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see, the beauty of saikuma is just how utterly TRAGIC they are. its textbook star-crossed lovers. both were designed to perform according to a script written by a higher power who pits them against each other. the narrative of “danganronpa” that theyre forced into means saihara
can only see monokuma as an enemy. anything else would be a betrayal to his promise to kaede. by establishing kaede as someone that saihara latches onto and even idealizes post-death, tsumugi has set it up so that saihara will never be able to get close to monokuma.
in contrast, monokuma is written to be a figurehead for the mastermind. he has been designed to push and prod the characters into killing each other. to him, saiharas just a toy to manipulate. how ironic- a toy playing with a toy. but it didnt have to be like this.
what im trying to say is that saihara and monokuma are both characters that are designed solely FOR the killing game. theyre designed to ENTERTAIN an audience. from their personalities to their appearances to their relationships- its all been predestined by team danganronpa
this is why their love - despite EVERYTHING is so beautiful to me. the fact that they have feelings for each other in the first place is defying fate itself.
i know that a lot of people dismiss saikuma as shipbait. look, i want canon confirmed twink/furry representation as much as anyone. but for this particular ship, i truly believe that the beauty lies in the subtlety of it all.
saikuma is not as obvious as the the massive red herring that is saiouma. but you have to remember the one of the main themes of the game: comforting lies and painful truths.

and what is saikuma? the painful truth.
also, speaking of red herrings, lets take a look at saiharas potential love interests. i guess saiibo and amasai are also fairly popular but i think that most people can agree that the most likely love interests for saihara can be found in ouma, momota, and akamatsu.
now, what do these three have in common?
1) high energy
2) lots of white in their designs
3) associate with purple

is this purely coincidental? i think not. this was a very subtle but deliberate move on kodaka’s part to point us toward saikuma
kodaka wants you to think like a detective. dont just accept what youre told without scrutiny. resting in the comfort of saimatsu, saiouma, saimota is the easy way out! essentially, comfortable lies to distract you from the cold hard truth of saikuma.
now, digging into each common point that links the three false love interests:
high energy
thats self explanatory. all three characters are proactive with a strong belief in what they think is right. theyre confident, charismatic, and exhibit leadership characteristics, just like....
each character moves things forward in their sections of the game, but monokuma pushes the game forward as a whole. hes high energy. an entertainer. he keeps the ball rolling with no hesitation, working tirelessly to further his ideals.
largely white designs
all three characters incorporate two main colors in their designs. purple/white for momota and akamatsu, and black/white for ouma. obviously, the common thread is white. all three of them even have long white sleeves! now, who else is half white?
mono. kuma.
association with purple
self explanatory. but you know what color saihara is associated with? blue. what color do you mix with blue to get purple? red. what is the only spot of color on monokuma???? is this all coincidence? i find that hard to believe.
now, you may argue that monokuma is simply a mouthpiece for the masterminds to speak through. that other words, monokuma has no will of his own!

but you need to remember that monokumas words and actions are not dictated word for word by the mastermind
rather, he operates on an ai. he receives orders, but the ai itself figures out how to execute these actions. therefore, its safe to assume that he has some form of free will at the very least.

you could say junko was operating him like a remote control toy in dr1, but remember
sdr2 - where he’s an ai, and ultra despair girls, where shirokuma and kurokuma are very capable of acting on their own. they were programmed by junko to have a common purpose, yes. but they were not being directly controlled. v3 monokuma also seems to act independently of tsumugi
he helps her as the mastermind, but when shes cornered in the 6th trial, hes obviously not as rattled as she is.

i know that komakuma isnt everyones cup of tea but the light novel boku no kuma: kuro ka shiro ka was some nice insight to monokuma as an individual.
anyway, back to saikuma. this is getting long and i still havent written about bilyhara and how bilyxsaihara and monokumaxsaihara tie together to further strengthen the message of v3 but i think that its important to take things one step at a time when examining such an overlooke
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