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namgi au in which agust D is a famous rapper & producer whose face is a mystery to the general public, but min yoongi is a Gay Mess™ with a huge crush on emerging artist kim namjoon, aka RM. and what's the best way to get your music-loving crush's attention? a song rec list.
text au / thread fic coming soon* maybe probably???

*when i figure out how many apps i need to download to actually make the thing
[movie announcer voice] so it begins
hoseok doesn't get paid enough for this
character introductions!
• namjoon is an emerging artist who rose to fame after cutting his teeth on the underground
• agust D is a rapper & producer who managed to build an successful career without showing his face even once, a feat he's extremely proud of
• hoseok is yoongi's best friend and a famous choreographer - he actually knows namjoon personally, having worked with him for his first MV
• seokjin is yoongi's long-suffering manager
i'm afraid the maknae line won't appear a lot, but just know they're in a poly relationship & grossly in Love

• jimin is a successful solo idol
• taehyung is a world famous model
• jungkook plays overwatch professionally - his part-time job is annoying namjoon & his two bfs
just a coincidence
hoseok: [vents through vine references]
manager talk
yoongi is Ruthless and maybe hoseok has a little crush of his own
time skip to a few days later
once's an incident, two's a coincidence
somewhat serious convos + hoseok using yoongi's tipsy ramblings against him
[repost bc i fucked up.. this is gonna happen at least another 3828 times & yall are gonna have to deal with it i'm sorry]

let's take a peek @ what's happening on twt dot com feat. jungkook being his lovely meme self & hoseok's poor mentions
time skip no. 2, a few days later - hoseok checks his timeline on his drive home from dinner at yoongi's
jung hoseok knows his best friend Too Well
the previous night on twt + a morning announcement
Yoongi's phone was obnoxiously ringing somewhere near his head. He groaned out loud, stretching his legs and blindly patting down his bed to find the source of the noise. When he managed to grab the offending piece of technlogy and checked the screen, he frowned even more.
"Why are you calling at this hour of the morning?"
Hoseok's voice was bright and teasing, turned tinny by the phone speaker.
"Yoongi, it's almost lunchtime - but your fucked up circadian rhythm isn't why I called you! Namjoon is on Vlive right now, thought you'd want to tune in-"
Yoongi hated the way he immediately raised his head and woke up a little more at hearing that - and he also hated the way Hoseok was knowingly giggling in his ear as he looked around his bedroom for his laptop. This was getting ridiculous.
In the time it took him to realize his laptop was on the desk, turn it on and go on Vlive the broadcast was already a good thirty minutes in, and Namjoon was talking about what inspired him to write one of the songs on his debut album.
He wasn't looking directly at the camera - his eyes roamed around his studio as he talked, almost as if the right words would appear in front of him if he looked for them hard enough - and Yoongi's gaze traced the line of Namjoon's forehead, nose, lips on the laptop screen.
Hoseok was still talking in his ear, so he couldn't really focus on what Namjoon was saying - he only stared at the screen where Namjoon's dimples were making an appearance as he smiled at a comment on his broadcast.

And then he recognized the music.
The song that was softly playing in the background had been on the playlist, too, and he couldn't help but breathe in sharply - this was really so stupid, he was feeling like this over someone he'd never even /met/ for fuck's sake -
Hoseok's voice reached him again, the background noise from his call letting him know he was watching Namjoon's live too.
"Let me guess, that's one of the songs?"
"4:44 by Bang Yongguk," was Yoongi's only answer.
Hoseok snorted, and for a while they were quiet, both of them listening to Namjoon enthusiastically answering fan questions he got on his broadcast, until-
"What song am I listening to? Oh," Namjoon smiled, dimples now in full display. He seemed embarrassed, and his cheeks looked a little flushed, and Yoongi couldn't take his eyes away even as Hoseok made a high pitched noise in his ear.
"It's actually - from a playlist? Sent by one of you? It's really good, I've been listening to it since I got it. If you're seeing this, you have great taste in music," Namjoon went on. He was looking directly at the camera now, and yes, that was definitely a blush on his cheeks.
"It's mostly unknown, underrated stuff, but really good. Thank you, really, I love discovering new music. Honestly, the only thing missing from here would be Agust D's early works -" and that's where Yoongi actually groaned, hiding his face in one hand.
The other was still holding the phone, where Hoseok was now actually laughing at him - but Namjoon kept going.
"I'm reading your answers and okay, yes, if you're my fan then you definitely know how much I like Agust D-"
"- and yeah, maybe if the playlist was mostly stuff I didn't know before it would have been silly to put in songs you know I've listened to a thousand times already. But they're really really good, you know? I admire Agust D and his work so much, he's honestly my role model."
At this point, Yoongi felt like he was going to combust. The whole thing - Namjoon getting his playlist and loving it, talking about how much he admired Agust D - was just. Too much.
He spent the rest of Namjoon's Vlive still on the phone with Hoseok, but in complete silence - only opening his mouth it to croak out a "Yes" every time the background music changed and Hoseok asked him if that song was in Yoongi's playlist.
When Namjoon finally waved goodbye at the camera it was almost thirty minutes later, and Yoongi's legs hurt from sitting in the same position for so long.
"So," Hoseok's voice reached him again, "Are you going to do, like, anything about it?"
Yoongi sighed.
"You say that like there's some kind of situation to do anything about?"
"You know what I mean," Hoseok huffed. "I mean, he clearly loved the playlist - and loves your work?"
"I - okay, listen, I just. Don't know. Seokjin had an idea the other day, and - I don't know. I'll call him now and text you about it later, okay? I need to check if he was serious about it -"
"Alright, alright. But I want updates!"
"Also - say hi to Seokjin for me," Hoseok added, voice suddenly less confident and bubbly than usual.
Yoongi rolled his eyes.
"You could say hi to him yourself, you know? But yeah, okay. Talk to you later."
yoongi calls
jin's idea
hoseok is ready to stan
decisions are made + hoseok takes to twitter
[yes, jungkook's answer is inspired by that one tumblr post i'm sorry i couldn't resist]
namjoon gets a call from his agent
sure jan
[spongebob time card that says "one eternity later"]
texts* are sent + jungkook won't let namjoon live

*one (1) particular text
min yoongi is Dramatic, a comedy in three parts
yoongi: haha my friend hoseok the triple texter
also yoongi: [sends four (4) texts in a row]
somewhere in seoul famous rapper agust d is currently uwu-ing out loud
thru text everyone seems calm & collected...... but lets head over to twt to find out more abt whats going on
they move FAST
hoseok: i'm not a regular mom i'm a cool mom
hi!!! thank u so much for reading this 💜 a poll for u: there are going to be other written out parts like the one where yoongi watches joon's vlive - should i post them as pics (like a word doc screenshot) or divide them into tweets like i did earlier? 🌻
the people have spoken,,, tweets it is! thank you again for reading 💗
one day before (agust) d-day
bright and early
After Hoseok's last text, Yoongi had busied himself with trying to tidy up a little, throwing away empty water bottles and cups of coffee - but it was now 9.55 AM and Yoongi's left foot was tapping a steady 1-2-3 rhythm on the floor next to where he was sitting on his desk chair.
He was rethinking his decision to meet Namjoon for the first time in his studio. Yes, it had a couch and a table other than his desk and a small coffee machine that had been Hoseok's gift for his birthday last year, but it was - kind of intimate?
On one hand, he was sure no one would interrupt them. On the other - even if he vastly preferred this kind of one-on-one interaction to meeting a large group of people, being left alone with someone he /kind of liked/ had the potential to be terribly awkward.
9.58AM. Namjoon was probably already in the building somewhere. Yoongi closed his eyes and took off his snapback, running a hand through his hair in an attempt to make it look less like he just woke up and more like he'd actually made an attempt to look presentable that morning.
9.59AM. Yoongi turned his chair to face the door, looking around to see if he had missed something while cleaning the studio. Everything seemed to be in its place, no trash lying around or misplaced equipment. He sighed, letting his head hit the back of his chair.
10AM. His studio door was made of opaque glass, so really, the vaguely human shaped shadow he could see through it could be anyone. No reason to be this nervous. Whoever was behind it, though, was ringing the doorbell.
He got up from his chair and walked over, taking a deep breath before placing a hand on the handle and opening the door.
Right in front of him stood Namjoon, at 10AM sharp exactly how he'd promised. He was taller than Yoongi thought - Yoongi's gaze was around collarbone height, and he had to look up past his neck, chin, lips, nose - to meet Namjoon's eyes.
Once he actually did, though - he found Namjoon already looking at him, his eyes wide. He didn't look surprised, or disappointed, just - like he wanted to memorize every single detail of Yoongi's face.
(Yoongi tried to remind himself that he wasn't doing this out of any kind of /interest/ - it was simply the novelty of seeing the famous Agust D's face for the first time.)
He could feel Namjoon's gaze on his face, going from his eyes to his nose, his ears, his mouth, and back to his eyes again - but he couldn't look away.
Namjoon was taller in person, yes, but he also looked devastatingly good in a way no screen could capture properly. Yoongi briefly wondered if heart diseases ran in his family as his chest felt a little too heavy for it to be healthy.
Yoongi didn't know how long they stood there, looking at each other without moving, before he took a step back and away from the door, motioning for Namjoon to walk in.
"Hi," he muttered, voice rough from having barely said hello to the building's receptionist that morning.

"Nice to meet you in person. I'm Agust D, but I told you you can call me Suga," he said, making an attempt at a smile and hoping his nerves didn't betray him.
He was sure that it looked more like a grimace, but Namjoon seemed to appreciate it, since he answered with a smile of his own.

(His dimples were even more deadly in person, and Yoongi swore he could /feel/ the tip of his ears turn pink.)
"Hi! Nice to meet you too," Namjoon breathed out with a little bow, and Yoongi noticed he was holding a cardboard box with two cups in it.
"I - brought coffee? I asked Hoseok how you usually take it, so you know, if you don't like it you know who to blame," Namjoon smiled.
He looked a little embarrassed, a little nervous, and Yoongi couldn't help but smile - an actual, open, gummy smile - at the genuinely sweet gesture.
"Thank you," he answered, "You know, I could probably drink anything as long as it's caffeinated, so don't worry about it."
Namjoon snorted at that, handing him one of the cups. Their eyes met again as Yoongi took the coffee, fingers brushing.
(Yoongi would have rolled his eyes at that - because really, what kind of clichéd moment - if he hadn't been busy trying to tamp down the butterflies in his stomach.)
/Get a goddamned grip, what are you, twelve/, he told himself as he went to close the studio door behind Namjoon while motioning towards the couch.
Namjoon took the hint and walked over to sit down, placing his own coffee cup on the table in front of him. He took out a small notebook from the bag he had with him and thumbed through it as Yoongi plopped himself down at his desk chair, both hands closed around the coffee cup.
Namjoon seemed to be looking for something, so he busied himself by taking a sip. It was perfect, and he made a mental note to thank Hoseok for giving Namjoon his order.
A small "Aha!" came from the couch, and Yoongi raised his head to look at Namjoon, who smiled at him again.
"I've had these lyrics for a while, but I haven't found the right song for them yet," he said, handing Yoongi the notebook.
"Maybe we could use them. If you like them of course, I brought that so you could check them out," he spoke quickly, obviously nervous. Yoongi nodded, trying to reassure him with a small smile, and reached out to take the notebook, still sipping his coffee.
The pages were filled with lyrics, some of them connected with arrows, or underlined - with small notes in the margins about an eventual beat or melody to go along with them.
They were incredible. There was no other word for it - metaphors flowing into each other, complicated wordplay, great rhyme scheme - and if they sounded that good written down, hearing them in a performance was going to be deadly.
He knew Namjoon was a great artist. He'd listened his debut mixtape and then his album so many times he knew every beat of every song by heart, but seeing his lyrics, written in an obvious rush to get them out, raw and unfiltered - it made him feel lucky.
Yoongi looked up from the notebook to find Namjoon looking at him expectantly, and he couldn't help but smile again. He'd already been excited about the collab, but now he was really feeling the adrenaline rush of seeing something great. come to life before your eyes.
"This - this is great stuff. I already told you I really like your music, and I definitely have something saved up I think you'd approve of," he said, gesturing to the computer and various sound equipment first and the other chair next to his desk second.
Namjoon walked over to the desk, his coffee cup forgotten on the table, and sat down on the offered chair, his dimples making an appearance as a huge smile took over his face.
(Yoongi took a second to mourn over the fact that even when sitting down Namjoon was taller than him.)
The notebook was open in front of them, the program he used to produce was loading on the computer screen, and Yoongi handed Namjoon a pair of headphones with a smile.

"Let's get to work."
yoongi's twitter followers: [gene wilder in frankenstein jr voice] HE'S ALIVE! HE'S ALIVE!
hoseok, later on twitter: someone tell my friends caffeine is not an acceptable sleep substitute
a peek on the other side
hoseok gets a Text
texting seokjin is easier than hoseok thought
2seok don't fear death
yoongi texts back
no filter
dinner plans fall through on both sides
a couple of days later - the situation isn't any different
It was their fifth day in a row working together, the clock was ticking 3AM, and Yoongi's eyes burned from staring at a screen, but - they'd finally found the perfect beat for the chorus. He was definitely counting that as a win.
On the other chair, Namjoon looked like he was about to pass out. His long legs were spread out in front of him, and he was blinking slowly, trying to fight a losing battle with his drooping eyelids.
"Maybe we really should leave to get some sleep," Yoongi yawned, words slightly muffled by the hand he used to cover his mouth. He knew he had a minimum of five texts from Hoseok and Seokjin waiting on his phone telling him exactly that.
Namjoon blinked again, like a cat, and turned to face him.
"I don't know - maybe this part," he answered, pointing at a segment at the beginning, "could be better."
"I mean, we've been over that so many times I don't think we have anything else to add - at least for tonight," Yoongi added. Namjoon was frowning, and instinct was telling Yoongi to reach out and smooth out the lines on his forehead with his fingers.
"Yeah, you're right," Namjoon sighed.
"We could go over it again tomorrow, maybe?"
He looked really young under the studio lights, eyes puffy from the lack of sleep, and Yoongi only nodded in response.
He tapped Namjoon's shoulder as he got up from his chair.
"Come on, I'll give you a ride home."
Namjoon was quick to refuse, but in the time it took for them to walk from Yoongi's studio door down the stairs and to the building exit he'd managed to make Namjoon cave in and accept the ride home instead of getting a taxi.
The parking lot was quiet and badly lit, and Yoongi could see Namjoon's breath in the cold air as they walked towards his car in silence. His car was the only one still parked - not particularly surprising considering that it was 3AM and everyone else had gone home hours ago.
They got in at the same time, Namjoon almost hitting his forehead on the car roof, and he promptly rattled off his home address when Yoongi looked at him expectantly.
"That's not too far from where I live," Yoongi answered, turning around with a hand on Namjoon's headrest to check behind them as he got out of his parking spot. He barely noticed Namjoon following the movement with his eyes, gaze lingering on his arm.
Silence fell around them, comfortable like an old blanket, and lasted until they were already out of the parking lot and into the busy Seoul streets. Yoongi stopped at a red light, tapping the beat of the song they were working on with both index fingers on the steering wheel.
Namjoon was the one who broke the silence, moving his gaze from the streets and buildings in front of him to stare at the side of Yoongi's face.
"Hyung, can I ask you something?"
"...Sure, shoot."
"Why don't you show your face in public?"
At that, Yoongi turned to face the man in the passenger seat. Namjoon was already looking at him, expression open.
"Of course you don't need to tell me, it's just, you've always avoided the question, even in interviews and stuff-"
"Namjoon, it's okay," Yoongi reassured him - Namjoon had looked increasingly worried he'd crossed a line, his hands waving around.
"I started doing it because if you've heard my works, you know I used to have pretty bad anxiety," Yoongi answered, pushing down on the gas pedal once he noticed the light had turned from red to green.
Namjoon hummed from the passenger seat.
"And not showing my face allowed me to share my music without exposing myself too much. Same goes for not sharing my real name," he went on, still feeling Namjoon's eyes on his face as he drove.
"My anxiety has gotten way better, but I kept it up because management built a whole thing around it - it's part of like, my brand now? Also, this way the focus is not on how I look or what I wear and stuff like that, just what I want to express with my work," he concluded.
As he turned right into the street where Namjoon lived he could see the man in question nod out of the corner of his eye.
"That makes sense. Thank you for telling me - oh, there's my building," answered Namjoon, pointing at one of the gates, still a few hundred meters away.
Yoongi stopped the car once they reached it, leaving the engine on as Namjoon checked he had everything with him and stepped out of the car.
Yoongi hadn't had the luxury to look at him while he was driving, but he could now - admire the way the street lights around them cast a gentle shadow on Namjoon's face, making his dimples stand out as he smiled.
"Thank you, really - for trusting me with that and the car ride," he said, his back bent down to look at Yoongi from outside the car.
"What time should I be at the studio tomorrow?"
"Depends on what time you'll wake up, Namjoon-ah," Yoongi smiled. "Let's shoot for 10AM again."
Namjoon nodded, smiling back.
"I'll bring coffee again," he said as he closed the car door and walked to his gate.

Yoongi only drove away when he was sure Namjoon's figure had disappeared behind his building's front door.
another time skip - they're still working
[this is like. the smallest update. a baby update. i'm really sorry! but i'll be posting more tonight as soon as i get back home from uni (☞`ヮ°)☞]
days go by
hoseok, pulling out a quiver full of heart shaped arrows from his closet: PLEASE I'D MAKE A GREAT CUPID
seokjin is the best fuckin agent
they took seokjin's suggestion
a Hivemind
interlude - yoongi's reaction to the peanut gallery
one week after - whatever that was
the f word!!!!!!!! ( + @ allkpop did you sprain something with that reach?)
yoongi, sharpening his set of kitchen knives,
yoongi: i love working with you
[repeat x37382748]
three weeks after their first meeting, the song is ready
twitter updates
wednesday morning

(a box of cookies will be awarded to anyone who guesses how many times theyve had this exact same argument over the past three weeks)
namgi: aren't gonna see e/o for like two days
also namgi: already have separation anxiety
random interlude feat vminkook, bc i lo🅱e my kids
jungkook's favorite thing to do other than spending time with his two bfs is exposing namjoon on twt dot com
early morning texts
twt updates
oh 👀🔥
yoongi: [frowns behind his sunglasses and face mask]
namjoon: [hits send, throws phone away and runs]
yoongi hits send too, then briefly considers changing his number and moving to iceland
time skip 👀👀👀
hanging out
midnight starts getting closer
and closer
Namjoon's carpet was comfortable enough for the both of them to sprawl on as they stared at the time on the laptop Namjoon had placed on the coffee table. It read 11:54 PM, and they both blinked when it turned to 11:55 PM right before their eyes.
"Only five minutes left," whispered Namjoon. When Yoongi turned his head to look at him he just seemed really, really nervous - and Yoongi had no idea how to make the furrow of his brows disappear, or how to make his fingers stop drumming an inconsistent beat on the table.
Well, actually, there was something he could do about that last thing.
Yoongi didn't stop to think about what exactly he was doing when he reached out and put his hand over Namjoon's. The drumming stopped.
One endless second later, Yoongi looked up just to find Namjoon staring - not at him, but at their hands, Yoongi's palm still pressing against the back of his hand, their fingers almost perfectly lined up and ready to intertwine but - not quite.
"Namjoon, it's going to be okay. The video is ready, the announcement has already been queued up, we just have to wait for it to drop," he mumbled, still staring at Namjoon's face. He was still frowning, but he nodded at Yoongi's words, which was a good sign.
Namjoon reached up with both of his hands - his left dragged against Yoongi's, and he fought against the instinct to hang on to it and not let go - and rubbed at his eyes.
"I don't know why I'm so nervous, the last time I've been this nervous it was when my first album came out-"
"I just want people to enjoy this, you know, we've worked so hard and -"
"Namjoon, it's midnight."
[author notes about the song before i continue with this update 👀]
Namjoon immediately sat up straight, hands flying over the laptop keyboard as Yoongi leaned closer to the screen. It took a second for the Youtube page to load, and they could see their matching expectant faces reflected on the black laptop screen.
When the video began, it did on a shot of what Yoongi immediately recognized as his own hands, folding up several pieces of paper - book pages and letters and notes alike into a wick for a molotov cocktail.
The camera panned out on a dark street, and Yoongi's hooded figure was standing right in the middle of it. In a few seconds, the Yoongi in the video lit the cocktail and threw it behind himself, setting off an explosion of ridiculous size.
When Yoongi's dark shape walked away from the fire, the song started - beat heavy and dirty and fast paced, and the scene changed to a shot of Namjoon standing inside a group of people, seemingly giving out a speech.
In the video, Namjoon alternated between running from law enforcement and leading a gang of misfits to revolution - and it looked incredible. The editing was perfect, shots changing along with the beat, and it fit the song perfectly. Their shoulders started to relax.
Yoongi's eyes followed video-Namjoon, in a ratty hoodie and busted knuckles that he knew were the result of some very talented make up artists - he'd been there, after all - and tried to focus on the plot of the music video instead of Namjoon's face.
At his side, real life Namjoon was leaning back, a small smile on his face as he watched the video. They were sitting close enough that Namjoon's arm was touching Yoongi's, and he tried catching Yoongi's attention by nudging him a little.
Yoongi took his eyes away from the video at the contact, turning from the screen towards Namjoon, who was already looking at him. He was still smiling, dimples peeking out, and Yoongi mentally swatted himself for wanting nothing more than to reach out and touch them.
"Suga hyung," Namjoon began, "Remember how I told you I needed to ask you a favor? Well, it's not exactly a favor, but I think it would be really great if you did it." He breathed out the last sentence all at once, and Yoongi stared at him for a second.
Namjoon looked excited, yes, but also like he was - sort of setting himself up from rejection, almost like he wasn't sure the answer would be anything but "No". It was evident in the way his shoulders were suddenly tense again, even as he smiled.
"Yeah, sure. What is it?"
some choice reactions to paper bomb from stan twt (and jungkook)
yoongi tweets more than usual
allkpop gets in on the action
congratulatory messages
+ tweets
behind the scenes
lets hear what stan twt has to say
the Hivemind™ strikes again
"if we ever get to hear this live.........." 👀
last update before a huge time skip
interlude, part i
interlude, part ii - they're going to double date with the maknae line some other time
a whole date
jungkook is 🅱ired (bisexual tired)
stan twt is Stressed
jimin: is tiny
jimin: (ง '̀-'`)ง
namjoon has been listening to this playlist for an entire month now
one day before the concert
namjoon's incoming texts
hoseok: if yoongi can't attend the concert i will bring the concert to yoongi
...what just happened?
"I'm really thankful you're doing this with me, I know I've already told you but like, I'm going to tell you again-"
"Namjoon, breathe. I know, I promise - I'm glad I'm doing this too. They're calling you on stage, come on. You're gonna do great."
but let's hear what happened from stan twt
hoseok's reaction
the concert has ended but twitter is still freaking the fuck out
The crowd was still screaming when Yoongi and Namjoon walked off the stage, staff members immediately fussing over them to remove microphone wires and handing them water bottles.
In what felt like seconds they were free and ushered to one of the changing rooms backstage - Yoongi's adrenaline was running so high he didn't even process his legs carrying him from one place to the other.
The changing room was surprisingly empty, except for him and Namjoon, and they took a second just to take the other in - both of them sweaty and messy from performing.
Somewhere in the back of his mind, Yoongi registered that he was smiling - beaming, actually, a perfect mirror of Namjoon's mouth curving into a toothy, dimpled grin.
Namjoon took a step towards him, then two - and enveloped Yoongi in a hug, clutching at his back, and Yoongi returned it on instinct, his hands going up around Namjoon's waist.
Namjoon started laughing into his neck, bright and happy, and he actually - lifted Yoongi up a little, spinning around once before putting him down again.
(No, Yoongi did not scream and he did not grip Namjoon tighter. No witnesses means it did not happen.)
Namjoon let him go after what could have been hours, but they didn't move away from each other - Yoongi had to crane his neck up a little to meet Namjoon's eyes, but he didn't mind - not right now.
"That was amazing," Namjoon breathed out, still smiling.
"Thank you so much, that was incredible, I've had so much fun and it was amazing!"
Yoongi smiled back. Namjoon's enthusiasm was contagious, and he couldn't help but keep smiling back at him.
"Yes, that was - really really good," Yoongi said softly.
"I've missed performing and I couldn't have asked for a better occasion to get back on stage."
Silence fell again as they both tried to come down from the adrenaline high - and Yoongi cleared his throat, ready to keep his promise to himself.
He was gonna do it, alright - tell Namjoon his name and that the playlist was from him and maybe - if he didn't lose courage halfway through - if he wanted to go out for coffee sometime. As a date.
"Listen Namjoon, I wanted to tell you something-"
yoongi did. not. check his texts
hoseok: jin babe could you please tell yoongi to put down that kitchen knife
celebratory dinner
[currently facepalming because i accidentally added this to the wrong tweet in the thread]

it's going pretty well
Yoongi's hand trembled as he hastily backspaced, his eyes not even really looking at the screen - and locked his phone, throwing it on the other side of his bed. He couldn't do it. Not yet.
Uncharacteristically, sleep claimed him as soon as his head touched the pillow.
first rule of texting someone you like: check if you've actually deleted what you couldn't send instead of, you know. accidentally sending it.
[this is it for today! catch yall tomorrow for the last update + epilogue and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING the response to this au has rlly been overwhelming and i love every single one of you!!!!! i hope u dont hate me too much for stopping here tonight lmao 💕💕💕]
yoongi: [wakes up, checks phone]
narrator: and it was in that moment that min yoongi knew........... he'd fucked up
freaking out
someone else just woke up too
oh 👀
Yoongi absentmindedly realized his hands were shaking as he stared at the message on his phone screen.
He had no idea what to do - his phone was still clutched in his hand, and his panicked brain briefly considered throwing it out of the window and pretending he'd never owned one, or trying his luck at escaping by climbing down the side of his building.
Maybe he could get to the airport, start a new life somewhere else, get a nice cottage far away from society and bring all his mixing equipment -
His phone rang again, just as the doorbell did, and Yoongi wasn't heartless. He knew he'd messed up, accidentally humiliated himself, and probably ruined his friendship with Namjoon - but he was an adult. He could deal with this.
Checking the new text he'd gotten, he walked to the door -
- took a deep breath, and opened it.
In front of him stood Namjoon, one hand raised - probably in an attempt to ring the doorbell again - and he was as attractive as ever, even with his hair a mess and wearing sweatpants and looking like he just ran a marathon to get to Yoongi's apartment.
The thing Yoongi's brain registered as weird, though, was Namjoon's smile. What the hell. He should have been serious, but he looked like he received the best news of his life, and -
Yoongi didn't get it, not really - he was frozen in place even as Namjoon took his phone out of his pocket and waved it around, arms flailing.
Before Namjoon could say anything, though, Yoongi took a step back and gestured for him to come inside. No point in getting rejected on his front door - might as well talk properly - and Namjoon wasted no time walking inside as Yoongi closed the door behind him.
Namjoon was still smiling when Yoongi turned around again to face him.
"Did you mean it? I- I mean, were you serious," Namjoon asked - and Yoongi couldn't do anything but nod. There wasn't any point in denying it - the text was right there, and Yoongi was just - tired.
"Yeah, I- I did. About the playlist, too, I mean," Yoongi's eyes moved from Namjoon's face to his living room ceiling - "I don't even know what came over me when I sent it," he chuckled, somehow self-consciously.
"I'm really glad you liked it and that it helped you, you know, sleep and stuff - like, you know how much I value music and your work - and I can't lie and said I didn't mean it, or that it didn't mean anything,"
"I had a small crush on you before we met and I think I'm actually - in love with you now,"
"And it's okay if you don't feel the same, or if this changes things between us and I'm sorry if this fucks up our friendship, and I'm sorry you had to find out from an text," he breathed out, energy leaving his body with the words that left his mouth.
Yoongi was still not looking at Namjoon at the end of his speech, and he missed how his smile had gotten even bigger, his dimples deeper. It took Namjoon two steps with those long legs of his to get closer, open his arms and pull Yoongi into a hug.
He had to bend down a little to bury his face in the crook of Yoongi's neck because of their height difference - and Yoongi was too surprised to do anything but hug him back, one arm around Namjoon's torso and the other hooked behind his neck.
Namjoon didn't spin him around like he did after the concert, but his whole body was pressed against Yoongi's, and he could feel Namjoon's arms around his waist as he hugged him tight - and then Yoongi realized Namjoon was talking.
With the way Namjoon had his face pressed against him, he could only catch half of what Namjoon was saying, but what he managed to hear - "I can't believe this-" "- have liked you for so long, oh my god?" "- you're incredible, I can't believe I was lucky enough to meet you" -
- it was enough to make his cheeks and ears turn an embarrassing shade of pink.
Yoongi breathed in and out again, a little shakily - Namjoon just said he liked him back, had ran all the way from his apartment to Yoongi's just to tell him, he didn't fuck up their friendship because /Namjoon liked him back/.
Relief made his whole body fall deeper into Namjoon's embrace, hands and arms clutching tighter. They stood like that for - seconds? Minutes? They didn't know - but Namjoon was still mumbling, his lips moving against Yoongi's neck, and -
"I'm in love with you, too, you know that, right-"
And that was when Yoongi untangled himself from Namjoon's grip just enough to look at him in the eye.
They were close enough that their noses were almost touching, and Namjoon was looking at him like he was the single best thing he'd ever seen, and Yoongi had been waiting and wanting for too long.
The hand that was on Namjoon's shoulder trailed on the fabric of his hoodie to curl around his neck and pull him down - and suddenly they were kissing, Namjoon bending down to meet him in the middle, Yoongi's other hand coming up to cup Namjoon's jaw.
It was charged and intense and a long time coming - but not rushed. Their eyes fluttered close, but there was no teeth clacking against each other because of how fast they were going - just the slow press of lips against each other in the silence of Yoongi's apartment.
They had all the time in the world. Namjoon's hands had moved from Yoongi's waist to his hips, and he could feel them over his shirt as he leaned up - almost on his tiptoes - to chase Namjoon's mouth.
When they did separate - too soon, in Yoongi's opinion - he blinked his eyes open to find Namjoon smiling, dimples in full display. Yoongi couldn't help himself - he pulled him in again to kiss him, uncaring of how Namjoon's beaming made it a complicated task.
"Will you stop smiling while I'm trying to kiss you," Yoongi grumbled, except it came out as more of a pouty whine - he couldn't even bring himself to care, though, too busy staring at where Namjoon's lips parted to reveal his teeth.
"You're the one to talk," Namjoon snorted, and Yoongi realized belatedly that yeah, he was smiling too. He was kissing Namjoon in the middle of the living room of his apartment, sunlight coming in from the window painting them both in shades of golden yellow, and he was happy.
"Nevermind, then - guess I'll have to get used to it."
all they do is hang out and hold hands
the rest of them are also gross and in love, so really, they really have no room to talk
epilogue - one year later

nothing has changed
[THE END 📼🎶💜]
if you've reached the end of this INCREDIBLY LONG THREAD, thank you so much for reading!!! and thanks to everyone who liked/rtd/commented on this, i really can't thank you enough 💜💗💟💕 i didn't expect so many people to like this and i'm honestly really emotional rn
so really thank you thank you thank you, i love yall so much and i could hug every single one of you
ALSO!! a v special mention goes to twt user giada @lydiaisimmune - she helped w/ the songs in the playlist, listened to my yelling and if u liked this au u also gotta thank her!!! ure the sweetest friend ILY even if u pretend not to like my puns 💜💕💟💗💖💝
if u have any questions abt the au or u just wanna come yell at me abt namgi - which i always welcome with open arms btw - i have,, been reminded i have a cc i'm gonna try & check more often so here ya go! my dms are also always open! thank u again, ily 💕
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