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1/ Is #QAnon legit? I started typing this thread this morning. It's more urgent to post and share this given the attack on #Q on the Great Awakening board this afternoon. The attack confirms that my assessment that #QAnon is over the target is, in fact, on target.
2/ The question of #QAnon being a LARP has been debated, but there's huge evidence that #Q is real and very directly tied to #POTUS. Many, I believe correctly, speculate that Q is military intelligence (possibly #GeneralFlynn) or at least uses this for some sourcing.
3/ Recently, a YouTube channel "American Intelligence Media" (AIM) claimed that Q is a LARP/#Psyop. This was upsetting to many as it has seemed that #AIM is dedicated to exposing the cabal and the #DeepState, w/a rightfully-heavy focus on the #SeniorExecutiveService (#SES).
4/ The recent push by #AIM about the #SES may have caused AIM to be targeted. How do we interpret the claims by AIM?
5/ Here is my analysis: There are many factors that serve to debunk the #AIM video that tries to debunk #QAnon as legit, namely:
a. They claim that @jerome_corsi says he has communicated directly w/#Q. This is absolutely not true.
6/ b. They claim that #QAnon contacted them directly. Q said he would engage in "No comms privately w/ anyone."[...]
7/ c. They claim that #Q could NOT be a close insider since the release of the info would be a national security violation that would put them in jail. This is NOT THE CASE if it is a true insider w/authorization from #POTUS, who can declassify ANYTHING.
8/ d. They falsely claim #Q has not shown confirmations w/in 3 weeks of predictions. This is easily disproven by the dozens of confirmations of Q…of connections to #POTUS (tweets, images from Air Force One, pen at Camp David, "chain of command," hand gestures in speeches, etc.)
9/ …and of foreknowledge of events (BDT bomber, Hawaiian missile alert, NK deal, use of Omnibus deal to fund building the wall via Army Corps of Engineers). Look at 3/23 post…
vis-à-vis #POTUS' 3/25 tweet
10/ e. They WILL NOT DISCLOSE how they figured out the original #Q to be legit…nor how they debunked the current one.
f. They also claim specific knowledge that #Sessions ("we won't reveal what we have on him") is compromised but will not disclose it.
11/g. They claim that the current Q is anti-Semitic…based on WHAT evidence??
h. #AIM also specifically attacks other channels that are clearly on the side of patriots and truth. This is a classic "divide and conquer" strategy of the #Clowns.
12/ i. They claim to "be smarter than the public" (having solved the "puzzle" in minutes) and to have been invited into #Q's Club.
This behavior is 100% contrary to the Q movement ("Where we go one, we go ALL"), displaying the very "elitism" that we are fighting.
13/ In case it helps, they claim the #puzzle they solved is encrypted in this message:
"Eagles rain fire on the Canaanite as the merchant of wine challenges Sirus. The sword of Lilly joins forces with Jacob's adopted children."
14/ j. The idea that #Q was shut down by the cabal, who took control for a psyop, w/o making an effort to communicate this fact over many months is ludicrous. Also, it is hubris by #AIM to think that Q would target a relatively small YT channel w/60K subscribers.
15/ k. Important to remember: #Q warned us that "they want you DIVIDED." The logical conclusion is either that #AIM is a #disnifo/#psyop channel or that it has been compromised.
16/ I believe that the latter interpretation is more likely based on their prior history, especially given the events that happened on the #8chan board a few hours ago. They were either threatened or have been trapped by their own arrogance into their current assessment.
17/ To conclude, all evidence...the many confirmations and the escalating attacks on #Q and efforts at division of #Patriots...point to #QAnon being a legit insider source providing real intel.
19/ The recent disinfo campaign and direct attack on #QAnon's GA board today compel us to analyze. Please retweet/comment to engage a vigorous analysis/discussion. Our goal should be the #Truth and not to prove an embedded position.
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