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One of the ideas President Trump is considering to fix school shootings is adding armed guards to every school and that is the most functionally impossible thing that's we could try to pass right now because MATH. Here come some well researched numbers. THREAD
2/ Not every number is cited but you can ask Google as fast as you can ask me if you have any doubts.
There are about 100,000 public schools in the US right now. An armed guards makes about 40,000 per year. We're already at 4 Billion annually. That was fast.
3/ If you include benefits and insurance (life insurance is expensive for people in harm's way) for that alone, you'd spend 10 Billion per year (using data from the Police Foundation saying police spend 100K per year per officer on benefits). 15 Billion annually now.
4/ But you can't have just one guard. People take vacations, bathroom breaks and some schools, particularly high schools are really large (my high school had 9 buildings I think). So let's say 3 guards per school on average and we're at 45B annually.
5/ You also need to train them. The Police Foundation estimate it costs $100,000 to recruit and train one police officer. That's another 100B. I don't know what the turn over rate would be, but there's more cost there.
6/ They might not need as much training as a police officer you may argue, but they will likely have a higher turnover rate. Fie, police make more money so they may leave for a better job as a cop. So there's wiggle room on both sides of this number. At 130 Billion now.
7/ Then there's cost of supplies. You're going to need 300,000 AR-15's(because they can't be outgunned) at $600 each(on the cheap end). 300,000 bullet proof vests ($100-200). 300,000 uniforms. 300,000 tasers. 300,000 batons. Probably $1000 per guard low end.
8/ Some places might want a car for the guards (my high school campus officer had one). You will need to store and maintain these weapons. We're easily looking at another $1 Billion annually there.
9/ There's administrative costs. The recruiters. The managers. The trainers. The HR. These are usually did figure jobs in most parts of the country. Costs are going up more.
10/ The current guards union "United Government Security Officers of America" has 3900 members. 300,000 armed guards will want to join easily adding 100 times the members.
11/ They'll probably argue for higher pay since, ya know, they're now highly trained professionals taking bullets for your kids. Are you going to argue against higher pay for someone willing to die for your child? Better life insurance or benefits?
12/ USGOA will probably become a big political lobby. This cost will clearly be politicized, probably used as a bargaining chip in Congress. It could easily go up every year.

I stopped counting the exact cost a while ago, but we were at 150B annually by that point.
13/ This is probably a 150-200 Billion dollar plan. That is about 3 TIMES THE TOTAL EDUCATION BUDGET IN 2017 (about $69 Billion annually). This, at a time, when the Trump administration is cutting education spending by 5%.
14/ Another his comparable on the size; 200 Billion is what Trump said he wants to spend on infrastructure.....over 10 years. And if we assume turnover is low and recruiting and training is rare, it's still probably 100B/yr. That's about 9% of our total budget.
15/ The next thing is who would take this job. People keep saying to have Veterans guard our schools, but how realistic is that?
16/ According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, we have 453,000 unemployed veterans. 60% are under retirement age. About 20% have PTSD, and while I know most veterans would never harm a child, insurers would never let them pass the background check for an armed job.
17/ So they're out too. Roughly 45% of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans have filled for disability, so they likely wouldn't pass any training. So we're down to 119,000 possible veterans, assuming that they all take the job.
18/ ...leaving a gap of around 180,000 more people you have to find willing to take a bullet for 40,000/annually. Mississippi is the only state with an average salary lower than 40,000K ($39,464), according to the Census Bureau.
19/ The average US salary is 52,000/year, so that might be hard. With an unemployment rate at an all time low, even good employers are having trouble trying to fill good jobs. Who would take a pay cut and a bullet?
20/ Remember that the aforementioned "United Government Security Officers of America" Union has 3900 members. 118,000 more might be hard to find. 118,000 is the same number of minimum wage works in all of California.
21/ Even if we can find them that's 300,000 armed guards. That's about the same size as the Air Force, Navy or National Guard. 100,000 more than all the Marines. This would be an entirely new military branch
22/ ...just to protect us from school shootings. Just school shootings. This wouldn't protect us in concerts, churches, groceries stores, night clubs, any office space. It wouldn't protect our kids walking home it take the bus. It wouldn't protect from child molesters.
23/ It would have PROBABLY prevented 9 incidents in 2017, 19 deaths, 26 injuries. And that is assuming a shooter doesn't sneak in a get a few shots off before the armed guard figures out what's going on and where.
24/ What I'm trying to say is that this is completely illogical. I would LOVE to get back those 19 that died last year. But this could never happen if for no other reason than it's financially a waste of money.
25/ Any politician proposing this can't be considered fiscally responsible, nonetheless a reasonable person. I figured this out by Googling statistics. If they can't figure it out, they're ignoring it and just want good talking points.
26/ Gun Control, however, is much more affordable, is proven to work in other countries and will protect us everywhere, not just in schools. Make a common sense choice here and demand better from your politicians.
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