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1) It’s time to address the elephant in the room.

It’s been 5 months since reports of Tony Podesta being investigated by Special Counsel Mueller.

So...what’s happening?
What facts have led us to where we are today?
Where is Tony Podesta & why hasn’t he been indicted yet?
2) Please pay attention to the details of this timeline:

3/29/2016- Paul Manafort joined the Trump campaign & then became Campaign Chairman on May 19.
3) 8/14/2016- NYT reported that a Secret Ledger in Ukraine lists cash payments to Paul Manafort…
4) 8/19/2016- Paul Manafort resigns as Campaign Chairman for the Trump Campaign
5) 8/21/2016- Roger Stone tweets about the “Podesta’s”-
6) 4/3/2017- Trump tweets about Tony Podesta & Russian connections-

7) 4/6/2017- @ChuckGrassley sends a letter to the DOJ on potential FARA violations re Podesta, Manafort & their work with Government of Ukraine.…
8) 4/12/2017- Within days of Grassley’s letter, the Podesta Group files new FARA disclosures in Manafort-linked Ukraine lobbying for European Centre for Modern Ukraine (ECMU-remember this name!)…
9) 4/12/2017- The FULL Podesta Group retroactive FARA filing, including a cover letter from their lawyers explaining the firm’s lobbying work for European Centre for Modern Ukraine(ECMU)…
10) In the cover letter the lawyer, representing Podesta Group, noted they previously registered under Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA). At the time, Podesta Group claimed they did NOT know they were lobbying for a foreign government via ECMU.

This is a lie and a crime
11) An LDA form is used to disclose lobbying for Non-Government Organization(NGO’s).

FARA is required, by law, when lobbying is done on behalf of a Foreign Government or Political Party.

Lying on (or failing to file) a FARA disclosure form is a crime
12) The Podesta Group originally filed a LDA form, as part of the scheme with Manafort/Gates, to hide who they were actually lobbying for- President Yanukovych & Government of Ukraine.

They are pleading ignorance, but the evidence shows they knew the entire time..
13) From the Cover Letter- “The Podesta Group acknowledges that…it’s work for ECMU could be interpreted as principally benefiting a foreign government.”
14) The Podesta Group’s cover letter & backdated FARA filings were disclosed BEFORE the Manafort/Gates indictment.

They are littered with FALSE & MISLEADING statements. This is a crime. Based on what we know from the Manafort/Gates indictment, here are some laws Podesta broke:
15) “Unregistered Agent Of A Foreign Principal”
22 USC 612…

“False and Misleading FARA Statements”
22 USC 618(a)(1) & (2)…
16) The Podesta Group could also be charged with “False Statements”:
18 USC 2, 1001(a)…
17) 07/22/2017- Trump tweets-
18) 10/24/2017- Six months after their retroactive FARA filing, NBC reports that Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group were swept up in the Russia investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller -…
PART ONE (10/24/2017)

@TuckerCarlson spoke with an INFORMANT(whistleblower), inside the Podesta Group. This senior level employee told Tucker he has already been interviewed by Mueller.

Video is 6 minutes broken into 3 tweets. 👇🏻

“Manafort worked through shell group ECMU, a major client of Podesta Group. Tony Podesta was part of the Clinton Foundation.”

“Russia wanted to cultivate ties to Hillary Clinton in belief she was likely to become President.”

“Manafort funneled Russian money to Podesta Group.”
22) 10/30/2017- The indictment of Paul Manafort & Rick Gates are unsealed. They’re charged with 12 counts, including Conspiracy, money laundering, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, False & misleading FARA statements, etc.…
23) 10/30/2017- On the very same day as Manafort & Gates are indicted, Politico reports that Tony Podesta is stepping down from The Podesta Group amid Mueller probe.

Coincidence? Nope!…
24) 10/30/2017- NBC reports that Podesta Group & Mercury LLC are Companies “A” & “B” mentioned in the Manafort/Gates indictment.

This is obvious based on Podesta’s retroactive FARA filing & the Grassley letter.…
25) Now I’ll add some detailed excerpts from Manafort/Gates indictment that are very damaging for The Podesta Group:

Page 4 (11)- ECMU created as a mouthpiece for Yanukovych. Used by Manafort, Gates, AND OTHERS in order to lobby…
26) Page 15 (20)- This is the KEY sentence that incriminates Podesta Group & Mercury LLC

In February 2012, “GATES wrote to Company A that it would be ‘representing the Government of Ukraine in (Washington) D.C.”

Both lobbying firms knew the scheme from the very beginning
27) Page 16- Gates DIRECTED Company A & B to prepare assessment of lobbying efforts so the “PRESIDENT” could be briefed by “PAUL.”
28) Page 16 (22)- “Company A & B engaged in extensive lobbying for Ukraine. Manafort & Gates used offshore bank account to secretly pay $4M for a report.”
29) Page 16(23)-“Manafort/Gates arranged for ECMU to be nominal client of Company A & B even though ECMU was under ultimate direction of Government of Ukraine & Yanukovych”

Company A & B were paid through offshore accounts associated w/ Manafort/Gates. They were NOT paid by ECMU
30) According to the indictment, the lobbying firms (Podesta & Mercury) were paid more than $2M from offshore accounts controlled by Manafort and set up by Gates.
31) Page 17 of the Manafort/Gates indictment states “GATES communicated FALSE TALKING POINTS to Company B in writing”
32) Page 18- Company B worried about all the EMAIL TRAFFIC and THIS 👉🏼 “Heaven knows what former employees of Company B or Company A might say.”

Well, we know they are singing now!!!
33) Page 19 sums up the entire conspiracy.

EVERYONE knew they were involved in hiding the identity of who they were lobbying for. It details weekly calls, frequent emails & reports needed to brief Yanukovych.

They all lied, BUT Mueller has overwhelming evidence of the scheme
34) 10/31/2017- Trump tweets this (Trump knows...)

35) 11/3/2017- Mueller Grand Jury investigating Top DC lobbyists…
36) “At the center of the widening probe are TONY PODESTA…and Vin Weber, former GOP Congressman & leader of Mercury LLC.”
37) “FBI agents working for Mueller are asking witnesses about meetings between Gates, Podesta & Weber to discuss lobbying work for Ukraine”
38) In early November, just weeks after Tony resigned, there are multiple reports that the Podesta Group will completely shut down by November 15th. -…
39) 2/8/2018- Trump tweets about PODESTA again-
(Stay focused on the REAL crimes!!!)

40) 2/23/2018- Mueller flips Rick Gates!!

Gates knows details of the entire conspiracy between ECMU/Manafort/Podesta/Mercury. Why?

Because Gates helped set it all up!!…
41) People continue to ask why Podesta and others haven’t been arrested.

REMINDER- Major criminal investigations take months/years to complete. This is just one of many current, large criminal investigations. There’s no question, Justice will be served.

Be patient...
42) In Rick Gate’s Plea deal, he agreed to FULL Cooperation. This means he will testify against EVERYONE as he was giving out the orders to Podesta Group, Mercury, etc.

Gates also set up the offshore bank accounts to facilitate money laundering & tax evasion.
43) Expect Tony Podesta, other Podesta Group employees, Mercury LLC, etc. to be indicted within months after the Gates Plea agreement.

Expect even more crimes to surface, more whistleblowers & immunity deals as well

THIS is where the Mueller investigation is headed👇🏻
44) This is just one criminal investigation that Podesta was involved in.

Remember, the Podesta Group also lobbied for Uranium One. This rabbit hole goes VERY deep…
45) Summary of possible crimes committed in the Podesta Group Scandal (linked to Manafort/Gates):
*Unregistered Agent Of A Foreign Principal
*False and Misleading FARA Statements
*Tax Evasion
*Money Laundering

*Lobbying on behalf of a Foreign Government is Legal*
46) It’s only a matter of time before more indictments related to Ukraine lobbying/Podesta Group scandal drop.

The Gates Plea agreement means ENDGAME for Tony Podesta, Paul Manafort, et al.

With Rick Gates flipping, the floodgates have opened.

47) ADDENDUM- for more detailed information on Podesta Group criminality, please read @Imperator_Rex3 thread on Tony Podesta 👇🏻

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