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Why did Election Commission share secret EVM code with Microchip & Renesas. Why cant BEL & ECIL 'fuse' it onto microcontrollers in their own premises in a secure manner or get it done anywhere in India? Why do this in a foreign country - USA & Japan?…
Heres the new 'tamper-proof' Electronic Voting Machines 'Mark-3' launched by GoI to be used at 1800 centres in Karnataka elections for trial & entirely during 2019. Interestingly still the EVM code suppossed to be secret was fused by American Microchip & Japanese Ranesas?
#EVMs like all other machines, are prone to errors and malfunctioning. No machine ever made anywhere in the world is infallible. Machines are also prone to manipulations. Indian electronic voting machines are no exception.

If the computers in PMO & even personal computer of no less than National Security Adviser M K Narayanan can be hacked isn't it ludicrous to assume that #EVMs locked up in store rooms in districts and remote rural locations would remain secure and not fall prey to the miscreants?
"There is no need to trust insiders in election industry anymore than in other industries, such as gambling whr sophisticated insider fraud has occurred despite extraordinary measures to prevent it"

- #JimmyCarter on #EVMs in report titled "Building Confidence in U.S. elections"
Most imp among "insiders"👆🏿are manufacturers of India's #EVMs namely BEL & ECIL. Both are wholly govt undertakings who have contracted foreign companies for microcontrollers & checking/maintenance of EVM during elections. This is direct source of foreign manipulation. #ExitPolls
After Hugo Chávez won 2004 election in Venezuela it came out that Govt owned 28 percent of Bizta the company that manufactured #EVMs. Turned out the job was outsourced to a dubious US company #Sequoia.
In 2008 Sequoia threatened academics who reported defects in their #EVM & scared a New Jersey town so badly it decided not to audit EVMs it used in its own elections! Sequoia was later found to have election-rigging subroutine code in its EVMs. #ExitPolls…
Sequoia already has a massive presence in India. Did BEL & ECIL also contracted Sequoia for #EVM? Will they make public the list of all foreign companies they contracted for products & services? #ExitPolls #RajasthanElections2018 #TelanganaElections2018
What we know is that BEL & ECIL shared code (that should be secret) used in #EVM with foreign manufacturers (Microchip USA & Renesas Japan) to have it fused onto microprocessors. Once fused neither BEL/ECIL or even GoI can verify the contents on chips is original code. #ExitPolls
BEL & ECIL can only carry out functionality tests on #EVM to check whether they are working properly or not. They cannot detect if the microchips supplied to them have malicious programming as is being done worldwide. Meaning we're running our elections on trust on foreign code.
Now this is the most interesting part. BEL & ECIL could have done 'fusing' secret code onto microcontrollers in their own premises in a secure manner. Or they could have get it done anywhere in India. So why did they prefer to do this in foreign country - USA & Japan? #ExitPolls
At whose instance was decision to get secret #EVM code fused in foreign countries taken? What were compelling reasons for taking this decision? Was the Election Commission responsible for taking this decision? If no, did it approve of the decision by the manufacturers? #ExitPolls
As per RTI replies source code for #EVMs is not available with Election Commission. Expert Committee of EC which approves EVMs only does "Black Box testing." Now it is this software in EVMs that drives all its functions & noone in India knows what those coded lines looks like!
Are we running "faith based" elections that we should "trust" these insiders & foreign companies & not question their actions shrouded in mystery? Can we pride ourselves being vibrant democracy if our election are reduced to merely our faith in agencies involved in conducting it?
This excessive reliance on "faith" & not on what you can see & verify is a consequence of the new electronic voting #EVM regime. In #EVMs votes are recorded electronically & even you do not know whom you're voting for. Your vote is decided by a foreign company contracted by GoI.
This is exactly what numerous Western countries discovered after experimenting with #EVMs. These nations rejected that their votes & consequently their country's leaders be decided through merely some lines written by a foreign company! #ExitPolls…
Below is a "Resolution on Electronic Voting" adopted by over thousand technologists & academicians from America. While the whole world believes integrity of #EVMs cannot be taken for granted, our Indian Election Commission
assumes that nothing can go wrong with it! #ExitPolls
At a time when #EVMs across the world are being discarded the Election Commission is seeking to avoid any questions being raised by insisting that "Indian EVMs" are "unique and are infallible". Might we ask how so? #ExitPoll #RajasthanElections2018 #TelanganaElections2018
#EVM manufacturers BEL & ECIL contracted SecureSpin firm in Bangalore for development of EVM Authentication Unit. The authentication unit project was discussed with Expert Committee of EC & prototype readied in accordance with the parameters spelt out. But then something happened
As the project was ready for implementation mysteriously Expert Committee suddenly called it off. GM of BEL under whose supervision the project was being implemented was transferred out. The new GM informed SecureSpin that project had been shelved as per directions of EC. Why???
"The concept that insiders will only tamper with certain things but not with #EVMs is ludicrous. The concept that human nature will change if machine is used is equally silly," says Bev Harris founder of Black Box Voting & an activist fighting for the voters' rights in the U.S.
There has never been any post election audit on #EVMs to understand & resolve the problems caused by these machines. There is a dire need to document all cases of malfunctioning & misbehaviour of EVMs and investigate them. Why the EC wont do that is another matter of concern.
During the era of paper ballots any case of booth capturing became public knowledge & widely known if not averted. In contrast a meticulously planned & executed tampering operation in #EVMs could go completely undetected, leaving no traces of evidence whatsoever. #Exitpoll
Now you do not need those muscle men to capture your ballot booths for you. Their job has been replaced by a specialized breed of white collar techies offering enterprising solutions to "fix" #EVMs & rig the elections for you without the usual resulting mess - a neat & clean job.
Germany's highest court has ruled that the use of electronic voting in the last general election was unconstitutional. German Court Rules E-Voting Unconstitutional. #ExitPolls…
The Dutch government has decided to hand count all ballots in its next election and to ditch its “vulnerable” counting software to prevent potential hackers from influencing the outcome. While Indian elections are running on dubious #EVM code. #ExitPolls…
Intelligence agencies have warned that three crucial elections in Europe this year in Netherlands France & Germany could be vulnerable to manipulation by outside actors. This is recent state of attitude of nations towards #EVMs amidst widespread hacking to influence elections.
This is Indian #EVM Renesas (Japanese) H8/3644-series microcontroller unit driven by 8.8672 MHz crystal oscillator. Other EVM models are by American firm Microchip. It is here code (unknown to EC) is burnt into chips. Research has shown it could be easily even reverse engineered.
Heres a portable, low-cost, user friendly #EVM hacking gadget that provides a control unit interface by attaching directly to memory chips that store votes & make your candidate win. It can even fit into your shirt pocket. Please don't ask if it is #MadeInChina. #ExitPolls
Now in order to switch votes you would need a rotary switch. Worry not. The easy-to-use election rigging #EVM Gadget comes with a rotary switch that allows you to select your favorite candidate. To reduce any chance of failure theres even a rudimentary error recovery mechanism.
These frames from official training video show how poll workers seal control unit doors using red wax & string. Seals placed over screw holes on underside of the CU consist of printed paper stickers. All these low-tech seals can be easily faked & provide extremely weak protection
EC claims because code is burned into circuitboard #EVMs cant be hacked. Rop Gonggrijp Dutch hacker who exposed Dutch EVMs demonstrated that with little effort Indian EVMs could be manipulated & could even be activated remotely by mobile phone. Read their report. #ExitPolls
Just like our banknotes are printed at/by/on foreign locations/companies/paper even our #EVM codes (supposed to be top secret) burned on chips by American & Japanese companies. This EVM chip burning outsourcing is a far greater threat than note printing.…
The facade of trust & dependability in form of audio visual signals generated by EVMs has been designed to give a false sense of confidence to voters. The gullible voters are led into believing that their votes have been securely delivered to candidates of their choice #ExitPolls
For more inside intel on issues & stories behind the news catch us on WhatsApp. Click the link below and hit send.
Two People Who Claim To Be Reliance Employees Found on EVM ‘Strong Room’ Premises With Laptops. Police baffled.

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