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1. Sharing some of the journo/commentators I follow who have been exceptional/insightful. They're ahead of the curve, carved out a niche subject, are challenging MSM and moving journalism in a new direction. @johnrobb and this article today about him…
2. Sharing another journo I follow = @Cernovich = Ahead of the curve, breaking scoops/following up on stories that fall out of the news cycle. As MSM news becomes nothing but movie reviews, the rise of the indie journos will be the story of 2018, he'll be big
3. Journo is about to change bigly. AI spinwriters will serve 'news' thats already 'vetted'. Real journo is also $$$ (examle FOIA) and takes time. MSM will cut $. People will search for alt media. Medium already banning, then Patreon will. Then what?
4. Prob for journos is, most are NOT biz ppl. They can't start a news syndicate even though they see storm clouds. Why @Cernovich a)he's husting b)brands are fluid. Ex. neocons are now the 'good guys, ugh c)he's opportunistic, knows wat coming d) he's biz frst, journo second
5. So who could go out on the left as a new 'syndicate' as the old ones are closed up? Thats MUCH tougher cos the true 'left' is anti war, the TYT left is a f'ing joke. Maybe @mtracey ?? he's certainly got desire...
6. listen very carefully to what MSM is pitching. BEWARE 2018 mid terms, RUSSIANS. I studies rhetor since shitty GW won 2x. They are making VERY clear whats happening. Look at the secret Hamiton 68 algo, fing joke
7. So whts REALLY ahppening is cos big data/ social, political, employment, search, purchases, financial interaction, etc, if you want that data, its BIG $, and FB/AMZN/TWTR/Goog/will only be give to the 'preferred' cutting out the rest
8. look at cnn hompage today, holy fuck, this is 'news'? Yup, thats the fing future. Next you cut out Drudge, make him pay BIG $$$$$$$$$, now what, then take out Zero hedge
9. so i just posted CNN homepage, this is hamilton 68 dashboard for sites
10. So, hamilton 68 is ALL taxpayer funded, it IS the Deep state and estbalishment, they WANT to take out zero hedge. here is zh covering 'real'er' news from today
11. By the end of this year you waont know what hit you. Do yu remeber the news when Obama was in office. it was fkin SHARK ATTACKS, i shit you not.
12, So yu say we,, FOX is 'alt media' and i say fox is a fucking joke to, heres there isot hompage today. Kinda makes yu forget we're in 5 wars right.
point is follow @Cernovich dont worry about news cos this shits a joke anyway, were in 5 fkin wars, 1t per year. As MSM, polis, search, social, shut dissent and Left/RIght journos, ppl are gonna look for something 'authentic' watch as disembodied intellect as he builds brand
12. the 'left' progressive news/commentary already being shut down. If you think the conservatives have it hard, holy shit, left is being demolished! And now that we're losing the @OrrinHatch /who spent career warning and fighting tech monopoly, now what?
13. all the 'break up the tech' monopolies is a fuking joke, it aint happeing, go to my blog, ive been doing forensic on AMZN financial for years, always been taxpayer subsidized. If we cant break up a fkin bank (which is EASY) how can we break up goog!!!,
14. so people say, well, maybe censorship is happening, but i dont like this alt journo or that one cos of 'xyz', and i say who gives a shit about 'xyz', you like FDR, really? what do you REALLY know about FDR other than 5th grade textbook shiz, guy was stalin LOVER
15. Its MUCH harder to build a synidate of the left, cos its anti war. @thebafflermag and @outline are kicking ass tho! congrats. @theintercept is a joke.
16. Also, @RonanFarrow is the journo of 2017, period. Weinstein is the true watergate of our time in its own way. should be a movie. next, maybe @yashar , @BuzzFeed has also been doing some GREAT stuff
17. so agin, my point is, listen with a clear mind to preciscely the warnings about 2018 meddling, they're setting up a pretext, you wont know what hit you. and its the left and the right. (and FUCK the neo nazis and antifa, same shit, dif day)
18. so @cerno, i watch him as disembodied intellect cos none of this shit is 'news' anyway. Hes building a brand, hard to do a) cos you gotta be willing to fail b) you gotta be opportunistic - and you gotta hustle. Show me on the left whos doing that. Ill follow them like a puppy
19. so, none of this is in any way meaningful 'news', people arent protesting at the pentagon! right?! 1t a year. You say but @Cernovich is bad guy, perhaps, i dont know, but 2mos ago msm war worshipping North Korea!!! Before that Castro! brands are easy to change, takes effort
20. no protesting of the treasury for robbing fiture genrations, instead it the opposite 3 mos ago MSM was worshipping fking michael Wolff. I did biz wth him 20 yrs ago. PIECE OF SHIT. busted him lying about $ and friends, called his references, all hated him
21. so show me the 'news' alternative of the future. noting that @Cernovich understnad decentralized/federated 'news' as hes on @bitchute - try and shut that down! Zero hedge aint there. am i right!?
22., example on the left. Am i NOT going to got to black agenda report cos they ar sympathetic to an anti semitic view and for reparations and im wildly against them. Nope, i go there all the time, some of the best writing on the progressive left
23. this is the true progressive black left, very important and note i was bigtime with ACORN and its former CEO I LOVE, good person, read this. and not the the site is being detrayoed by search algo and FB…
24. now on the 'right' side, not ethat @Cernovich is @jack approved. TWTR NEEDS a compliant 'right' and cerno knows that,he aint stupid, hes building it. the true progressive left aint compliant, were ANTI-WAR!!!
25. So my system view of the world? Were in 5 wars!,bombs raining down. Clinton/Bush/Obama/Trump. 5 wars, 1t miltiary budget. Screw John Mccain, Rand Paul,Maxine Waters and Congress Black Caucus =they wear Kente Cloth for TV, but silent about our killing in Africa/Somalia
26. started studyig rhetor after GWB won 2nd, raised bigly for Kerry, hosted him. For prez im disembodied intellect. Trump State of union was great rhetoric, gestures, suits are visual prop. Cong Black Caucus wears kente cloth YET silent about our wars in Africa, Sudan/Somlia!
27/. So everything CNN V FOX/Trump v Hillary/ Deep State v the Trump middle class and insurgencies, #Whatev its all fanfic Trump = meh, very offensive to me & friends about immigration and recognition of LGBTQ and not compassionate person. I pick my battles, those mine, hes pos
28/ but back to journo. The war machine keeps raging and consequences of bad world banking policies are roosting. The entire apparatus of the state is shutting down dissent, its only getting worse and FAST. Meanwhile, my only advice to everybody is what i learned...
29/end. Start a biz, be netrepreneur if thats your risk appetite. make money if yu can, support your local polis! and be compassionate. Im not compassionate, im lucky to have a wife who is, But make money! then give back. I was very lucky, i want everybody to be! End
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