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American Intellignce Media (AIM) on YT posted a video calling Q a "Psyop".

1) This video seems to be an attempt to sow discord & confusion.

1st off, Betsy & Thomas from AIM's psyop argument has 0 facts! What they say is totally unsubstantiated. There’s nothing compelling. Their “story" doesn’t provide evidence as to Qs veracity & connection to POTUS.
2) 2nd, who exactly are these people: Betsy & Thomas at AIM?

(a) AIM's Thomas Paine is not @Thomas1774Paine.

(b) Thomas Paine, aka Thomas Ross aka Douglas Gabriel is married to Tyla Gabriel, aka “Betsy Ross.

Here’s their bio:
3) You can check Mr. Paine / Gabriel's real name in the following AIM video at the :45s mark:
4) Are “Thomas & Betsy” being genuine?

Under the names of Douglas Gabriel and Tyla Gabriel they have produced a huge body of video work and books. See their ministry at

Yet they have recently reinvented themselves to promote their work at AIM.
5) FWIW Mr. Paine / Gabriel is the same guy who claimed he completely rewrote the original Star Wars screenplay into what it became because Lucas' original was terrible, and that he wrote the original cryptography for the No Such Agency.
6) What is a PSYOP?
Psychological operations (psyops) are deliverd as information for effect to inform & influence people. So if #Q is a psyop - why is Q guiding people like a roadmap directly to organically uncover corruption w/n our govt? Who would Q be psyoping on behalf of?
7) What is a distraction?

A distraction is something that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.
8) Is Q a distraction?

Q is guiding us to organically uncover the truth. Q is inspiring people to dig & find truth rather then listen to MSM. Millions of people investigating & unveiling govt corruption across social media. WE THE PEOPLE are involved and paying attention again.
10) When is Shilling and censorship necessary?

a) If Q is a psyop then why would they be shutting down Q-related collaboration, thoughts & research across multiple platforms? Why are the chan boards & reddit under constant attack?
b) If Q is a psyop then why all the throttling of Q-related posts & the constant shadow banning? Why would all this effort be made if #QAnon was merely spreading misinformation?
c) If shills truly didn't care about those tweeting about Q they’d move on. If shills truly think Q followers are wasting their time then there's no point in telling them to stop because then they’d only be wasting their time.
d) If a shill tells you its pointless, its worth doing. If a shill tells you something isn't working, it is.

Shilling and censorship necessary is only necessary for those scared of the truth & losing control. #QAnonShills unwittingly lets us know that we’re on target.
11) Is Q fake?

Codemonkey has verified all of Q's devices IP address. Q also uses a complicated Tripcode. He has been proven over and over. So many Q's posts have come to pass. Q only tells what is happening and serves up the connections of corruption.
12) Is AIM the Psyop?

“Thomas & Betsy” act like they have it all figured out. AIM has produced some good content in the past & has unveiled some corruption especially re the SES. They have lots of spot-on information, but their ultimate goal seems to mislead/muddy the waters.
13) One of the most crucial aspects of manipulation is to totally control the opposition and, by feeding them partial truths, gain their trust before actively directing them as far away from effective opposition as possible.
14) For example, AIM promotes this idea that the SES “is” the de facto shadow government in America, and unless you are talking endlessly about everyone associated with SES, then you don't know what you're talking about.
15) Although the SES is very important, it is not at the center of the corruption.

The enemy seeking to destroy America is indeed entrenched inside our govt but the SES is NOT somehow at the inner circle.
16) In reality the SES is just one of many tools used to exert their will & power over fed, state, local govt. Very few realize that every strand in the web of corruption leads to the same spider.

Here's a quick summary:
17) Disinfo purveyors is what Mr Paine/Gabriel and his wife Betsy/Tyla seem to be involved with here. Their campaign to discredit the Q movement is minor compared to their efforts to mislead & misdirect people from finding real truth.
18) Regardless of who Q is, let’s not forget what has already occurred.
Just bc some are getting impatient doesn't mean Q is a psyop. Things w/never move as fast as people think it will, or hope it’s going to. Taking down corruption at unprecedented levels is incredibly complex.
19)Draining a corrupt swamp & removing the puppetmasters worldwide takes TIME. Q's been crystal clear that they are not going to drop a cognitive dissonance bomb on the population & crater their worldview. Public narratives w/always be stretched & shifted ahead of a major event.
20) Q has been crystal clear that they are not going to drop a cognitive dissonance bomb on the population & crater their world view. Public narratives will always be stretched and shifted ahead of any major event taking place.
21) People will be saying “of course HRC is arrested now, it’s about time!” not “OMG, can u believe they secretly arrested HRC & threw her in GTMO? Trump has lost his mind!” 100% of every sensational claim or decode of upcoming events has proven false so far.
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