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After much thought, I purchased a camera to learn photography. Decided to experiment with it in Racecourse park today. Tripod dekhtay hi a bunch of kids came and asked for pictures. Indulged them but jokes on then, I know jackshit about photography.
Her name is Esmeralda. This is the picture of the day. Camera day 1 successful.
This was Picture 2 from yesterday. Figured I'd post a single picture everyday to keep an evolutionary journal of progress.
And this is picture 3 for today. I'm good with billi ghora pix
Picture 4 for yesterday. Slowly figuring out the settings.
Picture 5 for yesterday. Could have repositioned better.
Picture six for day yesterday. @MyDixonCider claims that it's wasted but he doesn't understand my artistic license.
Picture 7 for God knows how many days ago.
Picture 8. Spent a great deal of time learning how to do this with no internet in Kashmir. Should have read up on this to get less noise.
Picture 9. Was going for a silhouette effect but the light just wasn't agreeing. This is Key, Kashmir!
Picture 10. So funny story, I did NOT edit this even slightly. Literally grabbed a friend's sunglasses and but them over the lense. Super happy with how this turned out. Serendipity FTW.
Picture 11. Should have cleaned my screen before taking this.
Picture 12. Golden hour in Kel, Kashmir. God knows I could have used it better. Was too engrossed in Kashmir to pay attention to the camera.
Picture 13. While long exposure isn't my forte, Murree Expressway played along.
Picture 14. Just stars, no landscape. Testament to me needing a new tripod because I literally just placed my camera on the ground with a timer to get this.
Picture 15. Fire is the easiest thing to capture beautifully. And I think I'm caught up for the past few days now.
Picture 16. Totally milking the Kashmir tour.
Picture 17. Look at how green the Neelum was!
Picture 18. Courtesy @MyDixonCider for showing me really fit places.
Picture 19. Part Mosque. Part F-16.
Picture 20. Whattay view.
Picture 21. An ode to the retro livery.
Picture 22. Had to take off the lense and re-assemble my camera after pushing it through a railing to get this.
Picture 23. Alma matter. Always.
Picture 24. Lahore and the not-so-mighty nehr
Picture 25. I thought that purchasing a camera would lead to lots of pictures of me. Sadly, my photographer is my trusty tripod and the timer feature on the camera itself.
Picture 27. One of the last frontiers of architecturally preserved Mughal monuments.
Picture 28. I know the cringeworthy cliched nature of this picture but no experimental photography journey is complete without a shitty light painting.
Picture 29. So far, I've been easily snapping away with soft natural light. Really need to learn how to work with indoor light.
PICTURE 30. Can't believe that I've managed to actually put up 30 pictures. I don't really see any progression in terms of things learnt. Took this with a 20 second long-exposure at 3 AM. Enjoy the brilliant stars behind the thick Lahori polluted sky.
Picture 31. This was from my smartphone. Samsung tends to over-process the picture.
Picture 32. Slowly figuring out Photoshop.
Picture 33. Sunrise over Iqbal Park.
Picture 34. Lahore Town Hall. This is a frame from a timelapse. Pretty happy how it turned out.
Picture 35. My love for Badshahi shall never waver.
Picture 36. This place is steeped in history.
Picture 37. Lahore to Karachi 4 PM Greenline.
Picture 38. No filter. Could have framed this 10x better.
Picture 39. One of the most underrated mosques in Lahore.
Picture 40. Sunday mornings on leafy Mall Road.
Picture 41. Feat. my driver who suggested the pose and made me take five different pictures till he was happy with one.
Picture 42: Came across a really beautiful vine at my cousins house. #nofilter
Picture 43: For the love of boti.
Picture 44. Bokeh samajh gaya hay bhaiyon aur behno
Picture 45. The grave of Begum Nadira, the wife of Dara Shikoh, the emperor that never was.
Picture 46. Cliched middle of the road
Picture 47. Morning walks.
Picture 47. Kudos to my hesitant model for letting me set this up in the middle of he the road.
Picture 48. Bawa Dinga Singh Building, Mall Road. One of the last bastions of colonial architecture not fully commercialized by banks.
Picture 49. Symmetry.
Picture 50. HALF CENTURY! Candles outside Data Darbar
Picture 51. Mujhay bhi Jinnah ka Pakistan chahiye!
Picture 52. The branches framed the moon.
Picture 53. I should do more sessions w hoomans.
Picture 54. End May Spring.
Picture 55: Playing with one light source and long exposure.
Picture 56: This was taken in the dead of the night with over a minute of exposure. Super happy with how it came out.
Picture 57. Starfield.
Picture 58: Chaand
Picture 59: ILL REK U M8
Picture 60: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to to you the city of Kathmandu!
Picture 61: This kid literally ran out of her house to be photographed while we figured out how to un-stuck the jeep.
Picture 62: Token Nepalese Culture Picture. This was mandatory.
Picture 63: This is the macro result of my new lens that I still can't get over.
ALSO: These are artifacts on the way that leads up to the Monkey Temple in KTM.
Picture 64: Golden hour in the hills!
Picture 65: I am not good with portraits but I like this picture for some reason! Babajee was a good sport to pose. Ended up buying him a cup of tea as we got talking.
Picture 66: Women and men alike are often seen zipping around the metropolis on scooters. Lekin this baji decided to brave the elements on her scooter. Our 4x4 jeep was having trouble but she relentlessly pushed on, even in keechar.
Picture 67: Because at the end of day, me andar se hoon shoda aur sheeshay me cameray wali shot zaroori hay.
Picture 68: I went with a friend who grabbed a hat that belonged to my mother on the way out of the house and wore it the entire day. Kamal
Picture 69: Me when immediately falling into remorse after major life decisions.
Picture 70: Light, Leaves, and natural gold!
Picture 71: Nothing interesting about this picture. Just showing off my zoom lens. This was taken easily a kilometer away.
Picture 72: Just a pretty lil' thing
Picture 73: A beautiful temple which somehow always sees people sit at it's footsteps.
Picture 74: Too much dhoop, too little sunrays
Picture 75: Metallic flags
Picture 76: Bhai ifaari hogayi hay. Roza khol le
Picture 77: Bhaktapur. I am not even going to try and explain who this is. Really have no idea.
Picture 78: Sunny temple chats
Picture 79: Jhanday
Picture 80: Apni tasveer khud frame karke, settings rakh ke, timer set karke aen moment pe call.
Picture 81: The girl and the lion. Amazed at how similar the lion statues are in Nepal to the ones seen in lion dances in China
Picture 82: Colors are off the charts!

Unrelated note: I can smell a century on this thread as we cross 80 pictures. Probably should stop at a 100. Yes?
Saw this woman having breakfast by herself and then watching the clouds as she sipped a cup of tea. At her age, she's goals.
Picture 84: Racing the sun.
Picture 85: Lolly.
Picture 86: Buddhist flags, which one can stumble upon everywhere.
Picture 87: Pashupathinath, Kathmandu
Picture 88: The sacred place where families bring their deceased for cremation. Watched a cremation today. Planning a thread on it soon.
Picture 89: Eventhough these signs decorated the front of a Mandar, a lady sitting nearby asked me where I was from. Upon hearing Pakistan, she began describing to me what was going on inside and even invited my to peek inside through a window. Can't imagine such tolerance in PAK
Picture 90: Sitting in woven armchairs while watching the clouds roll over the Himalayas.
Picture 91: Cloud watchers
Picture 92: Of Gods and men
Picture 93: Ullu
Picture 94; Cityscape.
Picture 95: Half Chaand
Picture 96: Clouds!
Picture 97: Found a little temple/memorial three minutes away from my house.
Picture 98: Stairway to heaven
Picture NINETY NINE: Urban farming

99 pictures in, and this is still as fun as it was on Day 1. Thank you for putting up with this ridiculous thread.

I wanted something really epic for the 100th picture but waiting for a on-point picture would defeat the purpose of this thread.
Picture 101: Everyday is a #cloudporn day here.
Picture 102: This guy stopped and began posing while taking a call because multitasking is a sux
Picture 103: Found this man sleeping without a care in the world in one of the busiest intersections in the city.
Picture 104: Doggo asleep
Picture 105: Shipments abound
Picture 106: Traffic Police
Picture 107: This still amazes me. GUYS ITS A SUZUKI SWIFT WITH A TRUNK!
Picture 108: US Embassy, KTM
Picture 109: Purani gaariyaan
Picture 110: Now you see the sun, now you don't.
@BilkulSahiKaha ultimate car fam
Picture 111: Probably the last Nepal photoshoot.
Picture 112: Trippy urban art.
Picture 113: Chinatown, Nepal.
Picture 114: Sutta, coke, paani
Picture 115: Shutters down! The World Cup is on!
Picture 116: BAADAL
Picture 117: Alice and the Wonderland type scenez
Picture 119: Sunset over Ayub Khans pet project
Picture 120: Nothing special about this I just love gajar ka halwa fam
Picture 121: The cultural icon of Islamabad imo.
Picture 122: Markeet
Picture 123: When CDA decides to follow in Malik Riaz's footsteps.
Picture 124: African American Billa.
Picture 125: Perfect Nashta
Picture 126: Street portraits
Picture 127: Creative hairdos
Picture 128: Fleeting glimpses
Picture 129: Joy.
Picture 130: Welcome to Islamabad. (feat. Margalla)
Courtesy of @BilkulSahiKaha for showing me this spot.
Picture 131: If there was ever a proud crow
Picture 132: Flight.
Picture 133: Ayub Khan's pet project
Picture 134: Lean back, stretch forward
Picture 135: Oh the stories these walls could tell
Picture 136: Frescos.
Picture 136: The hearts are as wide as the streets are narrow.
Picture 138: For the love of chai
Picture 139: Harley bhai ki bike
Picture 140: MOAR CHAI
Picture 141: I have figured out lights.
Picture 142: Oh Pakistan Railways!
Picture 143: Impromptu portraiture.
Picture 144: Door aik gaon hay. Wahan thandi chaon hay. Behti nadiya hay. Jaana hay nadiya ke paar.
Picture 145: Islamabad Maximus
Picture 146: Plains of Punjab
Picture 147: Thought about continuing this to 150 but that would defeat the purpose of the thread.Covered an entire wedding, leading 3 photographers today.

Self-upgrading my status from 'Amateur' to 'Intermediate'.

Thanks for tuning in.I will no longer be clogging your TLs. <3
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