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To make his flower shop stand out Yoongi offers a special service: personalized delivery of your flowers in a box

He hires the cutest boy in town so no one can resist ordering flowers just to have him on their front door but Yoongi can't resist the delivery boy either
🌸 Yoongi's first mistake was listening to Seokjin 🌸

Only three boys had sent an application to become Yoongi's delivery man. They had attached pictures of themselves and they were now sprawled on Yoongi's coffee table and he had to choose which one he was going to hire.
Yoongi didn't get why only three men had been interested in the job

Hoseok said that it was because Yoongi's sign made him seem like a total creep, but Yoongi thought it was straight to the point about the job he was offering

Hoseok was sitting next to Yoongi, he was a good best friend so he was going to help him choose the perfect man for his delivery service. He looked at the pictures the three boys had sent "At least they are all cute" he said

Yoongi studied at the photos and sighed "True"
"I think I'm picking this one" Yoongi lifted the first photo to the right, it was a a selfie and the boy was making a peace sing on his cheek. He had a wide boxy smile and pretty lashes, he even made the beret he was wearing look cute

Hoseok took the photo from Yoongi "He's hot"
"Who's hot?" Hoseok's boyfriend walked out from the kitchen to the living room where the best friends were sitting at. Seokjin was holding a beer bottle in one hand and a jasmine tea on the other, Hoseok tensed on his seat "One of the possible delivery boys" Jin walked closer
Yoongi made grabby hands at Jin for his tea and he hummed as soon as he got hold of the warm cup, he brought it to his lips waiting for Jin's answer to Hoseok. But Jin looked at Yoongi when he sat across from his boyfriend beer in hand "I thought you didn't want him to be hot"
Yoongi nods "I don't, I just think this-" Yoongi flips the photo to read at the name that was scribbled on it "Taehyung guy right here, may be a lady killer, and since most of my clients are female" Yoongi pursues his lips in thought "I think older women prefer boys like him"
Hoseok shakes his head then "If you're looking for a lady killer, go for this one" he lifts a photo from the middle where a boy with black hair and big eyes is smiling to the camera. Someone else took the photo so his upper body can be seen

"He looks like a bunny" Yoongi says
"He's got muscles!" Hoseok flails the photogtaph around, "all the girls are going to swoon but he's also got an adorable sm-"

Jin takes a sip from his beer before he interrupts his boyfriend "Don't try thinking like the female clients Yoongi, you're not a mature wife and mother"
"It's your flower shop and your service, you have an eye for pretty things otherwise you wouldn't sell bouquets" Jin says "So, who's the cutest one to you? The one that you like best"

Yoongi blinks.There was one photo that caught Yoongi as soon as he settled them on the table
Yoongi reaches towards the left corner of the table and lifts a photo: a white background and a blonde boy wearing a silk dress shirt. He's not smiling but puckering his lips a little, making them look even fuller and softer. It's a nice picture, Yoongi thinks as he studies it
He's really pretty, Yoongi thinks, paying attention to how delicate the boy's features are. He turns the photo around to read the name of the owner of such a soft face

For Yoongi, Jimin is the cutest. Before he keeps staring at the picture Jin claps his hands "There you go"
"Hire him, he's your cute delivery boy" Jin reasons

Yoongi looks back at the photo, at Jimin's small frame and his doe eyes. He nods slowly "Yeah" Yoongi can imagine Jimin carrying his bouquets

That's the service his shop offers: a pretty flower giving out other pretty flowers
"He's exactly what I'm looking for" Yoongi finds himself saying

"It's done then" Jin smiled and handed the beer to Hoseok "call him and tell him you're hiring him"

Yoongi looks at the photo once again and he does as Jin says

He shouldn't have listened to Seokjin 🌸
🌸 Yoongi's second mistake was being honest to Park Jimin 🌸

Jimin had sounded so happy when Yoongi had called him about the job. Jimin's schedule had to be flexible because of the clients demands but since it was summer break Jimin said he could be all day in the store
Jimin was a sweet kid, all smiles and giggles, and popular. Everyday he was texting until he had to make a delivery

Yoongi only talked to him when it was necessary because he liked the silence of the shop, but apparently Jimin hated silence and he always found something to say
"What's the name of this flower Yoongi-ssi?"
"Orchids or Carnations?"
"What if you gift sunflowers and roses in one bouquet, what does that mean?"
"If you had to chose just ONE flower to decor a wedding what would it be, hyung?"

Yoongi sighed and answered everytime
"Jimin you need to take this box"

"Okay, hyung" the younger locked his phone. He opens the pink box before grabbing it, watching how the roses filled the squared box, ordered in color from pink to red "Always so pretty, hyung" Jimin says as he studies the box

Yoongi feels weird
"Thanks kid" Yoongi says and Jimin pouts

Jimin takes a look in the mirror before going. He always wears dress shirts and slacks to work, it's part of the delivery service: Jimin needs to look charming, and he always does. He's wearing a turquoise shirt, the sleeves rolled up.
"Any request from the client?" Jimin wonders while he threads his fingers through his hair

"No" Yoongi says and Jimin smiles relieved he doesn't have to do anything out of the ordinary

"Then I'll be back soon hyung!" Jimin winks at him and leaves the store

Yoongi doesn't move
Yoongi is infuriated by Jimin. He won't deny it

The younger is a flirt, he's bright, he demands attention, but he's Yoongi employee and Yoongi doesn't really know a thing about him. Yoongi just likes pretty and soft things -like flowers- It's just because Jimin is eye catching
Jimin has to look pretty for the delivery, it's part of the job.

One day he arrives to the shop with a cute white sweater on, he looks fluffy. Jimin sits on the counter like he usually does but this time he puts a bag on top "Can I know today's order, hyung?" he sing songs
Yoongi looks at him suspiciously. The arrangement is almost done: red Carnations among pink Alstroemeria all in a black and white squared box.

Yoongi shows it to Jimin and the younger eyes widen "So beautiful hyung!" Yoongi looks away so he doesn't catch Jimin staring at him
"I'm going to add some Eryngium and then it's done, and you can take it" Yoongi mutters

"But you'll have to wait for me!" Jimin exclaims and Yoongi looks up at him confused. Jimin is fumbling with his bag taking out weird stuff Yoongi hasn't seen before "I'm doing my make up!"

Jimin takes out some brushes "So my eyeshadow is the same shade as the flowers, hyung. It will look pretty! And the clients will like it!" Jimin says happily

"I think- you are right, that might look good" Yoongi replies. It might actually be a nice plus
When the bouquet is done Jimin is finishing his make up. He's done all his face, Yoongi can tell but his eyes are what caught Yoongi's attention. His eyelids are dusted in pink and a soft red, the same shade as the flowers. He looks very very pretty. Jimin smiles at Yoongi
"How do I look?"

Yoongi should have lied. He shouldn't have been honest, he doesn't know what came over him "You look really beautiful, Jimin. I like how pink looks on you, makes you look good"

The younger blushes -or not- maybe it's the make up. Yoongi wouldn't know.
Jimin just grabbed the box as fast as he could "Thank you hyung!" he squealed and was out of the shop right away

Yoongi felt nervous. Why would he say that to his employee? He should have lied

But Jimin wore pink the next day, and the day after, and also the day after 🌸
🌸 Yoongi's third mistake was assuming stuff about Park Jimin 🌸

Yoongi has a crush on Jimin. That's how he calls it now. His stomach does this thing whenevet the younger approaches him, Yoongi can't look at Jimin's eyes for too long or he starts stuttering. He's a whole mess
It hadn't taken the florist long to come to terms with this new development. He would talk about it with the flowers as he watered them, and after talking and talking about Jimin's bright smile and his small and soft hands, his full lips, and rosy cheeks, he had accepted his fate
He was crushing on his delivery boy, who was younger than him and was on his last year of uni. He was crushing on his employee, who needed a job this summer and liked wearing make up. He was crushing on this beautiful boy that would never look Yoongi’s way

And that's all he knew
Jimin was on his phone texting, like he does most days, at all time. The sound of Jimin's fingers against the touch screen fills Yoongi's ears.

Who is he texting? Maybe he has a boyfriend, a boy as attractive and attentive as Jimin wouldn't be single. Maybe it's a girlfriend
Yoongi doesn't even know if Jimin likes men, he doesn't really know much about the boy

Jimin could be texting his girlfriend, there was no way to know. Maybe if Jimin did liked men, he probably liked them big, with tattoos and piercings, intimidating -not like the florist-
Yoongi looks at himself then, with his oversized fluffy white sweater, black apron on, his blonde hair covering his forehead. He must look like a total nerd

He looks back at Jimin, skinny black jeans hugging his thighs and silk pink dress shirt

Yoongi groans into the sunflowers
He's 25, for God's sake! Why is he suffering about his looks!

Yoongi needs to calm down or his stress is going to make his flowers sad and that would be a whole mess for the shop. He sighs and rolls his sleeves up, getting to work while Jimin types like crazy on his phone.
"Who is he talking to?" Yoongi whispers to the roses before cutting their thorns away. Sadly the roses have no idea.

Jimin laughs then, but he's looking at his phone. His girlfriend must be funny... By the way, Yoongi has decided Jimin is straight and that he has a girlfriend.
At least that way he can say to himself that Jimin won't ever look his way because he's male and not because he's a skinny florist, with a terrible haircut that does not own a motorcycle nor smokes or does anything cool. Ever

Yoongi looks over at Jimin who's still rapidly typing
Jimin looks up and Yoongi goes back to his roses

"Yoongi hyung, which flower would look better on me?"


Jimin stands up from the counter and walks over to where Yoongi is working "I want to put some flowers in my hair," Jimin looks around the shop "so, which flower?"
Yoongi squints his eyes "some of my flowers?" Jimin nods and the florists scoffs "Who says you can use my flowers for your hair?"

Jimin whines "I'll pay for them!" even if their height is similar Jimin makes himself smaller and looks up at Yoongi with big puppy eyes "Please!"
Yoongi is already on a side of the shop looking for the Ranunculus

"Some Berzillia would also look good" he mutters while picking out the flowers "and jasmine leaves" he pursues his lips in thought. Thinking about what would look prettier on Jimin "I really like jasmine" he adds
"You do?" Jimin wonders while Yoongi picks up some rice flower and the florist hums "Then add lots of jasmine leaves hyung!" The younger beams, and Yoongi's stomach does that thing it does where it flips whenever Jimin speaks

He slowly brings all the flowers to the counter
"Want me to make them into a crown?" Yoongi whispers. Jimin eagerly nods and he rests his elbows on the counter to cup his face with his hands, bending his body over in the progress

"If you're not too busy, hyung" he slurs

Yoongi counts the petals of every Ranunculus
Jimin is giddy once the flower crown is done. The pink of the flowers matching his shirt and his make up. He looks for a place with good lighting to take a bunch of selfies doing a peace sign

"Do I look pretty, hyung?" he asks

Yeah, definitely straight and with a girlfriend 🌸
🌸 Yoongi's fourth mistake was not noticing Jimin before 🌸

Yoongi's other baby, apart from his flower shop, is his car. He put a lot of though into it before buying it and to please his aesthetic he ended up buying a 1968 Mazda that he had to take regularly to the mechanic
When Yoongi bought the Mazda from an old lady that lived not so far away from his town he had to leave the car around two weeks in the mechanic, trying to get the car to work again and to have them paint it a pastel yellow color that Hoseok cried during days over how awful it was
That's how Yoongi met Kim Namjoon, he was the one that took care of his baby and made it possible for Yoongi to drive it with no problem for years. It's been three years to be precise and Yoongi has been doing the delivery of his flowers in his box in that same car ever since
Yes, Yoongi used to be the cute delivery boy, he would drive around town in his vintage Mazda and his prettu flowers and leave them on people's door or workplaces, surprising people on their birthdays or anniversaries

His flower shop had grown and that's why he needed Jimin
Yoongi let Jimin drive his car for the flower delivery. He checked that Jimin knew how to drive mechanic cars and Jimin was actually a great driver (better than Yoongi), so he would take the car.

Yoongi was fine with it until Jimin told him his Mazda was not turning on
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