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#YazidiGenocide survivor: Sunnis from Ba’aj attacked shingal. They killed my husband and his brother in front of my eyes with 50 other Yezidis. ISLAMIC State forced Yezidi women to convert to Islam and enslaved them after they killed their families @TarekFatah @realDonaldTrump
1) on 03.08.2014 we were in Tel Azer we walked 3 hours escaping from ISIS till we arrived in AlKhabazia village near from Jadala beside shingal mountains. We crossed the Main Street to head to Soil Road Jadala direction .there we have seen cars and thought those are peshmerga.
2)we didn’t know that peshmerga have escaped that’s why we weren’t afraid.we looked at cars and suddenly they raised black banners and drove to us, they came from Shelo areas. ISIS surrounded us,we were about 200 people and asked to stop. Each one tried to run,was directly killed
3)ISIS didn’t talk to anyone,they just started to kill everyone,all were in Panic and crying. Everywhere there were died bodies.anyone ISIS captured,they have asked them to kneel down and was killed,IS separated men from women.after that they asked men to kneel down and shot them
4)I have seen them when they killed my husband Khalil khalaf Rasho and his brother Naïf Khalaf Rasho and killed Them. They asked my father in law to kneel down but didn’t see them when they killed him.i was with my small kid Muyed,my sister in law and mother in law #YazidiPlight
5)I have seen ISIS killing more than 50 persons.while ISIS massacred Yezidis another group of Yezidis from Faqir tribe arrived with their sheep. Everyone stop moving,I couldn’t bare the situation of killing people in front of my eyes. My kid fell from hands and I fell after that.
6)3 Sunnis came & asked me ride 2 the car with them but I refused.they tried to take my kid to kill him I started crying and screaming. They tried to kill another 10 child was with me but I refused and cried,in this moment a Yezidi fighter(Hasan Ma3o family )started to shoot ISIS
7)Yezidi fighter was alone he fought till he was injured.after that he tried to rescue himself but ISIS continued shooting till they killed him and so he saved the child with his life.after that ISIS forcibly made me ride the was about 9 o’clock/ morning
8)Sunnis looted Yezidi people cars who were massacred by them.we arrived at police station in northern of Sibâ sickh Khider village on the hill. There were huge number of Yezidi kidnapped women,girls and children in the station. Everyone was crying and screaming #YazidiPlight
9)ISIS brought us yoghurt and bread but all refused to eat. We stayed there for an hour then A Yezidi woman from Sibâ sickh kider from Qeran tribe said: what do you want from us? We even didn’t fight you!
Sunnis: you are kaffirs,Islam will save you to get to heaven #EzidiTteam
10)IS took us with buses to Ba’aj. I was separated from my mother in law(Khunaf khalaf).on our way we saw many died bodies which belonged to Yezidis who were massacred.when we crossed Ker Zarik checkpoint ISIS started shooting in air announcing its victory & threw sweets over us
11)we arrived in Ba’aj in a school.we were about 1000 Yezidi.we stayed 4 hours.Sunni religious men asked us 2 convert to Islam & get ride of kaffirs religion
We said:you killed our men how can we convert to Islam?They gave us 10 days to convert or they know how to make us convert
12)ISIS used buses to move us from Ba’aj to Mosul. We stopped in shingal center,many other Yezidis were there and they moved them with us.while ISIS was moving us to Mosul thry stopped the buses many time and videoed us. The streets were full of died Yezidi bodies #EzidiTteam
13) I asked them 2 bring some milk 4 my kid cuz I threw everything when they killed my husband.they brought us expired milk, my kid couldn’t drink kid was crying all the way and asking 4 milk. We arrived at Galaxy hall in Mosul, each 1 got a piece of bread
14)I started to put the pieces of bread in water and give it to my kid.I stayed without sister in law tried to give me some from what she had but I refused cuz I couldn’t imagine how they massacred my husband in front of my eyes #YazidiGenocide #EzidiTteam
15) The recorders' voice was echoing with Quran everywhere,Children couldn’t sleep all the time.we asked the ISIS guards to get out from the hall,but they stayed always inside,cuz it was too narrow we couldn’t lie down and sleep. They didn’t allow us to talk to each other.
16)ISIS guards were immoral and too bad with Yezidi each corner there were a camera. We were all using a phone secretly.during 7 days we called our families with this phone under a Blanket in order not to be discovered and call time was between 3 and 6 AM
17)ISIS discovered that we have a phone,they checked everyone & everywhere specially children.they found it with one of the Kidnapped in her sock.they imprisoned her individual 4 three days without food & water then she was brought to us like a died body from torture #EzidiTteam
18)ISIS Said we will take you to your houses,we stayed there 10 days.Yezidis under 20 yrs were imprisoned in a house in Mosul.We discovered later that there are more Yezidis in this House cuz it was 4 floors & big. IS Amir came & took 30 Yezidi unmarried girls to Syria
19)ISIS chose the beautiful one first.all 30 cried,screamed & refused to go but guards forcibly took them to cars.the ISIS Amir was from Mosul.most of the guards were from Mosul & many of them were of them had a stick in hand and was beating kidnapped
20)everyday old Sunni men from Mosul came and took forcibly Yezidi girls. They just paid 15,000 Iraqi dinars.ISIS took all unmarried Yezidi girls and stayed just married Yezidi women.we were about 40 married women. days later all married women were taken.i stayed alone 15 days.
21)ISIS guards wanted to take my kid and kill him cuz he was crying too much.i stayed at this home and it was 2 am my kid started crying,I tried to open the door but guards refused to open.there were 3 guards, I broke the door later,guards were sleeping.
22)I drank water and gave it to my kid.i got out of the house at 12 o’clock in the midnight.i walked 4 hours with my kid, I was walking without knowing my direction,I got to Road intersection at 4 am and saw an very old man, I explained to him that I’m Yezidi Kidnapped need help
23)he agreed to help me. I gave him my brother’s number and we called him. Murad the brother of Yezidi kidnapped answered:
Old man asked: is Amsha ur sister?
Brother: yes she is!
Old man I wanted to make sure that she isn’t ISIS suicide woman. He swore 3 with Tawsi Melek
24)Amsha will be save till smugglers arrive. Smugglers were able to rescue Amsha and her kid who has lost father,uncle, grandfather and many family members. #YazidiGenocide #YazidiPlight
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