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Heartbreaking moments when 3 Yezidis reunited with their family after more than 3 years of enslavement under Islamic state captivity.they were kidnapped from shingal,moved to Mosul and were sold in slavery markets in Syria #YazidiGenocide @DavidBCohen1 @p_vanostaeyen @POTUS
Video shows ISIS terrorists is boasting cuz he stole a Yezidi girl clothes while another one is raping her in the other room.When you focus on video,you can hear the Yezidi girl was crying asking for help.These ISIS terrorists are Sunnis from Mosul @TarekFatah #YazidiGenocide
#YazidiGenocide is still ongoing, still more than 3154 Yezidi women & Children are in ISIS captivity. Iraqi government has done anything to rescue them and they don’t even help Yezidi survivors. @VP @realDonaldTrump
Yezidi mother on MT: my two legs are broken,is anyone going to help us?
Small Yezidi girl: where is my mother, what should I tell my siblings when they grow up.
1000s of Children lost their parents, many of these children died from hunger & thirsty #YazidiPlight @valerieboyer13
Many Yezidis lost their lives escaping from Muslim Sunnis who started their attack on 3.8.2014. This Yezidi woman has lost their life after what she has suffered from fear,hunger,thirsty and after she lost her family #YazidiGenocide @nedryun @TarekFatah @MichelleRempel
Are Yezidi children ever going to recover from trauma of Genocide? Yezidis who were trapped on mountains escaping from Islamic stare are still suffering from trauma of Genocide. The world is silent against what is happening with Yezidis #YazidiPlight @N_Henin @lizziedearden
Yezidis were living in their homeland. Islamic state attacked them to bring peace so that was the result:10,000 were massacred,7000 were Kidnapped,enslaved, +60 mass graves, the Yezidi homeland was destroyed by Islamic state #YazidiGenocide @TarekFatah @MichelleRempel @POTUS
Yezidi women were/are slaves of 21century in front of eyes of world leaders who decided to stay silent. Women/girls who aged 30-40 yrs were sold for 60$.20-30 yrs were sold for 85$.who aged 10-20 were sold for 120$ & who was 9 yrs was sold for 170$ @KatieNicholson #YazidiGenocide
More than 1020 Yezidi children who aged between 6-12 were kidnapped,forced to convert to Islam,brainwashed and turned to be suicide bombers. Many Yezidi children decided to suicide & refused to be slaves after the world decided to stay silent #YazidiPlight @marjoriedowhos @POTUS
Jilan is a Yezidi girl who decided to suicide and refused to be sex slave, her sister jihan has followed her abd suicided, refused to be sex slave being sold in slavery markets. Their family were massacred, father , mother and brothers #YazidiGenocide @TarekFatah @SKKav
Yezidis who were escaped/rescued/bought from ISIS captivity are 3263 among them 336 make,850 children & 1148 women (adult & minors).
#YezidiKidnapped in ISIS captivity are still 3154 among them are 1186 men(adult & children)probably killed,2077 women (women &children)
#YazidiSurvivors are trying to show through their paintings a part of what happened to them in ISIS captivity. We have suffered a lot in Islamic state captivity. Life under Islamic state captivity is like hell. We were prevented even to visit a doctor @RealDrGina #YazidiPlight
Sunni tribes have joined ISIS and involved in #YazidiGenocide #ChristiansGenocide . Islamic state caliphate AlBaghdadi has thanked in his speech in Mosul mosque Sunni tribes for supporting the Islamic state and defending them . @TarekFatah
Hell of Islamic state: clothes of 16 yrs Yezidi girl who was in IS captivity.This is an evidence of enslavement/Genocide. +2000 Yezidi Children were effected between killed,Kidnapped,lost parents & died from hunger & thirsty,many were killed among men in mass graves @Memet_Kilic
This is the situation of Yezidis in refugee camps. These disabled Yezidi siblings are suffering in refugee camps without help.
The 3 disabled siblings displaced from their home in shingal after Islamic state attacked Yezidis. @UNrefugees @JustinTrudeau #YazidiGenocide
Another painful situation; #YazidiGenocide survivor met her brother’s wife & his children. She lost 4 brothers & her father. Only one brother has survived but his family was in ISIS captivity,he couldn’t bear it and died with a strike. #YazidiGenocide @BrendaStoter @brett_mcgurk
ISIS terrorist Ammar Mustafa Yusuf AlHasan who called Abu ibrahim-Ammar Qardash or Abu Fatima AlAnsari was one of mean leaders who massacred Yezidis in kocho/shingal, he was as seen free in Mosul (car number Hyundai 31055) #YazidiPlight @IraqiPMO
Muhammad Abduallah Da’ali Alobaidi from AlHadar district had 6 Yezidi girls as sex slaves . He is now free in Humam AlAlil refugee camps in Mosul. All refugee camps in Mosul are full of ISIS terrorists @Hashed_News @IraqiPMO
IS terrorists from AlMtwit tribe from shingal,Ba’aj & Qayruan who massacred & enslaved Yezidis
1-Salim Alywi AlMtwiti Family
2-khudhur Ayid AlMtwiti Family 3-Sha’alan Bawaf Hilal AlMtwii
4-Saddam Khalaf Hamdi AlMtwiti
5-Muhammad Ayid khalaf Halo
6-Salim Khudhur Abduallah Latif
7-Ali khudhur Abduallah latif AlMtwiti
8-Musa’atz Salih Abduallah Latif AlMtwiti
9-Mazher Salih Abduallah Latif AlMtwiti
10-Salih Abdallah Latif AlMtwiti
11-Zaki Hamadan Salih AlMtwiti
12-Ali Ahmed Matar Abood AlMtwiti
13-Salih Matar Abood AlMtwiti
14-Salah Ahmed Abd kno
15-Tabit Mufrih ibrahim Jazz’s AlMtwiti
16-Khudhur AlMtwiti Tahseen Wasmi
17-Khalid Abduallah Wahab AlMtwiti
18-Ahmed abdalllah Hussein ibrahim AlMtwiti
19-Omar Madallah Hussein ibrahim AlMtwiti
20-Madallah Hussein ibrahim AlMtwiti
#YazidiGenocide @alhashd_Media
21-Adnan ibrahim Muhammad AlMtwiti
22-Malik ibrahim Muhammad AlMtwiti
23-ibrahim Muhammad ibrahim AlMtwiti
24-Ammar Muhammad ibrahim AlMtwiti
25-Hussein Madallah Hussein Ibrahim AlMtwiti
26-Adnan obaid ibrahim AlMtwiti
27-Farhan Hamid Mustafa AlMtwiti
28-Mazin Salih Obaid AlMtwiti
29-Sabah Hussein Wahab AlMtwiti
30-Ahmed Khalid Ahmed AlMtwiti
31-Shahab salim Hussein AlMtwiti
32-Hamid Abdallah Hussein AlMtwit
33-Mahir ibrahim Abas AlMtwiti
34-Basam khalaf Kadhi AlMtwiti
35-Mahmoud Hamoud Kno AlMtwiti
36-Abdallah khalil Ibrahim
37-Ali Muhammad Ibrahim AlMtwiti
38-Ahmed Ajaj Hussein AlMtwiti
39-Adnan Abdallah khalaf AlMtwiti
40-Taha Obaid Muhammad AlMtwiti
41-Ahmed Muhammad Salih AlMtwiti
42-Ahmed Salim Issa AlMtwiti
43-Issa Hamid Salim Issa AlMtwiti
44-Tariq Haso Issa AlMtwiti
#YazidiPlight #EzidiTteam
45-Hamid Khudhur Fahil Kablan AlMtwiti
46-Muhammad Khudhur fahil kablan AlMtwiti
47-Qutaiba obaid Narjs blo AlMtwiti
48-Fahad Ahmed Hakim AlMtwiti
49-ibrahim Ahmed Hasoun AlMtwiti
50-ismael Abd Alaziz Omar AlMtwiti
51-khirallah ibrahim khudhur AlMtwiti #YazidiGenocide
52-Noori Dalaf Ahmed Ali AlMtwiti
53-Shadeed Ahmed Ali AlMtwiti
54-Muhammad Khudhur khalaf Almtwiti.
All these terrorists are from ALMtwit Sunni Muslim tribe who massacred Yezidis & enslaved them. 1000s of them joined ISIS and killed Yezidis & Christians #YazidiPlight #EzidiTteam
Maria Abdullkader Hawas is Sunni girl who joined Islamic state for sex Jihad according to Imam’s fatwa who said that Sunni women must help Islamic state fighters by having sex with them as Jihad .
These jihadists are Sunnis from Mosul,Telafer,Ba’aj they have joined Islamic state for jihad but not by fighting but having sex with 5 or 10 persons as a kind of Jihad. The Fatwa was to help ISIS terrorists keep fighting.
1000s of Sunni women were/are involved in SEX JIHAD. Father was allowed to sleep with his daughter according to FATWA from Sunni imams which was announced in 2014 when Mosul was taken by ISLAM state.
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