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You don't fully understand the nature of the deep state in America.

You just don't. You're red pilling is smaller than you think. If you must know read in, or turn back to your safe space now...

#qanon #GreatAwakening #DrainTheSwamp
Ok, the deep state is a full on communist regime takeover of America. Complete with communist 'owned' multigenerational United States citizens. This goes back to the communal living of the 60's....
They wanted communism utopian society and secretive people offered it with promise to pay for their kids expensive education etc for a lifetime commitment to the cause...
Think of families like the Rich family. Both sons had very high level positions within the Communist State of America, Seth in the DNC, his brother working industrial military complex...
Think of how many shooters have ties industrial military complex. What part presidents have said about it. How close was the office of president tired to IC! We had ghwb head of CIA in WH for twelve years! And his son 8 more. An entire generation of CIA in WH
The deep state isn't just a bunch of socialists, it's full on Soviet / China stole communism. And it's not just attempting a takeover, it was already running our country...
This is why they're going after Trump so hard over McCabe, these are Communists losing control, and they're desperate. Hence the brazen attack on your constitutional rights...
Brennan is a communist who has publicly called for a total balance on all semi automatic weapons...
Amaz-on, which I refer to as CIAmazon, isn't what it seems. It was to be there primary distributor of goods post nuclear Holocaust...
The plan was for Dems to be in office, kick off WW3, invoke martial law, nuclear war would commence, they would retreat to bunkers, millions of deplorable citizens would die, the military would be devastated...
They would come out and we would remain under martial law, which would be run by the deep state Communist regime, and we would remain in a state of chaos indefinitely and never regain our constitutional rights. They were so close...
CIAmazon would have been miraculously been missed in the attacks, they would be the primary distributor of goods from A to Z, hence the takeover of a grocery chain, and experiments with drone delivery, assumption being roads would be destroyed for a time...
If you lived, you would have been hungry and enslaved to rebuild key infrastructure. You would have been chipped, and tasked for tokens ie crypto currency, for your food and housing stipend...
Why do you think they've promoted the revisiting of old crafts. They were going to need you to build their grand estates!
They're conveniently rolling out driverless vehicles and we're like how are we going to share the roads with these things? Well you weren't going to. The roads we're going to be largely empty. Your modern cars would have been permemtly disabled in the emp strikes..
And the parts distribution would be controlled, disrupted, no longer exist....
Why do you think they really pushed for American fossil fuel Independence, when Obama was publicly adamantly against all drilling, yet it actually expanded greatly during his time in office.
They needed to increase the stores for use during the transition period to full electric, and while the grid is down.
Also, your wealth and savings are tired up in two places, your home and the stock market, through your retirement plans, both of which would have been instantly worthless!
Ok, that's all for now, you see the picture. Start noticing the clues around you, how they're hindered but still trying, antagonizing Russia, the tech, etc...
Here you see, more clues

Haarp, they publicly discontinued, quietly built more all around the world.

Drone deliveries, publicly discontinued, what happened to it? Or was it waiting for Hillary?
Specifically, look at the past directors of the IC community and their ties back to universities and to ghwb and his family ties to Nazi Germany.

What would be the role of the elite Universities in a post nuclear Holocaust world?
Read about Hogg the novel, not the crises asset, read about the author, his life and involvement in communism, the topics of his novels, understand the influence authors like him have had on communist America and the deep state shadow communist government.
Understand that there shadow government is not just a socialist government, but a full on communist police state government.

Understand that they are stupid, bc many of the people involved in it were also the ones fighting 'the man' in the sixties.
Then mentally tire all that to the religious beliefs they've adopted which is the Cult of Cain, or serpent worship, and it involves top level catholics, moremans, masons, thelamists / OTO / sex magick, witches, satanists, luciferians, etc...
At the root of it is power gained through human sacrifice to their pagan Gods and demons.

They're using moremsn owned dna collection services in attempt to trace their roots back to Cain, and identify those going back to Abel.
IMO they secretly believe Cain is the son of Satan, that Eve layed with Satan, partook in his fruit, accepted his seed. And that all the descendents therefore have serpent roots. Therefore they worship their father. They are attempting to purify their lineage...
And have attempted to keep it pure over thousands of years of nobility, incest, etc...
What is ghwb saying to Obama? He's taking about Aggies which are also marbels, which involves shooters knocking marbles out of a ring...
What happened in Vegas? From the 32nd floor all you can see is heads, marbles. They played marbles.
Consider, why does Brennan care? Why would he be coming out so hard?

Remember when Q translated comey tweet, activate sleeper cells, then we got parkland and all the crises assets
Who creates fake identities? Who runs witness protection? Who might direct crisis assets?

#qanon #GreatAwakening #DrainTheSwamp
Who closed military bases and why? Do those bases have dumbs the Dems wanted unfettered access too?
Did Obama's and Clinton's have important meetings in HI? Did they meet in Lanai. Why is Lanai important? Who previously owned it? Ties to Moremans? Yes, I mispell this on purpose.
Jeff Flake is one of noisiest never Trumpers. Have you read about snowflake, AZ?

Have you read about SRA in the church. How they routinely gang rape 10 yr old girls?

Do they secretly traffic, buy, sell? What do they really do with the undesirable boys?
You know about the pace memorandum?…
You know about the oto, it's ties to hollywood, crowley, and black magick? What famous magicians after secret members?

You know about demon magick?
What about Jack Parsons, the missing link between Marxist communism, oto, Scientology, and the military industrial complex?…
I bet you missed this, when we don't say his naming wrote for ratschild ran Economist article "Defending the Liberal World Order"!!! He stressed that this is a plan dating back to the Marshall plan, hint, think Marshall Law!

#qanon #GreatAwakening…
#qanon #GreatAwakening

Here are the seven meanings of 7/10!

Date of Seth's murder
OIL backwards, potus opened up drilling
Hash OIL, sessions comes out against weed
7 in 10 plane crashes not accidents 7/10 Rule, rate of radioactive fallout depletion
Tesla's bday
Cornerstones of triangle

You know about the Shapiros?
Kid-knee surgeon and head off kid-knee foundation. Murdered and burned in their Paradise Valley, AZ home, car taken and torched. Sons are both attorneys, one worked for DOJ! Secret service took over investigation! Why?…
Did you know that there was a haarp copy facility in puerto Rico?

Did you know that the waves heat the air on the way up into the ionosphere, causing a cold air inversion cycle of rising and failing, which is what kicks off cyclonic weather patterns like tornados?

Here's what haarp ship looks like. Who owns and controls these?…
Q said watch the water, make it rain, look what happened on the East coast, came down as snow, but in line with what Q said.

Correction, is what a haarp shop might look like, the video one pictured is radar, but point is same.…
Project Lucy, uses radar to manipulate the weather…
Haarp in Puerto Rico

Did this hot Houston, then become a Target itself?

Weather wars? Maria hits facility that might have birthed Harvey

Millions of dollars if damage to Arecibo observatory, Puerto Rico HAARP project!…
Think about why they name hurricanes?
McCain means soon of Cain, they worship the serpent, and the sea monsters. They summon the demons and the devils. They're creating portals and gateways, for the final takeover, where there been promised to be made an immortal demigod ruling class

#Qanon #GreatAwakening
They showed you in handmaid's tale what they want, what they have been promised. If they are immortal, they don't need fertility, or at least would want it greatly reduced.
Every day they put the clues of their communist deep state take over in your face. Free college?

Do you know about the other Gates? The one who used to run the C-eye-A for ghwb? He runs a college now.

And that footbridge? That college run by asset too!

#qanon #GreatAwakening
Do you know how they use colleges to steal and launder your tax dollars?

They send your tax money overseas in foreign aid, climate change, overpriced embassies, hundreds of ways...

#qanon #GreatAwakening
Then a portion of that money comes back to the US in the form of donations, investments, political contributions, etc...

Some of that goes to college endowments...
Foreign dignitaries use the funds to send their kids to our colleges. The college keeps a cut. Then the congressperson who got the deal done serves as a guest prof, $500k for a single semester! Or they give an expensive speech. How many have done this?
Loop capital, boomerang.

Ok, some comes back to superpacs. Some goes to startup angel investments that congressmen and senators have ties to. Some goes to charitable organization in form of pay to play.

Gist is we pay for their campaigns, kids college and weddings, everything!
No 2A, no 1A, living wage, free college, state run healthcare, one store for everything, driverless cars.

After that all they need is depopulation

#qanon #GreatAwakening
Crypt-o is a key part of the plan, they need all transactions to be traceable. This is to control uprisings, don't want any man Fridays

#Qanon #GreatAwakening
Crypt-o is not your savior from the ratschilds and federal reserve banks. They'll convert their currency, already doing it, then hit reset.
We do need a reset, but it has to be a true white hat reset.

Why do you think Trump is harping on deficits and they are saying tarrifs will ruin our country?...
Bc China paid our leaders with our dollars to move manufacturing to their country. Did you forget different years ago when Wall Street was saying invest in China, was all the rage? It's a model for slave labor future if the US...
Everytime you buy something made in China, those dollars never come back, they're being horded by the US business leaders, US and Chinese politicians. They were to be put into action to buy up all the US real estate in the cheap post nuclear war. When land prices fell near zero
Why do you think Trump wants to end the opioid crisis? Because it funds deep state.

Where does it come from? China and Pakistan...
We protect the poppies in Afghanistan, the poppies go to Pakistan, where they are processed into heroin, fentynyl, and other opioids, especially veterinary medicines.

Comes into US a bunch of different ways.

Mexicans but it and smuggle over border...
Crooked military put it on planes coming back to military bases...
Hillary has it put in mangoes. Why do you think she was in India?
Pakis sell bodies and body parts in hermetically sealed containers to hospitals where it's received by Pakistan Drs. Ever wonder why so many pakis go to med school in US? The dealers fund their educations!
Comes in through vets supply chains where it's either not the product in the label, or it goes on to another lab to get further refined for human consumption
What is Trump doing, he's knocking out the supply lines, which is the same as sanctioning the deep state Communists. He's slowing foreign aid, starving the corrupt superpacs, dnc, and charities. He's knocking down the crypt-os. Taking out the nukes. Flushing out the dumbs

Their tryng to stop me from posting now, they keep crashing Twitter and my posts don't go through...
Remember the fire surrounding the Getty right? Flushing.

Clinton's, Huma, Obama's in HI when sirens went off, follow the rabbits down their holes.
How do you get a green card in the US for you and your family. Costs one million in the city and 1/2 million in rural area. You but a business.

How can do many pakis buy convenience stores and old motels.

Who really pays for them?
UFOs aren't coming to clean this mess up. All the people saying this are either duped or part of the 'dark ones' plans. but you do have to ask yourself what would 'posess' a human 'being' to want to hurt a child, to enjoy doing that?
Really think about that. You can't imagine a person like yourself 'being' capable of doing such a thing. Bc you and I are not. Their darkest secret is why they can and do.
Also they don't want you getting UV light. They're blocking it everyway they can. Chemtrails, long work hours in cubicles behind UV blocking window tints, blocking train and car windows, indoor stadiums, sun block. You've been lied to.
All the religions have been usurped in part, even Christianity. But they are fighting Christianity bc it preaches family, charity, while espousing capitalism, hard work, the animal dream, good given rights to liberty, it's in line with our constitution and amendments.
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