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Why College Can Be a Major Mistake (thread)

1. The divide between world reality and collegiate education had continued to widen. Campuses are ideological safe spaces policed by weak people who are slaves to SJW ideology. Campuses are dystopian reeducation
2. College teaches you to follow a narrative
There's no sense of personal leadership truly, a degree is a done for you plan, all the steps laid out. This engrains being a follower

You THINK youre focused/productive, but youve no idea how to plan for yourself
3. College rewards the lowest common denominator
Outside of top universities and STEM fields, colleges increasingly cater to the lowest common denominator. The quality of education has been vastly diluted, and excellence is no longer the norm
4. College trains you to do the bare minimum
The grading system tricks you into thinking that "good enough" is enough in real life. Real world, the BEST are who get ahead, not those who do makeup credit to save their grade

Reality doesnt reward the average
5. College lowers your personal standards
Because you can get by doing the minimum, your standards for yourself gradually fall. Okay becomes good enough for you

Many get through college doing LESS than their best,

& then life blindsides you in its demands
6. College makes you a short-term thinking
You've no ability at long-term planning at all. Uni did that for you. It gave you your vision, now you're lost when you graduate

Life does not progress in nice/neat stages with grades and semesters
7. College Trains you to be Reactive, not Proactive
Cramming & working hard end of semester are part & parcel for people.
This leads you into thinking that effort can wax and wane, and it's OKAY

It's not

Real life, those who succeed do their best EVERY DAY
8. College makes you AVERAGE
You've no idea what excellence is, because you've never practiced it in 5-6 years of getting your (possibly worthless) degree.

You think that life is a series of clear stages with defined expectations

9. College entrains you to follow the rat race

"I got a 3.8 this semester!"

Good for you, no one gives a fuck.

College is where you get it molded into you that a keeping up with jones lifestyle is something to aspire to

Enjoy your debt and empty soul
10. College makes you good at being a Slave
You expect to be encouraged for doing whats required of you. Colleges DONT want you to fail out. They coddle you to keep you going. You emerge nothing more than a pawn for someone else's ambitions

IF even that
11. You Dont Value Time
You think life has "make-ups"

Make up exam, credit, quizzes etc.

NOT in the real world.

You fail, you miss an opportunity, TOUGH SHIT. Theres no makeup, you go back, fail again till you get it right

Time keeps going regardless
12. You dont know how to Fail
Real world-failure happens, & you must keep persisting

College-Dont worry, just take the class over, it’s okay

When you fail in real world, it's crippling, you've zero idea of how to think about it, handle it, use it
13. College over-fixates goals
You expect life to have defined "Goals" that make you super happy

This lasts until you get your degree and the high goes away in 2 days
And then your lack of long term planning hits you, and lack of leadership hits you, and lack of security hits you And then you freak out

Goals are markers in time, they are NOT the end game
14. College Creates the Illusion of safety
Safety is for slaves who get to be protected by master from doing anything stupid and get told what to do

This goes back to living in a disgusting ideological bubble

Its making you Weak, like everyone else in it
15. You can't think for yourself
College is safe, environment is safe, you're essentially given what to do every day
You've never had to handle fear of the unknown, aside from struggling with coursework

Degree is given to you, real world comes

16. The DEBT
Tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for 4-6 years of brainwashing and getting a pissant education

Its not worth it, at all, and it never will become worth it
Addendum-STEM Fields are largely immune to this

-Everything else, the more subjective the subject, the more likely it is to be fraught with ideological garbage

Choose wisely
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