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Part two of this thread
Genji was lying down on his bed, awake as daytime, looking at the ceiling like it had all the answers in the universe.
He sighed, shaking his head and sitting, grabbing his holoscreen.
Internet was still limited for security reasons, which was enough for him to get bored quickly.
He was fighting so bravely something that was forming inside him, but leaving his head vacant made him start losing the battle.
"Athena?" his soft voice echoed in his almost empty quarters.
"Yes, agent Shimada?"
"Can you send Lúcio's and Hana's files to my device?"
"Do you still not know your colleagues surnames even though you are spending whole days with them, agent Shimada?"
"Oh my God, I almost forgot how much of a little shit your are sometimes." he laughed. "I missed you. Agent Santos and agent Song. Are you happy now?"
"Jumping. I have sent their public files to you. Do you need anything else?"
"That would be all. Thanks, Athena."
"Good night."

There wasn't a lot of info in their public files, but he knew he didn't have privileged access for classified files anymore. But this would suffice.
Hana wasn't any less of what he already knew: successful pro-gamer, prodigy child, brave soldier. Genji liked her very much. Specially for being such a bright kid even after all she's been through.
He hesitated a little before opening Lúcio's files. For some reason he felt like he was invading something private, something that, if he wanted to know, he should earn it.
But they were public files. He should stop thinking too much about it.
So he opened the files, a picture of Lúcio staring right at him.
"How can this guy look good even in a stiff document photo." he shook his head.
Lúcio Correia dos Santos. Brazilian. Twenty-six. Musician. Led a revolution against abusive megacoporation Vishkar...
"Holy shit."
His eyes wandered through all Lúcio's accomplishments in awe.

Then something crossed his mind. He was just a recovered playboy with nothing amazing to offer but his imposed skills.
What /did/ he accomplish? An angry period in a black ops division he couldn't stand in the end,save for people who cared about him for some reason he didn't understand even now, a long peregrination because he couldn't accept himself even after all that time. The lingering guilt.
Zenyatta would be so disappointed if he could hear Genji's thoughts now.
"Do not compare yourself to others. You are your own, etc etc." he said out loud, sighing and dropping his holoscreen on his face, trying to stop this kind of thoughts.
"Does he really like me...?"
He put his device aside and curled up on his bed. He fell asleep before he could realize.

Next day and the rest of the week was pretty much the same. Breakfast, filling free time, simulation - with different agents every time, God, he missed kicking McCree's ass -
which seemingly made him have less time to spend with the now inseparable trio; he never was with them for more than a couple of minutes. He felt like an outsider with them, even though he wished he could spend more time with Lena.
Which made her appear on his door at night while he was trying - and failing - to meditate.
"Agent Oxton is outside." announced Athena.
"Let her in, please."
As soon as the door opened, Lena stomped into his room, brows knitted and the corners of her mouth pointing down.
She sat down on his bed like she weighted a ton and crossed her arms.
"What the fuck, Genji."
"... What the fuck what." he said, faking not knowing why she was there.
She raised an angry finger at him.
"We spent six fucking years without much contact and now that we're together,
you just avoid me because you can't fucking deal with a stupid crush? Is that all I mean to you, dumbass?"

He sighed. Of course he would fuck up again.
" I'm sorry, Lena."
She sighed, her shoulders dropping a little.
"Tell me what's going on with you, sweetheart.
I can't help if you just shut down even for me. I don't have a cristal ball. And I think we're long past the time you just brooded and cut through some stuff all week long." she put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "You're not alone anymore, even if you think you are."
He stopped to think a little bit before answering her.
"Well... It's not about a crush. I mean, look at Lúcio, who wouldn't have a crush on him?"
"I wouldn't." Lena answered, smug smile on her lips.
Genji just rolled his eyes at her.
"You know what I meant. It's just that...
He's done so much for his people and... What have I done, Lena? It's not his fault, but he's so much better than me in every little thing that I cannot help but start questioning my worth. For him, for you, for the world. I'm back here and for what?
I cannot stop thinking about my whole path until reaching this point I am now. What have I achieved, Lena? What /is/ my worth?"

Lena was paying attention to every word he said, but her only reaction was to punch him on the arm. This time it hurt because he wasn't with his armor.
"Ouch! What the fuck, Lena!"
She punched him again, stronger this time. And punched and slapped until all his arm was red and stinging.
"Stop already! What's wrong with you?!" he grabbed her wrists and she finally stopped.
That's when he realized she was biting her own lips, tears on her eyes. He slowly let go of her.
He didn't know what to say because he didn't know why she was crying. But he held her hand tightly, waiting for her to calm down.
"I saw my home being almost destroyed and it was because of people like you that we could avoid a greater issue and you ask 'what is your worth'? We went through war, Genji! Together! And we are doing it again because we care! Please don't think so little of yourself like this.
Achievements are not a checklist split from more to less worthy. You are your own and you have done so much. Shit, I'm so angry at you, now!" she wiped her tears and looked at the floor, mouth twisted while trying to not cry more.
" I'm sorry." was all he could say.
"... I know you are. I just wish I could carve into your brain that you are special. If you have done a little thing for a single person or saved the whole world, it doesn't matter. You've made a difference for someone and it's what matters. Ok?" she squeezed his hand and smiled.
"Ok. Thank you."
She kissed him on the cheek and they went silent for a while.
When everything seemed more calm, Lena gave a crooked smile and Genji already knew she was up to something.
"Speaking of crushes... Lúcio asked about you. A lot. Honestly, you made everyone worry."
He smiled a little, imagining Lúcio getting worried about him and finding it cute.
"Yeah? What did he say?"
"Oh, so you're suddenly interested now? I thought you didn't want anything to do with him." she teased.
"You know me too well to know that is not true."
"Well, he wondered if he was going too strongly at you and if that made you uncomfortable. Was he?"
There was a faint blush creeping on Genji's cheeks.
"Not exactly."
"You like him, don't you?"
"You know I do."
"How are you feeling now?"
He sighed, thinking.
"Better, thanks to you."
"Then go get him, tiger!"
He chuckled.
"You say like it's easy."
"Well, ain't it?"
"... Did he really mean everything he said to me?"
Lena made a surprised expression followed by a loud laugh.
"Are you fucking serious? You're not this dense, Genji."
"Guess not. Just a little incredulous. I can't really see what he sees in me."
"What, that you are an awesome, fun, hot cyborg with an amazing ass?"
He couldn't help but laugh a bit.
"Nah, I was thinking more like an incomplete, broken guy."
"If you say one more word about it I'll punch you again."
"Sorry, sorry." he fell silent for a moment, then continued. "Did... Did he really say that about my ass?"
Lena's mocking smile was almost unbearable to see.
"BOI you have no idea. I fear for your ass the moment that guy puts his hands on you."
"God..." he hid his face on his hands, giving an embarrassed laugh into them.
"Are you giving him a chance, love?"
He dragged one of his hands down his face.
"I guess..."
Lena almost jumped from the bed, doing a little victory dance.
"FINALLY! Can't wait for you to let yourself be a little happy again."
"You're gay!" she pulled him to a hug.

Genji slept so deeply that night he almost missed the emergency call.
"Agent Shimada? Agent Shimada! We have an emergency call. Agent Shimada!" Athena was programmed to not scream, but her voice was powerful enough to yank Genji away from his dreams.
"Shitshitshit" He jumped from the bed, getting ready in less than two minutes and running to the common lounge.
All agents were there, some ready and gathered up in a group in front of Winston, the others roaming around with pajamas and sleepy faces, concerned.
"Good morning. I'm sorry to startle you like this, but we have signs of activity from a terrorist group. I'm sending you few to check on it, hopefully it's nothing, but we have to take action immediately."
"...Talon again?" Lena said.
"That is correct. They have erratic behavior and we still don't know what is their objective, but we have to keep the civilians safe. If something happens, we should be there to avoid a greater issue. I'll send the specifics to your devices. Wheels up in five."
Lena chuckled and leaned on Winston's shoulder.
"Look at this boy all commanding and stuff. So proud of you!"
Winston gave an embarrassed smile. "Hey, someone has to do it, right? By the way I'm coming with you. I'm not the most discreet but if the need happens I'll be with you."
"Yay! Mission with Winston~"
"You shouldn't be so happy about it..." he couldn't help but smile while leaving to prepare for it.
Genji was right beside her, arms crossed, unmasked and with the most sleepy face he could bear. He yawned so largely she opened her arms.
"Wow, please don't swallow me, big mouth."
He chuckled. "Since when you turned 50 to make dad jokes?"
"Well, I still made you laugh. Had sweet dreams, sleeping beauty?" Lena teased.
"Actually, yes, I did. It's a pity bad people exist and don't respect my bed hour."
"Yes, those insensitive morons. But hey, we will be together in the field again, who would've thought?"
"Cannot wait to see you kicking ass out there again."
"And I can't wait to see your ass getting kicked."
"Thanks for the vote of trust."
She smiled, and slowly her face turned softer.
"Hey, you are not wearing your faceplate. Aren't you supposed to hide your sleep-swollen eyes? You look hideous."
He smiled as well, looking at the piece held on his hand.
"Yeah, well, people should get used to it."
"As should you, gorgeous." she patted his cheek.
"Lena? What's up?" Hana approached them with a face as sleepy as Genji's, but washed in concern. Lúcio was right behind her, just as concerned. They were both in sleep garments, bare feet.
Genji would never not find the pink bunny aesthetic cute and funny for an almost military base. Times have really changed.
Lúcio apparently was with the regulation clothing they were given when moving in. The sweatpants were grey and the tank top was white and too damn tight across his chest. His hair was loose, dreadlocks framing his face.
Genji felt like looking at him for the first time ever; his intentions have changed after talking to Lena, so it was natural, but he still wasn't expecting it.
He licked his own lips, seemingly unknowing of the whole situation, even though he did know about the gravity of it.
"Hey there. Are you back to us now, tigrão?" Lúcio said, lightly pinching Genji's forearm, fingers sliding on the metal.
He smiled, feeling like he missed the weird-sounding brazilian petnames.
"Yes. I apologize for making you all worried. I... Needed to think. And think I did."
"Oh. Good. I hope I was in those thoughts." Lúcio's crooked smile made Genji's blood boil and he wondered if it was always like that, but he just realized it now that he was allowing himself to feel.
He gave a smile just as crooked.
"Yeah... You were."
That apparently surprised Lúcio and Genji counted it as a win.
"Wheels up in two. Assigned agents, please present yourself on the runway for departure." Athena voice could be heard.
"That's our cue, Genji." Lena said. He nodded.
"Hey, take care, alright? When you're back let's do a karaoke night!" Hana offered, trying to cheer but with worry still showing on the tone of her voice.
"That would be awesome. We will be back in a couple of days, alright? Don't go anywhere." she just smiled as response.
"Come back to us for good, alright?" Lúcio said, also worried. Genji bid farewell with a slight gesture.
They started going to the ship but suddenly Genji stopped like he just remembered something, and turned back to Lúcio, leaning in and kissing his cheek.
"For good luck." he winked.
Lúcio just looked like he had a shutdown. Genji chuckled. "See you later."
Lena and Hana were trying not to explode so they just looked at each other with almost visible sparkles around their eyes. They waved frantically to one another, excited.
When they arrived at the ship, Genji let out a long sigh, like he was holding his breath for a long time.
"Genji, Genji, Genji!! Lena was around him, jumping and blinking excitedly. "I can't believe you just did that, OMG!"
"I can't either, honestly. I guess I just got tired of holding back."
She giggled and cheered.
"I hope this is nothing and we get back right away so you can smush butts together!"
Genji chuckled. "Classy."

"WE HAVE TO RETREAT, WINSTON! N... NOW!" Genji's voice was failing, his body partially destroyed.
Winston was still huffing, and Lena was somewhere between the now and another time. The thought of losing them was terrifying.
"Come ON!" He tried to get up to no avail, his legs unresponsive.
Winston took another deep breath and grabbed Genji and the afterthought of Lena, jumping away from the mess, from Doomfist, from the miscalculation and mistake he's made.
They arrived the concelaled ship and immediately took flight, Winston immediately working on Lena's temporal stabilizer with what he had in hands.
Genji was hurting, breathless, but he knew she was more important.
When he saw her stopping blinking so much, image more constant, he let the darkness creeping the corner of his vision take over.

He woke up suddenly, gasping for air. He realized he was on a bed after some time. The door slid open and he saw Angela,immediately feeling relieved.
He lied down again. He didn't have his right arm attached, and most of his prosthetics were connected to cables for testing.
"Hi, Genji. How are you feeling?"
He looked at the doctor's face for a bit, feeling nostalgic.
"Angela... I thought you were in Germany for your research."
She smiled at him, looking at his vitals.
"I was. But Winston called me and I ran here when I heard the news. He was very concerned."
"Sorry..." he jolted again, grabbing her hand.
Angela got a little bit startled with the sudden movement, but put her own hand on his.
"She's fine. Under observation, but seemingly stable. Winston worked closely with her as soon as you arrived."
He let a long, relieved sigh out.
"Good. God, what a nightmare. I didn't think it would be like this so soon."
"Neither did I, but here we are!" she clasped her hands.
"Salty. I am so sorry for making you come all the way from Germany just to take care of me, doctor Ziegler."
She smiled.
"You owe me one."
He chuckled.
"I owe you more than one."
When they finally fell a little silent, he noticed a nice, steady music filling the room.
"What is this?"
"Hmm? Oh, right. That new agent, Lúcio? Nice guy. He is a medic too, was really worried about you and wanted to help, so he offered his device to help with your recovery."
"...For how long have I been out?"
"Couple of days. It was bad, but you've seen worse."
"Shit. How long until I'm released?"
She squinted at him.
"You JUST woke up. You won't leave this bed at the very least until tomorrow."
His head dropped on his hand.
"Am I allowed visitors?"
She squinted again.
"Who do you want to see?"
"...Right. Do you want me to call Lena? She was worried sick, too."
"Yes, please. Thank you, Angie."
She squeezed his nose.
"Take fucking care next time, I can't heal you all the time, alright?"
"Nnnh alright, promise."
She smiled and left the room.
Genji then leaned on the headboard, letting the music fill in his ears.
It was a soothing, soft tune, and it made his body feel warm, like laying down on grass on a sunny day.
It was comforting like a blanket, and he closed his eyes, feeling the music wash over him.

Not much later he heard the slide of the door again, and it was hard to open his eyes again, but he did.
Lena was there, freckled cheeks rosy and smile wide as ever. He sighed, relieved.
She hugged him without saying a word, and they stood like that for a while, silent and understanding.
"You scared the shit out of me, dumbass." he said, a touch of softness on his voice.
"Oh, /I/ scared you?" she said, pulling away from him. "I wasn't the one tore into pieces."
"... Wow, thank you. Anyway, apparently I'm still in pieces, but I will be fine."
Her smile turned into something more concerned and she sat on the bed beside him.
"Genji. There's something big happening. Talon is getting stronger by the minute and we... Well, we have this."
Genji meant to cross his arms, but it wasn't possible, so he just put an arm around his torso.
"'This' you mean, a broken cyborg? Or 'this', a whole crew of hand-picked prodigies and geniuses from all around the world
who have seen things worse that we both did and are willing to fight alongside us?"
She bit her lip.
"Yeah. Yeah, you're right. It's just... That took me by surprise. I felt we were so unprepared for it I feared we're no match for them. Am I wrong?"
He grabbed her hand gently, caressing it with his thumb.
"I honestly do not know. But what good will it do if we don't believe in ourselves? We're gonna do great just like we did before. 'Don't think so little of yourself', someone said to me, once."
She pressed her lips against one another, and nodded.
"Alright. You're right. We'll win this too. We definitely will."
He smiled to her and she hugged him again.
"How were things going while I was out?" her asked, absent-mindedly looking at the little speakers beside his bed.
"Well, Angela was freaking out, Rein was freaking out, Winston was freaking out, basically everyone was freaking out but us because we were the reason they were freaking out. The base was a mess... Oh." she saw him looking at the speakers.
"... Hana and Lúcio were constantly asking about you, but since I didn't rightly know how you were, neither did Winston, they kind of gave up. I saw Lúcio talking in private with Angie, though. I see why now." she pointed to the little green boxes.
"Hm, yes. It helps me feel better and heal faster. Amazing tech."
"Stolen tech. Amazingly adapted, but still." she raised her brows, teasing.
He shrugged.
"We are all criminals now in the eyes of government. Also, doing stuff behind the curtains isn't exactly new for me."
"Right. Alright big guy, I'm leaving you to rest. You'll be good as new soon. Do everything Angie tells you to do, ok?"
"You got it."
She kissed him on the cheek and left the room, and while the door slid shut and Lena was out of sight, he saw Lúcio leaning against the wall right outside his room, face tired from apparent lack of sleep.
Hana's wasn't good either, but his eyes couldn't leave Lúcio's, and when the door started sliding back shut, Lúcio looked inside and immediately flashed a smile, waving for Genji. He waved back, not sure if Lúcio caught it, and kept with his hand raised after the door closed.
He let it fall on his lap when he felt isolated in his room, and grumpily lied down again, trying to curl into himself but getting frustrated as the cables attached didn't allow him to.
Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day.

The fingers felt strange but he was used to getting accustomed with new limbs every now and then. He flexed them, feeling them perfectly responsive.
"I am going to be around for some time before heading back to Germany, so if you feel anything off, just call."
"Will do. I don't think I will have to, though. You always do such a great job, Angie."
She chuckled.
"Flattery won't get you anywhere, Genji. A drink maybe will."
"Ah, yes." he trailed his fingers on his own hair with his prosthetic hand. "And God knows I need one now."
"I thought so. I've heard about plans for a karaoke night. And I also might have brought some stuff from Germany with me."
"Nice. Time to have some fun."
He got up from the bed, legs tangling on themselves a bit, but fine overall. Angela helped him stabilize.
"You good?" she asked, voice soft.
"I'll live. Again. Thank you."
She smiled and let him go, and he finally left the stale mood of the med bay room.
Lena was outside, waiting for him, Angela left her coat and followed him close behind, smiling reassuringly for her.
The worst has passed, at least for now. They knew deep inside that they would have to face the same problem in the future.
In the future. Not now. Now they would chat, sing and drink.

The day went on like usual, at least for the other agents. Genji and Lena weren't allowed to go to simulation training yet, so they mostly wandered around base with Angela. It was nostalgic for everyone.
"Nothing has really changed, except for some new faces, it seems."
It was good to have Angela around. Genji felt safer with her.
"Are you still refusing to socialize, Genji?" she asked.
"Rooooasted" Lena teased. Genji could only laugh, but not argue against the distrust.
"You know I've changed. I'm a little more... Accessible now."
"So did you make any new friends?" Angela asked softly.
Lena immediately smiled from ear to ear for him and answered the question herself.
"We did make some friends, right, Genji? One in special. Tell her about it."
Genji dragged his hand over his face, sighing. Lena seemed to have a liking for exposing him.
"Yeah, well, Hana and Lúcio. They were with us since they arrived, so we... Kind of bonded. They are good ones."
"Oh, yes, I remember them. They were outside your rooms all the time,
asking how you were. Lúcio as specially concerned with you, Genji, but I can imagine one would be after how you arrived. You have made some good friends here, I'm happy for you!"
" Wait. How /did/ I arrive? I only remember getting my ass kicked and... Worrying about Lena."
"Gay." said Lena.
"You are gay." he answered.
Angela smiled at the and started.
"Well, you were..." Angela stopped to think how she could explain, but was beaten by Lena.
"Like a pile of scrap."
"... Like a pile of scrap." she agreed.
"Missing limbs, mask broken, crushed in some parts. He was afraid you were dying and, honestly, you were indeed. That's why he offered his device to help, and honestly, godsent. You recovered in half the time you should have. I'm impressed."
"Well, I guess it is good I am not actually dead."
"Seems your hobby is to bail from death. Keep kicking, Genji." Lena wiggled her eyebrows to him.
"Funny. I think my hobby is to give Angela headaches."
"If I didn't know what I was signing up for back then, honestly I'd agree."
They spent some time together, eating snacks and watching whatever was on TV and talking about old memories. It was nostalgic, Genji readapting to modifications of his body again, Lena under observation for her temporal anomaly, Angela talking passionately about a new discovery.
He could get used to that again. Some people were missing, but it was fine.

They were interrupted when Hana jumped on him on the couch, eyes watery and face warm, probably fresh out the bath.
"You're well!" she shook him by he shoulders. "You scared the shit out of us!"
Lúcio was just behind him, leaning on his elbows beside his head on the backrest.
"Welcome back." he said, simply. He was also fresh out the bath, towel hanging over his shoulders, hair loose.
It felt like Genji hasn't seen them in years and he was relieved to see their faces.
He smiled for both, feeling a little guilty.
"I'm sorry. I hope I won't scare you like this again."
"I hope so, or I'll kick your ass myself." Hana said, detangling herself from him and going to grab some snacks too.
He could feel Lúcio's eyes on him, so he looked back, still smiling. Lúcio's expression was serious, and if Genji had to be honest, so beautiful he could kiss him right there. He wasn't sure if that was the right mood, though.
"Come sit here."
Lúcio paused, but then jumped over the couch, landing perfectly beside Genji. He finally smiled then.
"Hi." Genji chuckled. "Heard you helped with my recovery. Thanks a ton, Lúcio."
"Hey, no problem, man. It's what I do. You owe me one now."
Genji wondered if that was something medics said.
"I guess I do."
They stood there is silence while nibbling some snacks until Lúcio pointed to Genji.
"Hey, this is new for me. I didn't know you wore actual clothes."
"Oh." he looked down himself and his regulation clothes. "It's part of the process, the rest is basically armor, so while I'm getting used to new limbs" he waved his newly done fingers, "I don't use it to not slow down the recovery.
And I can't really walk around naked, can I." he lifted his shirt, showing a bit of his flesh, deeply scarred stomach.
"... I wouldn't mind" Lúcio said, staring at where Genji showed, voice almost inaudible.
"Nothing. Are you ready for karaoke night?"
"So I heard you were really doing it in the end."
"Of course. Now that you're finally back to us, the more reason to celebrate."
Genji gave a sheepish smile.
"Sorry for being late."
"No problem... In the end, the kiss didn't give you any luck, huh? Sorry about that."
Genji chuckled.
"Maybe it was the wrong kind of kiss."
Lúcio looked back at him, but before he could say anything, Lena surged to tell them to get ready, because the karaoke was all set and that they should start drinking asap.
"Alright then, delicinha. I'm going to change and I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere." Lúcio said.
"I'm staying right here." Genji answered.
Lúcio started leaving, pulling Hana with him.
They were bruised and tired from their simulation training, but they would absolutely come back with renewed energy for the cheesy songs they would yell in the microphone.
Genji had a dumb smile on his face while eating the snacks, and he didn't realize it until he saw Lena with an even dumber one while looking at him. He suddenly changed his expression when he realized she was staring.
"No~thing~. I just saw you there. Chattering."
"I saw it too. You make a cute couple." said Angela.
"We are... Not a couple."
"Yet." Lena said, insufferable smile still on her lips.
"What makes you think we are even going to click if something happens?"
"Because you haven't seen you two from the outside." Angela answered.
Lena just nodded frantically.
"We will see..."
Lena gave a little punch on his shoulder.
"Hey, you're not chicken out on me, are you? Just try, you're doing great! What is the worst thing that can happen?"
"Him turning me down?"
Lena paused, giving an appalled smile.
"Are... You really that worried about that?"
He didn't answer, just looking at the floor, fidgety messing with the snack packing he was holding. She sighed, patting him on the back.
"Hey, I'm sure everything will turn out alright, ok? Believe in the me that believes in you!"
He couldn't help but snort and chuckle.
"I can't believe you just used an ancient anime quote on me."
"That's how I roll. Also, you're singing with me tonight."
"You bet."
When Hana and Lúcio came back, along with some other agents who were training as well, bottles on hand and smile on their faces, the party begun.
They arranged a small space in the break room, which wasn't that small, but having Reinhardt automatically made the place crowded.
Lena found an old colored light globe that surprisingly still worked, so the light in the room was dim with colors shifting like a kaleidoscope.
Angela and Rein sang passionately that - Lúcio's words - goddamned Hasselhoff.
Lena and Genji sang some stupid upbeat anime song that, to Hana's surprise, Lúcio also not only knew about it but also sang along from his spot on the sofa.
They were laughing and having fun like they didn't have for a while.
After some songs and a lot of alcohol, Genji let himself fall on the couch beside Lúcio. He was drinking something straight from the bottle, a weird Brazilian drink that looked like wine. Genji himself was with a glass full of something he didn't even know what was.
"What're you having?" Lúcio asked.
Genji rolled the glass between his fingers, examining its content.
"Honestly I have no idea. It was Angela's and she shoved it into my hand when she went to sing again, when she came back she was already with another drink. So now it's mine."
"Angela's surprisingly strong for her size. I want to be like her when I grow up." he said, drinking again from the bottle.
Genji chuckled. "I think you're on an entirely different level. What is that?" he pointed at Lúcio's drink.
Before he could answer, Lena's (drunk) voice was heard from the speakers.
"Okay, next song is gay because I'm gay as fuck and I miss my girlfriend. Emily, whenever you are right now, know that I love you and your cute butt."
"Isn't she in London, like. At home?" Genji said.
"Shut up Gengu, she's not here with me and I'm suffering, let me be gay in piece." he answered with just a muffled laugh.
The song started, soft and melodic, but not exactly sad. But it was definitely cheesy.
"I dig my toes into the sand..." her voice echoed in the room. Lena sang surprisingly softly for someone with such high-pitched voice as she was.
"Oh, this is a good one." said Lúcio.
"Cheesy, but yeah, good. Anyway, what is that you're drinking?"
"The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket..."

"It's catuaba. Cheap drink I brought with me from home, it's kind of sweet. Want some?" he handed the bottle to Genji.
"Oh, sure. I like the label."
He examined the bottle, where there was a muscular man holding a beautiful woman, and both were with some kind of barbarian's clothes. He took a good sip of it, and felt it sweet but burning through his throat after swallowing. "Wow, this one is dangerous."
"I lean against the wind, pretend that I am weightless..."

Lúcio chuckled. "You get used to it." he grabbed the bottle back, taking another sip. "Oh. Indirect kiss."
Genji almost snorted out his own drink. "You're watching way too much anime."
"Hmm. Then what about a real kiss?"
"And in this moment I am happy... happy..."

Genji paused, looking at Lúcio, who was looking at him too, expression dead serious. Genji's head was feeling light, and he suddenly - finally - felt brave enough to lean in and press his lips against Lúcio's.
He felt the other sigh, breath warm against his face, and he tentatively reached out to pull him closer, deepening the kiss. The hand resting on his waist squeezed him a bit, as if telling him to go on.
"I wish you were here... I... aaa.. AAAAAA???? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! FINALLY!!"

Neither of them were capable of holding back a chuckle that turned into a laugh against the lips of one another, until they were incapable of continue, peeking at Lena, now singing-screaming the song.
They could see Hana in the opposite corner, giving them a thumbs up.
They looked at each other again, and Lúcio whispered. "You wanna get out of here?"
"Hell yes." Genji answered, already pulling Lúcio by the hand and leaving the room.
Lúcio couldn't wait until going further from the party. He pulled Genji the first empty corner they crossed, pushing him against the wall and resuming the kiss, now quickly developing into making out, and they didn't stop until they felt their lips and tongues tired.
They touched foreheads, pecking each other's lips from time to time.
"If I knew it was gonna be like this I'd have tried harder before..."
"I think it was perfect timing, though. Not too soon or too late."
Lúcio made an upset expression, but he was more adorable than anything.
"You say this 'cause it wasn't you waiting after a kiss on the cheek and an untold promise."
Genji chuckled.
"True. I mean, it's not that I wasn't also waiting, but I think I teased too much."
"Hm. Everything is in the past now. And also, too much talking, too little kissing."
"We do have a lot of time to catch up..."
"My whole life before meeting you." Lúcio answered, and they resumed said kissing for another long time.

Genji thought Lúcio fit so perfectly with him it felt weird. Kind of scary. And he didn't want to stop, not now, not ever.
When he woke up the other day, feeling his mouth dry because of the drinking and Lúcio's warm weight on his flesh arm, he felt the bubble popping in his stomach once again, but now turning into a comforting feeling taking over his chest.
He remembered Lena telling him she couldn't wait for him to let himself be a little happy again. He was more than a little. It wasn't plentiful, but it... was a start.

He could get used to this.
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