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I have just about had it with this Qanon/GITMO crap. People get all excited about a contract to build a tent city to house 13,000 “migrants”. Then, in the next breath, they say did you know that there are 13,000 sealed indictments right now? It’s all bullcrap. I’ll prove it.
First, you need to understand some things about Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (GITMO). GITMO is 45 square miles. That’s the size of Rockford, IL. Don’t believe me?… Rockford has a population of 138, 426 people. That’s how big GITMO is.
The prison, which is what everyone thinks of when they think of GITMO is one small corner of the base. Look at the map:…
Here’s a description of the base:… It has an airfield, a school, a hospital, a “suburb” where the Navy families live. It’s a huge base. There are no less than twelve different commands on the base, including the Coast Guard. The prison is just one.
It’s a MILITARY base. Therefore, anything that goes on at GITMO has to do with the military. Get it? They aren’t going to send Hillary to GITMO. Obama won’t be at GITMO. Nobody involved in the corruption is going to GITMO. You know how I know? The indictments.
Now, the indictments number I have talked about before. There are not 13,000 indictments. What they are talking about is sealed CASES. They could be indictments, but they could also be search warrants, seizure warrants, magistrate’s orders and other things.
Anybody who claims there are 13,000 indictments needs to explain how they know that when the cases are SEALED. You can’t possibly know what’s in a sealed case. Therefore, you cannot know if they are indictments or something else entirely. Besides, the 13,000 number is bogus.
I gather all the data for the first 15 of the 94 US Federal District Courts in the US. You know what I found? In 2017, there were 14, 695 sealed cases. In 15 courts. That means there’s someone in the neighborhood of 92,000 sealed cases nationwide. NINETY TWO THOUSAND.
Not 13,000. Not indictments. Furthermore, what does that number mean? NOTHING. Unless you know what it was in previous years, it’s meaningless. So, I’m going to provide you with the meaning. Because I did the work. 2015 - 9,245 2016 - 10,748 2017 - 14,695
Nationwide? 2015 - 57,941 2016 - 67,354 2017 - 92,000 The number of sealed cases has been steadily increasing since 2009. Yes, I actually have ALL That data. However, in 2017, the number jumped. What does that mean? Something is going on. What? I have no clue. They’re sealed.
Now, how do I know Hillary aren’t going to GITMO? Because the sealed cases are in FEDERAL court, not in the military justice system. Guess where federal cases are tried? In federal court. Not in GITMO. You see the problem?
So, what’s going on at GITMO? Upgrades.…
Same story…
$500 million dollars worth of upgrades. Here’s some of the things that are going on.
A new school: Contract for school…
This is the one that’s got all the qanon crowd excited.… Notice it says housing for migrants, not prisoners. You don’t build tent cities for prisoners. You build prisons.
Here’s another one:…
Did you read them? Did you notice that the tent city for migrants won’t be completed until December 2019? Do you really think they’re going to wait until 2020 (an election year) to put corrupt pols and govt people in GITMO? Come on, user your brain.
ALL of the people that will be going to jail are American citizens. They have the same rights that you do. You may hate Hillary, but she has a right to a jury trial before her peers, the right to due process, etc, etc,. etc. You don’t have those rights in military tribunals.
The “jury” in a military tribunal is a panel of officers. Totally different thing. I get why people get excited about this stuff. They want these people in jail. They want them charged with treason. Sorry, they’re not going to be. Have you ever read the law on treason?
To be guilty of a crime, you have to be found guilty of all the elements of a crime. Read the elements of treason. Only a few of these people could even be charged, and proving it would be extremely difficult. Trust me, they will be going to jail. But after a fair trial.
Except for those who plead guilty for a reduced sentence.
So stop with the GITMO crap. It ain’t happening. Stop with the 13,000 indictments. You cannot possibly know that. Besides, the number is 92,000 not 13,000. Stop with the treason and sedition crap. It ain’t gonna happen.
I swear I’m about to do all 94 courts, just to prove to these idiots that they’re wrong. Wrong on the numbers. Wrong on what they mean. Wrong on GITMO. Wrong on treason. Wrong on sedition. Just stop.
This moron replied and then blocked me. I posted the bid. It’s for a 13,000 migrant tent city. Not for new cells. Not for guard towers. Not for fencing. Try reading what I posted.
Geez, this guy posts the 13,000 indictments, like he actually knows something. Should I show him my Excel spreadsheet proving him wrong?
Apparently now “tents” are cells. Without fencing. Without guard posts. Without secure ingress and egress. SMDH.
Here’s the law on treason:… “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies” Who meets those criteria?
Here’s the law on seditious conspiracy:… One element of the offense is force. Who has used force against the US (as opposed to deception, corruption, misuse of the law, etc.?) No one.
There are ample elements in the law to put the appropriate people in federal prison for a long time. There is no need to go hyperventilating about things that are never going to happen. They’re not going to GITMO. They’re not gonna be tried for treason and sedition.
They ARE going to be tried and convicted in federal court. They ARE going to federal prison. For a long time. Without parole.
Addendum: I’m adding more to this thread, because people need to understand how completely distorted this issue is. The sealed indictments story is based on several false assumptions. Read this article to get the basics:…
One of the claims is that according to a 2009 report, there were 1.077 sealed indictments in 2006 and now there’s a alarmingly large number. Here’s the 2009 report:…
There are several things to note about this report. First, of the 1,077 cases they studied, only 65% were sealed criminal cases. Second, there were multiple reasons for sealed cases. This graphic is taken from page 17 of the report.
So, of the 1,077 sealed cases they reviewed, only 284 were indictments (26% of the total.) So, even if the 13,000 number were accurate (it’s not) only 3428 of those would be indictments. But here’s where it gets even more weird.
When I got the data for 2006, I found 2,904 sealed cases in the 15 courts that I looked at. That’s more than two times the number cited in this study! And that’s only for 15 courts. For the 94, it would likely be over 18,000! That’s more than 16 times the number in the report.
So, one thing is clear. This issue needs a great deal more study before anything definitive can be stated about it. If my estimate of 92,000 sealed cases in 2017 is correct, that would predict that there are around 24,000 sealed indictments.
But the 13,000 claim only covers from 10/30/2017 to 2/28/2018. And it’s not 13,000, it’s 18,510. Let’s assume that number is correct. That would mean there’s actually 4,868 sealed indictments. But, even that doesn’t tell you much. You have to compare to previous years.
The study I did looked at those periods from 2009 through 2018. I found that the numbers have definitely increased, so that’s an indication that something big is going on. But what is going on is pure speculation. I looked at the period from 10/1/year to 2/22/next year.
For 10/1/2016-2/22/2017, the number of sealed cases was 4,335, so perhaps 1,140 sealed indictments. For the period 10/1/2017-2/22/2018, the number was 5,475, so perhaps 1,439 indictments. And all of this assumes that the 2009 report holds any relevance at all to today.
Without actually looking at the sealed cases and studying them as the report did, there is no way to be certain. What is certain, is that the number of sealed indictment is NOT 13,000 and has ZERO relation to the 13,000 migrants mentioned in the GITMO contact.
And all of this number wrangling has zero to do with the fact that we do not try federal indictments in military courts. The whole idea is silly, based on bogus numbers, a lack of understanding of what the numbers mean and an abject poverty of understanding of our Constitution.
I know none of this will make a whit of difference to the true Qanon believers, but I hope this brief exposition will at least help some fence sitters understand why it’s such a silly idea.
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