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So, Dimitri Simes is the President of The Center for the National Interest (formerly known as The Nixon Center) and has been since the group was founded in 1994.

This event in April 2016 was at the Mayflower Hotel. cc @LincolnsBible @ericgarland
2/ This event:

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared to waver when asked by the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday if he met privately with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during an event at the Mayflower Hotel last year."

cc @ninaandtito…
3/ Remember this too? Dimitri Simes was briefing Dole on Gorbachev the same year Trump first visited Russia (1987).
4/ Look at who all is on the board for the Center for the National Interest.

Dimitri Simes, Richard Burt (Alfa Bank, Gazprom, etc.), Henry Kissinger and David Keene.

That's former NRA President David Keene.…
5/ That's the same David Keene who was described as an "old friend" of Roger Stone ... all the way back in 1986.

The same David Keene who was working as an adviser for Bob Dole in 1986. One year before Dimitri Simes was briefing Dole on Gorbachev/Russia.
6/ Stone is described here as 'The Next Generation's Roy Cohn'.

Boy did he ever live up to that.…
7/ Anyway, I bring all this up, in part because of this article.

David Keene took part in this trip to Moscow to meet with Kremlin officials, and boy do I look forward to telling you more about him.…
8/ As always, Keene acted like the trip was a big ol' nothingburger.

We know better by now, don't we?
9/ "Torshin and Butina are both passionate defenders of gun owners’ rights. Both are lifetime members of the NRA The two attended the NRA’s annual meeting in 2014 as a special guests of then-NRA president David Keene."…
10/ You guys think Roger Stone doesn't know anything about this? Seems a bit unlikely.

Spanish authorities allege "that Torshin helped a Russian mob syndicate in Moscow launder money through banks and properties in Spain."

Mob. Mob. Mob. Mob.

Stay tuned. So much more here.
11/ I haven't forgotten about this thread. Don't know when I'll finish it, but I may update periodically.

There's so much to cover here, but it's important to note just how far back David Keene & Roger Stone go.


Committee for the Re-election of the President (CREEP).
12/ For Stone, the 2016 election was all about this ⬇️⬇️
13/ ⬇️⬇️"Former NRA President David Keene wrote a personal letter to Russian Senator Alexander Torshin in 2011 offering the NRA’s help for Torshin’s endeavors."…
14/ A year later, in 2012, Roger Stone helped Democrat Scott Israel get elected sheriff of Broward County in Florida.…
15/ Why did Stone support the Democrat in that election? A guy he'd actually helped defeat in the previous election? It's a bit unusual until you remember....

Mob. To control your territory, you need local law enforcement on your side.
16/ Specifically Roger Stone's friends in the Russian mob.
17/ I know this is a difficult subject to deal with right now, so I'm sticking to the facts as much as I possibly can.

Fact is, there are a lot of wealthy Russians in South Florida. Plenty of them are "ex"-Russian intelligence and/or military. ⬇️⬇️…
18/ The article above discusses Anatoly Petukhov.

In Russia, Petukhov was a member of an government organization that was supposed to be fighting crime.

But instead of fighting crime, Petukhov partnered with the mob. They were so corrupt, their organization was shut down.
19/ The @MiamiHerald's reporting found that Petukhov spent ~ $40 million on real estate in South Florida.

Why does all this matter? How does it relate to the NRA? Well, one of Petukhov's bosses in Russia was a mafia boss named Arnold Tamm.
20/ Tamm is an underboss in the Mogilevich Organization. It can be a bit confusing, but for clarity:

Arnold Tamm is a mafia boss. #SemionMogilevich is the boss of bosses, so Arnold Tamm is also an underboss in the Mogilevich Organization. Make sense?
21/ But you see, Tamm was recently arrested in Spain. He's accused of money laundering to the tune of $35 million in Spain.

Who else has been accused of money laundering by the Spanish authorities? Lifetime NRA member/Russian mobster Alexander Torshin.…
22/ "FBI counterintelligence investigators have focused on the activities of Alexander Torshin, the deputy governor of Russia’s central bank who is known for his close relationships with both Russian President Vladimir Putin & the NRA."

Mob. Mob. Mob. 👇…
23/ Now enjoy this chart from the Yahoo News article titled, 'Spain's Robert Mueller takes on the Russian mob'

See how the pieces are all starting to connect? The 🚩Global Corruption Scandal🚩 puzzle is being put together :)

More to come. Stay tuned.…
24/ Another great article from @MotherJones here adds more pieces to the puzzle.

Torshin, Keene, Butina, Paul Erickson and their relationship to Trump and his campaign all discussed at length.

You may not be familiar with Paul Erickson. Who's he again?…
25/ Paul Erickson was identified in a USA Today obituary as a “friend and ally” of the late Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart. He's also a former board member of the American Conservative Union (group that organizes CPAC). David Keene was the ACU chairman from 1984-2011.
26/ "Kremlin Connection"

“Putin is deadly serious about building a good relationship with Mr. Trump,” the N.R.A. member and conservative activist, Paul Erickson, wrote in May 2016. “He wants to extend an invitation to Mr. Trump to visit him in the Kremlin before the election."
27/ In the email, Erickson "said he wanted the advice of Mr. Dearborn and Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, then a foreign policy adviser to Mr. Trump and Mr. Dearborn’s longtime boss, about how to proceed in connecting" Putin and Donald Trump. ⬇️⬇️…
28/ Alexander Torshin was meant to be the intermediary between Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin. How much contact this channel facilitated is up for debate, but the efforts were clear. There certainly was some contact, as the Mother Jones piece above lays out.

We're getting there.
29/ Remember this point, btw. This mob doesn't know how to quit each other. They also don't forget.

In April 2016, when Donald Trump gave his first foreign policy address where was it again? Center for the National Interest, formerly known as the 🚩Nixon Center🚩.

Stay tuned.
30/ It's something like ...

Meet Roger Stone's new "dirty trick."…
31/ Same as Roger Stone's old "dirty trick."…
32/ There's just something about South Florida, isn't there?

Whatever could it be ....…
33/ ↕️↕️ Oh.

So, Roger Stone, Donald Trump's "Winter White House," Trump properties and Russian (Mafia State) investment. What could go wrong?…
34/ So, what does it all mean?

Here’s the thing. Roger Stone & Donald Trump like to play games with the MSM. Roger Stone “quit” Trump’s campaign in its early stages back in 2015. That’s the story, at least, but it’s never that simple. Not with these two.…
35/ Trump said he fired Stone from the campaign. Roger said he quit.

It doesn’t really matter. Why? Because Stone kept working for Trump “unofficially.” It was better to have a degree of separation between them when Stone remained involved. He talked to WikiLeaks, for instance.
36/ WikiLeaks is an arm of Russian Military Intelligence aka the GRU. Stone admitted contacting WikiLeaks in the past (though the dirty trickster's story has changed repeatedly), by the way, but in case anyone needed more confirmation, here you go.…
37/ Why would Stone keep working for Trump after he was fired/quit the campaign? Because they’ve been friends since the 1970s. They’re still friends. Donald and Roger had the same mentor in Roy Cohn, and they’ve both spent the better part of three decades cozying up to Russia.
38/ It’s there to see for anyone who wants to know. Stone and Trump never stray too far from one another.

The MSM often has a short attention span and forgets these things, but there are more than a few hints out there. Like this, for instance.…
39/ But how does all of this connect, right? How do we put the pieces together?

Well, when it comes to Trump, Stone & South Florida, it’s all about the mob doing what the mob does best. Take over territory. South Florida is the Russian mob’s territory.
40/ The sheriff of Broward County, Scott Israel, is Roger Stone’s guy. Stone backed his campaign. Scott Israel, hired Stone’s guys and quickly promoted Roger’s son to detective.

The two of them are a team, but, they’re not running the show on their own.…
41/ They’re all in bed with the Russian mob. Trump, Stone, Scott Israel. All three of them. In Broward County and the surrounding area in South Florida, they’re tied to a motorcycle group named after the Russian special forces group, Spetsnaz.
42/ 👇“Spetsnaz M.C. was founded two years ago by Mangushev and other Russian expatriates, including a decorated Broward Sheriff’s deputy."

Russian Spetsnaz “encompasses counter-terrorism strike teams, elite assault forces and special units of the FSB.”…
43/ We know all that, but how did it tie into Trump’s 2016 campaign?
These connections, in some cases at least, were cultivated many years earlier.

They couldn’t predict how it would all turn out, right? But they could decide how to make the best use of them.

44/ ⬆️⬆️Shortly after Alexander Torshin attended the May 2013 NRA convention in Houston, Donald Trump announced his intention to move his 2013 Miss Universe Pageant to Moscow.…
45/ The pageant would end up being held in Moscow on November 9, 2013. Trump’s old Russian mob pals were there. One of them, Alik Tokhtakhounov, ran a large gambling ring out of Trump Tower.

There were probably lots of topics they discussed, right?
46/ Tokhtakhounov has an Interpol wanted poster which “accuses him of ‘bribery in sport contests,’ fraud and other malfeasance and says he is affiliated with Semyon Y. Mogilevich."

He denies this ofc, so it must be another one of "those coincidences."…
47/ Except, we keep coming back the same Russian mob mob mob, don't we?

⬇️⬇️Hmm ... aren’t mob charts helpful and fun?

Let’s keep adding to the timeline to fill in as many missing pieces as possible, okay?
48/ The Miss Universe pageant ended. Trump went home.

Then Mikhail Kalashnikov, the designer the AK-47, died in late December 2013. In January 2014, Alexander Torshin⬆️ (NRA, Russian mob) wrote a glowing op-ed of Kalashnikov in The Washington Times.…
49/ Who was the opinion editor of The Washington Times when Alexander Torshin’s article on Kalashnikov was published? Roger Stone’s longtime friend and former NRA president, David Keene.
50/ In February 2014, Putin invades the Ukrainian territory of Crimea. In March, Russia annexes Crimea and declares the territory part of the Russian Federation.

Which troops did Putin use to carry out the operation? Russian Spetsnaz special forces.…
51/ ICYMI:

⬇️⬇️“Even after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and Yanukovych fled to Russia, Manafort returned to Ukraine 17 times, earning at least $1 million to help reelect pro-Russia politicians, according to a party official who worked with him.”…
52/ Summer 2014: Obama sanctions Kremlin-linked officials for their role in Russia's actions in Ukraine. Because of this, the NRA could no longer sell assault rifles like the Kalashnikov to American customers.

The NRA made its displeasure clear then.…
53/July 2015:

Maria Butina is on tape asking Trump if he’ll remove Obama's sanctions, because at the end of the day, the Kremlin hates sanctions. They’re doing serious damage to the Russian economy.

Trump told Maria Butina the sanctions aren’t necessary.…
54/ In an effort to bypass sanctions, AK-47 production begins in Pennsylvania. The company claims to be American, but it offers an authentic Russian model.

The "American" Kalashnikov company announced plans to build a factory in Florida in January 2016.…
55/ At the same time (January 2016), Trump’s campaign surrogate and Florida governor Rick Scott "offered $162,000 in state tax breaks to bring the manufacturer of the Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle to Broward County."…
56/ "Scott said he still supports Trump. And he is running a political fundraising committee, Rebuilding America Now, that has raised more than $19 million to support him."

Rebuilding America Now = Tom Barrack & Manafort.

cc @ninaandtito @LincolnsBible…
57/ I have several threads on this super PAC and the various people associated with it. Here's one worth revisiting though.
58/ Anyway, Trump wasn’t taken seriously early on in the campaign by almost everyone, but he survived, right?

So, on April 27 2016, Trump gives his first foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel, hosted by the group formerly known as The Nixon Center.
59/ A couple days later (April 29, 2016) Trump did not yet have the Republican nomination for president, but Trump and his campaign believed they were very close.…
60/ May 8, 2016.

The Washington Times loves Donald Trump!

Remember, David Keene was the NRA president, then opinion editor for The Washington Times from 2014-16. He's now listed as the paper’s editor-at-large. So, no surprise here.…
61/ … And wouldn’t you know it, the same guy who wrote that ⬆️⬆️ article also announced Trump’s Mayflower Hotel speech for David Keene's paper a couple weeks earlier.

But I digress ...…
62/ May 20, 2016. The NRA officially endorses Donald Trump for president.…
63/ Also in May, we see the ‘Kremlin connection’ email in which the NRA's man, Alexander Torshin, is suggested as the go-between for Trump and Putin.

The email is reportedly forwarded to longtime Roger Stone associates Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.…
64/ July 19, 2016.

Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination for president with a whole lot of help from Paul Manafort. For a multitude of reasons I’m not going to get into here, Trump could not be stopped.…
65/ The NRA would go on to spend $30 million on Trump's campaign.

On September 2016, for instance, we see NRA spending $5 million on ads for Trump.…
66/ The Access Hollywood tape was released by the Washington Post on October 7, 2016. Trump bragged about sexual assault. On Tape. I'm sure you remember.

Many of Trump's backers abandoned him. But guess what? The NRA stuck with Trump.…
67/ When Donald Trump won the 2016 election, the Kremlin celebrated his victory.

Russian money (almost certainly) made its way into Trump's campaign, through the NRA. One of multiple ways the Russians aided his campaign.

Because Trump is their guy.…
68/ In 2017, Trump “noted that he was the first sitting president to address the NRA at its annual meeting since Ronald Reagan in 1983.”

The $30 million the NRA spent on Trump’s campaign bought a whole lot of “loyalty,” you know.…
69/ Trump can’t quit the NRA. He might claim to support gun control measures, but so far, it’s nothing more than empty promises.

The recent mass shooting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School brought some uncomfortable information to light, however.…
70/ Predictably, the friends of the NRA, the Russian mob and Trump (this a bit redundant, I know) have been doing damage control ever since. Like Roger Stone did here for his guy, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.
71/ Much like David Keene did for the Washington Times.

"They’re riding a wave of public outrage that we all understand and fueling it with liberal money from their Hollywood friends while the media exploits the victims and their families," Keene said.…
72/ A few weeks later, after pressure began to mount, the Washington Times released another op-ed lauding the “crack Broward County Sheriff’s Office.”

The Washington Times support of Trump and Roger Stone’s sheriff, Scott Israel, remains unwavering.…
73/ Why? Because once the dam breaks, everything is going to come out.

Trump, Stone, David Keene and Scott Israel are protecting their product, their investment, their territory and their friends in the Russian mob.

Not only do we know this about the shooter, Nikolas Cruz …
74/ We also know this about the company Kalashnikov USA, which is producing AK-47s in Broward County, about 13 miles from where the mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Remember those sanctions enacted by Obama after Putin invaded and annexed Crimea?
75/ The conclusion of the Bloomberg article used in the last 3 tweets says this.

“BOTTOM LINE - A complicated web of shell companies connects Kalashnikov USA to allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin and appears designed to avoid U.S. sanctions.”…
76/ Now do we see why this group sticks with Donald Trump no matter the odds? They don’t have a choice.

They are exposed. The dam is barely holding.

The fear is real. h/t @Grzabjj for this ⬇️⬇️
77/ Recall this:

When Trump almost ran for president in 2011, who was intimately involved? Roger Stone.

Yet then, as he did during the 2016 campaign, Trump “distanced” himself from Stone.

As I said before, they love playing games with the media.…
78/ Did you notice the author of the 2011 Politico piece? ⬆️⬆️

It's helpful to have an access merchant signal boosting your disinformation along the way, you know?…
79/ Now, do you know who was the head of CPAC’s parent company from 1984-2011?

David Keene. He left in 2011 to serve as president of the NRA.

David Keene set up CPAC 2011. He would've sent out the invitations, right? This was his baby, after all.…
80/ So then maybe, just maybe, Trump was actually telling the truth when he said this?
81/ No, they couldn't plan every detail, but Trump's victory was as important as the defeat of "the establishment", wasn't it?

This was all about Nixon's boys getting their revenge.

The "liberal media" is the reason Nixon got impeached, after all.
82/ Roy Cohn was a "mentor to Stone and Trump and taught both men how to manipulate the media and bully opponents. After he died, they carried on in his spirit."

Seems to me this group would've been willing to do just about anything to get out from under.…
83/ All of this is to say, I tend to think Trump's speech at the Mayflower Hotel needs more attention. Because The Nixon Center/The Center for the National Interest's president, Dmitri Simes knows all about Russia and Richard Nixon. 🚩🚩⬇️⬇️
84/ Dismiss all of this as a conspiracy theory, if you like.

But you know, if you do, you'll be doing exactly what the conspiracy theorist with a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back wants you to do.
85/ Maybe take a minute and reconsider, okay?

It's really not a lot to ask.

Thanks for reading.

CODA from time to time seems appropriate for this thread. I'll add as more comes to light.

For now ... CPAC = David Keene in charge from 1984-2011, right?

So, this is interesting.
Here's the picture Dana Loesch linked there.
Who hosted CPAC 2013 in St. Louis? Dana Loesch, among others.

So we see ⬇️⬇️…
And a whole lot of over the top nonsense from the same Dana Loesch (now the NRA spokesperson) at CPAC 2018.

The fear is real.…
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