devine and crew started to have Goni talk about this "crisis" in every speech and in every Ad buy. How HE was the ONLY candidate that could handle this "crisis" and how his opponents could NOT.
Devine and crew used cunning methods to attack his opponents with an image of Goni as the least flawed of all the candidates. Which could not have been further from the truth. It was a spin job.
They began to paint his clean opponents as dirty, using the same tactics that are used in American political campaigns. Of course, Goni's numbers began to rise and now there was a 3-way race to the Presidency. Goni ended up winning by 1.6 points.
During the campaign, Devine and Co. knew that Goni lied repeatedly, making promises to the people of Bolivia that he broke literally the moment he was elected. This caused riots and the deaths of almost 100 Bolivian citizens.…

When Tad was coming up with this strategy to lift up a truly hated and corrupt man, he said to Goni "we must own crisis and we must brand crisis,".

I encourage you to watch the Documentary "Our Brand is Crisis".
You can find it on Amazon.…

Back to 2015 - 2016, Devine had been talking to Sanders as far back as 2014 to run for President to let him create the brand for Sanders campaign.…

Can anyone guess what the brand was that Tad Devine used for Sanders campaign? "Our Revolution" against the "Corrupt Establishment"

What did Sanders start repeating over and over? Hillary and the Democratic party are "Corrupt".
Hillary and the Democratic party are "The Establishment". Sanders hammered that point over and over.
All while never providing ANY proof of his allegations other than to point at the fact that Hillary received money from individuals (from Stock Brokers to Secretaries) that work in the financial industry when she was the Senator of NY.
We all know that NY is the financial hub of the Country so why would anyone be surprised that she was supported by the people that worked and lived there.
Even though Hillary never procured any legislation for Wall Street she was painted a "Corporate Whore","Shill" and in the pocket of Wall Street. He even used her speeches as a way to get out of ever having to release all of his tax returns. It was genius, really!
I mean they really were successful at smearing her in such a way that his supporters to this day still regurgitate the same propaganda. They raised over $500,000,000 (million) during Sanders campaign and Devine got a very large chunk of it for his work.
He made money directly and from the $87,000,000 in Ad buys. We can't get final totals on what Devine and Co. were paid because Sanders ran out the clock and never filed his final Financial Disclosures from his Presidential campaign.
Let's take a quick look at Manafort, he has worked with Roger Stone for Nixon and started the firm Black, Manafort, Stone, and Kelly in 1980. Manafort and Roger Stones firm worked all over the World and for Reagan and Bush.
I won't do an extensive background on him because at this point we all know about Paul's dirty work. Looking at his time as the campaign manager for Trump, Manafort created the exact same brand and narrative that Devine did for Sanders. "Corrupt and Establishment".
It may not have been in tandem but it worked out that way. It is so similar that Sanders and Trump were saying the same things about Hillary at different times. Sanders and Trump supporters would push that narrative even further and share in spreading the same propaganda.
I have heard many Democrats say that Trump and Sanders supporters sound the same when they talk about Hillary or Democrats. The division has been sewn so deep that I am not sure that they will ever break free from their false beliefs.
I am not saying that Sanders knew, I am not saying that Devine knew. But, they damn sure split the electorate and made a lot of money doing it. That is what they do best.

I will let time and Mueller shake out who was actively involved in the theft of our Democracy.
You can decide what you think about all of this for yourself. END THREAD
here is the Mega thread I promised about Tad Devine. After the indictments were handed down it seemed like the right time to put this together.
ADDITION: During the primary, I knew who Tad Devine. I was familiar with his work with John Kerry and Al Gore. Like I said, he is one of the best. When I started to dig deeper into his past work that was when it became clear that he was the reason Sanders got any traction.
Once, I researched the Bolivian campaign and watched the Documentary "Our Brand is Crisis" all the pieces seem to fit. Most Americans believe what they are told. They never look deeper to see the truth. Political campaigns like this are spin machines. The goal? Donations
If they win, great. But those donations are the real reason. There was NO Revolution. It was a brand and they sold it to anyone willing to buy it for $27.00.
take a look. 🙂
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