Yoonmin AU where jimin makes a video every few years dedicated to his future spouse, and finally on his wedding day, he plays them all in order.
timestamp 10/13/08
'um okay so... hi, my name is Park Jimin! but you already know that, um... it's my birthday today! yay! I'm turning fourteen today which I think is a pretty big deal since it's my first birthday in middle school.
'middle school rocks, by the way, I love it so much. I have so many friends, it's great! anyway...'
'Ive been thinking of making this video for a while now. I just think it'd be really cute to make a video for your future wife you know? like a message for her so she can see what you were like before she knew you and stuff.'
'ummm so... how are you, future wife? I hope you're pretty. I mean you're probably really pretty, not that it matters though, because it's whats on the inside that counts.'
'my mom always tells me that when it comes to love, it doesn't matter what the person looks like, or what other people think, it just matters that you love that person, and that they love you, and that you're happy together.'
'I love my mom. she's really nice, I hope you two get along. she taught me how to sing and dance. I hope you like music just as much as I do, and I hope you like dancing too but it's okay if you don't cause you can just watch me dance instead.'
'but anyway, my mom is the best person in the world and I don't think I can marry someone who doesn't like her so you better like her.'
'I hope you like my friends too. Sejun can be kind of mean sometimes but he's not actually mean I think he just doesnt know how to be nice sometimes.'
'Dongwoo is really shy but I'm sure you can be friends with him too. Taehyung is super nice and super duper friendly I'm sure you'll get along great with him.'
'I think that's all I have to say... maybe I'll make another video if I think of more things but I don't know. anyway, good bye, future wife! I can't wait to meet you! I love you! bye!'
timestamp - 05/28/10
'hi. it's me again. I'm sixteen this time. a while after I made that first video I gave up on the idea of making another one. I really didn't think I would, but... I really feel like I need you right now.'
'I called you my wife in my last video. I think that's funny. well, I mean, not really, but... you get what I mean. I think you do get me, and you might be the only one.'
'I'm so scared to talk about this to anyone, but you... you're the only one that I know for sure wouldn't think I'm disgusting, or wrong. why would you? if you're my... i mean... if we get married.'
'god im still so scared to say it. even though this has been on my mind for two years now... I can't even say it. I'm sorry. I hope by the time we're married I'm not afraid anymore.'
'I hope by that time I don't have to be afraid. God... wouldn't that be the dream. it's unlikely... but it's still nice to think about.'
'I hope my friends like you. im so scared they won't though. Dongwoo might, but I don't know. I honestly have no clue whether Jisoo would like you.'
'I think... I think Sejun definitely wouldn't like you. he's the one I'm most scared of. he's mean sometimes, really mean. I don't think he likes me very much. I don't think he ever did.'
'Taehyung is the one I'm most worried about. not because I don't think he'll like you, but because he's the most important to me. my other friends probably wouldn't like me saying that but it's true.'
'hes so fucking nice, I really cant imagine him not liking someone just cause theyre... like that. but there still that voice in my head telling me that he'll hate me if he knew.'
'I don't wanna risk that. he's too important to me.'
'then there's my mom. fuck. I really hope to god she likes you. I hope to god she still loves me after I tell her. I could just not tell her, just stop talking to her as soon as I graduate and never have to deal with that. but...'
'she doesn't deserve that. she doesnt deserve to lose her son just cause he's a coward. she deserves to be a part of my life... and I want her to be.'
'thats all. at least, for now. thanks for listening, future... um, thanks for listening. I love you.'
timestamp - 09/14/11
'I told my friends I'm gay a couple days ago. it didn't exactly go as well as it could have. Dongwoo won't look at me anymore. Sejun's stopped trying to hide how much he hates me. Jisoo, well, he told his other friends. and now the school knows. but, to be honest, I don't care.'
'I don't care at all, because Taehyung still loves me.'
'I'm so grateful for Taehyung. I know I say it everytime but that's because it's true, and I could never get tired of saying it. as soon as I told my friends I'm gay... he started tearing up and grabbed my hand. and he said... he said 'me too''
'my mom knows too. and she also still loves me. when I told her, she just smiled and hugged me and kissed me and said 'like I've told you before, Jiminie, when it comes to love the only thing that matters is that you're both happy.''
'im so glad, really. I'm so, so thankful that even though everyone else in my life hates me now... the two most important people in my life still love me just as much.'
'I'm so glad that my mom and Taehyung are still there for me, and are always going to be there for me no matter what happens.'
'and you, future husband. you're here for me too, even though you're not here here. even though I don't know you yet.'
I hope... when you see these videos, you really understand just how much you help me. I'm not kidding. I'm glad to know there's someone out there that I can tell anything to, even if he can't hear me yet.'
'thank you, so, so much. I love you.'
timestamp - 02/02/12
//TW: homophobia + violence//
(pretty lowkey though, so don't worry too much)
'I've been trying to hard to be happy. I've been trying so, so hard but I can't. mom and Taetae make it easier, and I tell myself I don't need anyone else to be happy, so I shouldn't be sad... but I fucking can't.'
'I wish the whole school didn't know. everyone thinks we're so disgusting, me and Tae. they think we're dating, and that we do gross things together, cause we're gross and weird and stuff. I wish they would stop saying that.'
'they also hit us, too. not all the time but... a lot. neither of us can hit back, we dont want to. one time... Taetae almost passed out because they hurt him so much. I couldn't stop crying, I was so worried. he's fine now but... we're not going to forget it anytime soon.'
'I can't help but feel guilty. like if I hadn't come out, then he wouldn't have either, and then he wouldn't be getting bullied. but he promised me that getting to be my friend, and being allowed to know about my most vulnerable side... he said that makes up for it.'
'I believe him, of course. we don't really have any reason to lie to each other anymore. we've gotten so close now, because we know we're the only two people in the whole school who understand each other.'
'I just... I wish Tae could be safe... I wish he could be happy... I just wish I could be happy...'
timestamp - 01/07/14
'hey! I'm graduating high school really soon! can you believe it? if I just survive all the bullshit of high school for another couple months, I'll be free! and I'll be going to college! I'm so excited!'
'to be honest, the bullying has gone down a lot. I mean, Taetae and I have been out for three whole years, people are getting a bit tired of being mean. mostly they just ignore us. sometimes they make fun of us, but they hardly ever hit us anymore.'
'which is awesome because Tae and I can kind of just ignore the fact that everyone either hates us or is too afraid to say they support us, and we can just enjoy being together just the two of us.'
'oh! oh! oh! also! guess what! I got into my dream college! I'm gonna go to Seoul and study dance in a performance art school!'
'Tae's going too! he's going to be studying film. I'm so excited I could cry! actually, I did cry when I got accepted. and when Tae got accepted. fuck... I'm so happy!'
I have a feeling it's gonna be a lot better than high school. I feel like I'm gonna fit in a lot better. I mean, it's an art school, everyone there is gay, so that's gonna be great. but also...'
'its a lot more independant? like I don't have to be around people who don't tolerate me. I did in high school but... in college, I don't need to interact with everyone around me all the time I can just... go home.'
'I wonder if I'll meet you there... wouldn't that be so cute? if I was a dance major and you were, like... a music major? or something? oh my god, I wonder what you're studying in uni?'
'what if you're like... a med student and you're gonna be a paramadic? ooh! what if you're a biology major and you're gonna... um... make jurassic park a thing! please don't do that.'
'I don't wanna marry the man responsible for making jurassic park. someone else has to do it so I can go and look at the dinosaurs and not feel guilty when they start gobbling people up.'
'uhh anyway... im really excited to meet you, future husband. I hope it happens soon. God, I'm really excited for a lot of things... I really cant wait! my life is finally starting now, I'm finally free!'
'I'm gonna miss my mom but... I'll call her as often as I can, and I'll visit her for every holliday, and it's gonna be great!'
'... hey... future husband? I'm really glad I get to share this with you. my last few videos were... kind of really sad. I'm glad I get to show you my happiness too. I can't wait to meet you and share our happiness together. and our sadness, of course, but mostly our happiness.'
'I love you! see you soon, maybe? who knows...'
//there were some technical difficulties with the thread, but here's the rest of it//
timestamp - 09/21/15
'so... you probably can see the change of location... thats right! I'm in my college dorms right now! can you believe that?'
'me and Tae have actually been settled in for a while now but I didn't want to make a video when Tae was here and he was always fucking here, not only that but I've been adjusting to college life and it's been kind of crazy, but! I'm here now.'
'youll be happy to know that I was right about college. it's so much better than high school. classes are more interesting, life is a lot more comfortable, and we're actually making friends!'
'it's mostly thanks to Taetae. I... prefer to... not socialise? I don't think I'm ever going to get over the... anxiety. the fear that someone's gonna hate me, or hurt me.'
'but Tae... he has no hangups when it comes to making friends. he just loves... people. he loves meeting new people and making new friends. so far he's been taking every possible opportunity to do so.'
'in high school... he always told me he didnt need any friends other than me. I'm sure he thought that was true, but... I know him probably better than he knows himself.'
'he needs people in his life, a lot of people. that's just who he is. he needs his family and he needs his big, big group of friends around him, he thrives like that.'
'thanks to him I've made some friends too. a few from his film course, some from theatre, some from music. oh! actually! I made a friend all on my own! he's a really, really friendly hyung that I met through the competitive dance team here.'
'his name is Hoseok, hes so much fun to be around. he's basically friends with everyone, and he loves goofing off just to make people laugh.'
'he says laughing is good to relieve stress, and since college students are always so stressed, he's taken it upon himself to help people get through that.'
'that's another thing about him, he loves helping people. often during practices, people will go up to him if their having trouble following and he'll walk them through it. it comes really easy to him.'
'I'm a bit jealous, he always tells me he admires my dancing but I can't help but feel like he's just being nice. I could never dance like he does, he's fucking incredible.'
'Hoseok-hyung actually has two friends in music that Tae just happened to meet as well. they're also both hyungs, Namjoon is a year above us, like Hoseok, and Yoongi is in his fourth year. the five of us hang out a long and most of us get along super well, except...'
'Yoongi-hyung is kind of scary and doesn't talk much. I don't think he likes me and Tae, but Hoseok-hyung and Namjoon-hyung are always super friendly.'
'oh, speaking of. I was right about everyone here being gay, haha! just kidding, but not really.'
'these hyungs don't really talk about it much, at least not to us, but from the little I've heard, I know that Hoseok-hyung enjoys going to parties and finding the prettiest boy or girl to take to bed, and that Namjoon-hyung is currently living with his boyfriend of two years.'
'Yoongi-hyung... I feel kind of weird talking about him, because I really don't know him that well. but, I mean, I've gone to a party with them once and Hoseok was trying to get Yoongi a date, or at least a screw, and I saw him point out people of all genders.'
'he didnt seem uncomfortable with any of hyung's suggestions. mostly just... fucking, I don't know. I really cant read him. but he was rejecting all the suggestions without a second thought.'
'at one point I think I heard Hoseok whisper "you don't have to wait for him" or something like that. God knows what that means.'
'point is, future husband, life is fucking great here. I feel so comfortable and accepted. and even though I really miss my mom, I'm making friends and I feel like I fit in. and I'm loving my courses and I'm loving the dance team, and I'm just loving everything!'
'man... it really does get better.'
timestamp - 03/08/18
'hey, it's been a pretty long time. I would have been making videos more often, so much stuff has happened in the past few years. for example, as you can see I died my hair blonde. actually, it was pink for a while but it's faded, but... you know that.'
'I havent made a video in three years because it seemed kind of weird to make a video for my future husband while I had a boyfriend, you know? but... I can make the videos now now.'
'because tomorrow... he's not going to be my boyfriend anymore.'
'I mean, hopefully not. hopefully tomorrow... he'll be my fiancé. I'm proposing to Yoongi-hyung tomorrow, on his birthday. I've already finished all the preperations, with the help of the whole squad of course. Gukkie, Taetae, Hobi, Joon, Jin... they were all so excited to help.'
'I wanted to make something for you, hyung. remember last year, baby? when you wrote and produced a whole fucking song just for me, and showed it to me on my birthday?'
'that's when I knew. that's when I decided I was gonna do this for you. me and the boys started working on your gift next day.'
'it was hard to work on it without making you suspicious. most of the time, I was at Tae and Guk's place, because that was the least suspicious place for me to be spending hours and hours at a time.'
'but we needed a lot of help from Joon-hyung and Hobi-hyung. not because Guk couldn't do it, but he doubted himself. that's where it might have started to get suspicious.'
'of course I would spend a lot of time at my best friends place but Joon and Hobi wouldnt. so instead the three of them would work together on perfecting the piece at Joon's house without me, but they made sure to consult me when they made any major changes.'
'Jin, Tae and I worked together on the other half a lot. well, mostly I would write it by myself and they would give me suggestions, or they would edit my writing. they were super helpful.'
'then of course we had to actually plan the whole event which was mostly Tae and Jin, but of course, I planned out everything I would tell you.'
'in the end, we had everything ready three weeks early, and at that point all we had to do was wait, and try not to let you in on the secret.'
'that was honestly the hardest part, specifically for Hobi. I mean, he tells you everything, it was so hard for him to keep this from you, especially when he was so, so excited about it. we're all really proud of him for making it this far.'
'I think part of the reason he was so excited was because he didn't get to help Joon propose to Jin, same goes for Tae and Guk. I mean, we were all surprised by that. Well, not really, but he didn't tell anyone, and I think the boys are still a bit salty about that.'
'but, I mean, he's also really excited because, well... he loves you, hyung. we all do, we love you so much. we're a family, there's nothing we want for you more than your happiness. I hope this makes you happy, baby.'
'... tomorrow. it's all happening tomorrow. can I be honest? I feel like I've known you for so long, but it's only been three years. which, I guess that's pretty long but... it's also really short. especially considering how much longer we'll be together after this.'
'god, I love you. I can't believe I ever though you were cold. you're so sweet to me, it's so touching. always thinking about my well-being, making sure I'm happy and comfortable, careful to never cross a line.'
'but you're also really comfortable with me, which Im really glad about. I'm so thankful that I'm someone who has the privilege of getting to know the real you, without any inhibitions. I'm so glad you feel comfortable being yourself around me...'
'I love you. so much. I really fucking do. you mean a lot to me. if tomorrow doesnt work out... I still love you. I want you to know that.'
'I'll see you then, baby.'
timestamp - 03/09/18
'is the camera hidden well...? okay, good.'
jimin smiles from where he sits in yoongi's studio, a rose held in one hand and a small card held in the other. he carefully places the rose on the keyboard in front of him, and holds up the card to the camera. it reads:
"Dear future ___________, 

You spend so much time in here, sometimes I miss you even when you're home. But, don't worry, love, you'll have plenty of time to make it up to me soon. ♡
Do you remember where we met? There's something waiting for you there."
jimin giggles happily as he gently tucks the card under the rose, before blowing a kiss to the camera.

'happy birthday, hyungie,' he whispers, leaving the studio.
some time later, the door opens again. when yoongi walks in he immediately notices the rose on his keyboard, and stops where he stands.

he pokes his head back out the door, confused, but eventually walks in and closes the door.
he carefully picks up the rose, and rolls it between his fingers, before turning his attention to the little card.
as his eyes move over the words, a soft smile creeps into his expression. laughing nervously and licking his lips, he glances around the studio in confusion, as if looking for answers, but he's eyes only find the card again.
'...jimin-ah...' he mutters, laughing nervously once again, 'what are you doing, baby...? I guess I won't be working much today... what a pest, that boy, really...'
despite his words, his fond smile grows as he holds the flower against his nose and breaths in, closing his eyes happily. 

he glances around the room once last time before walking out.
the video cuts to a view of a coffee shop from behind the counter. a young woman standing at the till turns around and holds up a card to the camera. it reads:
"Dear future ___________,

When Hoseok introduced the two of us in here that day, who would have known that this very shop would become our favorite place to be together? I have so many wonderful memories here, I can't wait to make more with you, hyung. ♡
You took me here on our first date, but where did we share our first kiss?"
the woman winks at the camera, quickly turning back around when bells at the doors chime as yoongi walks through into the shop.
he's wearing a backwards cap and an unzipped sweater than he hadn't been wearing before, but he's still holding the rose gently in his right hand. he looks all around the shop for the 'something' that jimin's message had mentioned, but the woman at the till catches his attention.
'Yoongi!,' she calls to him, 'welcome back, kiddo! what can I get for ya today?'

'oh, nothing today, noona,' he answers, absentmindedly, still searching the store, 'I'm looking for something...'

'oh, you mean this?'
yoongi looks up at her, surprised to find a rose and a card in her hand, but he slowly nods and takes them from her, reading over the card and failing to hold back his smile.

the hand holding the card comes up to hide his face, and his shoulders shake a little bit as he laughs.
'your Jimin is really something, isn't he,' the woman laughs.

'yes, he is...' yoongi smiles, showing off his gums, 'my jiminie...'
he chuckles softly, then waves goodbye to the woman, sticks the card in his pocket, and jogs out the door.
the video cuts to a view of a quad where a young man is sitting, pretending to be studying. just like the other times, the boy holds up a card to the camera. it reads:
"Dear future ___________,

Here is where we'd come to study during your college days, however, we hardly got any work done. I hope you'll forgive me for being distracted by you, especially since from now on, we won't have studies to distract us from each other. ♡
Our first kiss was gentle and slow, filled with so much adoration and love. But that love wasn't declared until much later. I love you. Where were those three words first spoken? Meet me there."
as the boy pulls the card away from the camera, yoongi walks up to the quad and begins looking around just like he had before.
'Hyung!' the boy calls out, 'what are you doing here, I thought you graduated?'

'Jiminie sent me on some kind of... scavenger hunt,' yoongi shook his head, 'he didnt happen to give you something for me, did he?'
'as a matter of fact, he did!' the boy giggles and holds out a rose and the card for him to take.

for the third time that day, as yoongi reads the card, he breaks out into a huge smile, and wastes no time in sticking the card in his pocket and running away.
this time when the video cuts, yoongi is already in frame, and he points at the camera as he walks up through the college hallway.

'jeongguk-ah, what's with the camera?' he seems to be out of breath from running.
'jimin-hyung wanted me to get your reaction,' says jeongguk's voice from behind the camera

'of course he did,' yoongi chuckles.
he turns his head to the side and looks at the door beside him. a label on the door reads "Room 1403 - Practice Hall". he smiles gently as he picks up the rose and card placed inside a basket on the wall beside the door.
'read it out loud.'

'why should I? it's just for me.'

'please hyung, read it!'
it's hard for anyone to refuse a request from jeongguk, especially for yoongi, so he sighs and looks back down at the card in his hands.
'"dear future blank,"' he reads out, already smiling wide as the now familiar words fall from his lips, '"inside this room, the two of us spent some of our most memorable moments together."'
'"I will always treasure the memories of sitting beside you, drifting off against your shoulder as you softly improvise a lullaby on the piano. I don't think I will ever forget the number 1403 for my entire life." and then there's a cute little heart.'
'"since this is where we first exchanged I love yous,"' yoongi's voice breaks on the word 'love', '"I thought it was fitting for this to be the place where I show you the gift that me and the rest of your found family worked so hard on for you. hurry up and go inside, my-"'
yoongi chokes up before he can make it to the next word. he closes his eyes tightly and takes a few deep breaths, as he prepares to read out the next few lines.
'"hurry up and go inside, my sweetheart, my love,"' the words are spoken quietly, as if he doesn't have the strength to force them out, '"there's a question I've been meaning to ask you for a long time." ...and thats it.'
jeongguk and yoongi pass a few moments in silence as yoongi dabs at his eyes, as if pushing back the tears before they fall. then jeongguk reaches out a hand to rub yoongi's arm.

'that was so dumb and cheesy,' he says, in an attempt to make his hyung laugh.
'shut up, kid,' but yoongi is smiling, 'let's go inside.'
//for this next part, I suggest listening to jimin's solo song serendipity as you read. thank you~//
yoongi pushes open the door and jeongguk follows him. the oractice room is filled with instruments of every kind, but the first thing the two of them see is jimin's mother, holding a rose.
shock crosses yoongi's face and he covers his wide smile with his hand. clutching his four flowers to his chest, he bows deeply in front of the woman, but she only laughs and pulls him up and into a hug.
still filming them, jeongguk walks backwards, away from them, so the camera doesn't pick up what mrs park says to her son's lover.
yoongi nods against her shoulder every few seconds, until the woman finally pulls away and hands the rose to him. he laughs and rubs at the corner of his eye as she gestures for him to walk past her.
then, suddenly, yoongi breaks down.
any willpower that yoongi had been sustaining to hold back the tears immediately disappears as his eyes find his parents standing in front of him. their eyes are wet as they smile widely, each holding a rose in their hand.
yoongi drops to his knees and presses his forehead to the ground, sobs shaking his body as he bows in front of his parents.
it had been ten years since they last spoke. ten years since yoongi had told them the truth about his identity and had been kicked out of his home. at the time, yoongi could easily pretend he hated them, but the truth is he missed them so much it was agonizing to think about.
to see the people who raised him standing in front of him, to know that they support him, and love him, and maybe even that they missed him as much as he missed them, it was too much for him to for him to bear.
his parents quickly drop to the ground beside him, his father leaning on yoongi's back, his mother running her hands through yoongi's hair. they apologize over and over again, telling him how much they loved him and how much they just wanted him to be happy.
eventually, he is pulled up into a hug, and he sobs against his mother's shoulder, sandwiched between his two parents.
'come on now, son,' his father raises his voice after a few moments, 'save your tears, and stand up, there's still more to go. save your tears for your jimin.'
for a second, those words only make him cry harder, but quickly he finds the strength from them that he needs to dry his eyes. his parents help him to his feet and kiss the top of his head, placing the two roses in his hands and sending him off.
yoongi laughs wetly as he walks towards jin. he is given another rose, and pulled into another hug. the camera doesn't pick up the words shared between the two, but it does catch the gentle kiss jin places on yoongi's forehead before letting him go.
he receives a flower and a hug from all of his closest friends in a similar way. first namjoon, who holds him briefly but tightly, then taehyung, who can't seem to stop shaking him and sobbing against his hair.
then jeongguk approches with a flower of his own, and the camera sees nothing but the back of yoongi's sweater for a while as the two boys share an embrace.
'we love you so much, hyung'
yoongi can barely answer with anything but tears, but he eventually chokes out a 'thank you' before slipping out of jeongguk's arms.
hoseok is the last one, screaming excitedly as he extends the flower towards his best friend, then pulling him into a bone crushing hug.
yoongi hugs back with just as much further, and the two clutch onto each other's backs for a solid minute, as hoseok rambles into yoongi's ear and yoongi sobs into hoseok's shoulder.
hoseok pulls away slightly, tears streaming down his face, and presses a few kisses into yoongi's hair before pushing him towards the grand piano at the center of the practice room.
there's one final rose, as well as a card sitting on the keys of the piano. there are a couple sheets of paper on the music rack, and beside that is a vase, empty save for a couple inches of water.
yoongi adds the last flower to the bouquet before placing it gently in the vase, and turning his attention to the card.
'read it out!' come the voices of his dear friends, and he laughs softly, before obliging.
'"dear future blank,"' he all but whispers, '"in front of you, there is the sheet music for a song that me and our seven best friends wrote together for you. it's only a piano arrangement though, and I'll have you listen to the full version later, but for now..."'
yoongi closes eyes and his head falls back as he laughs quietly, tears rolling down his cheek. he wipes it away as he looks back down at the card.
'"for now, I'd like you to play the song for me, baby,"' yoongi's voice becomes weaker with every word, until he reaches 'baby', and hardly a sound escapes his lips.
'"I love when you play the piano for me, every note you produce is breathtakingly beautiful. I can't wait to hear how the song sounds when you play it, my love." and there's... there's a heart.'
'"I mentioned I had a question for you. play this song for me, and then I'll ask you. as you finish the meoldy, that's when I'll ask you. I promise you that, sweetheart. just as your beautiful hands touch the final keys. that's when I'll ask you. I love you, Yoongi."'
there isn't a dry eye in the room, and yoongi has to sit down and take a few deep breaths before placing his hands gently on the keys.

'the song is called Serendipity,' yoongi says after he's calmed down, then he starts to play.
the intro is simple and quiet, and yoongi's fingers move gently over the keys. he begins to lose himself in the sweet melody, moving his body along with the slow rhythm. but his concentration is suddenly broken when he hears a voice behind him.
jimin is walking up to stand in front of him, singing in his angelic voice that yoongi loves so much.
when he hears the first words, yoongi's hands falter, surprise halting them in their tracks, but jimin keeps singing, standing in front of his lover, gazing upon him in sheer adoration.
yoongi manages to jump back in at the beginning of the next phrase, though his hands are shakey now as he listens to the words being sung to him. words that hold so much meaning to the two of them, that he knows no one else can understand.
as the two move on to the end of the verse, yoongi's hands falter again. his shoulders start shaking and his tears fall onto the ivory keys.
he doesn't need to hear the words to feel the love, deep and true, that coats jimin's sweet voice. he doesn't need to see jimin's face to know when he begins to smile, because he can hear it in the way the words are shaped.
jimin pushes a gentle hand through yoongi's hair, urging him to continue, and yoongi can't deny jimin anything. his shakey hands find the keys again, and he joins in on the next phrase.
jimin moves into the pre-chorus, beaming down at yoongi, his angel, his world. yoongi can hardly read the music through the tears, and his fingers miss a few notes, but neither of them care.
jimin lifts his hand from yoongi's hand for a second, but only to run his hands over the blonde hair one more time.

jimin tangles his fingers in yoongi's short locks as he finally reaches the chorus, throwing his head back as he sings, 'just let me love you.'
once again, yoongi can't continue to play. even if he could, reading the sheet music is impossible at this point. jimin runs a thumb over yoongi's wet cheek as he closes off the chorus, a few tears falling from his own eyes.
somehow, yoongi manages to play the closing melody, as jimin quietly sings, 'let me love, let me love you.'
as yoongi plays the last few notes, jimin sinks down onto one knee, pulling out a silver band from his pocket and holding it up to yoongi, singing the last words ever so quietly, only for yoongi to hear.
'let me love, let me love you.'
timestamp - 08/13/2019
'hi, sweetheart. I'm so excited for tomorrow that I had to make a video for you, but I have to be really quiet. Tae and Guk are asleep and I don't want to wake them. they had way too much fun tonight and tomorrow is going to be so exciting, so they have to get their rest.'
'I hope you and the other hyungs had a good time and are resting up as well. and I hope you're enjoying these crazy-comfy mattresses. seriously, what kind of hotel has beds this comfy? anyway, I hope you're sleeping well, my love.'
'...I really wish I could see you. im just so excited, knowing what's going to happen tomorrow, I just want to hold you and kiss you over and over again and fall asleep in your arms.'
but, you know me, I'm a romantic. I want the first time I see you on my wedding day to be really, really special. and they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.'
'it's true. we've been apart for a couple hours now and when I was laying here trying to sleep, all I could think about was how much I love you. though, if im being honest, it's probably just because I really can't wait to marry you.'
'it's true. we've been apart for a couple hours now and when I was laying here trying to sleep, all I could think about was how much I love you. though, it's probably because I just can't wait to marry you.'
'I love you so fucking much! I'll keep saying it forever because it'll always be true. I love your pretty eyes and your voice and your hands and your adorable gummy smile.'
'I love how hard-working you are, and how you never give up, and how you're always so attentive to my feelings and you take care of me so well.'
'thank you for that. I didn't think I was was worth being fussed over like that until you. thank you for making me realise i'm worth the love you always show me.'
'thank you for helping me study when im too anxious to think, and for calming me down from panic attacks on the nights before big tests. thank you for always making me laugh when I'm sad, or when I'm happy, or whenever I need it.'
'thank you for listening to me when I need someone to talk to, and thank you for trusting me with your hardships as well. thank you for sharing your sadness and your happiness with me.'
'thank you for waiting for me, even though Hobi-hyung was right, you really didn't have to. thank you for helping me to overcome my shame of being who I am in all aspects of my life.'
'thanks for helping me learn to love myself... and how to share my love with others.'
'I could probably go on forever, I could thank you for every little thing you've done for me. but I'm tired as hell and I just want you go to sleep so I can wake up tomorrow and see you and marry you. God, I love you so fucking much, Yoongi.'
'I'll see you tomorrow, future husband.'
and with that, the video finally ends, and the room bursts into tearful applause. yoongi, who had been crying since the half-way point, stands up from his chair and pulls jimin, his beautiful husband, into his arms.
the two cling onto each other as if they couldn't bear to let go, jimin crying on yoongi's shoulder, yoongi crying into jimin's hair. the crowd of family and friends cheer for the happy couple, and both men earn a few hard slaps on the back in congratulation from jin and jeongguk
yoongi moves to rest his forehead on jimin's, and drinks in the sight of his husband, bright and beaming and positively angelic, tears running freely down his cheeks and into his broad smile.
he raises one hand to cup jimin's cheek and caress his soft skin, gazing down at him in pure reverence.
what did he ever do to deserve a man as wonderful and beautiful as this? he had considered this question time and time again over the course of the last four years, but everytime he found himself without an answer.
perhaps he would never know. perhaps he didn't need to know. perhaps he didn't care right now, because he was too busy smiling.
maybe he would never know why he had been blessed with jimin's love, but there was one thing he knew for sure: he was going to spend his entire life repaying his husband for all the love he received, and he was going to cherish every last second of it.
The End~
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