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For some reason, I’m being attacked about the Parkland shooting today. The conspiracy theorists refuse to give up their wild stories. So, here we go. A thread on Parkland. this is going to take a while and embarrass some people.
First of all, the official version. Nikolas Cruz, about whom authorities has more than ample warning, took an Uber to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School wearing the school colors, a maroon t-shirt with Parkland on it. He was carrying a backpack and a long black bag.
Inside the long black bag was an AR-15 that he purchased legally. He walked into the freshman building, where he encountered a student. As he took his rifle out of the bag, he looked at the student and said, You’d better run.” Then, he inserted a magazine and began his rampage.
When he was done, he dropped the backpack and the rifle and bag and calmly walked out of the high school along with other students that were evacuating. He walked to the Walmart, where he bought a soda at the Subway inside the Walmart. Then he left, and walked to the McDonalds.
After he left the McDonalds, he walked aimlessly until a police officer recognized that he fit the description of the shooter and accosted him. Unarmed now, Cruz calmly laid on the ground and waited to be handcuffed. And then the conspiracy theories began to fly.
asked me to prove that the teachers were trained for shooting drills. She apparently didn’t believe me.
So, I did.
Then, @ErtRob3 jumped in. But what about the teacher who said she saw a cop in full military gear? Well, that’s not exactly what she said. Watch the video.… “He was in full metal garb – helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’d
never seen before.” Sure enough, she said it. So, the conspiracy theorists say, See, there was another shooter. Not so fast. Look what she said first. “So, I just went in this very strange autopilot mode” This is a very typical human reaction to trauma.
Time becomes foreshortened. You develop tunnel vision. I’ll bet the only thing that teacher saw was the gun. The rest she assembled from memories to help her understand what was going on. No one has corroborated her story. No body armor has been found. No mask. No police gear.
Nothing supports her story, yet the conspiracy theorists accept it at face value without questioning or investigating it. Why? Because they want to believe there was a second shooter. That it was a “false flag” event. That the government is deliberately killing it’s own citizens.
Why? Because they want to take our guns. Because they want to enslave us. And they’ll stop at nothing to do that. Even killing innocent citizens is acceptable to reach their goal.
Now mind you, EVERY government employee has to be behind this plan. Either that or so intimidated and terrified that they will never speak out. But they also won’t quit their jobs? Really?
So, then @ErtRob3 demanded that I provide proof.
So, I did. I posted the video of an eyewitness who was Cruz right before he began shooting.
But that wasn’t enough for him. He demanded that I accept the video of the teacher as gospel truth because, after all, I only had ONE video of an eyewitness. So, I explained the difference between the two videos.
I posted this. But then Rob claims I’m cherrypicking. Then he switches tactics. Where’s the Uber driver?
Then he posts this craziness. The Walmart is 45 minutes away. How the hell did he get there so fast? So, I pulled up Google maps and looked it up. Guess where the Walmart is? ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE SCHOOL. Liberally five minutes away. Look at the map.
None of that was good enough for Rob, so I provided this:… Read the story. There are literally multiple eyewitnesses that saw Cruz. “A staffer recognized him instantly and radioed to warn a co-worker.”
Mackenzie said she recognized him.
"I immediately knew it was him," she said. So, now we have three separate people who have identified Cruz as the shooter. A worker who saw him walk into the building and then called Code Red on the radio. A teacher who recognized him immediately
A student who encountered him as he entered the building and saw him loading the weapon. But still, we have conspiracy theorists demanding that there had to be other shooters.
And Rob continues to get the facts wrong. No, Rob, he started shooting on the FIRST floor and then went to the second. Facts matter. Evidence matters.
These conspiracy theories do a disservice to the people who went through the trauma. They discount the eyewitness accounts to get to the story that really matters - the government is after us. The government killed them. It’s a false flag.
To believe these stories, you have to believe there is NOT ONE person in local, state AND the federal government that will tell the truth. NOT ONE. How perverted do you have to be to think this way?
Now watch this. Notice how Rob has changed his tune? Since I proved he was wrong about the distance to Walmart and McDonallds (literally next door and across the street), he now scoffs at it without mentioning the distance any longer. Because he can’t.
See how he adjusts his conspiracy when facts are shot down? So what, Suzie said this. Jane said that. What about them? Guess what. Eyewitness testimony is not reliable.… Don’t believe them? How about this?…
Or this?… Human beings are fallible. Their memories are colored by their experiences. Trauma alters their reality and causes them to see and hear things that didn’t happen.
So, now, Rob accuses me of going postal because I simply demonstrated that the “facts” he thought he had were not facts. Now he’s demanding the school videos. We MIGHT get those - after the trial. They’re evidence. You don’t have the right to see them now.
And now he’s reduced to, he, I’m just going by what I heard. Yes, and you swallowed it hook, line, and sinker, because you WANT to believe it. But you’ve never thought through what the consequences of believing it are. You’ve never considered the that you are accusing
the Americans who work for our government of being in out a huge conspiracy to kill innocent citizens in a diabolical effort to disarm us. Each. And. Every. One. Of. Them. Because, for the conspiracy to work, that has to be the case. EVERY government worker has to be in on it.
EVERY government worker has to be so pathologically evil that they are willing to accept the deaths of innocent citizens without saying a single word. Without so much as protesting that it isn’t right. EVERY government employee has no moral compass at all.
I don’t want to live in that world. Why do you? Now, he asks me if the Sheriff is lying. About what, Rob? Yes, he’s lying about some things. He’s covering up the fact that his corruption led directly to this tragedy. He’s refusing to take responsibility.
Why should this surprise you? It’s not like we don’t know some government employees are corrupt. Shoot, I can list a bunch of them off the top of my head; Hillary, Obama, Page, Strzok, McCabe, Comey, Yates, Ohr, Sheriff Israel. The list goes on and on and on.
But you want me to believe they are ALL corrupt. Every single one. And I can’t do that. You know why? Because I know some of them. And I know they are not corrupt. They are just like me They swore an oath to the Constitution and will take that oath to the grave with them.
Just like me. And millions of other veterans and government workers. You see, you are claiming, without realizing it I suppose, that AMERICA is evil. Just like the liberals. Have you ever given that any thought, Rob? Just like the liberals. I will NEVER believe that.
Not in a million years. So, learn to do some research. It took me five minutes to prove you wrong about the Walmart and McDonalds. You could have done that yourself. But you didn’t. You should ask yourself why. Why do you hate America?
Because, if you believe that EVERY government employee is in on a big conspiracy, then you believe America is evil. How could it possibly be any other way if they’re all in on the conspiracy? You should thank your lucky stars that you tweeted me instead of @ThomasWictor.
would tear you a new arsehole. He has way less patience for this crap than I do. For example:… and this:… and this:…
Just please, stop for one minute and THINK about what you are saying I know it’s frustrating. I know the left uses these events to boost their agenda. I KNOW they want our guns. They are never going to get them. Seriously. Never. It’s not going to happen. So stop panicking.
And stop falling for all the conspiracy theories. They all have one thing in common. You can’t disprove them, because you can’t prove something does not exist. Hey, who was that wearing the body armor and the mask? I don’t know. Where is it? Nobody has found it.
That’s just it, they say. Nobody has found it, because “they” hid it. Well how do you know they hid it? Because it hasn’t been found dummy! You can’t win a circular argument, because it’s circular. There is no end. Just stop trying.
Yesterday some guy tried to “prove” that 9/11 was a false flag. Groan. Listen. I’ve read the ENTIRE hundreds of pages of the commissioned report on the buildings falling. 911 truthers have no clue.
I could bury you in a hundred tweet thread that proves the planes brought the buildings down, but why bother? You SAW the planes fly into the buildings. You watched it LIVE on TV. If that isn’t enough proof for you, you’re beyond hope. And I don’t want to waste my time with you
or bore my poor followers with an extremely technical thread that you would ignore anyway. Just go away. Head back to the nether regions of the internet where all tinfoil hats reside. And leave good Americans alone. We don’t need you. We don’t want you.
We’re sick and tired of hearing your garbage. And now, like @ThomasWictor, I will simply start blocking you if you bring up this crap. Nikolas Cruz killed those kids. Las Vegas was not a false flag. And Oswald killed Kennedy. Nuff said?
OK, here’s an entire thread filled with this garbage. Go read it, if you can stand it.
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