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(1) This is important.…
(2) "More forces will be committed to Hodeidah as a new front is to be opened in the next few days by Maj Gen Tariq Mohammed Abdullah, nephew of the recently deceased former president Ali Abdullah Saleh."
(3) So this means EIGHTEEN simultaneous ground offensives in Yemen.

I challenge any western armed force to duplicate this feat.
(4) Major General Tariq Mohammed Abdullah--nephew of the late dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh--is commander of the Third Republican Guard.
(5) On December 4, 2017, the Houthis surrounded the general's house.

They had secretly evacuated the entire area and moved fighters into every building.
(6) The general's house was leveled, and he was killed.…
(7) The photo captions says, "Gen Tariq Saleh, a nephew of former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, puts on his coat at the Republican Palace in Sanaa, Yemen on January 10, 2011. He was killed by the Houthi rebels this week. Khaled Abdullah / Reuters."
(8) "Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, met with Maj Gen Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, the eldest son of Yemen's assassinated former president, on Wednesday to express solidarity as violence spirals in Sanaa."
(9) So the Emiratis said that the anti-Houthi effort would be focused around the late dictator's son, Major General Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh.
(10) Five weeks after being reported killed, Brigadier General Tariq Abdullah Saleh appeared in public, alive and well.
(11) UAE commandos rescued him IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ATTACK ON HIS HOUSE.

The general and the commandos spent three days in Sana'a dodging Houthi death squads.
(12) On December 7, 2017, the UAE commandos fought their way out of the city, encountering dozens of checkpoints and killing everyone in their way.

The general was kept hidden for five weeks.
(13) Now Tariq Abdullah Saleh has been promoted to major general, and he'll lead the the eighteenth simultaneously ground offensive in Yemen.
(14) The port city of Hodeidah is the last entry point for Iranian weapons and resupplies for the Houthis.

After the city is taken, the war will end quickly.
(15) What I just wrote about above is a perfect illustration of the new warfare.

"Ground maneuver" is the military term for ground offensives.
(17) Until 2016, it was thought that special-operations forces could not engage in ground maneuver.

I'll give you an example from World War One.
(18) The Russians had "Grenadier Platoons."

They were assault troops.

Special forces.
(19) Although they were so well trained that they always broke through the enemy lines, they were too lightly armed to withstand counterattacks.

Attacks are actually less important than counterattacks.

It's counterattacks that win battles.
(20) The CONVENTIONAL Russian infantry--which had all the heavy weapons--moved far too slowly to exploit the openings that the Grenadier Platoons created.

Basically the Russians were 100 years ahead of their time.
(21) TODAY, the strategic special forces of the Gulf Cooperation Council have the firepower to fight off counterattacks.

Therefore they can engage in ground maneuver.
(22) What's happening in Yemen is ground maneuver by very small units of men with the same firepower as an division.

It's the new weapons.

One portable woman-fired missile did this.

(23) Here's the size of the missile.

It has the power of two 2000-lb bombs.

New technology.
(24) Because these advanced weapons are so small and light, resupply isn't a problem.

ALSO the GCC war doctrine calls for the enemy to simply retreat.
(25) In the PAST, a decisive battlefield victory was always required.

NOW, the goal of the GCC is to ALWAYS try for a negotiated end to the war--AFTER pummeling the hell out of the enemy and letting him see for himself that he can't win.
(26) The GCC doesn't require formal surrender and waving the white flag.

In fact, the GCC will help the enemy save face, IF the end result is a lasting peace.
(27) It took about two years to prepare Yemen.

And now the Houthis are being rolled up, against ALL expectations.

Except for mine...
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