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1) This is my #QAnon thread for posts beginning February 22nd.
The theme for this series is "Question Everything."

The latest Q posts can be found here:
2) #QAnon did some security tests on #GreatAwakening
3) This security test by #Qanon will be mentioned later.
4) #Qanon defines a patriot and a traitor.
5) #Qanon posted links to 2 PDF documents about the CIA's involvement in the media and the church.

Why are the documents protected?

What would happen if we knew the full extent of the CIA's involvement in the media, the church and other community organizations?
6) Would we wake up from the dream?

Would we question what we've been told?
7) If we knew the truth, would the CIA become No Such Agency?
8) #Qanon tells us to scroll through the documents.

Link 1:…

Link 2:…
9) The first link takes you to a series of letters between the CIA Director and a congressman who believed reporters working for the CIA were covering his work on the panel investigating the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King Jr.
10) The CIA Director admitted they had used reporters in the past but denied that any were currently working for the agency.

It's become policy for the Agency to admit past transgressions once they're discovered but deny that the practice in question is currently being used.
11) The second link takes you to a PDF transcript of a 1996 Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on the use of reporters and the clergy by the CIA.
12) Here's a table of contents.
13) Extra credit. If you thought it was bad that the Clinton campaign and Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign, consider the fact the LBJ ordered the CIA to spy on Barry Goldwater's campaign in 1964.
14) Consider the fact that the CIA owned a charter airline company.

Now ask yourself what other ventures they might be involved in without our knowledge.
15) An anon believes he's figured out some of the coded messages #Qanon and the President are using.

What goes in the blank spaces in the President's tweet?
You need to check out the coded #Qanon posted.
16) #Qanon posted [Sig_5:5_Read]
There are two components to the code. A set of responses and a numeric indicator. In the diagram, 5 fingers are used to indicate that the fifth response is the correct one.
17) #Qanon confirms that the anon is on the right track.
18) Using the example above, we could know what goes in the blank space in President Trump's tweet.

"I hear you."
19) An anon is glad to see #Qanon back on the board.
Q asks if the anon counted spaces to see if he had the right decode.
20) #Qanon posted about the CIA [clowns] and murders [187] in China related to information on Hillary Clinton's unsecured server which was sold. Crowdstrike was given access to the server but the FBI was not. There was a betrayal and the truth is going to come out.
21) An anon said that Hillary sold SAPs (Special Access Programs.)
22) This was confirmed by FBI anon in July of 2016.
23) Special Access Programs are used to secure the most sensitive information the government produces. #Qanon…
24) SAPs include things like troop placement and battle plans.
#Qanon asked:
What would happen if patriots learned that their safety was betrayed—sold out—by members of the government they work for?

Does the President have a plan to reunite patriots under proper oversight [OS]?
25) #Qanon has a warning for those involved. Power and money are nothing if you don't support the people in the trenches. They know what you did and they are coming for you. They will never forget. You messed with the wrong people.
26) Regarding this:
Clowns revealed in China/other.
Sold intel?

Many CIA agents were imprisoned or killed in China from 2010 and 2012 when information about them was stolen, leaked, or sold.
27) Regarding the CIA and the media:
This is an excellent article by Carl Bernstein detailing how the CIA uses members of the press.
28) More extra credit. This article explains how the CIA infiltrated the National Student Association in their effort to subvert and dismantle the Soviet Union.
29) The debate over gun control in the wake of the Florida shooting is a distraction. That's what false flags are for. They're an opportunity to get YOU to talk about THEIR issue instead of YOURS.
Like sheep, we keep taking the bait.
30) An anon tracked down a man he believes to be the person #Qanon asked about in a previous post.
31) Here's the #Qanon post from January.
Q asked the anons to find the person connected to the checking account.
The suggestion was that this person was involved in funding Obama in a pay for play scheme backed by Saudia Arabia [SA]
32) The link at the bottom of the anon's post takes you to the indictment of Medhat El Amir.
34) #Qanon congratulates the anon and tells him to watch the President's speech today from #CPAC2018.
35) POTUS full speech at #CPAC2018
36) #Qanon posted this.
This is one of four Broward County Deputies who were on scene at the school shooting in Florida but refused to engage the shooter.
A friend of Hillary?
37) Sundance at Conservative Treehouse pieced together the bizarre story of the Broward County Sheriff's response to the school shooting in Florida. #Qanon…
38) #Qanon posted this.

What does Q mean concerning aid money?
39) Here's the article #Qanon linked to.…
40) #Qanon posted this.

Who is leaking info about the CNN crisis actors?
Who is leaking info revealing the coordinated effort by media and local government?

NSA sees all.
They set up CNN
41) #Qanon responded to his own post.
42) If POTUS increased the penalties for libel, it could significantly impact a corporate media bent on destroying him through lies. #Qanon…
43) An anon posted this asking if it was the phase 2 #Qanon referred to.
44) These are the images from the anon's post.
45) #Qanon responds.
46) There were problems on the board. #Qanon did several tests.
47) #Qanon
48) #Qanon
49) #Qanon
50) #Qanon responds to the people interfering with his posts.
51) #Qanon posted this.
52) Background info on Stanislav Lunev.
53) The big question: What is #Qanon getting at with the reference to Stanislav Lunev and the BRIDGE?

Here's my guess: Lunev is a spy who defected to the U.S. Q has been telling us about spies and their agencies for the last few weeks, including Edward Snowden.
54) Snowden fled (defected) to Russia after \ leaking information on the NSA to the press. For months, #Qanon has been asking Snowden about the weather in Russia but on the 18th he observed that Snowden is no longer there.
55) If Snowden is no longer in Russia, where is he?
#Qanon has been suggesting for months that Snowden has an appointment to keep here in the states.
56) How would the U.S. extradite Snowden?
We wouldn't.
The usual method for getting a spy back from Russia is exchanging them for another spy. We would get Snowden. Russia would get one of their spies back.
57) This was the theme of the 2015 film "The Bridge of Spies."
IMDb link:…
58) It just a guess, but this could be the meaning of #Qanon's reference to "the bridge."
(I'm not sure how it would be "payback" for something that happened on Friday.)

FYI - Snowden has become an irritation to Putin since he's been there.…
59) The title of this article, "Snowden is Turning into a Liability for Putin"could explain #Qanon's reference to Snowden becoming a liability.
60) If Snowden were to become a liability rather than an asset, Putin would be more willing to turn him over to U.S. authorities. #Qanon
61) Here's another possible interpretation for "The Bridge."
62) If this is what #Qanon was referring to, what's the connection?
How is an 8-year-old biography on President Obama relevant to the current discussion?
63) #Qanon often posts the term DELTA which can have different meanings, depending on the context.
64) The term Delta is used in both math and science. It represents the change or difference in an equation or experiment. #Qanon
65) Delta also has a military application. It's part of the phonetic alphabet and it's an indicator of the level of threat. The scale for the level of threat is called Threatcon. It has four levels. Delta is the most severe. #Qanon…
66) In the example above, the term Delta is used and the number 6 which is in brackets:
My assumption is that in this instance, Delta is not a reference to threatcon but is indicating D-6, which refers to come component of #Qanon's communication protocol.
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