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(1)#ReinstateRobynGritz were at Circa. Because of McCabe’s vicious retaliation against me for filing an EEO discrimination complaint, I lost everything, my career of 16 years fighting terrorism and protecting the American people, my role in bringing Americans out of captivity,
(2) I recently touched base with one of those individuals, Roxana Saberi, who now has a flourishing career. I was the Supervisor over putting Chuckie Taylor away for torture & war crimes, Wesame Deleame for killing American soldiers, Robert Levinson who I believe remains in Iran
(3) I believe Bob should have been home at least a decade ago and will not rest until I expose the reason why he was not a priority to McCabe’s best friend, NSB Chief Carl Ghattas. I have worked on the Holyland Foundation aka Hamas case as a case agent over the NJ office head
(4) I have been the Supervisory Special Agent over a groundbreaking case that changed the way the Intelligence Community hunted down terrorists. That’s how I met @GenFlynn and other true patriots. The FBI now has a section in their Counterterrorism Dept based on the work of my
(5) team. Funny though not really funny, the only people not to get the Director’s Award for spearheading this op are myself, my analyst and the FBI Attorney who kept us on the right path. We three took beatings for two years to get this going. There is a sinister side to this
You see, when McCabe signed off on the bogus OPR against me, he already knew and admitted he knew I had already filed an EEO complaint or was going to file one against the two individuals who wrote up the referral to OPR, five days after I filed my EEO. Six days after my SES boss
(7) six days after my boss told me he’d pull my timecards “if I took that route.” So I was involuntarily removed from my position of Senior Detailee to the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center. Unbeknownst to the FBI, my direct supervisor praised my performance in an unclassified email
(8) Meanwhile, the GS-15 salary that you tax payers were paying the salary of was idled and given nothing to do for months.If I got an assignment, it was usually clerical. I had supervised multi-national operations against terrorists all over the world @ Washington Field Office’s
(9) Extraterritorial Counterterrorism Squad. I beat out 26 people to get selected for this post. Later, the FBI selected me #1 to represent them at a four month advanced security session (4 months) in Garmisch, Germany. 141 participants from 43 countries.
(10) I was the only native English speaking female in that class. I represented the FBI proudly and even taught a couple classes since they used cases I had worked on in their curriculum. I returned to the FBI after four months abroad with 140 new Terrorism working officials as
(11) friends. I was told by a few that they hated America until they met me. I returned to my post as the Unit Chief in WMD Directorate Executive Strategy Unit.When I saw the position of Joint Duty Detailee to the CIA, I knew it was the position I was working towards throughout
(12) career. I watched the twin towers come down in front of me, I had crucial relationships all over the world and now I wanted to work together with the CIA to fight terror. I was selected for the position and specialized in Yemen and Somalia. But for only 4-5 months
(13) it was during this time that two FBI male agents were harassing me and an African American agent. I stood up for both of us. The harassment and undermining of my critical terrorism work by these two got worse. I tried to tell my Assistant Director Andrew McCabe but was told
(14) contacting him was inappropriate. Mind you, I had worked with McCabe since 2005 and he had been my boss at Washington Field. So I contacted EEO, since working through the Ombudsman was useless. I had been working on a major disruption of a bombing plot and ten days later
(15) I was involuntarily removed from my position. My Deputy Assistant Director told me the AD, McCabe, made the decision. So that’s where I ended up, in that administrative unit doing GS-4 work as a GS-15 step 4. It was there that I saw the write up for someone to get the
Director’s Award for that operation I had discussed earlier in this thread. The narrative contained MY accomplishments but put someone else’s name as the recipient. They even left in personal commendations from Gen McChrystal and now Gen Flynn, both who didn’t know the buddy of
(17) of McCabe’s who actually got the award and $10k as part of it. Yes, this other person, now head of an office on the West Coast and a part of McCabe’s regime got the Director’s Award using my accomplishments. Meanwhile, I was actively pursuing my EEO, paying about $57k in
(18) attorney fees in one year. I was notified more than a month after I filed the EEO, that I was under OPR for time and attendance, insubordination and disruptive behavior while on duty. These charges are used by people when they have nothing but want you out.
(19) The two brain surgeons who filed the OPR left their emails in my folder which I got to review. In their emails they discussed what they could “throw at her,” that one had a friend in OPR doing “an off-line OPR” and he would have a “solid” opinion of what to file by
(20) end of the day. The response from one of them struck me and should horrify you, the public. One simply said “just stick with the plan”. The plan... what plan was I being held to secretly. After a year and a half of being viciously retaliated against, treated like garbage,
(21) and ignored when I tried to help on the Benghazi attack. They ostracized me, told people not to talk with me, actually told one agent to F with me, and I had constant chest pains and diverticulitis attacks. The toll this took on my parents is something I don’t think I can
(22) forgive. My father had a diverticulosis event that caused excessive internal bleeding and led him to be medivaced to a large hospital.All the time I was being advised not to take any leave to go see him as I was already under a microscope. I eventually told them to F off
(23). I wouldn’t be able to tell everything they did to me. That’s for my EEO that has had no movement in about six years. I lost my house, I was considered homeless for two and a half years because I stayed where I could, at my parents. My health has suffered. I sold my jewelry
(24) I sold my plasma to get money to eat and to feed my dogs. More than 1/2 of my household contents were donated. Stuff I paid good hard-earned money for. I was an honest and ethical Agent. McCabe signed off on the destruction of my life. He should be fired before the weekend
(25) I’m trying to rebuild. I’m blessed to have a job after not being able to get one over minimum wage for over two years. That’s what happens in the FBI corrupt “leadership “. They destroy you even after you leave. I have a Go Fund me account because I anticipate more legal
(27) here are links to my story being told by amazing people……

In her own words interview

Discussing General Flynn
(28) . Live interview with myself and Thomas Paine of True Pundit. This guy has sources throughout the FBI and DOJ. Incredible.

. Interview of Thomas Paine by Jason Goodman on the FBI Crumbling.
(29). Please show your support by using my hashtag #ReinstateRobynGritz and support the first person to go on record supporting me #ClearFlynnNow Finally, demand justice with #FireMcCabeBeforeFriday
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