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It's time for Jimin to properly take his place in the pack and undergo his changing, and if he thought crushing on Yoongi was hard before, it's nothing compared to when he presents as an omega and all his instincts become a damned mess near the handsome alpha.
tags: Fantasy, Magic, a/b/o, Romance, Fluff, Humor, s m u t, Courtship, Mating Rituals, Everyone Is Whipped, Gloriously Whipped

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Jimin's first memory is of the forest.

He remembers staring up into the foliage, wide-eyed and filled with wonder at the hues of green, blue and purple, and all the fireflies flying in and out of sight. He remembers how the trees had seemed to breathe in the wind, shifting,
fluttering where they stood, as if they had been as alive as all the critters that lived in their branches.

Of course, that is very much the case—the trees are indeed alive, some even capable of speech—but at the time, Jimin had been only four years old, unaware of the concept
of what's "alive" and what's not. Now, however, as he lies at the edge of the glassbloom meadow and stares up into the leaves, humming his favorite tune, he knows the trees' movements are conscious, a leisure dance to his song.

There's a tiny winged squirrel sitting on a low
branch above his head, peering down at him and chattering nonsensically. It's not like Jimin can understand it, but he smiles widely all the same, the excitement in his chest rushing up again. It stays with him long after the squirrel is gone, until he can't even sing anymore,
reduced to rolling around in the grass and grinning so wide his cheeks ache.

He can't help it. After all, today is his 18th birthday. Today, he's finally going to become part of the pack.
"It's like you're trying to make a fool outta yourself, Chim."

Still smiling impossibly widely, Jimin stills and looks up at his best friend, whose expression of feigned judgement quickly morphs into a grin just as wide. "Shut up, Taetae," he says and squirms around some more.
"I've been waiting for this day since I first learned what it is to want something. And so have you, by the way, so don't you go judging me!"

The omega throws his head back with a bark of laughter, freeing his face from his ashen grey hair. "True," Taehyung says and sinks into a
crouch next to Jimin, "but I'm not the one rolling around like a happy little puppy dog. Which is ironic, since—"

"Last time I called you a dog, you said I was racist," Jimin interrupts with a scoff. "I'll be one of you in less than twelve hours, so don't you go calling me one."
"You're not a wolf yet, Chim," Taehyung sing-songs and pokes at his stomach. "I gotta cram in all my insults now, before you go through your changing."


That word has Jimin's entire body thrumming with anticipation. True to his word, it's all he's ever wanted, ever
since he was old enough to learn about the circumstances of his adoption. His parents had left him on the edge of the forest when he was only a baby, not even old enough to walk. They had sentenced him to a swift death, likely at the hand of a hungry fox or even a forest dragon,
but instead, Jimin had been taken in by the Whitewood pack, a clan of wolf shifters who live deep in the enchanted forests of Asia's eastern mainland. They gave him a place to call home even though he was human, and today, he's finally going to become one of them.

A shifter.
He knows the ceremony by heart by now, having gone through it with Jin so many times over the past few months. He will walk through the whole village, guided by the clan elder. He'll wear robes that leave his shoulders and arms bare, so that every other shifter in the clan can
leave a streak of paint on his skin when he passes, all marks of welcome and acceptance. Then, when the full moon is highest in the sky, they will all gather in the heart of the village, where the clan elder will shift into a wolf and bite his shoulder.
The bite will cause his changing, and he will become one of them.


"It's gonna hurt like a bitch." Taehyung's crude words pull Jimin out of his musings, looking far too smug for what he'd just said. "And you're gonna pass out," the omega says, nodding to himself.
"AND then, when you wake up, you'll have to deal with the actual aftermath of becoming one of us. New instincts, heightened senses, and all that. But on the bright side," he smirks, "Jeongguk and Namjoon will owe me three silverleaves each after you present as an omega."
"I still can't believe you guys actually bet on what rank I'll be," Jimin huffs, rolling his eyes. "And you don't know what I'll be. I could be an alpha for all you know."

His words have Taehyung laughing so hard he has to sit down on the ground, his cackling throwing him
out of his crouch. "A-an alpha," he wheezes between laughter. "Oh yeah, Chim is a whole alpha, oh my god! You're the most gentle, caring person I've ever met, you're cute as heck and you're constantly doing this thing where you make yourself seem smaller than you already are."

"You've slept in the omega den since day one and you're the neediest cuddler in the world! You literally hurt yourself when you clap your hands," Taehyung says, still chuckling as he dabs at his eyes. "You're more omega than me, Chimmy Chim Chim, and I'm an ACTUAL omega."
"Well," Jimin starts, having no idea what argument to offer. Then again, he doesn't really have a reason to argue, since everything his friend just said is all true.

While he struggles with what to say, Taehyung scoots a bit closer and pins him under That Smile™, the one that
only means one thing. "Plus, I know you've been plucking flower petals in hopes of presenting as an omega," he says, sounding oh so smug. "Now, why would that be?"

Warmth rises quickly to Jimin's cheeks. "Tae—"

"I wonder, could it possibly have something to do with—"

"—a certain alpha dreamboat by the name of Min Yoongi?"

"Oh my god, I hate you," Jimin groans and presses his hands over his face in a useless attempt to hide just how fiercely he blushes at the mere mention of the chief hunter.
"You love me," Taehyung counters easily, still chortling as he basks in Jimin's wallowing. "Enough to tell me all about how HANDSOME Yoongi-hyung is, how AMAZING he is at hunting, how INTIMIDATING yet NICE and KIND and SEXY—"

"I did NOT say sexy!" Jimin protests, taking one hand
off his face to blindly swat at his friend.

"No, but you thought it."

Jimin parts his lips and closes them again several times before he gives up, unable to think of any argument that wouldn't be a lie. "I hate you," he says instead, resulting in another string of laughter.
"I'm sure Yoongi-hyung will be over the moon when you do present as an omega," Taehyung carries on without mercy. "Then again, he'd probably still court you even if you would present as a beta, or, gods forbid, an alpha."

"You're crazy," Jimin huffs and finally sits up, patting
at his cheeks in a fruitless attempt to will away his blush. "Yoongi-hyung doesn't see me like that, I'm only, I dunno, a little brother in his eyes."

"Wow," his friend says in mock wonder. "To think you're just as dense as he is, even without your head being all clogged up with
whatever it is alphas think about that make them all," he gestures vaguely, "brooding and intimidating and shit."

"Yoongi-hyung's not brooding," Jimin says before he can stop himself, grumbling when Taehyung's grin only widens in return. "Okay, you go away. I'm gonna go find Jin
and start getting ready for tonight."

"Ohh, I'll tag along, gotta make sure Jin puts that gold dust around your eyes and on your lips so Yoongi won't be able to—"

"You are NOT invited," Jimin says very loudly and storms off, startling several nearby birds from their nests.
Taehyung's cackling follows him all the way to the end of the meadow and past the line of trees. Jimin shakes his head as he goes, huffing and muttering under his breath about "stupid Tae and his stupid lack of filter and his stupid teasing." He's only half-serious, of course,
knowing full well his friend only means well, but still.

It's embarrassing. Mostly because he's pretty sure he's been crushing on Yoongi since he was twelve years old, when the alpha pinned him down during a game of catch in the forest. Jimin had been the only "prey" left in the
game, having miraculously avoided capture until the very end. Yoongi had chased him over roots and stones, and when he'd finally gotten hold of him, the momentum had knocked them both off balance and they had toppled to the ground. Yoongi had held him down through his squirming,
grinning so wide his gums showed in his triumph, and Jimin had just...


His stomach had done a very stupid flop and his heart had stuttered, and here he is now, almost six years later, still feeling that same stutter in his chest whenever he was near the alpha.
Jimin kicks a stone off the forest floor as he walks, lips pulling into an involuntary smile when he thinks back to that moment. It's embarrassing, sure, but he really can't help how incredibly fond of it he is. He likes Yoongi so much, especially when he's like that, smiling and
laughing and carefree. As chief hunter, the alpha has a lot of responsibilities nowadays and very little time to rest, since he constantly has to go around securing borders and scouting new hunting grounds. He's strong and he never lets it show that his job is tiring, but Jimin
worries about him a lot.

Secretly, of course. It's not like he'd ever have the guts to walk up to Yoongi and tell him as much. He can barely keep himself in check long enough to have a regular conversation with the alpha before he starts blushing like an idiot.
He's just managed to wipe the dopey smile off his face when he reaches the outskirts of the clan's hamlet. It's a small community, with barely a hundred shifters living in it, but the sight of it never ceases to fill Jimin with awe.
It's located at the base of a small mountain, huts and cabins built to form a circular settlement. There are two caves at each side of the village, one occupied by omegas, the other by alphas. Betas mostly dwell in the houses built by the clan's ancestors, and the rest of the
houses consist of shops and stores, everything from a tailor to a grocer.

There's also the apothecary, where Jimin works with his boss and close friend, Hoseok. They scour the woods—within their borders—for herbs and healing plants, and make salves and potions
for "when those hotheaded alphas get in over their heads and do something stupid, like lose an arm."

Hoseok's words, not Jimin's.

Jimin would be out in the field with Hoseok today, but the alpha had excused him with the ceremony in mind, telling him to take it easy and prepare.
He appreciates the gesture, but with no work, Jimin is left to just wait around and fidget for all the hours leading up to his changing. Jin told him to seek him out to start getting ready at sundown, and there's still some ways to go.

Jimin knows his boss is out right now, so
he considers sneaking into the apothecary to get some work done, maybe grind some herbs or clean—Hoseok is a hard worker, but messy as all hell. It would give Jimin something to keep himself busy with, so as long as he isn't caught, it'll be a win-win for everyone.
He's just about to turn around and take a step in the apothecary's direction when someone taps him on the shoulder. With a very undignified yelp, Jimin startles and turns around, and the gods must've decided to play along with Taehyung's antics today, because what other reason
would the universe have to throw the object of Jimin's daydreaming at him with no warning whatsoever?

"Y-Yoongi-hyung," Jimin squeaks, immediately making things ten times worse.

"Didn't mean to scare you," the alpha says and withdraws his hand, and oh, his voice is low and
rough like he's only just woken up. Which he probably has; Jimin knows he and some other hunters spent all night in the woods, gathering food for the ceremony. Again, Jimin feels a twinge of worry, but he suppresses it quickly and casts down his gaze to the ground, incapable of
meeting the alpha's eyes for too long. Which turns out to be a bad idea, because on the way down, his gaze has to trail the patterns of ink that curl over the skin of Yoongi's arms, all the way from his shoulders to his knuckles. The tattoos reach as far as his collarbones,
Jimin knows, having seen the alpha out of his robes whenever they'd played in the nearby river. He's never dared look at the ink for too long, however, having always been afraid to be caught staring.

Of course, Taehyung has caught him staring many times and teased
him to no ends about it.

"You didn't scare me," he says now, offering Yoongi a brief smile. "I was just... thinking. You know, uh... about things."

Dimly, Jimin wonders how it's possible for him to forget how human beings talk whenever he's in the alpha's presence.
"It's the ceremony," Yoongi says and nods in understanding, reaching up to run a hand through his hair. "Are you worried?"

"Excited," Jimin corrects lightly, hoping his cheeks aren't as red as they feel. "I've been waiting for this for so long."

"I know."
When Jimin chances a look at the alpha's face, there's a small smile on his lips, and it has Jimin's insides dancing samba.

"You'll do great, Jimin-ah," Yoongi says, sounding almost proud. "You're already one of us, this is just a formality. You don't have to be nervous."
"I-I'm not nervous," Jimin says, unsuccessful in suppressing his stutter. He doesn't want the alpha to think he's scared or something. Mostly because he really isn't, but also because, well, he wants to impress him.

"Really?" Yoongi hums and leans forward just a bit, dark eyes
trailing over Jimin's front. It feels like a palpable touch, and Jimin has to concentrate to not shudder. "You're tense as hell, and I can practically hear your thoughts running a mile a minute."

Right. Wolf instincts. Great.

As embarrassed as Jimin is, he can't help but feel a
rush of fondness for the alpha. Yoongi has always been protective, and Jimin can hear the anxious undertone to his voice now. He knows how alphas are, eager to soothe an omega's stress and help them calm down. The fact that Yoongi is heeding his tension now makes him giddy.
'If only you knew who's the cause of it,' Jimin thinks before shaking his head and offering the alpha a reassuring smile. "I'm fine, really," he says. "I really can't wait to finally have my changing."

Yoongi eases out of his worry at that, emitting a low rumbling that Jimin
has come to associate with contentedness. "Good," he says and nods, leaning away from Jimin's space.

There's a brief silence that has Jimin fidgeting, wanting to keep talking. Before the alpha can get worried again, he quickly blurts out the first thing that comes to his head.
"Will you come see me at the ceremony?" he asks, and it's comical, really, how it takes Yoongi's eyes widening for Jimin to realise how his words must've sounded. "I-I mean, just, I was just wonder if you'll be there, you know, just in general, not if you'll t-take care of me or
something, because that's just dumb." Saying it out loud makes it so much worse, but Jimin is rambling now, like some unstoppable moron. "I know the beta healers will take care of me, since they're immune to pheromones, so I don't know why I even said—"

Yoongi's voice always was good at shutting Jimin the heck up, and he's ever so thankful for it now.

"Don't worry about it," the alpha says again and reaches out to place a hand on the juncture of Jimin's neck, squeezing gently. "I know you're excited, but it's okay to be nervous
about it, too. You're changing a part of yourself, it's normal to be anxious. And like you said, the healers will take good care of you afterwards."

It's amazing, really, how quickly Jimin settles under Yoongi's touch, although his cheeks do stay every bit as red. "Okay," he
says quietly, hoping Yoongi can't feel his frantic pulse where he's touching his neck. "Thank you, hyung."

The alpha nods and withdraws his hand, but doesn't lean back just yet. He looks like he's driving an inner battle, and when he finally comes to terms with it, he's standing
a lot straighter than he was only moments before. "Jimin," he says, his voice a whole lot lower now.

"Y-yeah?" Jimin stutters, holding his breath under the sheer intensity of Yoongi's sudden posturing.

"If I could, I would take care of you."

Heat practically explodes across Jimin's cheeks as soon as the alpha's words take shape in his mind, rendering him mute to leave him gaping at the ground. "Y-Yoongi-hyung," he manages meekly, his voice a high-pitched whisper. He can't say anything more; Yoongi's gaze is
boring into his head, so heavy it has Jimin squirming under it, and there's no way he could possibly meet the alpha's eyes, not when his knees are feeling like they could give in any second now.

Yoongi just won't look away, and Jimin kind of feels like he's dying.
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There are at least a hundred implications behind the alpha's words, and every single one of them trace back to what Taehyung had told him about courtship. The thought has blood rushing in Jimin's ears, his heart on a mission to beat its way out of his chest. The air around him
feels too thick to breathe and he's fairly certain he's going to pass out if Yoongi doesn't look away soon.

Actually, his skin might just burst into flames if the alpha keeps staring at him with such intensity. He’s unbearably warm and wants to pull on the collar of his robes,
but the memory of Taehyung telling him about alphas’ obsession with necks and marking makes him hesitate. Of course, it also fills his head with images of Yoongi marking HIM, in every literal sense possible, and oh no, that’s a very bad trail to take unless he wants to—

Jimin startles for the third time in a span of five minutes, this time so hard he almost throws himself off balance. Another yelp slips past his lips, and before he can as much as turn to face whoever had called his name, Yoongi steps into his space and puts his hands on Jimin’s
arms, his hold strong and unbelievably reassuring.

Somewhere, in the far back of his mind, Jimin knows the alpha is only reacting to his surprise in a protective manner, but it’s very hard to be logical about the whole situation when Yoongi cages him in his grip,
a low rumble stirring in his chest.

“You look like you’re about to kidnap him, you hormonal idiot.”

Still in the alpha’s arms, Jimin cranes his head to look at Seokjin, who’s walking over to the two of them with brisk steps. He looks mildly frustrated, but there’s a definite
spark of smug amusement to his eyes. Family trait, Jimin knows, one he’s seen more than enough times in Taehyung.

The omega’s words seem to snap Yoongi out of whatever instinctive state he’d descended into. With a sharp inhale, the alpha detaches himself from Jimin and takes
several steps back, looking thoroughly chastised where he stands. “Sorry,” he says, or tries to say, but his voice is still stuck in that low rumble. It sounds more like a growl, and Jimin shudders. “Sorry, I just—”

“Yes, yes,” Jin says and waves his hand to swat away Yoongi’s
apologies. “We all know you’re still high after the rush of your hunt, but if you’ll excuse us, Jimin here needs to get ready for the ceremony.”

While Yoongi grouches something that sounds like, “I am not high,” under his breath, Jimin turns to the omega, surprised.
“I thought we still had a lot of time."

Jin rolls his eyes. “Sure,” he says, “but getting you all jazzed up for the show is gonna take a while. Especially since Taehyung demanded gold dust and glimmer for your face, and to make your neck look so good, no alpha will be able to—”
“Okay!” Jimin interrupts very loudly, going beet red once again when he notices how Yoongi’s posture stiffens. “Wow, look at the time, didn’t you say we were in a hurry, let’s go, let’s go right now.”

The omega looks so very pleased with himself, uncaring when Jimin begins to
push him towards the den. “Sure thing,” he sing-songs, laughter in his voice. “See you front and center at the ceremony, Yoongi!”

Jimin gives him one last shove before turning back to the alpha, parting his lips and closing them again a few times before he finds the right words.
“I’ll see you later, hyung,” he murmurs, “right?”

“Of course.” The answer is instantaneous and has his toes curling in his sandals. “Everything will be fine,” Yoongi says, and there’s that fierce undertone of pride again. “You’ll do well, Jimin-ah. I know you will.”
His words have Jimin blushing all over again and he can't fight off the bright smile that curls his lips. "Thank you, Yoongi-hyung," he says, and with that, he scurries after Jin.

"Look at you go, Jiminie," the omega teases as soon as he catches up, grinning when Jimin tries to
physically rub the smile off his own face. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was your mating ceremony we were getting ready for."

"Oh my god, shut up," Jimin whines and smacks Jin's shoulder. "I can't believe you said all that in front of him, hyung!"
The omega throws his head back and emits a cackle of laughter. "I just gave your alpha something to think about," he chortles when he sobers up enough to speak, dabbing at his eyes. “After all, he’s been waiting for this day for a while now, too.”
"You and Taetae share the same vivid imagination," Jimin groans and makes a show of rubbing his face in irritation. Really, it's mostly to hide just how fiercely he's blushing. "And he's not MY alpha."

"Not yet," Jin says with a dangerous glint to his eyes, "but after seeing you
at your ceremony tonight, trust me, he'll be damn sure to make it happen as quickly as he can."

A part of Jimin wants to argue and protest, but the omega's words have butterflies springing to his stomach, a flicker of hope sparking in his chest. "W-what do you mean?" he asks in
a poor attempt at subtlety, but Jin only snickers in response.

"I've got four hours to work my magic," he says, rolling up his sleeves just for the show of it. "Come the start of the ceremony, your alpha won't be able to keep his eyes off you."
Jimin swallows another reminder that Yoongi isn't his anything and settles for just staring into the ground as they walk. His steps suddenly feel lighter, more... giddy. It's not like he hadn't been excited about his changing before, but now, his heart is hammering in his chest
for a whole other reason. Whatever rank he will have, whatever he'll present as, he'll finally be able to stand on the same level as Yoongi. He'll have a chance, however small, as one of the alpha's kind.

He can't wait.
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The air is filled with music.

The sound of the drums is heavy in the night, every beat accentuated by a chorus of chants and song. The villagers clap their hands to the music, they stomp their feet, cheering, laughing, whistling as they wait for his arrival.
For Jimin's arrival.

“Nervous?” Jin asks when he notics Jimin drumming his fingers against his knees to the rhythm of the drums. The omega grins where he stands in front of him, screwing the cap back onto a small glass phial.

“Exhilarated,” Jimin corrects with a wide smile,
barely managing to sit still. “Am I ready?”

“As ready as I can make you.” Jin takes his hand and pulls him up to the large brass mirror. “Just look at you, Jiminie,” he gushes, looking mighty proud with himself. “You’re stunning.”
Call Jimin immodest, but he can’t help but agree. Jin has done a fine job indeed; his robes are a mix of red and orange, like the fires burning in every bonfire throughout the village. They’re tight around his waist, loose around his legs, and his shoulders, his shoulders are
bare but for two gilded clasps holding the outfit up. The robes have sleeves, but they have been slitted open across the length of his arm, hanging gracefully from his wrist and shoulders to leave the skin of his arms bare. His hands and wrists are adorned with rings and bangles,
glimmering in the light of the candles.

Then there is his face, and true to Taehyung’s request, Jin really did bust out his best stuff. There is a smattering of pale gold dust around Jimin’s eyes, like tiny stars on a sunset canvas. The clan’s emblem is painted in red across his
forehead and the bridge of his nose, a sharp, jagged pattern that contrasts so heavily with the rest of his apparent softness. His lips are full and shiny, like a thin layer of glittering gloss has been painted over them.

Finally, there’s his neck.
Now, Jimin can’t say exactly what Jin has done to it, but it looks… good. Which is weird, because it’s just his NECK, but that’s the only word Jimin can think of for it. His skin looks smooth and supple, not a blemish in sight, and there’s a light glow to it; when Jimin turns a
little in the mirror, the light of the candles catches on his collarbones and he gapes at the realisation that Jin has used flakes of crystalsong trees to give his skin its luster.

“Told you I’d make your neck look irresistible,” the omega comments from over his shoulder,
cackling when Jimin quickly shuts his lips and swallows, quite audibly. “Oh, Yoongi’s gonna have such a hard time tonight.”

Jimin blushes almost as fiercely as the paint on his brow and turns around to whack Jin’s arm. “I can’t believe you did this,” he says with a mighty pout,
although his stomach is full of butterflies. “There are more alphas in this clan than just Yoongi-hyung, I don’t want everyone gawking at my neck!”

“No, just Yoongi, right?” Jin retorts without missing a beat.


“Shit,” Jimin blurts, which has the omega laughing again.
“You walked right into that one, Jiminie,” Jin chortles and pats his shoulder in a way that’s probably supposed to be comforting, but feels a whole lot more smug. “You have two minutes to get that blush off your face, then the elder’s coming to escort you.”

“Shit,” Jimin says
again and turns to glare at himself in the mirror, as if he can will the redness of his cheeks away just like that. “Okay, I can do this, I can do this without looking like an idiot.”

“You could literally fall on your face and Yoongi would still want to sink his teeth into—”
“Do NOT finish that sentence!” Jimin all but shrieks, and he’s just about ready to chuck one of his bracelets at Jin when a sharp horn sounds from outside the omega den.

“Missed your chance, Jiminie,” the omega sing-songs and grabs him by the arm, looking every bit as excited as
Jimin is as he pulls him towards the exit. “I can’t believe this is finally happening.”

The frown melts right off Jimin’s face and he smiles so widely his cheeks ache. “Me neither,” he says and speeds up, until he’s the one dragging Jin along.

The clan elder is waiting for them
at the mouth of the cave, holding a torch in one hand and a cane in the other to support his weight. For an elder, he’s not very old, but he injured his leg in a vicious battle against a mountain drake and now walks with a stick. He’s wearing robes of the same colors as Jimin’s,
fitting snugly around his strong frame.

“Jimin,” he greets warmly when the two walk up to him.

“Elder Choi,” Jimin replies and ducks his head. It’s not as much a bow as it is a sign of submission, one Jin taught him years and years ago to always show when greeting their leader.
“Let’s not waste any time,” the elder says promptly and turns to begin their trek. “We’ve waited sixteen years for this moment, I think we’re ready to finally see it through.”

“Yes,” Jimin agrees easily, falling in next to him. The butterflies in his stomach have evolved into
eagles now, and he can’t stop smiling for the life of him.

“See you under the full moon, Jiminie,” Jin says and offers him a wink before he takes off to take his place amongst their friends.

‘This is it,’ Jimin thinks, clasping his hands over his heart as the first bonfires
come into view. ‘I’ll finally become one with my family.’

A deafening cheer rises from the flock of people gathered by the first fires, the villagers whistling and clapping their hands as they approach. Next to him, the elder begins to chant, citing the words of their ancestors
as they walk.

The villagers flock around them, not close enough to cut off their path, but so they can reach out and draw a mark on Jimin’s arms. There are jars of paint in various colors on the ground, and everyone, no matter rank or order, dip their fingers into them and
paint Jimin’s skin, hooting as he passes, shouting their welcome. Jimin beams at every single one of them, his heart hammering in his throat.

“A wolf come again,” Elder Choi calls out, to exhilarated howls and applause. “A son returned to the moon’s embrace.”

They’ve barely
walked halfway through the village and Jimin’s arms are already full of paint, but no one cares. They only add to the marks, smearing them until they probably look ridiculous. No one cares about that either, especially Jimin; all he can do is laugh, feeling like he’s drunk on the
music and warmth of the bonfires.


The call is deafeningly loud, causing Jimin and several others to wince as it hits their eardrums. It’s not enough to wipe the smile off Jimin’s lips, though, not even close, and he raises his arms over his head to return
his best friend’s over-enthusiastic wave.

“The others are at the very front!” Taehyung shouts over the music and laughter, gesturing wildly. “But I wanted to get my marks in first!” He fights his way through the crowd and almost crashes into Jimin when he makes it through,
smearing orange on the side of his robes. “Whoops.”

The elder spares him a glance and sighs, shaking his head with a fond smile, and carries on.

Taehyung grins just as widely as Jimin and presses two fingers to the inside of his right wrist, making sure to smudge the paint
until it’s the only color there. “Wish it was allowed to paint your neck,” he says with a mischievous grin. “Yoongi-hyung would go crazy if he saw someone had done that.”

Jimin gives him a rough shove in return, his cheeks heating up. “Go away, idiot!” he hisses at him, but
laughs when the omega sticks out his tongue at him. “I love you, Taetae!”

“I know you do!” his friend shouts back before he disappears back into the crowd, no doubt to join the others at the very front.

The moon is almost at its highest now, shining through the foliage above
them. They’re nearing the heart of the village, and Jimin’s heart picks up its pace in his chest. For exactly what reason, he can’t say. After all, there are more than just one.

The altar at the very center of the village has just come into view when suddenly,
a violent shudder races up Jimin’s spine, accompanied by a weight on his shoulders so heavy, his knees might just bend. The elder’s voice fades in his ears and he turns his head sharply, and all air promptly leaves his lungs when he finds the source of the crippling gaze.
Yoongi is standing at the very front of the crowd, closest to where the changing will happen. He’s staring right at Jimin, eyes wide and dark, the flames of the bonfire dancing across his face. Across the distance between them, Jimin can see how tightly the alpha’s jaw is
clenched and the tension in his shoulders. His hand is halfway raised, his fingers red with paint, ready to leave his own mark on Jimin’s arms.

Next to Yoongi, two other alphas curl away from him, their eyes downcast as if his aura alone is forcing them to submit. Jimin really
can’t blame them; the closer he walks, the weaker his knees feel.

If he wasn’t so drawn in by Yoongi’s presence, Jimin would probably notice his closest friends standing some ways to the right, all five of them busy choking themselves with the effort to not laugh.
Rather than just pass him by, like he should, Jimin comes to a halt in front of the alpha. For a long moment, they just look at each other—no matter how overwhelming Yoongi’s gaze is, there’s no way Jimin could possibly look away now.

When the alpha raises his hand towards him,
Jimin holds his breath and straightens his back as much as he can, overcome with an urge to look his best before him. He raises both of his arms a little, turning them over to offer Yoongi a cleaner patch of skin to mark. Why, he’s not entirely sure, his mind utterly numb.
But Yoongi doesn't leave his mark on Jimin’s arms, as he should. Instead, he presses his fingers against the underside of his jaw and draws a dark streak over the length of Jimin’s neck, from his pulse point and across his throat.
It’s like the music fades in an instant, everyone else along with it. Jimin’s breath leaves him in a shuddering exhale, every cell of him alight with tension. “Yoongi,” he whispers, and if possible, the alpha’s posture straightens further. His eyes are black as night, but when
Jimin calls his name, flecks of vibrant orange seep into the dark orbs, flickering between Jimin’s own and his neck.

Yoongi’s hand twitches against Jimin’s skin and he withdraws it only to clench it at his side. “Go, Jimin,” he rumbles, flicking his head towards where the elder
is waiting without taking his eyes off Jimin. “Take your place where you belong, amongst all of us.”

Jimin nods but his feet won’t move, pinned as he is to the spot by the alpha’s gaze. He can’t move, he can hardly breathe, feeling all too much all at once.
His skin is burning under Yoongi’s mark. He wants to lift his hands and touch it, but his arms weigh a tonne each.

“Oh, for gods’ sake!”

Suddenly, there are two pairs of hands practically hauling him to the altar, tearing Jimin away from Yoongi and right out of his stupor.
“Leave all that for later,” Hoseok snorts from next to him, looking like he can barely contain himself. “I swear, you two are the biggest morons I’ve ever seen.”

“I can’t believe hyung marked your throat,” Jeongguk says in a nervous whisper, glancing at the elder as if expecting
him to be angry. “You’re not supposed to do that, and Yoongi-hyung just—”

“Yeah, but who’s really surprised,” Hoseok retorts with a scoff, and then he’s giving Jimin a final push. “Come on, hurry your ass up! I’m too excited to watch you make moony eyes at each other all night!”
Jimin stumbles slightly where he stands, still dazed from what just happened. Elder Choi steadies him with a hand on his shoulder, and although he looks mighty exasperated, he also seems to be suppressing a smile.

“The time has come for our Jimin to truly be one of us,” he calls
out and the crowd roars with glee. “We have waited sixteen long years, but on this night, he will finally come of age.”

Jimin is proud of himself to remember he's supposed to kneel. The muscles of his legs are thankful for the fact, ceasing their trembling when he sinks onto his
knees on the ground. The elder keeps speaking, but his words are blurred in Jimin’s ears, oddly distant and distorted. His heart is beating frantically now, threatening to burst out of his chest.

It’s no longer only excitement, however. When Jimin hears a low rumble of a growl
from behind him and realises the elder has already turned, ready to bite him, his senses seize up and are overcome by nervous tension.

He has seen the elder’s wolf countless of times, but now, suddenly, he doesn’t dare turn around to look at the beast that will sink its teeth
into him. He’s been dreaming of this moment for ages, but he never gave much thought to the bite itself. He’s only thought of what comes after, not the fact that it will feel like being torn apart.

Suddenly, Jimin is scared.

His breath hitches when he feels the elder’s breath
on his neck, hears the wolf’s harsh breath next to his ear. The crowd is cheering his name, bright and delighted, but Jimin’s head is swimming with dread. Perhaps it’s because of the overwhelmed state of his emotions, but he has to clasp his hands in his lap to stop them from
trembling, shame burning under his skin.

He shouldn’t feel like this. He should be happy, he should draw strength from the primal howls rising all around them, but all they do is fuel his tension.

Jimin sinks his teeth into his lower lip and squeezes his eyes shut on his tears
when he feels the elder’s fur brushing against the side of his face and his sharp fangs graze against the skin of his shoulder.

He vaguely registers a rise in the voices of the crowd, something that sounds like protests, and then there are hands cupping his face, so suddenly
he flinches and tries to pull away.

“Jimin.” Disoriented, Jimin stills, blinking through the tears in his eyes. He knows that voice, he’d know it anywhere. “Jimin, look at me,” Yoongi urges, brushing his thumbs over his cheeks, probably smearing the gilded dust out of order.
A sharp growl rolls through the elder’s teeth where they’re posed to bite Jimin, but Yoongi doesn’t back off. If anything, he only holds onto Jimin tighter. “You will be alright,” he promises, sounding so sure of himself. “It’s going to hurt, but you can do it, I know you can.”
All Jimin does is stare at him, his bottom lip quivering.

“Give me your hands,” the alpha says and takes Jimin’s in his own. “Squeeze as hard as you can when he turns you. I’ll take as much of your pain as I can.”

“Yoongi-hyung,” Jimin whispers, half a sob. It's not enough that
the alpha marked him where he wasn't supposed to, but now, he’s willingly intruding on the ceremony as well, risking the elder's wrath, all for Jimin's sake.

Jimin has never felt as safe as he does now.

He squeezes Yoongi’s hands and draws a deep breath,
and closes his eyes at the same time as the elder sinks his fangs into his shoulder.

White-hot pain explodes up Jimin’s neck, every cell of him crying out in agony. It hurts, it hurts so much, but Jimin keeps his lips pressed shut, clenching his jaw so hard it might crack under
the pressure. His throat burns with the need to cry out, but he refuses, holding onto Yoongi’s hands with all his might.

There’s something else inside the pain, a foreign sensation spreading to every part of him. It’s like his body is catching fire, one cell at the time, and he
can’t think. His mind is swimming with pain, crippling him until it’s all he can do to hold onto the safety Yoongi promised him.

It quickly becomes too much. Faintly, he hears the alpha murmuring praise against his temple, holding his hands in a vice grip through the pain,
and with his face pressed against Yoongi's collar, Jimin passes out.
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Faintly, Jimin can smell wheat.

And lemongrass. A mix of the two, with something sweeter, filling the darkness he’s resting in. Wild berries, maybe. It’s odd; the scent comes intertwined with the weight on his chest, over his legs, as if someone has covered him with bags full
of the things he can smell.

With a groan, attempts to roll away from it, groggy as he is. A groan spills from his lips when he’s unsuccessful and he gives up. He’s warm, he’s incredibly warm where he lies, surrounded by softness. Through the haze in his mind, he can hear so many
things all at once; there’s the sound of birds, incredibly loud—he can practically hear their wingbeats—and someone breathing.

In fact, he can feel it. There’s someone breathing right into his ear.

With more effort, Jimin pushes against the intruding weight and groans again,
although it leaves his lips as a whine, one that has whoever’s cradling him chuckling against his temple. It’s a soft sound, but to Jimin, it’s loud as a scream, and he winces, flinching away from it and opening his eyes, wide and confused.

“Shhh, shh, sorry.” The scent of wheat
and berries grows a little stronger, soothing as Jimin draws a deep breath. The voice is quieter now, more easy on the ears. “Easy, Chim, easy,” it hums next to him, drawing his attention to it. “It’s me.”

It takes a moment for Jimin’s vision to clear away its blur, but when it
finally does, he finds himself staring up into the face of his best friend, grin as wide as ever where he leans over Jimin.

Dimly, Jimin registers several things. The scent and weight around him seems to come from Taehyung himself where he’s half draped over Jimin, and the sight
of his friend triggers a sort of pull inside his chest; they’re already close as can be, but Jimin wants to press his face against Taehyung’s and just…

Well, he doesn’t really know why.

Taehyung seems to have some idea, however; with another silent chuckle, he dips his head
and nuzzles against the side of Jimin’s face, immediately soothing the urge. It’s comforting, fills Jimin’s senses with the pleasant scent and pulls a low hum from his throat, his lips curling into a smile.

“Morning,” his friend whispers when he pulls back a little. His voice is
so quiet, which Jimin appreciates, seeing as his ears have become sensitive as hell. Taehyung grins down at him, his eyes practically sparkling. “Welcome to our world, omega.”

It takes Jimin a moment to understand what it is Taehyung is saying, the haze of his brain not quite
gone yet. Slowly, it dawns on him, and as his eyes grow wider and wider, his friend’s grin does, too.

“O-omega,” he repeats in hushed awe, uncaring of the thickness of his voice. “I’m… me? I’m an omega?”

“Told you,” Taehyung hums with distinct triumph and rolls further on top
of him, grinning when Jimin emits a huff of protest at the weight on his chest. “Wasn’t surprised in the least when the healers called on me and Jin to take you here.”

Jimin looks around and notices they are indeed located in the omega den, in one of the deep chambers dug out of
the cave wall. Voices reach his ears from beyond the pelt covering the entrance, distant yet loud against his eardrums. With another whine, he reaches up and presses the furs and blankets against his head, squeezing his eyes shut.

“My ears hurt,” he croaks and immediately has
Taehyung rubbing his temples, hushing him so softly. The scent of wheat and berries washes over him, settles around him like a comforting layer, a protective veil. “You smell nice."

His friend snorts at that, muffling the sound into the furs next to Jimin’s head. “You have so
much to learn, Chim,” he mutters, sounding terribly amused.

Before Jimin can ask what he’s talking about, the pelt at the mouth of the cave is pushed aside and Jin tiptoes in, bare feet moving soundlessly over the floor. “Good morning, Jiminie,” he murmurs and takes a seat next
to them on the edge of the bed. He seems completely unperturbed by the fact that Taehyung is basically lying on top of Jimin. “How are you feeling?”

“Weird,” is the first word out of Jimin’s mouth, and he frowns immediately after. “I think. There’s just… there’s so much going
on around me. Everything is so loud, and there are all these smells, like…” He trails off for a moment and draws a deep breath, peering at Jin as he tries to separate the scents coming from him. “Tae smells like berries, but you smell like tree sap,” he says and closes his eyes,
struggling to make sense of his thoughts. “And, and grass in the rain, and—”

Jin interrupts him by gently pressing a hand against Jimin’s cheek, a touch he immediately nuzzles into. “Easy,” he says quietly, although he’s smiling brilliantly down at him. “It’ll take some to get
settled in your new skin, but Taehyung and I are here to help you every step of the way, alright? We’ll make it easier for you.”

“Yes,” Jimin says without pause. There’s another weird sensation in him now, one that has him wanting to do as told by Jin, and he feels distinctively
content when the elder omega nods in approval.

Taehyung must’ve noticed Jimin’s eagerness to be good, for he snorts another quiet laughter and says, “Remember who Jin is mated to. Joonie-hyung’s gonna be the next elder, so technically, Jin’s the head omega around here. It’s a
shifter thing, to want to obey those of a higher rank.”

“Oh.” Jin nods at him to encourage him to keep talking, but Jimin smiles sheepishly. “I guess I thought ranks were only between omegas, betas, and alphas,” he mumbles.

“The want to do as told is stronger between omegas and
alphas, sure,” Jin huffs out, still speaking in a hushed voice. “But don’t worry, we’ll teach you to deal with those. No alpha is gonna be bossing you around if we have any say in it.”

“Nor any other omega, for that matter,” Taehyung supplies with a grin his brother’s way.
“Gotta train you so we can still pull dumb pranks on my Jinnie-hyung, right?”

While Jin rolls his eyes, Jimin giggles and shoves at his friend’s shoulder. Taehyung is undeterred, however, and just nuzzles in closer until Jimin can barely breathe. “Alright, you, stop choking your
best friend,” Jin scolds lightly and pulls Taehyung off him. “He needs to breathe on his own for a bit.”

The lack of contact immediately has Jimin nervous, but the elder omega soothes him with a hand on his chest. “Contact is important, Jiminie,” he says, “but you have to get
used to going without. Take a few deep breaths for me now.”

It starts like that. Jin and Taehyung spend the following hours helping him settle as best he can. They walk him through every new sensation, every new instinct, teaching him what they all mean and how to go about
dealing with them. They take their time in helping him get used to hearing them speak in regular voices instead of whispers and teach him how to breathe without drawing in the scent of everything around him at once.

They even go so far as to have Jimin practice saying no to Jin
when asked for something. The whole process has Taehyung in tears with laughter; the first attempt is a miserable failure where Jimin buries himself under a mountain of furs in shame for not complying when the elder omega tells him to go to the kitchens and help them clean up.
They’ve been at it for three hours when Jin goes to fetch them some food. While he’s gone, Jimin and Taehyung fool around on the bed, playfully pushing and shoving each other in a way they’ve done many times before, only it's wholly different now.

“What do I smell like?” Jimin
asks when they settle, huffing out a breathless giggle when his friend flops down on top of him once more. “I can’t tell with my own scent.”

“Not telling,” Taehyung hums, grinning when Jimin frowns up at him. “Sorry, Chim, but there’s only one person I’ll allow to be the first
one to tell you about your scent, and that ain’t me. Or Jin-hyung.”

Jimin’s frown only deepens, but before he has the chance to prod further, the pelt is thrown open and Jin strides back in, empty-handed and looking like he can’t quite decide whether to be amused or irritated.
He heaves a sigh and presses a palm to his face, pinching the bridge of his nose, although he’s smiling when he lowers it and says, “Yoongi is here to see you.”
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The mere mention of the alpha’s name has Jimin sitting upright quicker than he probably should, a flutter of anticipation blossoming in his chest. It goes through him like a current, drawing his muscles taut and releasing again, the odd sensation rippling right under his skin.
“Yoongi-hyung?” he repeats in a whisper, remembering everything that happened at the time of his changing. Without realising it, he raises a hand and runs his fingers over his neck, right where Yoongi had drawn his mark. “He’s here?”

Jin looks smug and fond all at once, and next
to Jimin, Taehyung suffocates himself with a pillow to keep from laughing.

“Outside the den,” Jin says and flicks his head down the hall. “He’s been on edge ever since the ceremony, refusing to stray too far from the village and snapping at everyone who tells him to relax…”
He shakes his head with an over-dramatic sigh. “You should’ve seen him when the healers had you moved to the omega den. The realisation of your rank…”

He grins as widely as his lips allow and Taehyung snorts loudly into his pillow. “He stood still as a statue outside the den
for three hours,” he manages, voice muffled by the soft down. “He looked like he was physically having to stop himself from storming in here and hauling you off.”

Jimin flushes so red he can practically feel his skin grow warmer. He’s preening, too, however; something akin to
gleeful pride swells in his chest. His friends must notice, for Jin quickly smacks a hand over his mouth while Taehyung makes another valiant effort at choking himself on the pillow.

“I want to see him,” Jimin says, his voice coming out softer than intended. “Can I see him?”
Jin’s grin mellows out into something much warmer, and he nods before moving over to help him to his feet. “Only for a little, alright?” he says. “You’re still not settled properly, so I don’t want you to get overwhelmed.”

Jimin nods with enthusiasm, already scrambling off the
bed. He scurries for the door, but is pulled back before he can reach the pelts. “For gods’ sake,” Jin huffs and fiddles with the collar and ties of Jimin's robes, which are in a disarray after his and Taehyung’s wrestling. “You planning on giving that poor alpha a heart attack?”
“Sorry,” Jimin says sheepishly, smiling through the warmth of his cheeks. He fidgets where he stands, impatient to be let free so he can go see his… his—

His what, exactly? He has no idea what think of Yoongi, what he should refer to him as now. After the ceremony, Jimin is
sure he can’t call him only his friend anymore, but he has no idea where he actually stands in the alpha’s eyes, nor where Yoongi stands in his.

Jin takes that decision out of his hands before he can begin to fret over it. “There,” he says and steps away, Jimin's robes fixed.
"Now go see your alpha before you both burst into flames waiting.”

Taehyung finally bursts out laughing at that, and Jimin flees before his friend has the chance to tease him further. With his heart beating hard against his ribs, he races down the halls of the omega den, passing
several new scents on his way and familiar voices calling his name, but once he’s moving, he can’t stop, his mind set on one thing and one thing only.

Seeing Yoongi.

Jimin comes to a screeching halt just before the exit of the den, a much darker scent greeting him there.
It’s richer than any he can catch amongst the omegas he’d passed, a mix of the forest at night and burning coals, and it bears the strength and power of who can only be an alpha.


A shudder trails its way down Jimin’s spine and he draws a deep breath before he can stop
himself, barely suppressing the urge to let out a little whimper at the sensation that races through him. It's like he can feel the alpha's scent course along his blood to every part of him, warm and thrumming, and so, so comforting.

It's familiar, as if he’s known it his entire
life, and it beckons him, draws him in until he’s sure he’d follow it to the ends of the earth. It weakens him at the same time as it gives him strength, and so, on shaky legs, he walks the rest of the way to the den’s exit, trying and failing to brace himself for what’s to come.
The evening light is blinding after so long in the den, but Jimin persists through the sting of his eyes, searching, his breath catching in his throat when he sees him. Him, standing only a few meters away. The alpha, looking the same as he always has, yet worlds different.
Yoongi, who’s staring right back at Jimin, eyes wide and dark, so tense he might as well be made out of stone. He looks so strong where he stands, like he could tear through the very mountain where the omega den resides or fight the river dragons that dwell to the north.
He looks the same as he always has, and an unbearable yearning rears its head within Jimin’s chest.

For the longest time, all they do is look, drinking each other in. Nothing has changed about how either of them look, yet nothing is the same now. “Jimin,” the alpha murmurs
slowly, almost as if he can’t believe he’s really seeing him. His voice is a mere whisper, but it rings through Jimin’s ears.

Whatever Jimin had expected to happen when seeing Yoongi for the first time after his changing, the reaction his body goes through is certainly not it.
Before he can catch himself, Jimin steps up close to the alpha and lowers his head, his shoulders drawing up as he tucks his arms close to his body and clasps his hands behind his back. It’s like an invisible force pulls on his posture until he makes himself as small as he can
where he stands. A soft noise spills from his lips, something mortifyingly close to a whine.

It’s a little mewl of a sound, one that has Yoongi going even more rigid where he stands, and Jimin wants to die when his brain catches up with what he's doing.
“U-um,” he utters, blushing beet red as he stares down at the grass, too embarrassed to lift his head. “I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what just—” He tapers off, gaping inaudibly for a moment before wondering if the only thing he can do to save his dignity now is to turn around and
flee. “I’m sorry, Yoongi-hyung, I-I’m should just—”


He’s halfway turned away when Yoongi’s voice pulls him to an immediate halt. The alpha’s already low voice is even deeper now, rough and full of something that has Jimin’s insides thrumming with contented glee. He
dares a glance at Yoongi and practically combusts at the sight of him; he’s standing straight and stiff as a plank, his shoulders squared and tension rippling under his inked skin.

He’s posturing, the scent of burning charcoal growing more and more intense, and there’s a slight
twitch in his hands, as if he wants to reach out towards Jimin, to take hold of him and… and do something.

Embarrassed as he is, Jimin has never wanted anything more than for Yoongi to do that something, whatever it is. “Jimin,” the alpha says again, jaw clenched tightly,
and Jimin curls further in on himself, not out of fear, oh no, definitely not out of fear. No, if Jimin wasn’t pressing his lips so tightly together right now, he’d likely be purring or something equally as mortifying.

“I-I don’t know what happened,” he says meekly when he
finally dares to speak, wringing his hands in a fervent attempt to distract himself from the urge to move closer to Yoongi. He has no idea what to actually do; half of him wants to run away as far and fast as he can while the other half is preening under the weight of the alpha’s
gaze. “I think it’s my… my instincts, or something.”

If anything, his words only seem to make Yoongi’s state worse. Or better, depending on which half Jimin wants to listen to. “It is,” the alpha says lowly. “You… you’ll learn to control them with time. Those urges.” His voice
makes Jimin want to sink onto his knees on the ground, his legs weakening by the second. “Don’t worry about it, Jimin-ah, it’s not… bad. It’s not a bad thing.”

That has Jimin finally daring to meet Yoongi’s eyes, and there’s something so overwhelming about them that he doesn’t
quite know what to do with himself. The alpha looks so strong. That’s not to say he didn’t always look strong—he’s chief hunter, after all—but right now, he’s looking at Jimin like he could take on the whole world to keep him safe. They’re equal in height, but Yoongi seems to
tower over Jimin where he stands, blanketing him in a sense of security.

“Okay,” he whispers and casts down his eyes, shuddering when the alpha heaves a light sigh in reply, the sound almost a rumble. “Thank you, Yoongi-hyung.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Yoongi says again. He
seems to struggle for a moment, clearly unsettled about Jimin’s lingering embarrassment, and then he huffs a curse under his breath and takes a step closer towards the omega. “Can I touch you, Jimin?”
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Jimin’s head snaps up so fast it hurts his neck, eyes wide and cheeks aflame. “Wh-what?” he squeaks, almost certain he’d heard him wrong. “Touch me?”

“I didn’t mean—” the alpha begins, his pale cheeks darkening in embarrassment. “I just—it might calm you down. Skinship. Your
instincts are seeking contact, so it might help if I touch your—”

“Neck?” Jimin finishes in a breathy exhale. He doesn’t know why he says it or how he knows, but the thought is one he yearns for with frightening urgency. The skin of his neck is prickling all of a sudden,
and somehow, he knows Yoongi’s touch could make it better.

“Yes,” Yoongi grits out, his eyes darting between Jimin’s and his throat. “Just like I’ve always done.”

It’s true, the alpha has always had a habit of touching Jimin’s neck, ever since they were children. Sometimes it
would be a playful grab, paired with a toothy grin and something like, “What a brat,” while other times it would be a gentle touch, comforting, with a low and quiet, “See you later, Jimin-ah.”

Now, however, Jimin knows it’s going to be worlds different from any of that.
“Yes,” he whispers, so quietly even he can barely hear it. He probably shouldn’t, it’s not necessary for only a simple touch, but Jimin inclines his head to expose the column of his neck, baring the sliver of collarbone his robes have left exposed.
Yoongi draws a sharp inhale and Jimin looks away, blood rushing in his ears.

In his peripherals, he sees the alpha raise a hand towards him, but he’s lightyears away from being prepared for the actual feeling of Yoongi’s skin against his.
Upon the very first brush of contact, it happens again, that little mewl spilling from Jimin’s lips. The alpha’s touch is soothing at the same time as it triggers a rush through his body, so violent he would surely tremble if not for how pleased he is. All of him, both his body
and mind, is practically exuberant as Yoongi’s thumb brushes over the skin just underneath his jaw. It’s all he can do to not reach up and press the alpha’s hand more firmly against his neck and keep it there for lord knows how long.

Had he been any less overwhelmed, he might’ve
noticed the way Yoongi’s scent spikes or the way his pheromones flare up when Jimin emits a contented hum. He might've noticed the way his own body responds, his satisfaction not so subtle to anyone nearby. His eyes are closed and he simply basks in the comforting touch,
his embarrassment momentarily shoved far to the back of his mind.

It’s over much too soon, with Yoongi practically tearing himself away from Jimin and putting a good three meters of space between them. By the looks of him, the distance affects the alpha just as much as it does
Jimin; his breathing is labored and it’s like he’s having trouble staying still.


“I’m going hunting tonight,” the alpha interrupts, pressing out the words through gritted teeth. “I—the hunters are due. For the hunt.”
A flare of disappointment rises to Jimin’s chest. He’s not sure why, but he imagines it’s that treacherous half of him that wants to spend more time with Yoongi. “Oh,” he utters quietly and makes himself smile, a small curl of the lips as he nods towards the ground between them.
“I hope the hunt goes well.”

Yoongi nods, still looking at him with enough intent to have his knees feel weak. He doesn’t say anything for a long while, and just when Jimin begins to wonder if he should just return to the den,
the alpha straightens up and declares, “I will bring something for you.”

For the second time, Jimin looks up so fast it makes his neck ache, gaping at Yoongi. “W-what?” he asks, his voice high-pitched. It must’ve sounded distressed, for the alpha winces and looks like he has to
physically keep himself from moving closer, hands clenching and unclenching at his sides. “For me?”

Jimin knows what it means to give gifts here. It can be a friendly gesture, but between alphas and omegas, a gift, particularly one acquired through hunting, usually means...
“Yes,” Yoongi says without pause, and he does that thing again, that posturing thing that has Jimin wanting to curl up against his side and let himself be taken care of.

He’s so sure Yoongi would take such good care of him.
“I-I’m, I don’t—” he stutters, pressing his hands against his flushing cheeks and looking away. He thinks he hears a rumbling growl from the alpha, but he doesn’t dare look at him. “I don’t know what to say, hyung.”

“Will you accept it?” Yoongi asks, a hint of worry
to his voice. “If I bring you a gift from the hunt, will you accept it?”

Jimin ducks his head, overcome by shyness at the same time as he’s brimming with glee, preening at the idea that the alpha wants to do that. To bring him a gift. He can’t quite meet Yoongi’s eyes, but he
smiles as wide as his blushing cheeks allow and nods his head. “Okay,” he murmurs, a pleasant tingling settling in his chest when the alpha emits a contented sound, a deep rumble.

“Okay,” Yoongi agrees lowly, sounding a tad less tense. “You… you should head back inside.”
Jimin peeks up at him, his smile faltering a little when he sees the alpha run a hand over his face and press it over his nose and mouth for a second or two before slowly lowering it again. A wave of worry rises in his chest immediately and he moves to take a step forward, but
but Yoongi jerks away.

“Yoongi-hyung, what—”

“Your scent,” the alpha croaks, sharp breath hissing through gritted teeth. “I’m sorry, just, your scent is—” He closes his eyes for a second to gather himself, and when he looks at Jimin again,
his pupils are blown wide. “It’s so—it's overwhelming,” he says roughly.

His voice has the hairs on Jimin’s arms standing on edge, an electric shudder rippling down his spine. “I-I’m sorry,” he whispers and takes a few steps back. Yoongi looks conflicted over his movement, like
he can’t decide whether he needs Jimin to move further away or if he wants to close the distance between them and do that something that part of Jimin wants so much.

“Don’t be,” he ends up saying, very hoarsely. He looks like he’s just run a mile without pause, but he stands up
straight either way, seeking Jimin’s gaze. “I’ll come find you after the hunt.”

“Please,” is the first thing past Jimin’s lips, which has him practically bursting into flames. “I-I mean, yes. You do that. Come find me.”

Yoongi nods, which is impressive on its own, considering
how tense his neck is. “I will,” he promises and glances past Jimin’s shoulder towards the omega den. “Go back to Jin and Taehyung now. They’ll take care of you.”

Jimin’s first instinct is to tell the alpha he should be the one to take care of him, but he manages to
close his lips around the words before they escape him this time. “Yes,” he says instead and takes a step backwards without looking away. “Come find me. After.”

His repeated words have Yoongi smiling despite himself, a soft curl of his lips even in his state of tension.
“I promise,” he says and flicks his head towards the entrance. “Go.”

Jimin nods, and with one last lingering look, he turns around and runs back inside. He doesn’t slow down until he’s almost at his and Taehyung’s room, knowing he would turn around if he gave himself the chance.
His heart is beating so loudly in his chest, pounding against his ribs, and there’s a skip in his step as he goes. Yoongi is going to bring him a gift. He’s going to hunt something in the woods and bring it back for Jimin. For him and no one else.

He can’t stop smiling.
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He can’t stop smiling.

That is, until he’s just outside his room, where he’s greeted by Jin, who throws the pelts open and all but drags him inside. “Whoa, what—” Jimin exclaims, but the elder omega grabs his chin and tilts it up, gaze flickering all over his face.
“Jin-hyung, what are you—”

“Holy shit,” comes Taehyung’s voice from the bed, sounding utterly stunned. “Holy shit, Chim, what did he do to you?”

More confused than ever, Jimin pries himself away from Jin’s hold and looks at his best friend, frowning. “What are you
talking about?” he asks, blinking hard. His vision is a bit blurry, for some reason. “Yoongi-hyung didn’t do anything to me.”

There’s a beat of silence, and then Taehyung’s grin returns, although this one bears a whole lot more sympathy than previously. “Oh geez,” he huffs into
his pillow and shares a quick look with his brother.

“Alright, Jiminie,” the elder omega says gently and places his hands on his shoulders. “I think we should go have a nice bath, huh? To relax? And to, uh,” he glances down Jimin’s front and quickly looks up again,
looking so oddly understanding, “get you cleaned up.”

For a moment, Jimin is more confused than he’s ever been, having no idea what they’re talking about or why they’re looking so sympathetic. The pleasant thrum in his body is clearing away now, driven aside by his bewilderment,
and as soon as he can think properly again, he realises exactly what they’re talking about.

His robes feel sticky at the back of his thighs, the fabric clinging to his skin, and Jimin knows what it is. Taehyung has told him about it many times, in hushed whispers late at night,
always in relation to Jeongguk, his friend’s promised mate.

He knows what the wetness is, and he wants to die.

“Oh my gods,” he whines and sinks into a crouch, his face practically burning. Suddenly, Yoongi’s reaction makes so much sense, the way he had tried to block
out Jimin’s scent. “Oh my gods, I can’t believe I—”

Before he can finish the sentence, there’s a comforting pressure against his back, rubbing soothingly. “Listen to me, Jiminie,” Jin says with a hint of sternness to his voice. “This is completely normal. You’ve just had your
changing, there’s no way you would know how to control this already. Yoongi knows that, too, so don’t you worry about what he might be thinking.”

“But it’s so embarrassing,” Jimin protests meekly, refusing to look up. “Oh gods, and after he said he'd bring me a gift, I’m so—”
“He did what?” Taehyung all but flies off their cot and comes to crouch next to Jimin. “He said he’d bring you a gift? They’re going hunting tonight, so… he’s bringing you a gift from the hunt?”

Jimin nods into the security of his arms and Taehyung emits a triumphant cheer,
clapping his hands together as softly as he has the sense to. “Our Chimmy Chim Chim’s being courted,” he sing-songs in glee, ignoring his brother’s hushes. “Man, Yoongi-hyung doesn’t waste any time, does he? He even scented you.”

Jimin peeks up from his hiding at that.
“He did?” he asks, curiosity beating his mortification. “But he didn’t—” He gestures vaguely towards his neck, too shy to speak the words or even think it, him and Yoongi like that. So close. “You’ve always said scenting is when you, um… nuzzle someone’s neck.”
“Yoongi wouldn’t have done that so early, but I’m guessing he touched your neck?” Jin asks, still rubbing his back.

Now that it’s been pointed out to him, Jimin realises he can still smell the alpha’s scent all around him, as if it’s clinging to him after their encounter.
“Yeah,” he admits quietly, cheeks warming up all over again. “Like he’s always done.”

The elder omega presses his lips together in an attempt to not smile too widely, something cryptic in the glance he exchanges with Taehyung. “Scenting can be done through a touch
like that, too,” he says. “Any lingering touch to the neck will transfer another shifter’s scent onto you.”

“Yeah, and you reek of him,” Taehyung supplies with a mischievous grin. “I knew your changing would affect him the most, but if you smell this much like him,” he pauses to
whistle, “he must’ve lost grip of his pheromones for a bit.” The thought seems terribly amusing to him. “Way to go, Chim!"

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” Jimin protests in a high whine, sighing when Jin shushes him softly. “It’s just, it was so… overwhelming. Just being close to
him, talking to him.” He squirms where he crouches, the back of his robes beginning to cool and turn more uncomfortable. “I can’t believe this.”

“Well, you’ve always had a thing for Yoongi,” the elder omega says with far more rationality than Jimin is in the mood for hearing,
“and now it’s not only your emotions causing the attraction, but also your instincts. Omegas are naturally drawn to alphas and vice versa, so you’re gonna have it twice as bad for him now.”

Jimin grimaces against the safety of his arms. It makes sense, what Jin says, but he’s
not at all ready to stop being embarrassed about it. He probably never will. “I want to take a bath,” he mumbles in a quite petulant fashion, although he’s in no hurry to move. “What if someone else noticed? What if someone’s at the springs and they, they smell it, my—”
“Easy now, let’s not work ourselves up,” Jin interrupts and lightly smacks his shoulder. “Come on, Taehyung will go ahead of us and make sure no one else is bathing, alright?”

“I’ll scare ‘em off for you, Chim,” his friend promises, puffing up his chest in what must be an
imitation of alpha behavior. “We’ll have the hot springs all to ourselves, yeah, we can even use Jinnie-hyung’s salts!”

“Hey, I didn’t say you could—”

“Don’t be too long!”

With that, Taehyung dances out of the room, leaving Jin to heave a frustrated sigh while Jimin manages a
little smile. “What a brat,” the elder omega huffs before rising to his feet, offering Jimin his hand. “Come on, up you go.”

Jimin complies with little reluctance, wincing slightly when he stands; the dampness of his robes feels so gross against his skin, and his cheeks burn
in shame. “What if he won’t want to bring me a gift now?” he asks in a whisper. The thought has tears springing to his eyes, his emotions a complete mess. “What if he thinks I’m—that I’m some kind of—”

Again, Jin interrupts him, this time by pulling him into a tight embrace.
“That’s not going to happen, Jiminie,” he says, so sure of himself. “Yoongi is a blockhead most of the time, but he understands. Or has he ever made you feel like you should doubt him?”

“No,” Jimin sniffles against the omega’s chest, nuzzling further into his arms, seeking
comfort. It’s true; the alpha has always been straightforward to a fault, never one to pass judgement or hold grudges where a conflict could simply be worked out. He's always been understanding, always the first to offer to listen to one's worries. “Never.”
“See?” Jin hums, a smile to his voice. “He wouldn’t let something like this get in the way of what he’s wanted to do for years.”

“He hasn’t—”

“I’m gonna smack you if you tell me I’m wrong about this.”

Jimin presses his lips together and pouts, but only for a moment. The
elder omega’s scent is incredibly soothing, and paired with his reassuring words, Jimin finds his worry slipping away. “Thank you, Jin-hyung,” he murmurs before carefully squirming out of his arms, eager to get himself cleaned up. “Can we go to the springs now?”
“Of course,” Jin says with a prim smile. “We have to get that alpha stink off of you.”


“Just because you get off to the smell of coal doesn’t mean the rest of us do, Jiminie,” the elder omega huffs, cackling when Jimin turns beet red and swats at him. “I’m kidding!”
“I don’t get off on anything!” Jimin hisses shrilly, shushing the other as if Yoongi could somehow hear them all the way here. “And he does not smell like a lump of coal, his scent is much more—Jin-hyung!”

Jin only keeps laughing as he throws an arm around Jimin’s shoulders and
drags him off towards the springs. He keeps Jimin in sort of an affectionate headlock—however much sense that makes—most of the way there, going off on a tangent and talking about all the things Jimin still has to learn about life as a shifter.

They pass several omegas on the
way, but if any of them notice the lingering effects of Jimin’s state, none say a word. They don’t even spare him an odd glance, and Jimin has a feeling it’s because of the elder omega's presence.

Once they reach the springs, they’re met with Taehyung in the middle of trying to
beat a mountain of bubbles into submission with his bare hands, having poured too much salt into one of the hotter baths. The sight has Jimin laughing, his voice echoing in the empty hall while Jin goes to scold his brother, although he almost slips on the soapy floor on the way.
Once in the spring, Jimin scrubs himself clean quickly before relaxing into the warm water, a contented hum spilling from his lips as he leans against the edge, submerged up to his chin. “Thank you,” he says absently, blissed as he is in the bath. “For taking care of me.”
“Of course,” Taehyung says immediately, kicking his feet in the water. “There’s no way we would leave our favorite Chim alone in a time like this.” He quickly forms a slightly misshapen heart from the bubbles and places it on top of Jimin’s head, grinning when he giggles.
“We’re gonna help you take every baby step until you’re the chief omega in this clan.”

Jimin ducks his head, smiling, at his enthusiasm, the bubble heart swaying on his head.

They spend a good hour in the baths, going over more things for Jimin to learn and making plans for
when they’ll teach him what. He listens intently, taking mental notes of everything he hears, until Taehyung veers off topic completely and starts speculating on what Yoongi will bring him from the hunt.

Jin is eager to join him, and so the two brothers make a long list of
possible trophies the alpha might bring home for him. They get more and more ridiculous as they go, but as the elder omega says, “Yoongi doesn’t hold back when it comes to things he cares about,” so every suggestion, at least according to him, is a possibility.
“The first gift is almost always furs,” Taehyung says while Jin nods sagely next to him. “It’s all for the scent, you know, so the courted omega can always keep the alpha’s scent close, as well as smell like the alpha so others won’t try to compete.”
Something clicks in the back of Jimin’s mind at that, but Jin continues before he has the chance to dwell over his realisation. “Yoongi would probably give Jimin something he can wear,” he says thoughtfully. “He doesn’t show it much, but Yoongi can be a bit possessive,
so he’d want every other alpha to know Jimin is being courted before they would even consider pursuing him.”

“Does Yoongi-hyung have an eye for color?” Taehyung wonders, splashing the water around. “Would he consider what colors best suit Jimin?”
“Of course he would,” the elder omega huffs. “Yoongi’s gonna get nothing but the best for his omega.”

“Can you two stop?” Jimin asks meekly, feeling like he’s about to overheat in the bath, blushing red all the way to the tips of his ears. “You’re gonna make me pass out.”
The two spare him absolutely no mercy, and so he’s left to suffer—exciting as the topic of his torment is—while they keep coming up with ideas, each more ridiculous than the last.

When they finally leave the springs, Jin has another go at fetching them some food, departing with
a joke about probably finding Yoongi still standing outside the den. Taehyung and Jimin head back to their room, although they’re stopped by almost every other omega resident on the way, the lot of them congratulating Jimin for his changing and welcoming him to the family.
They all seem so genuinely happy for him, he can’t even remember to be embarrassed about what happened earlier.

Night has fallen by the time they’ve eaten, and so Jin bids them goodnight and leaves to join his mate in their own den. Exhausted, Jimin curls up under the many
blankets of his and Taehyung’s cot, sighing in content as he nuzzles against his friend’s side. “Good night, Taetae,” he murmurs, a smile on his lips even as his eyes fall shut.

“Night, Chim,” Taehyung whispers and pulls him in closer, burying his face into Jimin’s hair.
“Tomorrow’s gonna be so much fun.”

And yes, no matter how shy Jimin may be, he can’t deny the thrum of excitement that goes through him even as he’s falling asleep, giddy with anticipation for what Yoongi will bring him. Whatever it is, he knows he’ll love it,
and he’ll have to think of a way to properly thank the alpha.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.
bet that's what y'all are thinkin', too, that tomorrow can't come fast enough~~ well, have a good night, and see you tomorrow~~~ when it's gift-giving time~~~~ uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu~~~~~
Jimin rises before the sun the following morning, his body humming with excitement that makes it impossible to fall back to sleep. It’s quiet all around him, apart from Taehyung’s soft snores; the omega den is silent, not a soul yet awake.

He stares up into the dark ceiling for
two whole minutes before his restlessness becomes too much to bear. As carefully as he can, Jimin squirms out of his friend’s arms and rises from their cot, pressing his lips together around a giggle when Taehyung emits a muffled whine and pulls one of the pillows against his
chest instead. Quiet as a mouse, Jimin scribbles down a note for his friend and tiptoes towards the doorway, intending to take a walk to calm himself down.

As he makes his way along the hallways of the den, he finds himself unable to stop smiling, nervous and giddy all at once
as he recalls Yoongi’s words the evening before. He knows it’ll still be a few hours before the alphas return from their hunt. It’s always been like that; they leave at nightfall and come back an hour after sunrise, seeking game at the edge of their borders and sometimes beyond.
The village is shrouded in darkness when he steps outside of the den, the surrounding forest blocking out the light of dawn. It doesn’t faze Jimin in the least; he knows these woods inside and out, knows every trail to take to get where he wants to go. He moves soundlessly over
roots and stone, taking more care than usual to not make a sound—must be a wolf thing, he reasons—and he still can’t stop smiling, the scent of the forest reminding him of a certain alpha.

It doesn’t take him long to reach the edge of the forest, the smile on his lips growing
wider at the sight of the meadows, the tall grass glistening with morning dew. The flowers are budded and closed from the night, but Jimin knows that as soon as the sun begins its ascension, the petals will spread wide and turn the field into a sea of color.
Humming to himself, Jimin treads out into the meadow, the ground damp beneath his bare feet. He walks with his eyes closed, breathing deep and steady and trying to tell every scent apart from the other. The flowers smell the strongest, sweet and heavy, but he can also catch the
scent of the birds in the trees and the small critters dwelling in the line of the forest.

He can even smell the wind itself, still as it is in the early morning.

The forest slowly wakes up around him as he walks, the sky’s greenish light growing more and more blue as the sun
climbs nearer to the horizon. The birds begin their singing, adding to the little tune Jimin hums under his breath. There’s a tiny forest dragon curling around a branch of a fireberry bush, and it peers curiously at Jimin when he stops to admire it. He can’t help but giggle at
its cuteness, and, as if offended, the dragon sticks out its thin tongue, snatches a berry from the branch in its mouth, and flies off.

Once the sun has began to peek over the horizon, Jimin decides to busy himself with making a crown of flowers. He’s done it plenty of times
before, ever since he was a child and Jin showed him how to thread the flowers into a beautiful weave. Back then, he and Taehyung would compete in making the prettier crown and then run through the village and ask the others who they thought should win.
The memory proves a bit counterproductive to his attempt at distracting himself; it reminds him of all the times Yoongi chose his crown as the best one, which, now that Jimin actually thinks about it, was every time.

The realisation has Jimin sinking into a crouch in the meadow,
whining to himself and pressing his hands flat against his flushed face.

It takes him a moment to regain his composure, although the smile stays present on his lips the whole time he goes about picking the flowers he wants for his crown. When he has enough, he finds his way
to the boulder in the middle of the field, the only dry place to sit in the dewy grass. He crosses his legs and carefully sets the flowers down in his lap, arranging them in the order he will need them. Once he gets to work, he easily forgets himself in his task, weaving together
flowers of white and amber with practiced ease. Smiling, he threads goldpetal clovers into the crown, like a string of gilded chain linking the flowers together.

He’s so lost in what he’s doing, he doesn’t realise what time it is until he hears a wolf’s howl in the distance,
signaling the return of the hunters.

Jimin almost drops the flower crown in his hurry to stand up, eyes wide as he looks around. The sun is high above the trees now, the flowers in full bloom all around him. “Shit,” he hisses, tossing the remaining goldclovers aside before
diving back into the meadow, darting towards the woods. “Shit, shit, shit!”

His previous grace is nowhere to be find as he runs, trying his best to just stay upright as he moves through the forest, heart hammering in his chest. He can’t be late, no way, not when Yoongi is going
to bring him a gift. He can’t NOT be there, waiting; Yoongi has to know how excited he is, how happy he is to be receiving his gift.

Jimin all but bursts past the final line of trees, staggering over roots as he goes. He doesn’t slow down, even with his lungs on fire from
running so far, beelining towards the center of the village, where the hunters always present their kills before the clan elder. He darts through the people who are heading over to see the hunt’s game, only speeding up when all the hunters’ scents reach him and
he notices the absence of burning charcoal.

Jimin doesn’t stop until he arrives at the heart of the village, skidding to a halt some ways behind the line of hunters. His breath passes his lips in harsh exhales and he wants to double over in exhaustion, but he looks around, eyes
wide in worry when he realises Yoongi really isn’t among them. The lot of them seem unperturbed, speaking calmly without the clan elder, as if the chief hunter’s absence is as normal as it could be.

Jimin is just about to take a step in their direction when someone calls his
name and jerks his attention to the side. “You okay?” Hoseok asks as he makes his way over, having stood by the side with Taehyung and Jin. “Why are you all sweaty?”

“I-I was in the meadow,” Jimin manages through his labored breathing, still staring at the hunters.
“Where’s Yoongi-hyung? Is he alright? Did something go wrong during the hunt?”

Much to his surprise, Hoseok emits a highly amused chuckle and flicks his hand as if to swat away Jimin’s worry. “Oh, he’s fine alright,” he says smugly. “He just wanted to get started on preparing a
certain someone’s gift as quickly as possible,” Jimin promptly snaps his gaze to Hoseok, “so he made off with the leatherworkers and tailors and said he would come find you as soon as he was done.”

Jimin just stares as him for a moment before stuttering out
a meek little, “O-oh,” fingers tightening around the flower crown. His cheeks grow warmer still and he pretends it’s just because of the exertion of his run, although it becomes increasingly difficult with Hoseok cooing at him as he drags him off towards the others.
They watch the short ritual of the clan elder praising the hunters for their hard work and telling them to go wash up and rest for the feast later that night, but even when the rest of the clan begin filtering out, Jimin stays put where he is. He settles into a crouch at the edge
of the village center, content to wait there until Yoongi is ready.

“You really gonna sit your ass here all day, Chim?” Taehyung asks when he comes back from throwing himself at Jeongguk and sending him off to rest with a shameless flurry of kisses all over his face.
“You could just return to the den and wait there.”

“That’s okay,” Jimin hums, arms around his legs, the flower crown tucked between his thighs and chest. “I want to stay here.”

He vaguely notices the way Taehyung looks over at Jin, who only shakes his head with a small smile,
as if to say, “There’s no helping it.” With a sigh, Taehyung plops down on the ground next to Jimin, with Hoseok and Jin joining them.

Jimin remains quiet while the others chat, only humming silently when prompted. At one point, Hoseok asks him if he’s disappointed, and he
quickly shakes his head; he’s not, far from it. He can’t explain it, really, why he’s so set on waiting right there, unmoving, but there’s not a single part of him that wants to move or do something else to pass the time.
“Just let him be,” Jin says quietly to the others, smiling softly as he looks at Jimin’s huddled form. “He’s waiting for his alpha.”

The others give him his space after that.

Jimin has no idea for how long he’s been sitting there—could be minutes, could be hours—until he
finally catches a whiff of familiarity, immediately perking up where he sits. He can smell the alpha before he can see him, the scent of fire pulling at every cell of him towards it. He staggers to his feet, numb from crouching for so long, and there he is.

The alpha is stalking right towards him in large strides, ignoring everyone he passes on the way. He’s looking at Jimin, eyes dark and jaw clenched, his posture just as tense as Jimin imagines it would be during the actual hunt. As if this is another kind of battle he’s marching
towards with determination and intent.

Jimin barely has time to register the white pelts slung over the alpha’s shoulder before he’s standing right in front of him.

“Yoongi-hyung,” Jimin murmurs, his voice coming out quieter than intended, but he can’t help it, not with Yoongi
smelling the way he does and looking like he’s fresh from the hunt even though it was hours ago. He looks like he’s just fought tooth and nail, his breathing a little labored, flecks of amber still lingering along the edge of his eyes. “Yoongi—”

Jimin doesn’t have the chance to
say anything more before the alpha takes another step forward and he’s suddenly enveloped in soft warmth, a comforting weight settling over his shoulders. The closeness has Jimin yearning to lean in further and press himself against Yoongi's chest,
but the alpha is just as quick to retreat once he’s done adjusting his gift over Jimin’s shoulders.

Once their proximity is gone, it takes more effort than Jimin would’ve thought possible to look away from the alpha and at the furs instead, and his lips part in awe at what he’s
greeted with.

He recognises the furs for what they are immediately. There’s only one creature in these woods with such a strikingly white pelt, and such volume; it’s soft and fluffy around Jimin’s neck, the pristine color a heavy contrast against his black hair. The pelts are
lined with beads, pale as pearls and just as smooth, cool where they press against the heated skin of Jimin’s collarbones.

“Th-these,” Jimin starts, voice hushed in his awe as he looks from the mane around his shoulders to Yoongi. “These furs… they’re from a staghorn lion.”
The alpha nods jerkily, and Jimin’s knees feel weak. The staghorn lions are a fantastical species who live far beyond the clan’s borders, rare and majestic and incredibly strong. Jimin has only ever once seen one, when sneaking past the borders with Taehyung and Jeongguk many
years ago. Before getting caught by Jin and Namjoon, they had glimpsed the beast through the trees leading to the steppe lands.

“Yoongi’s gonna get nothing but the best for his omega,” Jin had said yesterday, and now, Jimin is about to combust where he stands, enveloped in what
he would never have imagined the alpha to bring for him.

He parts his lips and closes them again over and over, utterly dumbstruck as he stares at Yoongi. He’s supposed to say something, to thank the alpha, but he can’t, the words won’t come. How could they, when he doesn’t even
know words sufficient enough to express what he’s feeling, the burning sensation in his chest, the yearning and the pull and the adoration.

Amidst his desperate struggle to find the right words, Jimin remembers the crown of flowers still in his hand. With his heart beating
loudly in his chest, he raises the weave halfway before hesitating, lips parting around inaudible words as he stares down at the crown. It’s stupid, he thinks, who would give a flower crown in return for something so beautiful?
It’s so dumb and he sort of wishes he could just disappear, but then Yoongi leans forward a bit and bows his head so that it would be easier for Jimin to place the crown on his hair. He doesn’t need to do it, he’s barely an inch taller, but the gesture gives Jimin courage, his
embarrassment dissipating and his lips curling into a smile.

His hands tremble slightly as he reaches up the rest of the way and places the weave on the alpha’s head, fingers brushing against his temple as he makes sure the crown sits properly. “Thank you, Yoongi,” he whispers
shakily, and the alpha looks up at him, fondness seeping into the fierceness of his gaze. “Thank you for your beautiful gift.”

“Thank you, Jimin,” Yoongi echoes as he straightens up. “Thank you for accepting it, and for giving me yours in return.”

Pride all but radiates off of
him, as if the flower crown is the most precious thing in the world. It looks a bit silly on him, the petals a stark contrast to the blackness of his hair and the raw strength he exudes, but judging by the way the alpha postures, Jimin might as well have given him the sun itself.
it's bedtime for good little satans, so whoopsie daisy, looks like we'll have to continue this little scene tomorrow~~ tune in then, when things get a bit more, ah, inTENSE~~

Unsure of what to do now, Jimin curls his hands into the delicate furs around his shoulders and pulls them more tightly around himself, burying his nose into their softness. They smell like the alpha, like fire and the forest, and he can’t help but take a deep breath, his eyes
falling shut and a contented hum rising up his throat.

He doesn’t realise exactly what he’s done until Yoongi’s scent becomes much stronger, not just in the furs, but all around him. He barely manages to swallow down a whine and quickly looks up, growing tense under the alpha’s
heavy gaze. Yoongi is looking at him like that again, like he wants to do something but won’t let himself do it.

Jimin wishes he would let himself do it.

The intensity of the alpha’s stare pulls on Jimin’s instincts and he does that thing again where he makes himself as small
as he possibly can where he stands, drawing the furs tightly around his shoulders as they rise towards his ears, the sides of his face hidden behind the thick pelts. He holds Yoongi’s gaze for as long as he can even though it makes him feel like burning.

When he finally has to
look away for fear of his own sanity, he compensates by taking a step closer to the alpha, and shudders at the rumbling growl that he gets in return.

“Jimin,” Yoongi rumbles and Jimin curls further in on himself, positively preening at his low voice. It sounds almost like a
warning, but it’s inviting at the same time, as if the alpha is at war with himself and can’t decide whether he wants Jimin to come closer or back up.

He seems to settle for the former, raising a hand towards the furs framing Jimin’s face. He moves very slowly, as if to give
Jimin every chance to back away, but Jimin stays put right where he is, heart thrumming in his chest. “Do you like them?” Yoongi asks lowly, fingers brushing against Jimin’s skin where they smoothen out the furs.

“Yes,” Jimin says without pause. His voice high and laden with
shyness, but he needs the alpha to see, to know how much he appreciates his gift. He inclines his head just a fraction, baring his neck to give Yoongi more space, and shudders again when the alpha’s thumb strokes the skin just below his jaw. “I’m—I’m so happy, Yoongi-hyung.”
The alpha’s lips curl up into a smile, and Jimin’s heart feels like it’s about to leap out of his chest. His hands twitch where they’re curled up in the furs, quivering with the urge to reach out and pull Yoongi closer. It’s overwhelming, how much he yearns for the alpha’s
closeness, and through the haze in his mind, he hopes he won’t embarrass himself the same way he did last night.

He has just let go of his furs to reach out when a voice erupts from right behind him, startling him so hard he lurches forward. “Not that we’re all not terribly
amused by this display,” Taehyung says very cheerfully, “you two are currently drowning the village with your pheromones.”

Disoriented, it takes Jimin a moment to realise he’s holding onto Yoongi’s arm with both hands and that the alpha’s gentle touch on his skin has
turned much firmer, whole hand pressed against the column of his neck. He also realises that the alpha is growling, surely an instinctive reaction to him being so surprised.

As if he’s been burned, Jimin quickly lets go and takes a step back, eyes briefly darting up to meet
Yoongi’s before he turns away to glare at his friend. “Y-you be quiet, Taehyung!” he says shrilly, trying his best to ignore the way the alpha’s gaze bores into the back of his head. “You don’t get to say anything after you just—”

The rest of his words are lost in a little
squeak when he feels strong hands settle on his arms, over the furs but still palpable enough to promptly have him freeze. “Easy, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi hushes in a soft rumble, his voice so close to Jimin’s ear. “It’s okay.”

It’s almost startling, how quickly Jimin’s tension slips
away from him, replaced by contentedness. He ignores Taehyung’s sharp grin and turns when the alpha coaxes him into it, blushing beet red and pulling his lower lip between his teeth. “Don’t mind him, pretty,” Yoongi says, hands still pressed against Jimin’s arms over the furs.
“He’s just teasing.”

If possible, the nickname has the redness of Jimin’s cheeks intensifying tenfold, a wide smile spreading on his lips. He can’t quite meet the alpha’s eyes, but he nods all the same, fingers curling into the white furs and tugging them closely around himself.
“I know,” he says softly, and Yoongi’s thumbs rub circles against his arms through the pelts.

Not looking at the alpha’s face brings Jimin’s attention to something else, however, something far more distracting than the indirect touch against his arms; the skin of Yoongi’s arms
is scratched and bruised, undoubtedly a result of his battle against the staghorn lion. The smile falls right off Jimin’s lips, his calm replaced by worry.

Yoongi must notice his shift, for the hands on his arms tighten slightly, but Jimin looks up at him before he has the
chance to speak. “You’re hurt, Yoongi,” he says, releasing his furs to hover his hands over the alpha’s right arm, where a nasty gash looks like it has barely stopped bleeding. “Yoongi, these—”

“It’s alright,” Yoongi says with a shrug, a small smile tugging at the corners of his
lips when Jimin huffs and looks at him with disbelief. “I’ll have the healers fix me up later.”

“Now,” Jimin says, although it takes a whole lot of effort to pry himself away from the alpha, wanting nothing more than to keep Yoongi’s hands on him. Still, his concern for his
well-being is stronger than his own wants, so he takes a step back, staying there even when the alpha’s posture goes rigid again. “You have to go see the healers now.”

Yoongi is quiet for a moment before he sighs, lips quirking into a smile that’s both exasperated and fond.
“You’re sending me away after I gave you this gift?” he asks in a voice of mock hurt, and if Jimin wasn’t so caught up in his worry, he might’ve snorted at the teasing act.

“I’m sending you away BECAUSE you gave me this gift,” he says instead, his voice growing softer as he
looks over the cuts and bruises. “I don’t want you to hurt, Yoongi-hyung.”

When Jimin glances up at his face again, the alpha is looking back at him with such conflict, he seems almost pained. Jimin thinks he can imagine what’s going through Yoongi’s mind; half of him wants to
do as Jimin asked and have himself looked over, while the other half wants to just close the distance between them again, to be close.

It’s easy to imagine, because that’s what Jimin is struggling with, too.

Finally, the alpha heaves another sigh, much deeper than before, and
nods his head. “Alright,” he says in a huff, trying and failing to look irritated; all Jimin can see in his eyes is that spine-curling fondness and pride. “I’ll go see the healers.”

“And then rest,” Jimin says, allowing himself to smile when Yoongi rolls his eyes.
“And then rest,” he agrees, his hands twitching slightly at his sides. “Will you allow me to at least come to the feast?”

It’s Jimin’s turn to roll his eyes, giggling at the alpha’s tone. He huffs out a quiet, “Since you asked so nicely,” before his shyness returns and he ducks
his head. “Come,” he says, tugging at the furs. He draws a breath to give himself courage, and says his next words to Yoongi’s feet. “I want to sit with you.”

It’s not like it means anything, an alpha and an omega sitting together at a post-hunt feast, but to say it out loud
still has Jimin flushing red, even more so when he hears the scrape of soles against the ground and Yoongi is suddenly back in his space, fingers tracing the lines of his furs. “Will you wear these?” he asks in a low rumble. “For me?”

Overwhelmed, Jimin buries his face further
into the fluffy mane of the furs in an attempt to hide from the alpha. “O-of course,” he stutters out again, dimly wondering just how red his cheeks must look in contrast with the white pelts. “I really, really like them.” He takes another deep breath and sighs before saying, in
a much too contented voice, “They smell like you.”

He hears the alpha’s sharp inhale. “Jimin,” Yoongi grits out, and it sounds almost like a whine. Almost. “You’re making it hard for me to leave.”

Jimin jerks his head up immediately, mortified when he realises what his actions
must’ve looked like. “S-sorry, I didn’t mean—” He cuts himself off, because he did mean it, he did mean what he insinuated, however embarrassing it is to admit. He doesn’t want the alpha to think he’s not pleased to have his gift, his furs, to have them carry his scent.
“Just,” he whispers. “I like them. So much.”

There’s a moment of silence, and then Yoongi smiles, wide and bright, like he can so clearly understands that Jimin isn’t just talking about the furs. That he likes more than just the furs.

That he likes Yoongi.

So much.
“Okay,” the alpha says, so softly it has Jimin wanting to squirm where he stands, unable to contain his own exuberance. “I’ll see you at the feast, Jimin.”

Jimin nods, smiling as he raises a hand out from underneath the furs and offers Yoongi a little wave, the other still
holding the furs tightly around his shoulders. “See you there,” he says and presses his face against the mane around his neck as soon as the alpha has turned to leave.

He looks after Yoongi for as long as he can see him and even for several seconds after, smiling into the furs
that bear his favorite scent. Again, he wraps them more firmly around himself, taking a moment to imagine what it would be like to have the alpha be the one around him, holding Jimin against his chest.

He stands there in silence for as long as he’s allowed; before long,
his bliss is shattered by Jin’s over-exaggerated, indignant declaration of, “He didn’t even say bye to the rest of us!”

“I don’t think he even saw us, Jin-hyung,” Hoseok points out, barking out a laughter when Jimin turns on the heel to pin him under a warning glare, one hardly
intimidating enough to scare off a butterfly mouse. “Okay, so how are we looking for the feast? Hyung, you gonna work your magic again?”

Jin hums at that and looks Jimin over, filling him with a sense of ominous premonition for what’s to come. “I should, shouldn’t I?” he muses,
tapping a finger to his chin. “To keep him on his toes all evening.”

Jimin can’t tell if the elder omega is talking about him or Yoongi, and he doesn’t really want to know. Before he has a chance to slip away, however, Taehyung crowds him from behind and nudges him forward,
grinning widely as he leads Jimin towards the omega den. “Can’t pass on any opportunities, Chim,” he says slyly, deaf to Jimin’s meek protests.

“Then again,” Jin says with a much too wide smile, “I don’t think that poor idiot will be able to focus on anything else than his
pretty omega wearing his gift, so maybe I don’t have to do anything at all.”

“Not even some gloss?” Taehyung wonders, and the elder omega scoffs.

“Don’t be ridiculous, of course we’re using gloss,” he says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.
“It’s never not a good time for gloss.”

The whine Jimin emits goes ignored, so he pulls his furs as tightly around himself as he can and braces himself for a long day.
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